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Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight — Understanding God’s Methods of Hiding Information in the Bible! Pt 10

(Ver 1.1)  This is Part 10 in a series of advanced Bible lessons on the complex methods that God has used to conceal spiritual information in the Bible for us to find.   If you do not understand these concepts of how God hides spiritual information, then you have not read the internet very much.   When I read the internet on any given Bible subject, I can find 15 different interpretations to almost every verse in the Bible.  Everyone is convinced that they know the truth and they teach it like there is nothing else to learn.   We know by the sheer numbers that God is not divided into 15 different interpretive meanings of the Bible.  God did not create but one actual truth and we have not learned it or we would not be seeing so many attempts at what is the truth.  Therefore, we can clearly understand that out of the 15 possibilities that you can read on the internet at least 14 and maybe even all 15 of them are very wrong.  Jesus taught us “that if you continued in His word, then you would be His disciples and then you will come to know the truth and this truth would then set you free” (John 8:31-32).  So if you are not continuing in the Bible to obtain to this level of knowing the truth, you have already determined in your mind that you are free and you therefore, should not be wasting your time reading my Bible lessons today.   What I have been attempting to do in this series of lessons is to point out recognizable, patterns, techniques and methods of hiding the truth using a plain text system of encryption.  I have already covered a lot of information that will not be repeated, so if you have not read these lessons from the beginning I would strongly suggest that you go back and start your reading with “Part 1”.  I will also tell you that I go back and update previous lessons with new information so it might be good for you to go back and reread from the beginning just to get up to date with the latest information on each topic that I have already covered.

Technique 10: Changing the Definition of Common Words, Using Code Names

This is now the tenth technique for concealing the truth in the Bible that I have covered and it is intermixed randomly in several different books, chapters and verses and it is often very difficult to find and recognize unless you know what to look for.  One of the key ways that God uses to conceal information in the Bible is to give you a statement using words that you think you know and can easily define, but then later when you read other parts of the Bible you discover that God has a very different perspective to what these words actually mean.  This is a common practice used in modern language found in the everyday conversations of people.  People use slang words that mean one thing in the dictionary and another completely different thing when heard in the context of the rest of the statement of whoever is speaking.  For example, a popular rock star use to sing a song that claimed “I’m Bad”.  If you used the popular dictionary definition of this word you would think that it meant he was wicked or evil.  However, to the rock star it meant I’m good and I know it.  This is a classic example of changing the definition of a known word to convey a new message.   We have a whole bunch of people in the world who do this every day.   They have invented a new “slanguage” of ways to communicate to each other that others do not understand.   This is a highly tricky method of concealing information using words that are clearly readable on the surface but, unless you know that God does this, you will be in the dark on what you are reading and not even realize it. 

In an earlier lesson I taught you about God calling multiple things by the same name and then I taught how God can call one thing by many multiple names and these are certainly very similar techniques to what I am teaching today.  You see God can selectively change the definition of a word only in certain few verses and in other verses the word means something completely different.  Take the word “Day” and try to come up with all of the possible definitions for this one word.  This can be a 24 hour time period, a 12 hour time period, or an 8 hour work day, or just a coming time on the calendar or an era, or it can be a specific time of an event like the day we met and this can be past, present or future and it can mean a time of existence like the day of the dinosaur.  These are common dictionary definitions of the word ‘day” found in the Bible.  But, to God it can also be a specific 1000 year time period based upon God definition of a day found in 2 Peter 3:8.  You can clearly see in this verse that God says that “a Day is” and whenever God does this He is about to change the definition of the word that you thought you knew all about.   It is like a spy or a policeman with an undercover code name.  When someone is undercover they are never called by their real names.  They would always use a code name like “mother goose”, “desert eagle” or “Hawkeye”.   You can recognize that this might be a code name or you might not know that is what it is, nevertheless you would not know the identity of the person based upon this code name alone.  This is a common technique used by the U.S. Secret Service when they are protecting the president, the vice-president and their families.  Everyone is given code names so that they can be easily identified internally, but this name can be changed if compromised and they are clearly using this technique to hide the information about who they are protecting.  In all of these examples, you would have to have a key or a clue to unlock the identity and this is how God also hides information in the Bible using embedded clues for us to find.  If you don’t believe me you should really read the Bible more closely.  I always strongly suggest that people use a Bible software search program that allows you to look up every occurrence of each Hebrew and Greek word found in a scripture.  In doing this you will soon discover if God gives you a definition of the word in another book, chapter or verse of the Bible that may not be what you thought it meant.  Regardless of if there is a new definition or not you will find out what else God says about the subject and learn something potentially new.

So this new concept you are looking for in the Bible is not that complex, but yet it can be very hard to find.  You are looking for verses that say “something” IS “some definition”, or “This IS” something and then some definition.  Of course getting a definition for the word “IS” is not that easy either.  As you listened to a president on TV a few years ago there seems to be many possible definition to this word, but to me it means something that resembles the likeness of something else.  You might call it a synonym or a synonymous term.    I will give you several more examples of this found in the Bible so do not panic and think that you have to figure it out all by yourself.  I already told you about 2 Peter 3:8 where God gives us a very different definition to the word “Day”.  However, you cannot apply this definition to every time you see this word in the Bible or you will get confused.  There will be times when you can use it as a double reference and see if it reveals something new in a verse that you thought you previously understood, but yet it is sometimes challenging to make the transition into the spiritual meanings behind a verse that is describing a natural story.  Take the days of creation in Genesis 1 and 2.  God lists six days of creation and one day of rest in Genesis 1 and 2.  If you try to take the 2 Peter 3:8 definition of a day and make God’s creation last 6000 years, then you would be hopelessly confused.  What you must do is see that Genesis 1 and 2 is describing actual creation 24 hour time periods that have a double referenced meaning for a prophetic day of human history attached to it.  God says “I make known the end from the beginning” (Isa 46:10).   So we must realize that from the information given to us in Genesis, God is revealing the end.   Since it has been nearly 6000 years since the creation of man on the planet, we can understand that this corresponds to the 6 days of creation that are spoken of in Genesis 1 using 2 Peter 3:8 definition of a day.   Therefore, each day of Genesis 1 is a prophetic view into the coming 6 – 1000 year time periods of human history.  When you can see this, then you are approaching the hidden meanings attached to them.  It is very much like solving a very complex riddle or puzzle.  God is the master concealer of information in the Bible and He has implemented some very tricky ways to conceal information in the Bible for us to find.  If you are not a puzzle solver type of person, then you should not be studying the Bible.  I talk about the prophetic viewpoint of the days of creation in other Bible lessons that I have already done, so I will not get into that again in this lesson today.

I will give a few more examples of this technique in the Bible and you might learn how it works when you read about them.  Take the words “eternal life”.  These words occur only around 30 times in the New Testament in about 12 New Testament books.  If you looked up the definitions of the words in the dictionary you might find something like “the condition or state of being alive forever” or “the immortal state of never dying”.  Most Bible scholars associate God’s life span to be eternal or infinite.  We look at God as having no beginning and no end.  Therefore, God possesses eternal life qualities.  But, is this what God is saying in the Bible when He uses these words?  Let’s look at a sample verse:

Rom 2:7  To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life:

Here we have a very interesting scripture verse.  It speaks of men who seek some things from God.  At least that is what it appears to me to say.  However, notice the end of the statement and see the words “immortality” and “eternal life”.  What is the difference between these two things?  They would seem to be synonymous terms for the same thing from my viewpoint.  Immortality would mean never dying or no end of existence.  I guess “eternal life” could be slightly different when referring to men or to God, but I won’t go there right now.  All men and women on the planet have a beginning when they are born into this world.  So do people exist prior to conception?  Actually that is a really good question, but I believe that from what I have seen in the Bible that people have a set beginning at conception and prior to this they do not exist.  If you know of scripture that states anything differently I would be happy to learn about them.  So now we have the problem of determining when does or if it is possible for a human to ever cease to exist and I do not believe that this is possible based upon what I know about the Bible.  A human is a spirit being who lives in a body and after that body is dead; the spirit then departs to be with the Lord if they are saved (2 Cor 5:8) or they are relocated to hell to await judgment.  If you do not like that explanation you need to learn to read your Bible and see that this is what happened by the words of Jesus himself in Luke 16:22 where God tells us of two men who died and what happened to them after they were buried.   Several very ignorant and spiritually blind people have tried to tell me that this is just a parable, but that is clear fallacy and a feeble attempt to explain away the truth.  Jesus never mentions the name of a real man in any parable, if He did this He would become a liar.  Let’s get back to “immortality” and “eternal life” and why God uses both of these in that verse in Romans 2:7.

Jud 1:21  Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

Here we have another verse containing the phrase “eternal life” and it appears that whatever this is comes from Jesus Christ.  We are still guessing to determine the definition of these words and we are not any closer to a resolution so we must continue searching the Bible to see if God enlightens us to what we need to know about this subject.  Fortunately I have already done this search and I found God’s definition of “eternal life” in this verse:

Joh 17:3  And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

Here is God’s new definition using the classic “This IS” eternal life definition.    If you can see what this verse says, it dramatically changes the definition of every other occurrence found in the New Testament of the phrase “eternal life”.   Those that have eternal life are only those that know God.  If you do not know God then you do not have eternal life.   Of course both groups of people live forever somewhere, but they are in completely different locations within the spiritual realm.  What we have discovered by searching the Bible is a clear redefinition of the words “eternal life” and these are not found in the dictionary definition anywhere.   God is in effect changing our perspectives to how we saw these 30 occurrences in the New Testament that speak about eternal life.  This is clearly a code name substitution method and a great example of how getting God’s definition to the words has revealed the truth to us.  By getting God’s definition, I greatly increased my understanding of the verses that I thought I already understood.

I cannot give you every example, of this technique in the Bible, because I do not know them all.  I will give you a table of some example code names and descriptions found in the Bible and you should go and look up the verses and read them to see how God is changing the classic definition of some common words and phrases.  This is a prevalent method used by God to conceal truth in the Bible and surely you can see it if you study them carefully.


Bible Code Name


Psalm 119:105 Lamp and Light The Word of God
Proverbs 3:18 Tree of Life Wisdom
Proverbs 6:23 Lamp The Word of God
Proverbs 10:11 Well of Life The mouth of the righteous man
Proverbs 11:30 Tree of Life Fruit of the Righteous
Proverbs 12:18 Health Tongue of the Wise
Proverbs 15:4 Tree of Life Wholesome Tongue
Proverbs 16:22 Wellspring of Life Understanding
Proverbs 18:10 Strong Tower The Name of the Lord
Matthew 11:14  Elijah John the Baptist the messenger of the Lord
Luke 11:29 evil generation those who seek a sign
John 3:19 Condemnation/Judgment men who loved darkness instead of the light
John 6:29 Work of God Believe on Him who was Sent from God
John 6:40 Will of God See the Son of God and Believe on Him
John 6:50 Bread of Heaven Jesus who has come down from heaven
John 15:12 My Commandment Love one another
John 17:3 Life Eternal Know the true God
Romans 9:9 Word of Promise Spoken to Sarah about her son
Romans 11:27 My Covenant Take away their sins
1 Corinthians 11:25  This Cup The new covenant in my blood
Galatians 4:25 Hagar Mt Sinai and Jerusalem who are in Bondage
James 1:27 Pure Religion Visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction
2 Peter 3:8 One Day 1000 Years
1 John 2:25 The Promise Eternal Life
1 John 5:3 Love of God Keep His Commandments
1 John 5:4 Victory Being Born of God
2 John 1:6 Love Walk in His Commandments
2 John 1:7 Deceiver He who denies Christ is come in the flesh
2 John 1:7 Antichrist He who denies Christ is come in the flesh

There are too many code names in the Bible for me to list them all.  Jesus was given many code names that describe Him to us in many different hidden ways.  Jesus is called “the Sun of Righteousness”, “the Word of God”, “Daystar”, “Bright and Morning Star”, “Alpha and Omega” and on and on I could go.  Satan is called “the serpent”, “the dragon”, “the deceiver”, “the wicked one”, “the beast” and on and on I could go.   These are all code name substitution techniques that conceal the identity of the one that they are referring to.  By understanding this we begin to unlock some of the doors of the mysteries of God using the keys that He is teaching us how to use.  Jesus told us “I give unto you the keys of the kingdom” (Mat 16:19); could these be some of the things that Jesus was referring to in Matthew 16:19?  A data key always consists of words, letters, phrases or things that you use to unlock encoded information.  For us to know the secrets of the Kingdom of God is the reason for why God put them in the Bible in the first place.  God would have never hidden information if we were not intended to learn them before He comes back for us.  I hope and pray that you have learned some valuable things from this series of lessons and I may write more about it later.  God Bless!

Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight — Understanding God’s Methods of Hiding Information in the Bible! Pt 9

(Ver 1.1)  This is Part 9 in a series of advanced Bible lessons on the complex methods that God has used to conceal spiritual information in the Bible for us to find.  If you like solving challenging puzzles, riddles and mysteries then you should enjoy studying the Bible.  The Bible is full of God’s hidden spiritual wisdom using words that we can plainly understand and I call this “Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight”.  Not too many people have studied this subject primarily because they did not know that God had done this.  But, by learning of the existence of these technical methods, what they are and how they work, we should greatly increase our ability to understand the truth of God’s Word.  Hiding the truth using standard plain text writings is a very complex system to recognize and to understand and it clearly demonstrates the extreme intelligent design of a God who is capable of doing these things using the words placed in plain view where any man has the opportunity to break the encoded messages.   Since I am a former computer programmer with over 25 years of experience and training I understand complex system design better than most laymen.  I have worked on and developed some very large and extremely complex computer systems which would have been a challenge for anyone to learn.  But, to introduce any new novice programmer to them it would have been overwhelming for them to try to learn and to understand them, much less to change or to maintain them without breaking the system.  Now if you are not a computer programmer, you would be more than overwhelmed with trying to figure out how the system works externally, much less trying to figure out how it works internally at the code instruction level.   This is why very few people understand the Bible when reading it.  You see the Bible has an external message using words that anyone can read, but it also has an internal spiritual message that only Christians can come to understand.   When I read the Bible, I can see God’s intelligent design using a series of complex system word components and concealing techniques that while He makes the words plainly readable, the underlying truth is completely hidden from the view of naturally minded men and women.   You have to be extremely intelligent to design a system like this and I believe God definitely qualifies for the job.   To me, learning about how God hides information in the Bible has furthered my beliefs that He is the author of this book.   Hopefully as you read and study these techniques you will be able to recognize these methods also and learn how to decipher the hidden spiritual meanings behind the words that you are reading.   I have covered a lot of subjects already in this series of lessons and I will not be repeating the information previously given in any detail.  So, if you have not read this series from the beginning I would strongly suggest that you go back and start your reading with “Part 1“.

Technique 9: Speaking in a Third Person Style of Writing about Yourself

meorheThis next technique for concealing the truth in the Bible is intermixed randomly in several different books, chapters and verses and it is often very difficult to find and recognize unless you know what to look for.   I call it God writing or telling a story about Himself from a seemingly unknown, unnamed or anonymous third person view point or perspective.   In other words in this style of writing God speaks about certain people, events or actions all the while referring to Himself as a nameless man who does something natural like sow a seed in a field, get a wife for his son, cut down a tree or some other physical action that portrays or reveals a greater hidden spiritual reality to us.   Authors in our world who write fictional books utilize this technique frequently when telling a story.  This writing style allows greater creativity and multiple viewpoints to be established and it greatly complicates the landscape when you want to conceal information.  I believe that God uses the anonymous third person writing style predominantly all throughout the Bible.   I want to start by teaching you examples of what it is, then how it works and finally give you some specific hidden examples of it in the Bible.   Let’s start at the beginning and read in the Book of Genesis, chapter 1, verse 1 that is written as if Moses was a witness to the creation events.

Gen 1:1  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Gen 1:2  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Gen 1:3  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

As you can read in these first three verses of Genesis there is someone watching or observing what is happening during creation who is never named directly.  The observer is clearly an anonymous hidden personality.  God is named directly by name in this example, but God is not the first person speaker or observer.  What you can see is someone else is watching what God says and then telling us about it.   Since Moses was not there to witness creation, we can assume that God is describing the events and He uses Moses to record them.   Therefore, God is using a third person perspective for the references to His personal point of view, but every name, place and event is mentioned is that of a real person place and thing that actually exists and happens.   In other words God names, names and describes actual events that transpired without saying “I saw the darkness” and “I did this”.  God is directly quoted saying words, but God is not speaking directly.  The words are heard as if someone was there to watch God create the world.   This is a very complex tricky way of telling you something without telling you something directly.  The writing style conveys implied and hidden information that is not directly mentioned.  I hope you understand this simple example that I just gave you because it does get more complicated than this as we go forward.

I want to stop here and make another point that is important for you to know about.  Just because God uses this writing style in Genesis 1 does not mean that God does not also utilize other techniques of concealing information in this same chapter.  For example, I have discovered that the book of Genesis is widely symbolic information especially in the first three chapters.  This use of symbolism allows God to hide the true identity of Satan as being the deceiving serpent for instance.   Satan is later revealed to be this ancient serpent in Revelation 12, but you would not really know that by just reading Genesis.  So clearly the serpent was a symbolic hidden reference name to conceal the identity of Satan.  Then there are hidden analogies found in Genesis that are clearly much greater complex spiritual truths that hide this information and makes it very hard to find.  This is just a small part of the complexity of the Bible and a demonstration of the intelligence of the design of God’s Word.  God can use multiple methods of hiding information in the same book, chapter or verse of the Bible and you have to become smart enough to recognize them all to get the real meaning.  Today’s lesson is about technique number 9 and I’m not convinced that I am done writing about them all.  So reading the first three chapters of Genesis you might encounter seven of the nine techniques used to conceal truth in the Bible intermixed.  For example:

  1. Widely dispersed Truths: Gen 3:1  The serpent is not revealed until Revelation 12.  Adam is first mentioned by name in Genesis 2, but he is also mentioned in the New Testament and many other places in the Bible.
  2. Symbolism:  Genesis 1:16, The Greater Light to Rule the Day, revealed to be Jesus the Sun of Righteous in Malachi 4:2 and other scriptures.  The serpent is clearly a symbolic reference in Genesis 3:1.
  3. Referring to the Same Thing Using Multiple Names or Titles:  The woman in Genesis 1, 2 and 3 is called “Adam” or “man” in Gen 1:27,  “help meet” in Gen 2:18,  “woman” in Gen 2:22,  “wife” in Gen 2:24,  “Eve” in Gen 3:20, “Mother” in Gen 3:20.
  4. Calling Multiple Things by the Same Name:  This is found in Genesis 2:20 where God names the man “Adam”.  This name is also given to Jesus the Last Adam in 1 Cor 15:45.
  5. Types and Shadows:  Adam and his wife are shadows of Jesus and his wife the Church.  Just as Eve was the Body of Adam, so the Church is the Body of Christ.
  6. Telling a Story Without Any Explanations:  There is clearly the story of creation in Genesis 1 without any explanation of how it was created or when it was created.  Genesis 2, God creates the woman from the man, but never explains why.
  7. Third Person Writing Style:  As I have pointed out you can see in Genesis 1 an unknown or unnamed witness to creation is narrating the events that occurred.  This clearly has to be God’s point of view but it is not spoken of or revealed to us directly.

This is the complexity of understanding the Bible.  If anybody told you that the Bible was easy to understand they lied to you intentionally or they were heavily deceived into thinking they knew more than they actually knew.  In just the first three chapters there are clearly seven or eight different concealing techniques intermixed to make the truth unrecognizable to the casual reader.  I did not attempt to list every example or to even explain them in any great detail.  So you either saw them or you didn’t.  I have learned that Bible study is like digging for gold; you might get lucky on the surface, but to really strike it rich you have to dig deep.  You must dig very deep and study for countless hours to come to the knowledge of the truth or you have to read the blogs of someone who has done this already and you will save yourself a lot of valuable time.  Let’s continue our study of the third person writing style and discover some other ways God has used this technique to conceal information in the Bible

Some modern day fictional writers have copied what God has done in writing about a seemingly unknown or an anonymous man when they are actually writing about themselves in hidden terms.  This technique is very similar to when Jesus would speak to us in parables describing new complex spiritual things in a story about a man who had a field.  Let me give you a quick review of a parable and how Jesus used it to describe Himself:

Mat 13:31  Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field:

Here we have a statement that God is speaking a parable about some powerful spiritual truths using natural recognizable descriptions of some things that were found easily on the earth.  Most of the people that Jesus was speaking to understood farming concepts and where food came from and how it worked, however few to none of them understood how to transfer this information into the spiritual realm and determine what it meant.  So here in this verse Jesus is speaking using the technique of parables that I have covered before using encoded symbolic descriptors about the Kingdom of Heaven.  We therefore understand what to look for in the statement by knowing these two important facts.  Remember that a parable is almost always given to us in a statement that says “something” is like “something else” and this alerts us into a mental transition on how we think about the statements that are given next.   Here in this parable Jesus says that the kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed a grain of mustard seed in his field.  We know from this information that God is speaking of spiritual things using symbolism in a third person anonymous writing style.  In this chapter it just so happens that Jesus is telling the story about an unnamed man and this is the reverse logic we found in the first Chapter of Genesis where we saw an unnamed person telling a story of what God says.   However, this unnamed man in the parable is clearly God.  Therefore, we must make the mental transformation to see the man who sows the seed to be a hidden reference to God and what He will do or has done.  It further goes to say that God has a garden which is a place to plant seeds.  We can understand that the field is symbolic, the seed is symbolic, “sowing” is symbolic as well as the man is symbolic and we must convert these into their spiritual meanings in order to understand the story correctly.   If you have read my series of lessons on “Understanding Seeds” in the Bible you will better understand what is being taught.  So I will not go through and attempt to re-explain all of the elements in the parable in this lesson.  What I want you to see is my key point that God is speaking of Himself as being a symbolic unnamed man that sows a symbolic seed into His field and that these natural things reflect much greater hidden spiritual truths.

That last example wasn’t too hard to figure out since maybe you already understand the parable concepts that I taught earlier.  However, what if God took away the information about this is a parable and that something is like something else and He only told you the story?  Could you be smart enough to put it together and recognize what God is talking about?  By removing this information it would dramatically make it more complex to figure out what is being taught.  If you would allow me I’ll change this one verse and omit those introductory facts so can see how it might change it if God would have chosen to do this:

Mat 13:31  A man took a grain of mustard and sowed in his field:

You see without the key information given that this is a parable which is conveying spiritual things about the Kingdom of Heaven, how would you ever figure out what God is talking about?  I think you would not be able to put the two realities together without this information even though the information can still be determined by using some logical assumptions.  It just makes it significantly more difficult to come up with the correct interpretation if God would do this and guess what?  God has done this numerous times in the Bible.  Here is a good example of this found in a statement that Jesus makes in Matthew 19:

Mat 19:4  And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,

Mat 19:5  And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?

Mat 19:6  Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

Here is Jesus speaking again of marriage and the fact that God created them male and female in the beginning.  However, did you notice what Jesus said and how He said it?  Be precise and pay very close attention to every word spoken.  In verse 4 Jesus says “Have you not read” and then He says “that he which made them”.  Who was he that made them?   It was the speaker of the question, “he who made them” was Jesus.  The creator God is doing the speaking and He calls Himself an anonymous pronoun of “he”.   That is a prime example of an anonymous “third person” reference to Himself using the personal pronoun of “he”.  Think with me and see what is happening here in this statement.  God is not lying or fabricating information, He is just not revealing everything that He could have.   Jesus could have said “I created them male and female”, but this would have gotten Him stoned for claiming to be God.  God is using this style for several reasons, but you can see that it is very clever to speak this way.  It gives the information that you want to provide without revealing things that you do not wish to reveal.  Next, Jesus is basically quoting from Genesis 2:24 and this is a prime example of how God is writing something about a physical man who we can all relate to, named Adam and it directly applies to the spiritual man named Jesus (the Last Adam) also.  Remember that in Matthew 13:31 Jesus says the kingdom of heaven is like a “man” who sows a grain of mustard seed in a field.  I have concluded that the symbolic man being referred to is God.  Therefore, if you read this verse in Matthew 19:5 you will see another unnamed “man” being spoken of.  You can assume that Jesus is only speaking about Adam or you can open your eyes and see that Jesus is revealing more than you know right now.   Because Jesus does not name the man, the man is open to being a greater spiritual truth.  Jesus of course called himself the “son of man” frequently.  So Jesus was definitely a “man”.  Therefore, we can make the jump that Jesus could be talking about himself in this verse leaving His Father in heaven and coming to the earth.  We also know from studying the Bible that Jesus will soon be formally married to His bride and you can read about that in Revelation 19:7.  Therefore we can see very clearly how the church becomes the body of Christ since it is by the law of marriage given to us in Genesis 2:24 that make this possible.   God clearly tells us that the two shall be joined to become one flesh (body).  Finally, in verse 6 of Matthew 19, Jesus makes this statement “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder”.  This statement is not a quote from Genesis 2:24 and we must conclude that Jesus is associating this statement with Genesis 2:24 for a purpose.  God is using some more cleverly designed words to hide spiritual information in this verse.  Here, God is speaking and He says what God has joined together meaning God joined someone together by the law of covenant marriage.  Again if you only think that He is speaking of Adam you are limiting your perspective to a natural pattern that does not take into account the spiritual information being concealed in it.  Then Jesus says “Let no man put asunder”.   When Adam was created there were no other men on the planet to put them asunder, so you can obviously see that Jesus is not talking about Adam and Eve in this statement.  Who is Jesus speaking of here?  Wow, that is a very tough question to answer much less to see.  You see Jesus has come to the earth and taken on the form of His creation in the body of a man, for what purpose?   I personally believe that Jesus is the man that came to put asunder Satan from God.  I know you do not have enough information or knowledge to affirm what I have just told you.   We have to understand the law of marriage that Jesus is speaking of in Genesis 2:24 and see that when Jesus is joined to His bride, according to the law of marriage He must leave his Father and his mother and become one with His bride.   So covenant marriage is a dividing force that creates a new spiritual family.  The Son of God is in the process of creating a new spiritual family for God in order to eliminate the old family members of God which include Satan and his angels.  These are new concepts for many people, but if you study your Bible you will see that they true.

