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May 21, 2011 Stupid Award! Beware the Chicken Little False Prophets Who Proclaim the End of the World is Today!

(Ver 1.1)  I am on vacation in the mountains and I had not planned on posting anything this week.  But, then a national news report came on about a religious zealot in California that I will not name today and he has predicted the end of the world to occur tomorrow at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time in the USA.  When a man calls himself a Christian and then ignores the Bible to teach something so ridiculous that it makes national news it causes a negative perception to be reflected upon every Christian.  One false prophet will cause every real prophet to look foolish.  What if God had sent a prophet to Israel and Israel had already heard 12 other men who called themselves prophets say something that is opposite or different than the message from God?  Doesn’t this make it easy to reject the real message?  Sure it does!  I did notice in the life of Elijah that he called down fire that consumed the other prophets and thus God got His message out in spite of the false prophets who attempted to corrupt the truth.  Well this man in California has supposedly studied the Bible for many years.  He is not a young man and he has many followers who have quit their jobs to travel to tell everyone about the prediction.  They have spent over a million dollars on billboards to warn the people of the earth.  The late night comedians in the U.S. have made light of this prediction in countless jokes.  Atheists are planning rapture parties for tomorrow at 6 PM to defy the message.  People have even printed T-shirts to say how they survived the rapture.  Christians are being mocked and ridiculed and are made to look like fools because of the foolish actions of a man who is clearly confused.

When God gives someone revelation of His word, it is never going to contradict any other previous revelation of the Word of God to cause confusion.   Real truth will always build upon truths that you already know.  Therefore, we as Christians are forced to know the scripture for ourselves.  This man who has predicted the end of the world tomorrow made a very similar prediction back in 1994.  Since this prediction did not occur it is very easy to see that he is a false prophet.  God never sent a man with the truth today and lies yesterday.  A prophet of God will always speak the truth and what they say will occur.  If you are following a man who has lied to you before then you are deceived.  If you are following a man who contradicts another prophet of God or the written word of God you are deceived.  This man claims his calculations were off in 1994, but he is absolutely convinced that he has not made a mistake about tomorrow.  I wonder what he will think about his prediction on Sunday when nothing has happened.  I wonder what his followers will think on Sunday.  I know for sure what the world will think of his ignorant godless prophecy; they will laugh at him as they are doing right now.  How can you follow a man who lies?  How do I know that he is lying?  It is simple, it because the greatest prophet Jesus Christ said this and I believe Him more than a fool who contradicts Him.

Mat 24:36  But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

Jesus implies that He does not even know the day or the hour that He is returning to the earth.  If Jesus does not know and the angels do not know, this includes Satan, Michael and Gabriel, how then can this man know more than Jesus and the angels?  He must be the Father God to be able to predict the end.  I do not care what revelation that you have found from the Bible, if you ignore the prophet Jesus to predict the end of the world you are a fool.  Sorry I can be very blunt and direct sometimes.  But, somebody needs to awaken Christians to see the real truth.  If somebody doesn’t speak the truth, then everyone will follow fools who can say anything.  If you are following a man who has set a date for the end of the world, you are the blind being led by the blind.  So to the deceived people of the world who have predicted tomorrow to be the end, I do not criticize you personally (after all I did not name any names in this message), I do however reject your message.  If the world ends tomorrow then I will look like a fool for countering your message.  However, since I base my prediction on the Words of Jesus I feel very confident that the world will never end on any day that a man has predicted.  I believe my God and not the words of just a man.  I will pray for you that God may open the eyes of your understanding so that you are not deceived by false prophets.  But to those who want to reject the Bible, the prophet Jesus and the truth to follow your fantasy, here is your 2011 Stupid Award. I hope you will learn your lesson and not make other Christians with real messages look like we are all as ignorant as you have portrayed yourself to be today.  Make sure you are following the Word of God that you know and see in your own Bible and not the words of any man.  I hope this message helped someone today.  God Bless!