Knowing There Are Rules

stopsign1sm(Ver 1.1)  I believe many times it is a good idea to review the basics and establish a firm foundation to build upon.  In thinking about this topic of Bible Interpretation I thought I would review the obvious.  Of course it may be obvious to me, but to a new Christian it might not be common knowledge, so here I go.   There are rules to Bible Interpretation by God’s design.  God has established rules and guidelines to follow and once we learn these, they often time become second nature and you don’t have to think about them in order to follow them automatically.  It is much like the law of gravity, it doesn’t take us long to discover that if we climb in a tree and we slip, we fall quickly and hit the ground.  I learned this as a kid in my backyard and I never forgot it.  I didn’t want to disregard this law of gravity again.  If you ignore God’s laws of Bible Interpretation, you might not get the wind knocked out of you physically, but spiritually it can be the same.

So what do we need to do first?  Learn that there are rules to follow.  Then learn what the rules are.  Then follow the rules.  This is not rocket science, just a simple truth about understanding the Bible and the author of the Bible.  The same God that established natural and physical laws has also established spiritual laws.  He lives by them and He expects you to learn them and apply them also.  These are the basic principles that we all should live by everyday.  We drive our cars using the traffic laws everyday.  Normally once we learned how to drive and passed the test for the license we don’t go back constantly and review all of the laws that we learned every minute of the day while we drive.  No, the laws and rules have become second nature and we follow them while we drive without even thinking about them.

I do not profess to know every rule of Bible Interpretation, but the ones that God has taught me, these I will transfer to you for your benefit.  By reading the rest of these posts in this blog, you can learn some of the do’s and don’ts of Bible Interpretation and apply these to your study and improve your learning capacity, I guarantee it.

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