There are numerous examples in the Bible of this technique of writing indirectly about yourself that God uses and I will give you another classic example found in Isaiah 53.  This chapter should be very familiar to you because it is often referred to in many circles to be all about Jesus.  However, not one time is the name of Jesus directly mentioned and most of the references to Him are in a third person style of writing where a certain man is being described externally and anonymously.   I am not going to go through every verse in this chapter, if you desire to you may stop and read the entire chapter to verify that the name of Jesus is never mentioned.

Isa 53:2  For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

Isa 53:7  He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.

Isa 53:9  And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.

Isa 53:12  Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.

Chapter 53 of Isaiah is a very complex chapter to study.  The viewpoint of the writer seems to change from an unknown and unnamed group of people who are observing to the viewpoint of another unnamed individual at the end of the chapter.   This would appear to create a shifting landscape to how we should interpret these verses.  These are just a few sample verses found in this chapter of Isaiah.  You can clearly see a nameless man is being spoken of.  This is the common theme of the entire chapter regardless of the changing perspective.  In the beginning of the chapter, a group of people are mentioned as the observers.  There are numerous pronoun references of “our” and “we”.   Nowhere in this chapter is there the name of this primary individual being spoken of or the observers who are watching so clearly you can see a technique of concealing information by omitting some key details.   We could assume that the observing people are the natural nation of Israel, but you might be able to see that this group could also be the spiritual people of God, the church.   Throughout this chapter, God is using prophetic words about an anonymous man who will come to the earth in the future.  God is using a technique of a third person descriptive story to talk about Himself in a hidden way.  God inserts several clues that any Christian today would clearly recognize is Jesus, but to the scribes and the Pharisees they missed it and did not understand that they killed their Messiah.  Jesus was the Lamb of God sacrificed for the sins of mankind.  Jesus was hung on a cross among criminals on either side of Him.  There are just too many descriptive words in this writing of Isaiah that makes it obvious to me, but I can see the one that I know personally and it is easier for me to recognize than for someone who does not know Him.   As you continue down the reading in this chapter you see a change of perspective taking place.  Now we have another viewpoint being given to us.  This viewpoint seems to be a singular view point of a person being referred to as “I” and “My”.  Changing perspective in the middle of a chapter is a tricky way to conceal information.  It can be easily overlooked and even ignored when you casually read the words.  We are never told who the observers are; we just have to recognize that the observer changed.  These are complex puzzles to try to solve, but God has placed these things in the Bible for a purpose.  If you look closely in the Old Testament you will find this writing technique repeated in a very effective way to conceal the truth.  God speaks about somebody and prophesies events in their life, but never says who it is and never says who is observing it.  Usually when this is done it is always a reference to God Himself in a hidden plain text technique.  Also the hidden perspective can also be from God’s point of view and this is what you should look for first.  As you read your Bible look for it and see it and you will better understand what you are reading.

These are some of techniques that God has taught me from the Bible and these are not all of them that I can talk about.  We will talk about more of them sometime in the future.  Keep studying your Bible and digging for the truth and we will all find it together.

If you would like to continue reading this series of lessons on understanding God’s spiritual hiding methods then please continue with “Part 10“.

Understanding God’s Old Testament Hidden Secrets!

hiding(Ver 1.3)  I’ve been snowed in for the past few days, so forgive my too many posts in a short time.  Today is a lesson on Understanding the Hidden Secrets of God in the Old Testament.  I have written on this subject before, but God won’t let me get away from it.  He keeps bringing it back up again and again for a reason.  I guess there are still so many people in the world who need to learn this, that He wants to keep bringing it back up until they get it completely.  What we find in every in-depth Bible study is that there are many subjects in the Old Testament that are clearly hidden and only revealed by God to those in the New Covenant.  This is the number one reason why the natural Jewish people did not see or understand their God given Holy Book of the Law or the books written by their prophets.  The cause for this inability to understand the truth comes from the the basic design of God’s Word.  God has written to the Jews a highly complex book of hidden spiritual information using some natural words, rules, instructions and the historical stories of some natural people and places.  I can see these realities looking at them from a New Testament perspective, but they cannot observe them from their Old Testament point of view.  I call this technique of God’s writing “Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight” and today I am going to discuss a number of these hidden subjects concealed within the words of the Old Testament.

Mat 13:35  That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.

It is very clear from my Bible study that God has an immense number of hidden subjects in the Old Testament.  Of course if you did not know this, your attempt at understanding the O.T. would be severely hampered.  Not knowing how the Old Testament was designed, written and constructed with these hidden and concealed pieces of spiritual information means that you are attempting to interpret and understand the Bible using only your mental capacity and that is clearly not talented enough to achieve the necessary level of intelligence, maturity and wisdom to overcome God’s ability to conceal these things from you.  It would be like you attempting to crack a 128 bit encryption with your calculator and if you understand code systems you know this is virtually impossible to do anyway using a large scale computer.  In other words God is so much smarter than you, that without His help to understand what has been written is why we see so many confused people in the world today searching for the truth.  So here is a list of some of the hidden subjects in the Old Testament books:

  1. Jesus, the Personal Appearance of God on the Earth in the flesh.
  2. Why Jesus Came to the Earth.
  3. The Death of Jesus.
  4. Salvation
  5. Satan
  6. Resurrection
  7. Faith
  8. Seeds
  9. Spiritual things like Fruit, Gifts
  10. God’s Spiritual Family
  11. The Kingdom of God
  12. The Creation of the Church and the New Covenant
  13. The fact that there were Hidden Secrets was clearly a Secret

These are just a few of the hidden subjects of the Old Testament that God has revealed to us in the New Testament.  I have written several blogs on many of these subjects and if you have read them and understood them, then you know that God is pretty smart.  I plan on doing more of these topics that I have not touched on before in the future so hang in there and keep reading my blogs.  You will be glad that you did as we continue.


Let’s go through the list of subjects and briefly touch on them for an introduction.  Jesus of course is described on almost every page of the Old Testament, but using very complex hidden methods of concealment.  These can range from multiple names, titles and descriptions, symbolism, analogies which are hidden allegorical natural stories and even indirect prophetic statements where He is not directly named.  For example, Jesus can be called an “angel”, (Gen 48:16), “Shiloh” (Gen 49:10) or “Rose of Sharon” (Song 2:1) or “Branch of Righteousness” (Jer 23:5) or “Sun of Righteousness” (Mal 4:2) to name a few hidden names of Jesus in the O.T.  If you want to see more names of Jesus you can go to my list “Names, Titles, Symbols of Jesus”.   There are probably more hidden references to Jesus in the Old Testament than any other hidden subject.  This is mainly because He is the most important subject for you to know.  I have another Bible lesson on “The Hidden Jesus in Genesis” and this may help you to see more of the techniques that God has used to conceal Himself in His Word.  If you have not read my series on “God’s Methods of Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight” then you should definitely do that very soon.


Why did Jesus come to the earth?  There are so many hidden reasons for why Jesus came to the earth that there is no way I can get into them all in this brief synopsis.  To provide salvation for us is one of the key reasons for God’s personal appearance on the earth, but definitely not the only reason that Jesus came.  I think I wrote a lesson called “The Top 10 Reasons Jesus Came to the Earth” and you should probably check that out if you have not read it already.  When you begin to realize that God is multi-dimensional and able to accomplish multiple things in one planned work then you start to realize the extreme intelligence of God.   Too many people think one-dimensionally and only accomplish one task at one time using a single threaded approach to life.  This is like computers of old, which were sequentially threaded devices that could only do one instruction at a time.   However, in today’s modern computer world with multi-processor capabilities it is much easier to visualize the mind of God who clearly is speaking to millions of people on the earth simultaneously.   That is pretty awesome stuff if you asked me.  I will challenge you to go through the Old Testament and find the concealed reasons why Jesus was prophesied to come to the earth.  It is a fascinating Bible study to do.

We know from reading 1 Corinthians 2:8 that Satan did not know that the death of Jesus on the cross was his greatest mistake.   Had Jesus not been slain and shed His blood, the world’s situation would be exactly the same as before Jesus came into the world and that was not a good situation to be in.  We can clearly see that Jesus coming into the world to die was a hidden secret from God.  We can further explore this information in many other verses of the Bible.  I like the words of Ruth where she revealed to us that it was only “death that was a separating force” that could divide her from her mother-in-law Naomi.  God uses His death on the cross to separate Himself from the evil one named Satan.  This is not a widely taught subject, because I believe it is a new subject revealed in the last days by God.


In reading the Old Testament there is seldom any direct reference of the spiritual being named Satan.  When he is mentioned it is widely using some symbolic title like the “serpent” in Genesis 3:1.  Other times God speaks of an individual like the “Prince of Persia” (Dan 10:13) and this is Satan.  Still other times there is the “King of Tyrus” in Ezekiel 28:12 and this is widely believed to be a hidden reference to Satan.  If you would like to read more “Names, Titles, Symbols of Satan” then you should go and do that.  Why does God hide our enemy in the text of the Old Testament writings?  It is a fascinating concept to consider.  Why does God hide any information in the Bible?   From my view point, there is no reason to describe Satan in great detail since in the Old Testament the human race could not do anything about him.  Satan is called the “god of this world” in the N.T. (2 Cor 4:4).  Therefore we realize that as the god of this world Satan had ultimate control or influence over many of the things that transpired here.  I know that goes against the theology of a lot of confused individuals who believe that God is in control of everything that happens, but that is just too bad because the Bible teaches us some quite different realities.  I believe that Satan was hidden from  plain view for the safety and protection of the people in the O.T.  If people would had known about him in greater detail, probably many more people would have made him their god.  In addition to this other than being in the protection of obedience to God’s word there was nothing that any human on earth could do about Satan.  It was not until Jesus died that Christians were again given authority over Satan as you can read in Luke 10:19.


Faith is a subject that was definitely hidden in the Old Testament very well.  In the Old Testament God honored the people’s faith and allowed many people to perish because they had no faith.  You can clearly see this in the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness.  They sent 12 spies into the Promise Land to check it out and they come back and only 2 had a good faith filled report.  The majority came back with the evil report of doubt and unbelief.  Everyone that did not believe the good report died in the wilderness over the course of time, but these two men named Joshua and Caleb led the younger generation into the Promise Land by faith.  You can read about what happened in this Old Testament story in the book of Hebrews chapters 3 and 4, where God said the children of Israel failed to mix their faith with God’s promise so they did not enter into His rest.  Faith is therefore a dominate New Testament revealed truth that was not made known to those in the Old Testament.  Galatians 3:23 clearly teaches us that faith was a revealed New Covenant reality.  This literally means that faith was previously hidden to those under the law.  If you would like to read my latest series on “Understanding Bible Faith” then please do that.  In this series I talk about the Genesis or beginning of faith and I teach you that faith existed eternally.  Therefore the subject of faith was a factor in the Old Testament the same as it is a predominate factor for the New Testament.  Being concealed in the Old Testament does not mean it cannot be found for those that are truly seeking to know and find it.  I challenge you to do this and you will be enlightened beyond word’s descriptions.


There are just so many hidden subjects in the Bible that I cannot fully speak to all of them in this introduction.  What I wanted to do was to get you interested in searching your Bible for hidden information.  Learn to open your eyes to spiritual things and then read your Old Testament using new ways to look at this old natural information.  It will amaze you if you believe it and allow God to teach you these things.  Remember when the early church was first started, the only Words of God that they had were the writings of Moses and the Old Testament prophets?  So Peter and the other apostles were limited to teaching the church only from these O.T. books.  Keep this in mind when you read from them and see if you can see what they used to teach Jesus, salvation and all the other hidden subjects.

