The True Identity of the Woman in Revelation 12! Part 10

Revelation12Woman2(Ver 1.1) This is now Part 10 of a series of lessons on the True Identity of the Woman in Revelation 12.  While I have said a lot of new things on this subject, there is certainly more that I can say.  If you have not read this series from the beginning I would highly recommend that you start your reading with “Part 1” and go forward from there in order to understand everything that has been taught up to this point.   Today’s lesson will be a further confirmation and follow up of information previously taught along with some new perspectives on some new information that the Spirit of God has taught me about this subject recently.  I have not written about this subject in a long time, but this is the way God works so I always try to go with the flow of the Holy Spirit.  I will probably repeat some things that I have said in other blogs but, I’ll try to give you a new spiritual perspective on what it all means at the same time and how it relates to the woman in Revelation 12.

I have learned that no matter how long I study or teach any subject in the Bible, that there is always more to learn and discover with the Lord’s guidance.  We just cannot exhaust God’s knowledge on any subject.  Part of today’s lesson will be focused upon the condition of the woman first described to us in Revelation 12 verse 2.  Too many Christians have ignored key symbolic elements given to us in this chapter and have concluded that this woman is the natural nation of Israel or physical woman named Mary because they assume that the child is automatically the natural baby Jesus.  I believe that I have shown you clearly many scriptural backings that the Bible says that this woman cannot be Israel or Mary.   I also personally believe that most or all of the burden of proof of whether this woman in Revelation 12 can be the church, rests entirely upon God and His Word and not upon me or you.  In other words I’m not just looking for scriptures to confirm my opinion on the identity of the woman in Revelation 12, I’m just looking for the truth with God’s Help no matter what it is or who it is.



So if God describes this woman as being pregnant in Rev 12:2, can a spiritual woman called the church become this way?  If the answer is yes, then how is this possible?  This information will clearly tell us something very profound and help to confirm what I have already taught you about the woman; I hope and pray that you can see it also.  I will warn you that part of today’s subject is a very advanced Bible lesson about sexual intimacy between husband and wife and that may be a scary subject to many Christians.  However, we cannot logically discuss the pregnancy of a woman without discussing God’s created way that it happens called sex unless we choose to bury our head in the sand and ignore it.  If you are not a mature Christian and have not agreed with what was taught in the first parts of this series, then I would suggest that you go and read somebody else’s blog today.  If you have read this series of lessons and can clearly see that this woman described to us in Revelation appears to be the church, then please continue reading today’s lesson about spiritual sex and husband and wife intimacy.  Here is the first foundational scripture for today’s lesson:

Rev 12:2  And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

We can clearly see from reading Revelation 12:2 that whoever this woman represents, she is said to be pregnant, in pain and about to deliver a child.  If this woman is a symbolic representation of the spiritual reality called the church, then I believe all of the other references found in this chapter describing her are also symbolic spiritual realities, including the child that is delivered later in the chapter.  I have already covered verse 1 in some depth so I will not rehash those symbolic references again today.  However, I have not even touched on verse 2 in this series so I will start here today with asking you the million dollar question that arises from reading this verse.  So how does a spiritual woman get pregnant?

You may not totally understand what a spiritual woman is using God’s definitions found in the Bible so you might need to stop and go and read some of my other Bible lessons to better understand this subject first.   Here is a very quick overview of what the Bible describes as a woman to God.  Technically speaking a real spiritual woman is always a nation of people married in a covenant to God or another spiritual being like Satan.  If you do not understand this I wrote other Bible lessons about God’s definition of a woman and marriage in my series on “Understanding the Bride of Christ”.

These days if you are older than 12 years old you pretty much know how a physical woman gets pregnant so I will not discuss that fully today, because I believe that we are really interested in talking about a symbolic spiritual woman in this chapter of Revelation.  It is still interesting to note that the subject of pregnancy either physical or spiritual while being a totally different reality is still at the same time is completely the same.  Here now is a verse that Jesus taught to us in the book of John and you will probably read it at first and not even know why I included it next about a study of how a spiritual woman gets pregnant.

Joh 14:17  Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

Jesus taught us something about knowing the truth that is very profound and extremely important to understand.  Wow, this is a difficult verse to see and understand and even more difficult to discuss when you do understand it.  We should start by saying that Jesus called himself the Truth (John 14:6).  Therefore, the Spirit of Truth would be the Spirit of Jesus Christ.  Then the verse has a phrase that says “and (He the Spirit of Truth) shall be in you” and that is the part that I want you to focus on first.  This phrase has direct sexual and intimate connotations attached to it everywhere.  However, the terminology is in the context of a spiritual state or reality, since the word “He” is referring to the Spirit of God, who is a Spirit.  To get a natural woman pregnant you either have to get a sperm cell (seed) in her naturally or artificially as modern science can accomplish with surgical instrumentation and procedures.

