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October Stupid Award

dunce_cap1I really do not enjoy criticizing others and I will never name names.  I realize there are no perfect people in the world but occasionally someone just stands out above the rest as the most incredibly foolish person I’ve ever heard of.  Yesterday while watching the evening news a story came across about a pastor who was going to battle Satan by holding a book burning on Halloween.  While at first mention this probably doesn’t sound like a bad idea to many Christians, I was floored when the news anchor started naming the list of materials that he was planning on burning.  At first I thought he was talking about Heavy Metal songs, Punk, Rap lyrics, Cult Materials, Porn or other types of similar literature.  However, the shocker came when they interviewed the preacher and he said he was going to burn Bibles.  Obviously this is what got him on TV, but I gathered from his conversation that he was dead serious.

According to this preacher and I use that term very loosely, only the King James version of the Bible was from God and all of the other versions were works of Satan.  I really don’t understand how dumb or blinded someone can become and still be called a Christian and how did they arrive at such an idiotic opinion.  He obviously wouldn’t know God if he walked down the aisle of his church wearing a gold crown.

You know what I have discovered about people?  It seems that the people who know the least are many times the most vocal and opinionated against God.  This preacher has his head buried so deep that he doesn’t recognize the difference between good and evil.  The Bible actually warns us in Isaiah 5:20 “Woe unto them that call evil good and good, evil”.  To burn the Bible and call it the works of Satan is an incredibly STUPID and AROGANT act.

Satan is not in the business of helping people to read and understand the Bible.  If Satan had his way there would be no Bibles and obviously he has convinced at least one preacher to help him get rid of them.  How many of you realize that there are no perfect translations of the Bible out there?  Did you know that every translation of the Bible has some slanted perspective or opinion of the translator mixed with it.  The King James Bible while it is the one that I use predominately, I have found many problems with the translation.   Obviously by me making this statement I just got on someone’s heretic list.  But, only the original Hebrew and Greek text contains the  words from God without errors.  We should all just learn Hebrew and Greek and fix this problem shouldn’t we?  I guess not, what we should do is just study to show our self approved a workmen unto God who rightly divides the word of truth. 

My guess is this guy is also one of those preachers who also claims “tongues” is of the devil.  It’s funny how people have concluded such crazy things.  I’ve watched movies, I’ve seen fights, I’ve seen people in bars drunk, I’ve witnessed acts of violence and terror and not one time have any of these people in any of these places or acts have I ever seen standing up speaking in togues with their hands raised in praise.  I’ve never seen or heard of anyone in a bar reading the NIV Bible while they were getting drunk.  Isn’t that just a little bit troubling to you?

So here is your STUPID AWARD to the preacher who calls good, evil and obviously doesn’t know the difference..