Act 17:2  And Paul, as his manner was, went in unto them, and three sabbath days reasoned with them out of the scriptures,

Paul preaches using only the Old Testament and He starts churches in many cities where he later writes them letters from prison.    We know that churches in Ephesus, Galatia, Rome and Corinth were started this way.  Until Paul was thrown into prison the only Bible the church had were the Old Testament writings.  They then had to be able to see that Jesus was there along with many of the New Testament concepts that have been since written about and expanded in the New Testament.

Act 18:28  For he mightily convinced the Jews, and that publickly, shewing by the scriptures that Jesus was Christ.

You should be able to do the same thing that Apollos did here in Acts 18.  You should be smart enough to learn every verse that you can in the Old Testament so that you can show Jews their Messiah is Jesus.  If you have a legal mind and can speak like a lawyer you will be able to convince many of the Jews that Messiah has come.  But, do not go and speak like an ignorant fool to someone who knows more than you do.  You are going to have to study and become more informed than they are.

Act 8:30  And Philip ran thither to him, and heard him read the prophet Esaias, and said, Understandest thou what thou readest?

I’ll wrap this Bible lesson up with a short story of how God will cause some amazing supernatural things to occur when a man is hungry to know the truth.  In Acts 8 is a story where we hear a question from Phillip that is still relevant today.   A man from Africa was reading the book of Isaiah and Phillip ran to him and asked him a very basic question.  If it was easy to understand what you were reading then it would be unnecessary and even stupid to ask someone this question.  However, it is very obvious to me that understanding what you read in the O.T. is the ultimate goal, but that this does not automatically happen just because you read it.  In doing this advanced Bible Study blog, I have met many men and women who know how to read these verses, but I have met few who can see what they mean.   Having the eyes of your understanding enlightened to see the truth, this is what God desires to do today.

Act 8:31  And he said, How can I, except some man should guide me? And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him.

This Ethiopian man was an extremely intelligent individual and possessed great wisdom based upon his answer to Phillip’s question.  I have had far less intelligent men and women write me ignorant comments.  This foreigner Gentile man came all the way from his country to Jerusalem to read God’s words written by the prophet Isaiah.  I believe God notices people who are hungry and thirsty for the truth and this is why Phillip was sent to him.  I believe that God will help any man or woman who truly desires to know Him in this way.  The man displayed a key quality for learning and it was called being open minded to hear about what you do not understand.  If only more of my reader’s had this quality they would benefit the same as this man did.

Act 8:32  The place of the scripture which he read was this, He was led as a sheep to the slaughter; and like a lamb dumb before his shearer, so opened he not his mouth:

Act 8:33  In his humiliation his judgment was taken away: and who shall declare his generation? for his life is taken from the earth.

Act 8:34  And the eunuch answered Philip, and said, I pray thee, of whom speaketh the prophet this? of himself, or of some other man?

Do you see the heart of this man?  He had so many admirable qualities that caused God to do supernatural things to get him the answers to his questions.  First off the man was humble and this opened the door for God to do mighty things.  Next, the man was hungry for the truth no matter what it was.  Then this man was open to hear the truth and this allowed him to hear with his spirit.  Finally, after hearing the truth spoken to him from a complete stranger, this man believed it and was saved.  Wow, what a powerful story that God has given to us of how salvation works.  Here we have a story of how a foreign man saw a hidden Jesus in Isaiah and that allowed God to send another man to him to help him understand the truth.  This is an extremely valuable lesson for what to do and what God will do in response.  Begin to understand that the Bible has many complex hidden mysteries and then seek to know them.  Allow God to answer your questions however He wants.  It may be Him sending you someone with the answer to knock on your door.  It may be a complete stranger that you do not know.  It could be a blog on the internet.  God can use anyone, anywhere but you are going to have to be ready to respond.

So we have looked at a lot of different scriptures today.  We talked about God’s hidden subjects and the fact that they still exist in the Bible today.  If you do not believe that, then you should go read Revelation and tell me what it all means.   I’ve studied Revelation for many years and I’m a long way from knowing everything that is written there.  In fact if you search the internet you cannot find two people who completely believe everything the same 100 per cent.  I believe that God is revealing this information before He returns for us.  But, we are going to have to be like the Ethiopian and be open to hear and learn the truth.  Ask questions and allow the answers to come from God.   Learn the hidden information in the Bible and see them for the spiritual truth that they are.  God Bless you until next time.

Understanding How To Be Scripturally Balanced!

(Ver 1.1)  Today I will discuss the importance of being scripturally balanced while simultaneously being radically sold out for God.  There are many people in the world who are only partially sold out to God and they place severe limitations and constraints upon themselves and their relationship with God.  Baptists are guilty of this, Methodists are guilty of this, Catholics are guilty of this, and even Pentecostals are guilty of this mistake.  I do not believe there is a Christian denomination that exists that does not have people who are guilty of this sin of placing limitations upon what God wants to do in the earth today.  There has been in the last 50 years the upswing and growth of churches in America that are called or labeled as being “Faith” based churches.  Many denominational churches have frowned on then, looked down on the people in these other churches and have openly criticized them and given them derogatory names and labels.  I have heard them called “the name it and claim it bunch”, “the blab it and grab it church” and on and on I could go.  Such actions of so called Christians are usually done out of ignorance and I do not fault them for being ignorant and behaving in ungodly ways.    The net result of these attacks causes more harm to themselves than it does to harm those who are called the names.  I noticed that Jesus was taunted and called names even while hanging on the cross for their sins and Jesus said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.  Wow, what an example Jesus gave to us of unconditional forgiveness. 

What I am going to do is give you a small list of some of the subjects found in the Bible and then ask you some basic questions about them and how they relate to each other.  You should notice by reading this small list of subjects exactly where you are strong in your knowledge of the Bible and where you are weak in your knowledge of the Bible.  But, if you think that you are strong in every area then you should make yourself God and you should not be wasting your time reading my insignificant Bible lessons.

  1. Spirit
  2. Holiness
  3. Purity
  4. Grace
  5. Soul
  6. Faith
  7. Love
  8. Hope
  9. Law
  10. Sin
  11. Body
  12. Mercy
  13. Repentance
  14. Redemption
  15. Atonement
  16. Salvation
  17. Judgment
  18. Righteousness
  19. Justification
  20. Condemnation
  21. Compassion
  22. Good
  23. Evil
  24. Wrath
  25. Omnipotence
  26. Sovereignty

Here we have a very basic set of theological subjects and words found in the Bible and they are each a separate distinct theme that can be studied individually and independently from the others.  However, there are also countless other subjects found in the Bible that I did not even begin to mention.  Then there are scripture dependencies, inter-relationships and cross-relationships between these subjects that exist and must also be taken into account in order to understand any of the subjects fully.   Here begins the greatest downfall of why we have so many denominations in the world today.  One church group learns a little bit about one subject and either totally ignores the other subjects or think they are not relevant to what they know about this one subject that they teach so strongly.  By embracing only a single truth exclusively as being the complete truth, you in effect shut your minds to what else God wants to teach you.  So whenever God teaches another church something new about a different subject the other churches immediately reject the new church’s teachings as being heretical because it does not fit with what they teach and believe.   What people do is think they know more than they actually know and this results in them not learning anything new that God wants to teach them.   Wow, what a bunch of arrogant idiots the church has been.  Let’s take the Baptists who I love dearly because they love to preach the grace and salvation of God to everyone but, then they typically as a group ignore how that it takes faith to even get someone saved.  So they reject the Faith churches as being heretical false teachings, like faith is not even mentioned in the Bible.  I could go on and on about how one church does this to another because they are a little bit different on what they emphasized, but please forgive me if you are a Baptist so that I do not do what I just described.  I know that there is plenty of good Baptist that exists in the world so I’m not teaching against being a Baptist.

So what exactly am I teaching today?  Part of the message has to do with being open to new things, but then my main point is actually more important than that and it is that you should be balanced in your approach to learning and studying the Bible.  God may show you something new in the Bible that no church teaches so do not restrict Him from doing this if He so chooses.  This is how people put limits on what God can do in the earth today.  They close their spiritual eyes and squint when they read the Bible and only allow God to say what they want to hear.  If a Bible verse does not line up with what they currently believe then they usually just ignore it.  What you should do when you read your Bible and you see something that does not line up with what you currently believe to be the truth, is to spend time asking God to show you the real truth and allow Him to resolve the conflict.

In my list of topics that I gave you earlier, which one is the greatest one to know?  Which one is the most important spiritually speaking?  Which ones should you study first?  Which ones can you omit?  Here are a series of highly subjective questions that if you asked 20 different people you would get 20 different answers.  That is the problem we face today in the church.  Everyone has a different opinion to what is important to know and they simply ignore the other subjects found in the Bible.  I really do not believe that this is the way that God intended it to be.  That is why I am teaching a Bible lesson on being balanced.  In this lesson I want to emphasize the importance of at the least learning a little bit about everything and then continuing to grow in the knowledge of every subject using a balanced approach.  In this way you do not narrow your focus to a select few subjects and get stuck in a ditch that grows deeper so that you are unable to get out of it.  This is a common ploy of deception used by the enemy; he will attempt to get someone off track and stuck in a particular rut so that they can see nothing else.  I run into people on the internet like this all the time.

I have had numerous people attack me as a liar and a deceiver because they see verses in the Old Testament Bible that says God is in complete control and since He is a sovereign being we have no choices to ever make to be saved.  It is just a predetermined choice of God whether you are saved or not saved.  These people are guilty of being radically unbalanced in their interpretation of God’s Holy Word.  They see only verses that they want to see and ignore those that I gave them that conflict with their beliefs found in the New Testament.    Instead of praying and asking God to show them the truth like I have done, they already have determined what the truth is and categorically reject all others.  Wow, that is a dangerous attitude to take.  God is not stupid, you know and He is perfectly capable of speaking to you and showing you the truth if you ask Him to.  But, do not ask Him to prove that you are right about anything, only ask Him to show you the truth and then when He does, if it is not what you thought was the truth, you now have a problem that you must choose to change or remain with your wrong beliefs.

I try to remain balanced in my Bible study and my Bible lessons.  I do not try to emphasize any one subject over another and I do not ignore conflicts.  When I am presented a conflict like the verses that “Predestination” enthusiasts like to grasp hold of so tightly, I go and pray and ask God to help resolve the conflict.  I then in faith go and study my Bible to see what I can find on the subjects and then I remain open for the Spirit of God to speak inside of me and reveal what I am reading in His Word.  This is just not that difficult to do, but I doubt that very many Christians actually have learned how to do this.  The Bible clearly tells us that the Spirit of Truth inside of us will be our teacher and guide.  So learning to hear from God is essential to being a balanced Christian.

So that was just my introduction to becoming a Balanced Christian.  I’m sorry it took me that many words to introduce a simple subject.  But, I guess that I’m technically still not done.  Let’s begin by defining what it means to be balanced.  In ancient days, men created scales in order to measure the weight of items.  This was a two sided device that you place your item on side that you want to weigh and then you place set weights on the other side until the two sides are level and thus balanced equally.  This is a very simple concept but yet it speaks volumes to us when applied to a spiritual reality.  Let’s review some scriptures that speak of being balanced using this scale system:

Deu 25:15  But thou shalt have a perfect and just weight, a perfect and just measure shalt thou have: that thy days may be lengthened in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

Lev 19:36  Just balances, just weights, a just ephah, and a just hin, shall ye have: I am the LORD your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt.

Pro 16:11  A just weight and balance are the LORD’S: all the weights of the bag are his work.

Pro 11:1  A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.

Here in these verses found in the Law of Moses and Proverbs God commands the Children of Israel that they must be fair and just.  This is called honesty in some circles but it goes way beyond that also.  The term just weights are given as a definitive commandment from God.  The term “balance” is also reflective in this message of being equal on two opposing sides.   What unjust crooked men would do is to use false weights that favored their personal gain over the lives of those who they were doing business with.  They would always cheat just a little bit at a time so that they do not get caught and are found guilty of being a liar and are killed.  You can read the opposite of the approach of being well balanced and just in verses like Hosea 12:7, Amos 8:5 and Micah 6:11 where God condemns deceitful men who use false measurements and unbalanced scales to cheat people out of the truth.  What we learn from these natural examples is some very strong spiritual lessons to Bible interpretation.  For example, if we only study the subject of grace and ignore the subject of faith then we become unbalanced.  So being scripturally balanced appears to be a priority to God based upon a few scriptures that we have read so far.