I warned you that this was going to be a mature subject, so please be mature and keep spiritual things in focus.    While spiritual sex and intimacy is not natural sex, God actually calls them by the exact same name throughout the Bible, but you probably just didn’t know that until now.  Here in this verse of John 14:17 there is a Greek word translated as to “know” and it says the unsaved world doesn’t “know” Him, but that the saved church does “know” Him.  If you go back to the first mention of natural sex in the Bible and a woman getting pregnant, you will find by the law of first mention some basic Bible truths to the reality of what God wants us to understand about the subject of sexual intimacy and spiritual reproduction.  The first mention of sex that I could find in the Bible is between the first created man and woman in Genesis 4:1 and it says this:

Gen 4:1  And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.

How does God say that Eve conceived a child?  God clearly says that Adam “knew” Eve and she then conceived a son named Cain from this experience.  The Hebrew word translated as “knew” is transliterated as “yada” and it means “to know” or “to ascertain by seeing”.  That is a highly important definition from the Word of God created by Him describing the natural act of sexual intimacy between the husband and his wife.   So what does it mean and how does it apply to what we read in John?  What we need to do is to take a natural occurrence example and correctly transfer it into a higher God spiritual meaning; otherwise we will just be confused.

To see or to ascertain are both terms that can be transferred to “knowing” or “understanding” a subject mentally.  There is technically a great difference between knowing something and understanding something.  You can certainly know your wife but never totally understand her.  God never said that Adam “understood” Eve and she became pregnant.  So I just went down a brief rabbit trail on the related subject of understanding vs. knowledge.  What we must realize is that it takes a concentrated effort to understand anything or anyone and that this understanding only comes after the initial step of gaining knowledge.  If you do not understand these concepts I would suggest that you go back and read my lesson on “Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom”.



In order to prove to you that I’m not making this stuff up, I’m going to teach you a valuable lesson on how to study the Bible correctly.  Because the New Testament is written in Greek originally and the Old Testament is written in Hebrew predominantly; how can we insure that when we use a word from Genesis translated as “knew” that it is the same exact word and subject that was related to “know” found in John 14:17?  That is a really good question to consider and I’m going to answer it for you right now.

Too many people just assume a Hebrew word is the same as a Greek word because of their English translations.  Some even believe that they are different subjects because they are different English words and jump to a conclusion that could be potentially wrong.  So what do we do to solve this problem?  First, we find a verse that is in both the Old Testament and the New Testament with the word “Know” in it and then we look to see if they are the same words that we looked at in both Genesis 4:1 and John 14:17.  Do you understand what I am doing?  I am proving that the Greek word in John 14:17 is the exact same Hebrew word translated as Adam “knew” his wife in Genesis 4:1 in order for us to clearly see that they are God’s related subjects.

So we need to search for a verse in the New Testament with the word “know” and determine if it was a quoted verse from the Old Testament.  If we can find just one verse in the N.T. that is quoted from the O.T. we can automatically learn what Hebrew words are directly related to what Greek words.  However, this is easier said than done; unless you have a NASB translation of the Bible on your computer.  In the NASB translation they put all Old Testament quotations in the N.T. in ALL CAPS making it much easier to see quickly that it is the same verse as one that is being quoted in the O.T.  So I found this one in Hebrews 8:11:

Heb 8:11  And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.

This verse in Hebrews just so happens to be a direct quotation from the prophet Jeremiah.  If you notice this word translated as “know” is G1097 in the Strong’s.   If you go back to read John 14:17 again and look up the Greek word for “know” you will confirm that it is the exact same Greek word found in this verse also.  So we can by logical deduction conclude that we have half of the puzzle solved on the New Testament side.  Then we go to Jeremiah 31:34 and see what word God used in this original verse that was quoted in the N.T. to see if it is related to the Genesis 4:1 Hebrew word H3045 that was being used by God for sexual intimacy.

Jer 31:34  And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.

As you can see in this verse if you look for it, the Hebrew word translated as “know” is the word “H3045” in the Strong’s and guess what, that is the exact same word translated as “knew” in Genesis 4:1.  So by doing some extended analysis of the Bible, we have confirmed that God is talking about spiritual sexual intimacy in John 14:17 using the same word; this is clearly not a natural act in John but, is on a spiritual scale.  God is basically saying that having knowledge of Him is like having sexual intimacy with your wife or your husband.