Can you see how to apply these lessons of the balance scale to spiritual things and Bible study?  Here is the challenge that we are faced with today; applying the Word of God concerning natural things to our treatment of things that we do not see in the spiritual realm.  Let me give you another example of how people can become unbalanced and not even realize it.  You see earlier I mentioned that the Spirit of God is our teacher and guide to all truth (John 16:13).  This is a verse of scripture that I have heard some people read and tell me that this is why I do not need to go to church and hear a preacher teach me anything.  They think that God will teach them everything that they need to know and unfortunately for them this is not what God said He will do at all.  Here is the example of taking a truth found in the Bible and exalting it to be the only truth and that is their downfall.  You see you can find other Bible verse that directly contradict this information for example here is one:

1Co 12:28  And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.

So here we have a verse that directly contradicts with the fact that God is not a universal teacher and that He does not give everyone the same knowledge, gifts and abilities.   This verse very clearly tell us that only some and probably only a few are apostles and only a few are prophets and only a few are teachers, etc.   Why wouldn’t God make everyone a prophet?  Why wouldn’t God make everyone a teacher?  I think church services would be highly confusing if everyone got up to teach at the same time or already knew everything that was to be said.   You see we are getting into an extremely complex set of questions because the Bible clearly says that God does not show favoritism or partiality towards anyone but, yet we do see that God only selects a certain number of people to be teachers in the church and this makes our life very complex.   For example, God did not pick everyone in the nation of Israel to deliver Israel from the Egyptians.  God selected only Moses to lead them out and this was God’s doing.  Why would God select a few people to teach the Bible to the church and then tell us that the Spirit of Truth will teach us all inside of us?  It would appear to be a contradiction, yet it could be just our wrong view of the Bible causing us to see it like it is not.  You could take either one of these positions and think that you were following the truth by ignoring the other fact.  You could only go to church and expect your pastor to teach you everything you should know or you could stay at home and expect the Spirit of God to teach you everything that you need to know.  Either way you would be scripturally unbalanced and fall into deception.  What we learn is that the real truth is a balance between the both of these positions and not just one side of the scale.

I’ll give you one more example of being unbalanced.  Very often men want to put God into a religious box and see Him only as the All Powerful Omnipotent being who destroyed the world in Noah’s flood.  Most of the time these men are focused on scriptures of judgment and power demonstrations and they ignore verses that are contrary to what they have selectively chosen to believe.   This is a prime example of being scripturally unbalanced and putting all of your eggs in the God the Judge basket.  You see if you actually studied the Bible in a balanced fashion you would see a God that is revealed as a much gentler, kinder, loving being.  Remember when Jesus took the time to wash the feet of all of His disciples?  Why would the omnipotent God bow to the level of a servant or slave and do this?  I’m sure that this boggles the minds of the men who believe in only an all-powerful judge.  You might look at Matthew 20:28 where Jesus tells us that He came into the world not to be ministered to, but to minister to others.  This is a directly contrasted God to the one that is found in many of the Old Testament verses that exhibit His awesome power.  Here we have another example of two possible extreme positions that can clearly be taken as the only truth.  We can find many people who believe in the omnipotent judge who comes with wrath in His eyes and we can find many who believe only in a God who is a humble loving shepherd to His sheep.  However, there must be a balance between these two positions that states He is both of these simultaneously and that He loves his children while He judges his enemies.   This is an example of being scripturally balanced and not taking one position over the other.  This is a great example of how you should be reading and studying your Bible every day.  Come to realize that there is more than one truth in the Bible that can be found.  Then come to realize that the actual truth is a balance between them all.  I hope and pray that you enjoyed this lesson and have learned something that is valuable to use in your everyday life.  God Bless!

Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight — Understanding God’s Methods of Hiding Information in the Bible! Pt 8

(Ver 1.2)  This is Part 8 in a series of lessons on the methods that God has used to conceal information in the Bible for us to find.  By studying these methods we will greatly increase our ability to understand the truth of God’s Word.  So far I have covered seven different methods of hiding information without using standard modern encryption methods that make the text completely unreadable.   You see the intelligence of God and the spiritual nature of God both are contributing factors to how God is able to accomplish hiding complex information using words that are clearly readable by every man.  It is very much like how God created animals in our world that have the natural ability to conceal themselves using their surroundings and blending into their backgrounds.   If you have not read this series from the beginning I would strongly suggest that you go back and start with “Part 1“.

Technique 8: Telling a Story without Giving Any Details or Explanations

This next technique for concealing truth in the Bible is found extensively throughout the Old Testament.   When you realize that nothing in the Bible is found there by chance or accident, you suddenly begin to understand that every story has a purpose whether you comprehend it or not.  God did not put any stories in the Bible just to fill up the pages because He couldn’t think of anything else to say.  In other words even if there is a strange story of a daughter having sex with her father Lot after she gets him drunk in Genesis to give him children then it is there for a reason and we just don’t normally understand what it is because we are only thinking naturally and not spiritually.  All that we can do is just read the story until God reveals to us what it means.  God usually does this by showing us other verses in the Bible that clear up the reasons for it being there by shedding additional spiritual light on to the natural subjects found in the story.  This is a very tricky method of hiding information in the Bible in plain sight.  You can find this technique on almost every page of the O.T.  Genesis starts it, and then Exodus continues it.  As you progress through the Bible you find it repeated in Kings and Chronicles, along with Samuel, Joshua, Ester, Ruth, Daniel and etc.   These books all contain natural historical stories of real people in real places doing real things at specific times for specific reasons.  God chose these stories to show us and teach us some very valuable greater spiritual truths but he never told us that directly in the story.  What we understand is that out of the entire history of man on this planet, God specifically selected these specific stories as being significant for us to know and to understand.  However, God never tells us why they are there nor does He explain what these people did to get mentioned in His book for eternal notoriety.   That is until you see the “why” revealed in the New Testament.

1Co 10:11  Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.

Here in this verse God gives us one of the clues that I talked about in the last lesson in this series to some degree about types and shadows.  What we soon realize is that there are overlapping truths being progressively revealed to us by God.  Today’s subject about hidden meanings is related to the last lesson of hidden types and shadows, but today’s lesson changes it slightly to reveal a new distinction in the subject.  Here in this verse in 1 Corinthians, God informs us that the things that are written in the O.T. were written as “examples” for us to learn from.  God is of course speaking of natural things in natural stories that teach us about spiritual truths that have been hidden from our reading abilities until we have been given the spiritual eyes to see them and to understand them internally and not just mentally.   The Greek word translated as “ensamples” here is a word that means “to stamp”.  This is representative of a process that occurs when they stamp out money or coins.  Using engraved templates or plates they stamp out a coin using extremely high pressure to form the words and pictures that are easily recognizable when viewed.  That is what God is saying in this verse about things that are written in the O.T.  God is saying that those things written are from a spiritual pattern that cannot be seen.   In other words we have never see the engravings that make the coins we have only seen the coins but we know they are directly related in a one for one comparison by a close examination. 

I am going to give you a prime example of what I am talking about.  Faith is a subject that is vastly hidden in the Old Testament, but one that is widely spoken of in the N.T.  The word faith only occurs 2 times in the KJV of the Bible in the O.T, yet when you read Hebrews 11 and see that God says that many of the stories found in the O.T. Bible are only there because they had faith, you begin to see what I am trying to teach you today.  Nowhere in the O.T. is this stated anywhere.  Therefore, this is a key method being revealed to us of one way that God has conceived to hide information in the Bible for us to find.  If you go and read Galatians 3:23 you can see that God says that “faith” was a hidden subject that was later to be revealed after Jesus was raised from the dead.  If you did not know it, faith is a spiritual subject found in the Bible.  Why would God have to hide a spiritual subject in the Old Testament and then reveal it later in the New Testament?  That is a very good question to figure out the answer to.  I believe the answer is because God had a spiritual enemy named Satan who He had to keep from knowing too much and to soon.   I would highly recommend that you take a minute and go and read chapter 11 of Hebrews very closely and then come back to this lesson.  What we see in this chapter is that God lists approximately 16 people from the O.T. by direct name and many others are inferred by associated indirect references.  Here is my list of the direct named references of people from the O.T. with faith found in Hebrews 11:

  1. Abel
  2. Enoch
  3. Noah
  4. Abraham
  5. Sarah
  6. Isaac
  7. Jacob
  8. Joseph
  9. Moses
  10. Rahab
  11. Gideon
  12. Barak
  13. Sampson
  14. Jephthah
  15. David
  16. Samuel

You can quickly look down this list and see the names of several famous people and recognize them to be O.T. Bible stories of renowned character and great exploits.  God is revealing to us here in this chapter of Hebrews why they are mentioned in the Bible at all and God says it is because of their faith.  God is revealing to us that there was a determining factor to their success on the earth and that this determining factor was their “faith”.  Knowing this information should actually dramatically change your perspectives when you go back and read their stories found in the O.T.   When you read these O.T. Bible stories you should now begin to see how that “faith” plays a major role in what the Bible says that they accomplished.  But, now you will also have to stop and get God’s definition for what faith is and then go back and reread the stories to see how they used their faith to please God to get their names written in His eternal book.  Most of these stories reveal some very profound concepts of faith in action.  However you would not have known this except that God tells you about it in Hebrews 11.  Of course if you never see what Hebrews 11 says then you would remain ignorant to the truth.  Therefore, this is a direct pattern to other subjects that can be found in the Bible also.  You can apply this principle to your study of any subject in the Bible to see how the O.T. stories give us examples of them each.  For instance what about the subject of spoken words?  Can you find out what someone said in the O.T. and then find out what happened to them?  Sure you can.  What about the subject of “love” can you see how God says that love is the fulfillment of all of the law and how these men and women in the Bible used God’s definition to get mentioned in the Bible?  Sure you can!  This is a great revelation hint to finding the hidden truth in the Bible.  I hope you enjoyed this lesson and learned something from it.  God Bless you until next time.

If you would like to continue reading this series of lesson on how God has concealed information in the Bible you can go to “Part 9“.

People Generally Don’t Know That They Know Something Important!

(Ver 1.1)  I was watching the news on TV and there was a policeman speaking about a crime that had just occurred.  He was on the news asking for people who were near the crime scene to come forward.  He then made this statement, “People don’t know what they know”.  In other words he was saying you might have been a witness to the crime and not realized that you were because you did not know it was a crime.  Maybe you happened upon the crime right after it happened and saw the culprits walking or running away from it.  Maybe you saw a car drive away from the scene and this is the key that will unlock the identities of the guilty parties.  He was clearly saying that someone saw something and that if they would come forward with this information it might be very important to solving the case.  When he said that statement, God spoke to me and said this is the way the Bible is.   People will read something in the Bible and not realize how important it is because they do not understand what it says and how it relates to other subjects in the Bible.  I wrote a very similar lesson a long time ago called “People Generally Don’t Know What They Don’t Know”.  If you did not read that article you should go back and review the concepts given.  They are very profound revelations.  Today’s subject while being very similar to this concept is also diametrically opposed to it.  In the first lesson you have the concept of not knowing the bridge is out and driving off of the missing expanse in the dark to your death.  If you would have just known that the bridge was out, then you would have been spared the tragic outcome.  This is a concept found in the prophet Hosea.  In this verse God reveals some very significant Bible truths to us:

Hos 4:6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

It would appear to me from this verse that “Knowledge” is the key to not being destroyed in this world.  While this could apply to natural knowledge, this verse is speaking of spiritual things as being what is important to know.  The Law of God at the time of this writing represented the Words of God.  The Words of God are what is important for us to know.  Knowledge of the Word of God is the opposite of Ignorance of the Word of God.  A Lack of Knowledge is totally related to your current ignorance level.  So in the one case God says people perish from this world because they do not esteem the Word of God and count it as valuable to know.  They in effect kill themselves because they have rejected the truth.  This in effect, is not knowing what you do not know.  But, we also have the lesson today, which is very similar in nature.  You might know a little bit, but not understand the importance or significance of that knowledge because you lack the knowledge of how important it is to know or to share with others.  In the case of the policeman on the news someone held the missing link to identify the perpetrators but did not know that they had it.

Take for example, the virgin birth of Jesus.  There have actually been churches who have taught that the virgin birth is not important to know to be saved.  However, if Jesus was not born of a vrigin then He was just a man like me.  If you have read my lessons on “Understanding the Virgin Birth” then you already know this is not true.  To listen to an ignorant preacher who teaches something is not important in the Bible, is a very foolish thing to do.  You should never let any preacher do your Bible study for you, and that includes me!  If you hear me say something from the Bible then go and read your Bible and study it for yourself to see if it is true or not.  It is only the Bible that you have seen for yourself that will do you any good in life.  Your pastor’s Bible knowledge will not do you any good when Satan comes and attacks you.  If you are a Christian then the Spirit of God is also inside of you and if I say something wrong the Spirit of God inside of you will bear witness that I am wrong.  So you will have two witnesses that will always agree to show you the reality of every truth in the Bible.  The Bible says the Word of God and the Spirit of God will always agree and bear witness to the truth (1 John 5:7).

So today’s Bible lesson is not a long or complex something to do or understand.  It is actually a very simple concept of seeing what you have seen and then going back and figuring out if it was important.  I do this all the time when I study the Bible.  I constantly review my past Bible readings and notes for things that I may have learned but not fully understood.  I then use these little facts to build a greater knowledge of the truth when reading today’s Bible studies.  I think I have said this before, but it bears repeating for those to remember, that truth always builds upon truth.  When building a house of truth if your house is built upon false teachings then these are weaknesses that will cause your house to topple like a house of cards.  If you build your foundation on the rock of the Word of God, then your foundation is firm and unshakeable.  God’s Word is Truth, Jesus is Truth, but yet the Bible is written in a complex spiritual way that forces us to divide the truth correctly.  I wish I could say this was easy, but after over 20 years of studying the Bible, I am only a little bit closer to understanding everything that the Bible says.  So learn the lessons given today about recognizing that what you don’t know is important.  Then go and continue in your Bible studies to learn more.

God and Computers! God Challenges the Kings of the Earth!

(Ver 1.0)  I’m sorry but, I have been on vacation for close to a week.  I have been in the mountains for a time of rest or some in Europe call it a holiday.  I like to try to follow the examples that Jesus demonstrated and I noticed in the Gospels that He would spend a lot of time in the mountains or on a mountain top.  So we went to a mountain cabin and enjoyed some time away at 4000 feet above sea level as a change from our usual weekly routine.  It was very nice up there since it is fall here the U.S. and the leaves were changing to the dramatic reds and bright yellows and it was very beautiful.  I find it humorous that some say that they go higher to be closer to God, but I can’t speak for you but, God is inside of me and He goes wherever I go and one of the best ways that I know of to get closer to Him is for me to learn more about Him in the Bible.   Oh, well that is not my subject for today so I’ll leave it alone and talk about a subject that I have blogged on before.  This is a very important subject found in the Bible and it helps us to explain many of the challenges we are faced with in the church today.   This subject helps us to explain why there are literally thousands of church denominations in the world and why some believe so radically different than others.  So I today am going to talk more about the hidden mystery of the Word of God.  Do you like to solve puzzles?  To me the more difficult the challenge the more interested I am in trying to solve it.  This doesn’t mean that I am the most intelligent or the highest I.Q. person in the world; I just like to solve problems.  But, maybe that is just me as a problem solver type personality that comes from my computer programming experiences.  As a computer programmer, I was constantly challenged with difficult problems to come up with solutions for writing computer programs.  If you did not know it, computer programming is simply a computer programmer’s attempt to solve a very specific definable and repeatable problem.  Sometimes they are creating new solutions and sometimes they are just inventing fixes for existing problems.  Problem solving is a Godly principle that makes us different from the rest of creation.  Humans generally want to learn and are curious to want to know things and how they work.  People also generally like a challenge and whether it is just doing a simple puzzle or solving a complex riddle we like the sense of accomplishment that comes with solving these types of enigmas.   Did you know that God is a problem solver?   If we are made in the image and likeness of God then we have His problem solving ability built within us in a lesser degree.

Problem solving can either be positive or negative.  If you create a code system it is different than if you figure out how to break the code.  However, both of these actions are creative problem solving abilities from a different perspective.  You can see this in a computer hacker’s mentality.  People are constantly trying to invent a code and that just becomes a greater challenge for someone else to try to break into it.  So let’s shift gears and talk about the Bible code system.  God has actually come up with an ingenious system of the ultimate encoded word system that conveys many spiritual truths using natural ideas, words, symbols, types and terms in the Bible.  An enigma is of course a strange word that some may not understand what it means.  It means a perplexing or mysterious coded puzzle; something that is difficult to understand and almost impossible to explain on the surface.   Did you know this is how God designed and wrote the Bible?  God purposely designed the words in the Bible to hide a vast amount of spiritual information that we in the church still fight over daily trying to figure out what they all mean.  Why do we fight over this information so much?  It is primarily because too many men and women want to take natural things spoken of and try to interpret these words with their own natural human understanding.  This method will not work and will only results in confusion since God is not writing at a man’s natural level.  I guess I should rephrase that statement, I believe that God is writing about highly complex spiritual things at the level that a natural man cannot understand.  So natural people do not understand spiritual things until their spiritual eyes of their understanding have been opened to see it by the Spirit of God.  This is one of God’s guarantees of making His Word known at the exact right time that He wants it to be known.  Did you know that God has thrown down a challenge for all humans on the earth?  I guess technically it is not a challenge to every human, only those who want to know the truth.  There are many, many people in the earth who are not interested in the truth; they are too consumed with their version of reality to care about what is really true.  So you must decide today which category of people you fall into.  Are you one that wants to know the truth?  If so then here is God’s challenge to you and I in this verse:

Pro 25:2  It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

You can clearly see that God has purposely hidden and concealed information in the Bible for us to find before He comes back to the earth.  Are you diligently looking for it already?  What does it mean to “search out a matter”?  It means you have to “WORK” to find it.  It also means it is not easily found.  It also means you don’t know it already.  Uh oh?  That goes over really big with a lot of religious theologians who think their doctorate degrees give them an advantage over the rest of us.  I believe these concepts of God hiding information in the Bible for us to find with all of my heart.  Jesus when He walked the face of the planet close to 2000 years ago told us that if we would continue to study the Word of God that we would eventually come to know this truth that God has hidden for us (John 8:32).  Verses like these two that I just mentioned tell me that we do not know all of the things that God has hidden yet.  Here is another statement that Jesus made that had direct bearing on our subject today:

Luk 8:17  For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

You can clearly see that Jesus is speaking of hidden and concealed secret heavenly information.  This has to be valuable spiritual knowledge for us to know before we go to be with the Lord.  This has to be something that will help us now in our spiritual battle against Satan.  You may recall that I did a blog on “Understanding Spiritual Warfare”.  In this lesson I told you that the battle was over the Word of God.   Satan is doing everything that he can to keep you from knowing what God wants you to find out.  Satan thinks if he can stop you from finding the truth, he has a chance of survival and I think that is a partial truth.  Fortunately for us we have God on our side who is our guide and teacher, so we cannot fail.  Here in Luke 8:17 Jesus said everything that God has concealed will be made known.  The deep spiritual secrets of God will be revealed so that we can understand them.  I strongly believe that the time is very short for us to find these hidden truths but, that God is also doing things in the earth to help us to see and know these hidden truths, like the invention of computers.  I am convinced that computers are a tool given to us by God for His good and His purpose of learning and spreading the truth to the world.

When I was a computer programmer many years ago I remember a time that I was faced with a difficult challenge.  It seems one of our system’s programs was missing the source code and therefore we could not make any significant changes to this program.  You might not understand computer programming, you always first start coding and create a source language file and this is compiled into the machine’s object language code and this is what the computer uses to execute the instructions that you wrote it to do.  Programmers never write programs using the machine’s language anymore like they did with very early computers.  Today’s computer programming languages are much higher level than machine language.  A single line of program code can be compiled into a whole bunch of machine instructions.  Back to my story, we lost the source code to a key part of our system.  But we were fine without the source code as long as we did not want to make any major modifications to the programmed operations that we previously used to create the executable.  I’m going to show my age a little bit here and tell you we use to do something called “ZAP” the object code to make minor modifications to it.  You could change the machine’s operation by changing instructions or addresses or eliminating the instructions all together with NO OPERATION replacement codes.  So I would do this to our IBM main frame operating system so that it would not roll over the date when midnight came along, for example.  You see IBM didn’t give us their source code so if we wanted to change it from rolling over the date we had to change the executable machine codes and that is what I did.  It amazes me what we could get away with back then.  If auditors would have been smart enough to understand the power that we had they would have had a cow!  Today is of course a little bit better and different more secure world to some degree.  So back to my story about losing the source code, this was a challenge to me and I was bent on solving it.  So I took the object code and reverse engineered it back to the original source code as best as I could make it out to be.  Of course I had learned a few things about the programming standards that were in place so that made it easier to reverse engineer it back to the original source code.   This of course would be a much more difficult operation in our modern world, since most programmers only use very high level object oriented languages that are not as easy to create source from the executable programs.

So why did I tell you a story about old time computer programming and solving problems?  God taught me so much from my computer programmer experiences that applies to the Word of God that it is incredible.  You see God knows computers better than we know computers.  I am convinced that God gave man computers for a purpose of the end times.  Therefore, God knew that we would have computers in these final days before He returns and we could use them and their principles in our attempts at understanding the Bible.  So I believe that God used computer laws and principles to help hide information in the Bible.  One principle that I have blogged on before is that there are established spiritual laws that govern everything that God does.  I called this a “Rules Based Approach” to Bible interpretation.  God implemented and created the laws that govern correct Bible Interpretation and we are required to first discover them and then to follow them in order to understand what is written correctly.  Another computer design principle used in any valid application development is called “Application Standards”.  These are generally speaking repeatable patterns that occur in a uniform fashion or approach that can always be counted on to be followed.  We live in a world full of standards.  They make standard bolts and nuts, the large portion of the world has adopted weights and measurement standards around the metric system, there are also standard bar code systems that are used in our grocery stores to help speed out check out and other inventory control systems and we could go on and on about standards and that they are around us everywhere.  In my early programming we had “Naming Standards” and other standards that are probably too technical to talk about in a Bible study that goes out to many who are not that computer literate.  However, the concept of standards is a design concept that is also encapsulated or employed by God in the Bible.  For example, there is the Bible concept of Types and Shadows found predominately in the Old Testament stories and the Gospels.  These are real stories of real people, places and things in the world that exhibit a view into a spiritual reality that we cannot observe with our natural eyes.  The Bible is full of repeatable patterns in many aspects and dimensions.  Take the concept of “seeds” if you have not read my blog on Understanding Seeds” you should.  Seeds are repeatable standard found within the Bible that applies across the board to many aspects including complex spiritual things that you did not know of.

So if you are a computer programmer, today I challenge you to begin to study the Bible using computer science laws and knowledge.  Examine the Bible using object oriented concepts of encapsulation, inheritance and abstraction.  Take your computer knowledge and apply it using God’s methods and knowing God understands computers better than you do.  See if you cannot find new things by using this new approach to Bible study.  If you are not a computer programmer fear not, do not be downcast or feel inferior, I believe that God will use what you have and what you know to get you to see new things also, maybe even things that I do not see.

Today’s lesson was a reminder to you that God’s word contains many, many hidden spiritual secrets.  That is the most important thing that you need to take away with you today.  Then you need to figure out how God has hidden these things in the Bible.  God did not use an unreadable code system like governments do to try to guard secrets, so that means that God used some very difficult different methods to conceal the truth in plain sight.  I started writing a series of blogs of “Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight” which reveal some of the techniques used by God in hiding information in the Bible.  If you have not read this series I would suggest that you go and read them as an introduction to some very basic techniques used by God.  These are not a complete list, so do not expect them to tell you every secret utilized.  If I knew them all I would already know everything that I need to solve every Bible debate that exists today and no one is at that point yet.  However, I am a firm believer that before Jesus returns the church will make herself ready and will become one in harmony like Jesus prayed and asked to happen.  If you are interested in making this happen then stay in the Word of God and continue to study to find the truth.   God Bless!

What you should know about the Truth in the Bible? How will you know it when you see it?

(Ver 1.5)  This is Part 2 in a series of lessons on understanding truth in the Bible.  If you have not read from the beginning I would suggest that you go back and start with “Part 1” first.  I have had way too many people try to tell me that the Bible is the truth, but yet none of these people can agree what it is that the Bible says.  Isn’t that a problem to you?  We have one group of people who profess only we know the truth ad another group who believes the opposite who say only they know the truth.  This makes it very difficult for you to convince anyone that is not a Christian that the Bible is true and that they should become a Christian.  Of course this is what Satan wants to happen and that is why he works so hard at confusing Christians and potential Christians.  Truth is a very complex subject and an extremely advanced subject for any Bible study.  Truth is such a complicated concept simply because there is no one but, God who knows it all.  That leaves the rest of us in a state of varying degrees of ignorance and nobody likes to admit they are ignorant of anything.  So as a result we have churches standing up in pride saying only we have all the truth and the rest of you are just a bunch of heretics.