So how do we obtain the spiritual intimate knowledge of God?  The main way that I know to do this is to read and study His Word.  And guess what the Bible says the Word is?  The Bible calls God’s Word His Seed (Mat 13:23, Mark 4:14, 1 Peter 1:23).  Then guess what a natural man’s sperm is called in the Bible?  Male sperm is called his seed (Lev 12:2, Lev 15:6).  Are you beginning to see the parallels given to us in the Bible between these two subjects?  This is obviously a very complex concept to understand for some because they are only thinking naturally.  When you think only naturally as you attempt to interpret the Bible you are thinking as an enemy of God the Bible says (Rom 8:7).

So you can search your New Testament and see that the word “know” is used frequently when discussing God’s relationship to the church.  But, it is also a two way street type of relationship; we strive to know God and then God knows us.  You can see these in verses like John 17:3, Eph 1:17, 2 Pet 1:8, 1 John 4:2, 4:6 and 1 John 5:20 to give you a head start in your Bible study search.

There are many scripture verses in the N.T. that also teach that saved people in the church are “In Christ” and conversely that “Christ is in us”.  This is just another example of this two way intimate relationship street that I was referring to earlier.  You can find verses like this in Romans 8:10-11, 1 Cor 1:6, 1 Cor 3:1, 2 Cor 1:21, 2 Cor 13:5, Gal 4:19, Col 1:27, 1 Th 1:1, 1 Th 1:12, Php 1:6 and 1 Peter 5:14.  What these verses say is that we are in Christ and that Christ is also in us simultaneously.  What I am attempting to do with all of these verse references is to demonstrate to you using God’s spiritual Words that the church is in a spiritual intimate sexual type relationship with God.  That I know is not very religious sounding for sure.  But, nevertheless it is what the Bible says and clearly implies.  like a human male knows his wife and she knows him, Jesus knows us and we know Jesus.  This is how it is possible for the church to get pregnant spiritually speaking.



What I want to do next is to demonstrate to you that a spiritual woman can become pregnant and give birth to spiritual children using verses found in the Bible.  By doing this analysis of the Bible to confirm that it has happened before, means that it can happen again.  I want to introduce you to a woman named in the Bible as the “Heavenly Jerusalem”.  I have talked about her in several other Bible lessons so this is not something new for many of my faithful readers.  However, this woman is extremely important to see as an example of how a spiritual city of God’s doing can be named by God as a woman who gives spiritual birth.  Let’s start by reading in Galatians 4:22:

Gal 4:22  For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, the other by a freewoman.

What God does is something that is very profound.  God takes the real and accurate story of Abraham and uses it to teach us a greater and higher spiritual lesson about Himself.  We will soon learn in verse 24 that God calls this story an “allegory”.  An allegory is always a real natural historical event with real people that reflect a type of a hidden spiritual parallel truth.  I had one very ignorant minister write me an email that God does not use allegory and that allegory was an invention of the medieval dark ages.  He must have learned this falsehood at the cemetery, I mean seminary.  This minister obviously did not know how to read because God says right here in this chapter of Galatians that He does use allegories and that they are very important to understand correctly.  So let’s continue looking at the story of Abraham and see what God reveals to us.

If you did not realize it father Abraham is being used as a type of God the Father.  This verse in Galatians 4:22 says God had more than one son, did you know that?  Obviously a lot of ignorant NIV Bible translators did not know this, for they interpret God’s only begotten son (Jo 3:16) to be “God’s One and Only Son”.  I guess I won’t go there today any more than I already have.  Next in this chapter God says this:

Gal 4:23  But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise.

So now we start to learn some really new things about God.  According to this verse and others going forward we can see that God the Father had two covenant wives.   Remember that this natural story is an allegory and keep that all in mind as you study it.  We have the one wife mentioned as being a type of Sarah, the freewoman.  But first, we have another woman mentioned being a type of Hagar, called the slave woman.   These are mentioned in reference order from last to first covenant wife based upon the story and I’ll talk more about this soon.  These are clearly two different women that produce two different children.  Therefore, they are both directly and indirectly called “mothers”.  A mother is a woman who has given birth to a child, so this is not complicated just totally new stuff to many who have never studied it.

Gal 4:24  Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar.