There are many Christians who profess that the Bible contains God’s “Absolute Truth”.  This is technically not a true statement if we base it upon a complete dictionary definition of the word “absolute”.  The term absolute dictates both “complete” and “perfect” truth.  But we should realize that God knows many other truths that were not yet recorded or made known to us.  Instead of calling it absolute truth I would prefer to call it “ultimate” truth and I will try to explain this more clearly as I continue in the lesson.  The Bible is clearly the only source for any ultimate spiritual Truth from God.  Even if the Spirit of God speaks to someone a truth it will never contradict what He has given to us in the Bible already.  I believe this and I preach it.   I will also define the term “ultimate truth” as being truth that never changes or a truth that can not be overruled by the knowledge of any new truths.  But the stated existence of even “Ultimate Truth” would also imply that there are other types of truths that are not at this level or truths that could be trumped by new knowledge.   This would mean there could exist levels of potentially changing truths depending upon human perspective, understanding or even knowledge and you need to understand this.  I believe that our perspective of truth changes even when God’s truth stays constant and that both of these occur at the same time.  God’s truth will never change but our knowledge will change or at least it should.

Then there are those who look into the Bible and claim that every word in the plain textual natural meaning is the complete truth that needs to be known and they imply that that there is no other hidden spiritual truths within the plain text that can be found.  Others say that everything written in the book is 100% the truth.  But, I do not believe that is completely accurate according to what the Bible itself teaches us.  Some people will automatically think that I am preaching some kind of heresy to say that the entire Bible is not 100% truth.   But, they fail to understand the complexity of God’s Word so they make wrong assumptions and say things out of religious ignorance and I forgive them.  You see I certainly do believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word and that it does contain the truth, but this truth is not all that easily visible on the surface only readings of the Bible that most Christians do.  You see the Bible clearly describes to us numerous times that this book contains spiritual parables, proverbs, mysteries, secrets, puzzles, riddles, hidden wisdom, and many things that are not clearly self-evident without God showing us what they say and what they mean.  That is why we have over 22,000 different Christian denominations in the world today and everybody thinks they know what is important.

So the first thing that you should learn about truth is that you do not know it.  I guess I should qualify that statement and say you do not know it “all”, because you might know a very small part of it.  I personally believe the amount of the truth that we all know combined when compared to God’s knowledge of the truth is like a thimble full of water being compared to all of the water in the oceans of the world.  I mean come on, you do not know the number of hairs on top of your head and God knows the number of hairs on top of over 6 billion people in the world today.  We all know just little bits and parts of the complete whole truth and too many times we think that we know way more than we do.  According to the Bible, God is the infinite holder of all knowledge and all truth.   But, the Bible also says that God’s ways are not our ways and that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts (Isa 55:9), and this is one of the human’s greatest problem and weakness.  So if we know anything that is actually a part of God’s truth it is usually a result of God’s grace giving us insight and revelation into this information.  Without God opening your understanding you will fail to see or know the truth.  One of our biggest problems as human beings involves the fact that we are not God, but try to act like Him on many occasions.  Do you understand that statement?  Since only God knows everything, we are extremely limited to know only what He has revealed by His grace.  Fortunately for us, God has revealed a lot of valuable information to us in His Word for us to know in these last days.  But that still does not mean we know everything by far.  Here are my foundational scriptures for today’s Bible lesson:

Joh 8:31  Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;

Joh 8:32  And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

In this statement by Jesus concerning us knowing the truth are some valuable clues of us understanding this subject of what truth is.  First off it says or at least implies that you do not yet know all of the truth and I will talk more about that soon.  The basis of this statement almost implies that we can never know all of the truth, but at the same time it seems to imply that we will at some given point in time come to know what the revealed truth is by God’s grace.   It is almost a paradoxical puzzle being presented to us.  According to this verse, in order to know the truth, we must continue in the Word of God.  To continue in the word implies an ongoing or even a never ending process of learning, or so it would seem.  But by continuing in the Word of God we are further implied to come to an end or reach a level that God called “Know the Truth”.    Have you arrived at this level of “Know the Truth”?  If you think you have you have probably been deceived.  The reason that I say that is because this verse says that this “knowledge of the truth” will set you and I free?  Are you free?  What does it mean to be free?  Free from what or who?  Those are extremely good questions and more difficult to answer than you might think.  According to Jesus and the Bible, you are not 100% free right now!  Meaning you are limited or controlled by something that is holding you captive today.  What is this speaking of?  I personally believe it is our ignorance that is holding us captive and when we learn what God has hidden for us to learn we will then understand what we need to do to become free.  I would venture to challenge you to do some Bible study and find out what you need to be freed from.  The reason that I say that is that no one ever escapes to freedom from captivity who does not first know that they are captives.  What I learn from this verse is that Jesus teaches us that there will come a time when we learn and understand enough that will cause us to be free from someone or something and we will be able to clearly see when this happens.  So if you think that you are already free you do not know that you are a captive.  If you think that you have arrived at this “know the truth” level what are still doing here in this world?

So I alluded to a statement that there were different types of truth in my introduction.  I believe that there are many types of truth in the world and that this truth changes based upon two things that I will attempt to introduce you to today.  For example, 150 years ago it was impossible for man to fly and that was the known truth.  However, today people fly everyday all over the world and that is the new or changed known truth.  What changed to make this new truth of flying available to everyone?  Does anyone in the world today still believe we can’t fly?  It was our knowledge that changed.  The real truth never changed, the real truth was that man could always fly.  It was just what we thought was the truth because of our ignorance or lack of information forced us to believe the wrong truth.  However, 150 years ago it was true, but today that view is not true.  Do you understand these things that I’m telling you?  Since our knowledge has increased in this area we have learned that the laws of aerodynamics overrule the laws of gravity and this allows us to fly.  150 years ago we only understood gravity and this was only a small part of the truth and we based all of our beliefs of the truth upon our limited knowledge.  We never invented aerodynamics, so the laws of aerodynamics are not new, we just didn’t understand them and how to use them 150 years ago.  So it was our ignorance of these existing laws of truth that kept us from flying 150 years ago and nothing else.  Do you understand this?  This is actually very important information to see and to apply to what you learn and know from the Bible.  This is a prime example of how studying the Bible is today and why some people believe this way and others believes the complete opposite.    There is always an absolute truth, but based upon your current level of knowledge you may not understand it and therefore still don’t believe that people can fly.  There are way too many Christians like this in the world today.

God is so much smarter than we are that He can write things in a book over 2000 years ago that we do not clearly understood and yet the words are right there in front of us this whole time.  I have just demonstrated to you that knowledge matters to determine what the truth is.  Another example that I could give you is that men and women in the world today are more like 4 year old children when compared to God’s infinite knowledge level.  If a college professor came to teach a 4 year old child some advanced calculus would the 4 year old grasp any of it?  This is another major problem with modern Christianity found in the world today.  Their spiritual maturity level is not sufficiently increased so that God can teach them anything about what is the real truth.  So I mentioned the fact that there are different types of truth in the world and I will talk briefly about that.  There are changing truths, inter-related truths, dependent truths, independent truths and universal truths to name some that I have discovered while studying the Bible.  I’ve already discussed the changing truth concept based upon our level of knowledge so let’s talk about another factor that helps us to determine truth.

Let’s take a look at the concept of gold.  Gold has great value in our world and that is a truth based on the way we see it.  But, the actual value of gold is not known because it is viewed as an ever changing commodity that is manipulated by the markets of the gold traders on the earth.  So the true value of gold is an unknown quantity and probably impossible to determine in our world.  Why, because the quantity of available gold is tightly controlled and the prices are artificially manipulated to be high.   I would dare to say that God knows the true value of gold but unless God revealed this, it would be only our best guess.  However, I have read in the Bible that God paves His streets in heaven with gold, so that would mean that since we paved our streets on the earth with asphalt that God views gold to be His asphalt.  So God’s perspective on gold is entirely different than our perspective on gold and this is why the Bible is so entirely difficult to understand.  Gold must be so abundant in heaven that it is used for paving roads and here on earth it is viewed as a rare commodity.  So your view of the truth is totally dependent upon your knowledge level and then your perspective of the subject being studied.  I just showed you an example of how God’s perspective on something is vastly different than ours, so let’s adjust to see things like God sees them.  Knowledge and perspective are two things that are critical to understand when studying the Bible.  My current level of knowledge of the Bible may be more or less than your current level knowledge of the Bible, but my perspective of the Bible can be more accurate if I choose to see things the way God sees them.  I have known many people who knew the Bible much better than I did, but understood practically none of it because they had the wrong perspectives.  They viewed things naturally instead of seeing with God’s spiritual perspective.  Therefore, correct Bible interpretation is dependent upon your level of knowledge and your perspective of the verses being studied.  What happens if you do not agree with my beliefs?  Nothing, but this just proves that at least one of us is wrong and possibly both of us are wrong and only God is right based upon what I have just taught you.  As we continue to study in the Word of God we should be converging to the top of a spiritual pyramid type organizational or knowledge chart.  We should be coming closer together to the agreement of what is the truth and the knowledge of the truth, to reach the upper point that God called “know the truth” pinacle point.

In my last blog about heaven I talked about the city called Jerusalem in the Bible.  Let me ask you a new question about this city.  Since most people do not know that there are three different cities called Jerusalem in the Bible, how can one man teach about Jerusalem from the Bible when they do not know this information?   Does it matter what we teach if we are void of some of the key facts on the subject?  Does it change the real Bible truth because someone teaches something that they think is the truth, but is not?  You see you might believe something with all of your heart and you might be totally wrong because you do not know a couple of key scriptures that will solve your ignorance problem.   You see that is the problem facing every Bible teacher, our ignorance forces us to teach a subject based upon our current level of knowledge and our current perspective.  But, the mistake some Bible teachers make is when they teach at the level that they know like it is the complete truth and everyone else is totally wrong.  You see the Bible contains more than one truth and all of the truth must fit together correctly.    The Bible also has numerous hidden truths and these must be revealed by God in order to understand other truths.  You cannot ignore one truth to teach another truth, all though people do this all the time.  I’ve used this example before; I have heard more than one preacher read how the church is the body of Christ in the Bible.  I believe these verses whole heartedly, but then they jump to wrong conclusions and say that means we are not the bride of Christ.  Their ignorance causes them to criticize those who teach things contrary to what they believe.  They say that if Christ has a bride we have a bride since we are the body of Christ and that is very wrong.  What these men of God lack is knowledge of how the church became the body of Christ and this would solve their problem and their view of the actual truth.  To them what they teach is the truth or they would not be a Christian.  However, ignorance and knowledge levels play a huge role in us knowing the real truth.  This is the basis for the majority of all of the problems faced within the church today; those who do not know much teach like they know everything and they cause nothing but vast confusion.

What have we learned today?  The primary thing should be that “absolute truth” doesn’t change.  But, our view of the truth changes as we change based upon the two primary factors that I have taught you about today.  As your knowledge increases of the Bible, your understanding of the Bible should also be increasing.   If your understanding of the Bible is not increasing, then check up on your perspective on the subjects that you are studying in the Bible.  Could it be that you are seeing things in the Bible from your perspective and not God’s perspective?   You should be smart enough to be able to judge yourself and determine if you are doing the right things that I have just discussed.   It is only by the church of God making the right adjustments that God can accomplish what He has planned for us.  I am a firm believer that before Jesus returns for us that the church will become one unit in one accord, victorious overcomers over Satan our enemy.  This I believe is the clue to Jesus statement of “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.  There must come a point in time when we know the truth, in order to experience this freedom that Jesus described.  This is what I am working towards; this is my goal for you and me today.  Continue learning the Bible and continue growing in the knowledge of Him who is faithful and true and I will be back with more of the knowledge of God in my next Blog.

Binary Systems in the Bible! God and Computer Concepts to Learn and Live By!

(Ver 1.2)  This is now “Part 2” of the lesson series concerning modern computer concepts found in the Bible.  In the first lesson I talked about how computers are rules based systems.  Nothing exists by chance or by random within a computer by design.  Every component of a computer system interacts with the other parts using strict rules and guidelines.  What I have been doing is attempting to show how these same principle conform to God’s design of the Bible.  Therefore I desire to teach computer concepts and show you how to apply them in your relationship with God and to increase your understanding of His Word.  I believe that God understands computers far better than we do and I also believe that He knew that we would have computers in these last days before He comes back to the earth.  I strongly believe that God created these amazing machines for us to learn with and to share the Gospel with others and that is why I take the time to write things that some of you may not fully understand if you are not a computer programmer also.  I have learned that computer programmers have a different approach to Bible study, usually more logical because we are forced by our jobs to think this way.  It is not necessarily a better way to think, but it is certainly very different.  In my last computer related post I talked about “Rules Based Systems”.  This is a vast complex subject that applies to the Bible and interpreting the Bible correctly in very direct ways.  If you would like to read this lesson first before continuing with today’s lesson, you can go and start with “Part 1”.

In today’s lesson I want to discuss some very basic computer concepts and show how they also apply to the Bible.  A computer in its simplest form is a binary machine.  What may you ask is a binary machine?  This is a machine that relies entirely on one of two numbers, either a 0 (zero) or a 1 (one).   At the most rudimentary levels of every computer that is all there is; just two numbers.   The computer is therefore solely dependent upon the simplest of all number systems the binary number system.  You see the most rudimentary element of a computer is a single “bit” of information and this “bit” can either be off or on (zero or one).  Computers of course are tremendously more complex by the sheer numbers of these “bits” that exist within a modern computer, but that is not my subject today.  What I want to do is focus on Binary concepts in relationship to the Bible.  The Bible is very much like a complex computer system.  It is probably the most complex book that you will ever attempt to understand, but many of the concepts given in it can be reduced to a simple binary number system choice.   Today I want you to focus on what is a Bible binary system?  Here are some definitions of a “Binary System” from the internet:

  • The number representation system, used in computers, with only two digits, 0 and 1
  • A system of arithmetic used with computers, also called base 2, that is based on the digits 0 and 1.
  • A system in which information can be expressed by combinations of the digits 0 and 1 (corresponding to “on” and “off” in computers).

Fortunately for most programmers today, we are not required to program a computer at the bit or binary machine level.  If you have ever done this you know how complex it can be.  We do not even use the computer machine’s language to program a computer anymore, because we have higher level languages that are translated to the machine level.  While some of today’s computer languages can still manipulate information at the binary level, most do not normally do this.  So why am I talking about binary systems in a Bible study Blog?  That is probably the biggest question that you have right now.   While not everything in the Bible can be simplified to a binary state, many things in the Bible can.  For example, God says this:

Deu 30:19  I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

If you do not yet understand binary concepts, you probably just read over this verse and missed the basics that God is trying to get you to see.  In this verse found in Deuteronomy God places before all people a choice.  A choice involves making a selection between two or more things.  In this case there are just two choices that can be selected and this is a binary decision.  One choice is “Life” and the other is “Death”.   This is a very basic binary concept; we could say that life is the number 1 (one) and death the number 0 (zero).   This is the way all computers work.  It is based upon a simple light switch on or off idea.  You flip the switch on you get light, you turn the switch the other way and you get darkness.  It is the most basic choice in life that you can make.   Another binary concept found in this verse is “blessings” = 1 and curses = 0.    So God suggests that we choose life and blessings and that sounds much better to me too.  There are a number of binary concepts like this found throughout the Bible.  Starting in Genesis 1, there is the mention of Light and Darkness.  Light = 1 and Darkness = 0.  Day and Night are the same concepts in different words.  Here is the binary concept in this verse:

Gen 1:5  And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

The Binary theme in God’s Word is used extensively throughout the Bible.  You might also remember in Genesis 2 God put two trees in the Garden, one the Tree of Life and the other the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  What we can see from these trees is that they represent a choice.  God says do not eat from one or you will die, which implies the other is good to eat from.  These are very simple concepts given yet they have far reaching consequences based upon what you choose in this life as you can recognize from Adam’s poor choice to eat from the wrong tree.  What I find interesting about God is that He never forces you to solve a complex riddle to be saved for example.  God simply says here is my Son Jesus Christ sacrificed for your sins, make Him your Lord and believe I raised Him from the dead and live.  Don’t believe and die and go to hell. These are the basis of a simple binary choice but with very, very severe consequences to making the wrong choice.  A binary number can only be 0 or 1, off or on.  So they are directly opposed opposites.   You cannot be in both categories simultaneously.  It is a universal truth that you are either in one or the other states of existence.  It is a classic division of opposition.  Zeros are always the opposites of Ones.   Light is the complete opposite to darkness and you do not have both at once.  Back when I was an Assembler programmer I used binary bits as flags to the state of something.  If set to “off” the state would be false, “on” the state would be true.  That is probably too much computer terminology for many of my readers, but it is useful to describe what God has presented us in the Bible.  I pray that you understand the simplicity found in the Bible.  Here is a list of some of the Binary States that I have found as common themes in the Bible:

Binary 0

Binary 1

Evil Good
Death Life
Curses Blessings
Night Day
Darkness Light
Lies Truth
Unbelief Faith
Flesh Spirit
Sin Righteousness
Kingdom of Satan Kingdom of Heaven
Wide Path Narrow Path
Captivity Freedom

That of course is not a complete list, just introductions to some things that you can clearly see are taught in the Bible that represents a clear binary choice from every man or woman.  So I believe that the Bible is a highly complex book of information which also contains very simple binary choices being presented to everyone.  You just don’t have to understand the whole Bible to become saved!  It is more a simple choice or acceptance of some of the basic Bible information, called the Gospel.  Too many Christians want to say that people are not saved because they do not believe exactly like we do.  All that does is prove your ignorance of the Bible.  You assume that you are God and that you know everything when you preach with this attitude and you are sadly mistaken.  God will demonstrate your ignorance on judgment day if you are not very careful.  Do not cause other Christians to stumble because they do not believe what you do.  I try to teach this way, but I have had many religious spirited people attack me for what I say sometimes.  I have decided not to post negative critical comments on my blog anymore.  I read them, see if I can learn anything from them, and sometimes respond privately or in a follow-up post on my blog.  It is very difficult to help people who criticize other people because they think that they know everything already.  However, since they do not know everything that I know, or have experienced everything that I have experienced, they really should not try to judge me.   You can learn from Moses and the children of Israel in the wilderness.  What did they do right and what did they do wrong?  God only met with Moses on the mountain top and the others were not in on the private conversations unless Moses shared them.  The people one time gave up on God and Moses because Moses was gone too long for them.  They started to build idols and worship other false gods.  Why was this?  Was it a lack of Patience?  Was it a lack of knowledge?  I mean it could have been several problems combined.  They obviously mumbled and complained and probably criticized God and Moses while he was gone.  What was the net result of all of their opposition?  Most of them died in the wilderness and never saw the promise land.  So what is different today with some Christians mumbling and complaining about other Christians today?  What do you think the result will be for those who do this?  Do you think it will be the same as the children of Israel in the wilderness?  I guess I should get back on the subject that I’m supposed to be on.

Maybe I’ll wrap this up for today.  I do not want to overwhelm you with new concepts.  When I say that the Bible is like a large complex computer system most people will not understand my analogy.  However, I know it is true.  Within this complex spiritual book of information God has placed a series of simple Binary choices before all mankind.  These are the basics of life; the simplest choices can make the greatest differences in our life.  By choosing life, blessings, light, salvation and Jesus you have gone through a binary selection and made the right choice.  It is a simple choice that turns you from one state to another and I pray that you choose wisely.  God Bless you today as you learn to choose!

Are there Any Rules in Life to Follow? A Rules Based System To Life!

(Ver 1.3)  This Part 1 in a series of lessons on modern computer concepts that are found in the Bible.  If I learned anything from being a computer programmer for over 20 years, I learned that everything in this life has very strict rules or it is useless. In this life you do not get to do everything that you can do just because you can do them.  You do not get to drive on any side of the street that you want to.  You do not get to drive through any intersection as fast as you want to when you want to.  You do not get to do many things because rules exist to keep you from hurting yourself and others.   This is the basis of the majority of the problems in this world today. The problems of the world are caused by people who do stuff to other people just because they have the ability or power to do them. It comes from a self-centered ME mentality! The world is all about ME! What I need, what I want, what feels good to ME! People then use their attitudes of Me to take what they need or want from others without thinking about what they are doing to the ones that they are hurting. If everyone takes this attitude, then only the strongest survive to live. This attitude of ME is a self-centered absence of the feelings of the God kind of “LOVE” for anyone else. As long as people care more about themselves than they do about others, they will remain apart from the life of God. Today I want to talk about a computer programming concept called “Rules Based Systems” in relationship to what God and the Bible say about the concepts of them or the absence from them. Why are rules important to live by? Why do rules exist? The Bible is a highly complex book of spiritual information and it cannot be interpreted correctly without knowing God’s rules for interpretation. I’ll start by giving you a definition of this term from the internet:

rule-based systems are used as a way to store and manipulate knowledge to interpret information in a useful way.

I believe that God taught me about rules based systems as I learned computer programming.  A rules based system is one that adheres to a strict set of laws in order to work correctly.  When I first started learning computer programming in High School, I started with the Basic programming language.  I also played with another early computer language called FORTRAN.  Then I started working for a company and going to night school to learn mainframe programming.  I learned Mainframe Assembler and COBOL and became an expert in both of these languages.  This was of course way before there were any PC’s in the world.  What I learned from programming languages, is that they have very strict rules that must be followed, or guess what they do not work.  You create your program and then compile your program and get nothing but a long list of errors back.  This is not fun, when this happens, but it happened a lot until I learned to follow the rules more closely.  As I became more detailed oriented, I learned to pay attention to the little things that use to be where I made most of my mistakes.  I would just automatically learn to look for them and try not to repeat them.  I do not think that I ever got so good that I wrote a new program that complied cleanly the first time, but I did get much better.  So why am I describing my work experience to you?  Because it helps me more with Bible interpretation and understanding the Bible that you can imagine.

Did you notice two key words in the definition of what a rules based system was?  The two key words are “knowledge” and the “interpretation” of the knowledge.  A rules based system helps us to process vast amounts of information and then come up with the correct interpretations of that information.  So what is the Bible?  The Bible is the Spiritual knowledge of God written down in a book for us to read.  However, the Bible is widely interpreted in many different ways resulting in contrasting and conflicting points of view.  That is probably the major problem in the church today.  Everybody has their own opinion to what the Bible means.  Why is that?  It is because of a complete disregard to the rules of Bible interpretation.  Some people know one rule and they sometimes follow it and then sometimes they do not.  They are very inconsistent.  Other people know of no rules and they are all over the board with their interpretations.  Only a few know more than one rule to Bible Interpretation and try to adhere to them consistently.

While I read and studied the Bible, I started to recognize patterns of a rules based system.  Since God does not give us a list of the rules in any one place in the Bible, the correct understanding of the Bible must start with figuring out what are the rules that God has established for us to follow.  You see I know that every computer language has their own individual set of rules to follow.  However, I also learned that many of these rules cross languages and apply to other languages.  Even though each language was uniquely defined, the application of the rules applied across the board.  So in order to even begin to understand the Bible, you must first establish God’s rules for interpretation and not your rules.  This is the first step of understanding God and the Bible.

Do you realize that God follows the rules that He has established?  That is the beauties of God; He is a highly intelligent being.  His ability is so far beyond our most powerful computer.    I see the world around us and I recognize an intelligently designed world full of natural laws, systems and sub-systems.   This is the basis of any large complex computer programming system also.  Anything with an intelligent design has organization and rules.  So why do people not recognize that the Bible is also an intelligently designed rules based system?  Obviously they do not understand the importance of rules and following them.  If you are a Christian you should be following rules in everything that you do.  Following rules does not save you; it just helps you live the life that God intended for you on this earth.  Christians who do not follow rules are no different than unsaved people who rob banks because they want money or rape women because it feels good to them.  I know that is an extreme examples of bad Bible interpretations, but yet I feel that strongly about the subject.  I do not mean to reduce rape and robbery to minor offenses, I hope you understand the point and forgive the analogy.

So what ire my main points today?

  1. Start by Recognizing that the Bible is a Rules Based System.
  2. Then find out what the rules are!
  3. Next follow the rules with all diligence!

When I was computer operator, on the top of our mainframe CPU, there was a big sign that said “THINK”.  Wow, if more people would do that one word!  To think before you act or speak is a widely ignored talent of many people in the world today.  I have many blogs on the subject of Bible Interpretation, I hope you that you will go and read them and then learn to follow them.  Life is a rules based system of existence.  This is the intelligent design of God.  If you learn the rules and follow them there will be great benefits to being a doer of the word of God and not just a hearer only.  By learning the rules and following rules I believe that the Body of Christ will finally come into agreement to what the Bible says.  So I challenge you today to apply what you’ve read today.  By learning rules and living within their guidelines you make the Bible useful as God had intended it to be.  You take the words of an intelligent God and you can finally begin to understand them.  There is no greater benefit than knowing the real God.

If you would like to continue reading in this series you may go to “Part 2” now.