So we are just getting deeper and deeper and I hope you came ready to swim, otherwise you are about to drown in the deep end of the pool.   God tells us that these are two covenants.  If we know that God the Father is a type of Abraham we know that God is revealing some information that is shockingly new to most people who study the Bible.  You see God is not talking about Jesus’ covenant with the church here at all and that will definitely put a major kink in your religious theology.

Most every Christian realizes that the Bible is divided into the Old and New Testaments and surely you know that the word “Testament” means “Covenant”.   So our Bibles automatically tell us that God divided His written Holy Word into two separate intimate relationships.  One is with the Old Testament nation of Israel and one is with the New Testament church.  However, it is impossible for these to be the covenants that God is talking about using the information that we learn about from this allegory.  You can clearly see in Galatians 4:24 that God starts telling us that one of these covenants is with a woman who is a type of Hagar who bears a son named Ishmael for Abraham.  Let’s read the next verse for more information on who this allegorical bond woman represents:

Gal 4:25  For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children.

God tells us very clearly that the slave woman Hagar represents the current Earthly city of Jerusalem and this corresponds to the covenant given to Moses on Mt Sinai.  Right here we have a major puzzle being presented to us and this is a very complex situation to resolve.  If you do not think so, then why was this riddle not solved a long time ago?  What we can see is that the Old Covenant given to Israel in the Old Testament is the marriage of God to a nation of natural people and God calls her a type of Hagar because she is still in bondage with her children.  What is the nation of Israel in bondage to?  The answer is the law of God!  These are the people who are still forced to keep the commandments of God in order for them to obtain righteousness and this causes them to remain in bondage since none of them are able to do it.

I did not mean to get into so much detail about the Galatians 4 women in this lesson on the woman in Revelation 12, but it is important enough for you to clearly understand that I am just going to have to do it anyway.  What we learn about one woman in the Bible will normally apply  to the subject of other women found in the Bible.  However this woman is qualified differently because she is a bond woman and the other is declared to be a free woman.  A free woman is simply the antithesis of a bond woman meaning she is free from ALL COMMANDMENTS OF LAW.

So let’s get back to the women in Galatians 4.  If Hagar is a type of the Old Testament wife of God, then Sarah the significantly older woman must represent a covenant that existed prior to Hagar coming into Abraham’s family as a slave.  If you study the story of Abraham and Sarah, Sarah was said to be a much older mature woman than Hagar.  Hagar is described as being an Egyptian woman and Abraham and Sarah went to Egypt many years after they were married.  Sarah was also Abraham’s ½ sister and thus we have some more perplexing complexity to consider.  So if Abraham marries his ½ sister and then many years later leaves his father house to go to Egypt, we must conclude that Hagar who was a much younger woman is a covenant that occurs some time later in Abraham’s life.  So logically we have to conclude that the covenant that God is referring to here in this chapter of Galatians is a covenant that He had entered into long before the one that He made with the people of Israel on the earth.

Also keep in mind that Sarah was always called the barren woman who was unable to have children.  According to the Bible this is why Sarah gives Hagar to her husband to have a son.  Anyway this part of the allegory is not that complex, however it is totally new stuff to many so it will be hard to accept.  Here is the next verse that I wanted to get to about Sarah the free woman:

Gal 4:26  But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.

Here we have another woman named “Jerusalem” but she is called the “Jerusalem which is above”.  Obviously this is a completely different city than Jerusalem below that now is.  So we can also automatically know that she exists in the spiritual realm, being labeled “above”.  This woman has to be a spiritual reality and she is inferred to be a type of the allegorical Sarah who was barren.  So Sarah must represent a pre-existing covenant of God the Father to someone spiritual not here on the earth.

Heb 12:22  But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,

You can see more clearly who this spiritual woman was by reading in Hebrews 12:22 where God tell us that this city is called the “Heavenly Jerusalem” and that this city consisted of an innumerable company of angels.  Notice the parallel between the Jerusalem below being tied to Mt Sinai and the Jerusalem above being tied to Mt Zion.  This is certainly no accident.

We can deduce logically that Jerusalem Above and Heavenly Jerusalem are synonymous names for the same city.  What we can logically conclude is that God was in covenant with the angels and that this heavenly city was a spiritual relationship that existed prior to God’s relationship with the nation of Israel who was a type of Hagar.  This logically makes sense to me based upon what I have learned from studying the Bible.  Of course there are more things that I could teach you from this simple allegory given to us in Galatians 4, but I do not have the time or space to do that today.

What I have done is shown you a city named Heavenly Jerusalem that God calls the spiritual mother of the church (mother of us all).  We clearly understand that the mother must be a spiritual reality since Jesus taught us that, “that which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit” (John 3:6).  We therefore, know that this spiritual mother (woman) pre-existed prior to the creation or birth of the church in order to have us as her spiritual children in order to fit the allegorical pattern given to us as the barren Sarah.

Gal 4:27  For it is written, Rejoice, thou barren that bearest not; break forth and cry, thou that travailest not: for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath an husband.

God quotes another Old Testament prophet named Isaiah (54:1) here and reveals to us some more of the mysteries of these two women and covenants in the Bible.  These are presented to us as a small part of a much greater, elaborate and perplexing puzzle or riddle from God.  Reading in Isaiah 54:1 this barren woman is told to sing, rejoice and shout for joy because she has finally given birth to the promised children of God.   It is very interesting to note that the Greek word translated as “travail” in this verse is only found 3 times in the N.T.  That is certainly not a coincidence by far, for you see that word occurs two times here in Galatians 4 and once in Rev 12:2.

Gal 4:19  My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you,

The is the only other verse in Galatians 4 where God selects the Greek word translated as “travail” and it says Paul is travailing in birth until Christ is formed in them that this letter is written to.  You obviously know that Paul was a male apostle of the early church, so how can this man give birth to anything or anyone?   It is not physically possible, so it must be only spiritually possible.  That is the mystery being revealed to us.  According to God church members can give spiritual birth to a spiritual being in other people.  This confirms that the church is a spiritual female who can give birth to Christ in others.

The verse of prophecy in Gal 4:27 has a lot more complex information in it but again I just cannot get into today.  If you go and read some of my other blogs you might see some of the clues that I have revealed.  Here is the last verse in Galatians 4 that I will talk about:

Gal 4:28  Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise.

This verse basically says what I have been trying to say in previous paragraphs.  This verse calls us (the church) the children of the “Heavenly Jerusalem” a type of Isaac who was the promised son to Abraham and Sarah from God.  Do you understand how amazing this story is?  God promises Abraham a son through Sarah and it turns out to be a type of Jesus and the church.  This further implies that every child born under the Old Covenant bondage woman of Hagar is not the promised seed so they will be cast out of God’s house as the story teaches us in Genesis 21:10 and is repeated in Galatians 4:30.  According to God’s Word naturally born children will not be the heirs with the free children spiritually born children.  Wow, that is bad news for the natural nation of Israel.  God clearly calls the nation of Israel the Ishmael’s of the world today.  This I know will be pretty difficult stuff to grasp for many Christians.

What I have demonstrated to you is very clear Bible evidence that a spiritual woman can give birth and have spiritual children.  Logically we can make the following spiritual conclusions based upon our knowledge of naturally created things and the verses that we have just studied:

  1.  A Spiritual woman can give birth to a spiritual child.
  2. There must have been a spiritual conception in order for there to be a spiritual child.
  3. In order for a spiritual conception to occur, spiritual knowledge (Word of God) must have been exchanged.
  4. In order for a spiritual woman to conceive a Spiritual Father is also required.
  5. God is always the Spiritual Father in His covenant marriage.

If you understand the Bible and covenants better now, you know that God the Father was in covenant with the spiritual angels in heaven prior to making a covenant with the nation of Israel on the earth.  This knowledge helps us to better understand why God created our world, Adam and Eve, and had a son named Jesus who came to make a New Covenant with us in the church.  Because the New Covenant is now with the risen Son of God, God the Father tells us that the Old Covenants with Israel and the angels have been terminated (Romans 7:4).  This also is exactly why the Bible says that Satan should not have crucified the Lord of Glory on the cross (1 Cor 2:8).

I have given more than enough evidence found in the Bible that the church qualifies to be the spiritual woman in Revelation 12 who gives birth to a spiritual son.  I hope and pray that you have enjoyed studying about this subject and who knows I will probably write more on it later.  God Bless you until next time.

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  1. I think I finally understand now. The church in Rev 12 is the bride of God the Father and that’s why she is pregnant. You were correct all along. God bless you!

  2. I thank God for finding your blog. Your work has inspired me to read and search the Bible in a new way. Regarding the identity of the woman in Rev.12: You make some very good points. But there were some things that were bothering me: If she is the church, why is she pregnant prior to the marriage? This was on my mind and I have been praying to God for an answer. This is what I was shown this morning when I opened my Bible:

    “For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.”
    – Romans 8:22-23 (ESV)

    Praise be to God!

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