God’s Definition of Eternity! Are there any Limits to What We Can Learn?

(Ver 1.1)  Today I want to do something different to stimulate and exercise your mind.  I want to get you to thinking of some things that you may have never thought of before.  God woke me up last night and taught me some new concepts about eternity that I have never even thought of before.  I hesitate to tell people on the Web that God does this to me, because people sometimes think you’re crazy to believe things like God can actually talk to you and you can actually hear and understand Him.  However, if this is not possible, then we have found something else that God can’t do, He can’t communicate with humans.  Actually if you have ever read the Bible you have seen too many examples of God speaking to Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah and I could go on and on.   Today, the problem with most people is that they are not spiritually aware enough to realize when God is saying anything to them.  Knowing how God talks to you is the key to hearing from God and I will not comment on that any further.  So this is what the Spirit of God said to me, “Are there any limits to what you can know?”  I took this to mean will there ever come a time when we are in eternity with God that we will reach a point that there is nothing else for us to learn?  I mean forever is a very long time.  Humans cannot even fathom the definition of what eternity is.  After we go beyond billions or trillions, most people stop trying to process what those kinds of numbers mean in our brain.  We have no reference point to the experience of eternity that even comes close to what forever means.  You see my computer has a 1 terabyte hard drive in it.  That is a far cry from my first computer hard drive of 10 megabytes.   However, even 1 terabyte is nowhere close to having an infinite hard drive space available to you.  I mean even Google doesn’t have infinite hard drive storage space.   We are born on this planet with a limited perspective and we may live even 100 years and this is nothing compared to eternity.  It would be like one cell out of every cell in our universe combined.   Even Adam or Methuselah in the O.T. never lived to be older than 1000 years old.  Methuselah the oldest recorded living man in the Bible, only lived 969 years.  This is a nothing numbers compared to living in eternity.  So there is no human on the earth that has any clue of how long eternity is.  So here is the key question today to challenge you to think; how much could you learn if you had forever to do it in?  Are there any limits to knowledge?  Are there any limits to what God knows?

Isa 57:15  For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.

As you can clearly see, the Bible says that God lives in eternity.  I looked up the word “eternity” to see the definition and it means “forever” or “without end”.  Eternity is clearly just a concept to us that we have great difficulty in comprehending fully.  God exists outside of the realm of time and yet sent Jesus Christ into the realm of time at the perfect time to accomplish what God needed to accomplish.  So I believe that the dimension of time does not limit God.  Einstein theorized that as we approach the speed of light that time would slow and then finally stop.   I find that very interesting since the Bible says that God is Light!  That is pretty awesome stuff to think on.

So here is where I’m going to start to get a bit controversial, surprise, surprise.  Does God know everything?  Is there anything that God does not know?  These are almost trick questions.  Because I do not know, if we have the answers to these questions.  Most people believe that God knows everything.  After all only He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient to name three known qualities used to describe God.  The term omniscient is a theological term that is used to describe God and it can actually mean “All knowing”.  God can be described as having an infinite amount of capacity for knowledge and this is probably a very good thought.  But, I also think that this is dependent upon your perspective.   God certainly is All Knowing concerning us and the rest of His creation.  The Bible certainly says that God knows some amazing details about us.  God knows our every thought and with over 6 billion people on the planet, I do not understand how this is even possible.  The Bible says God knows how many hairs are on our heads at any given time.  Do you have a clue of how many hairs are on your head?  Unless you are totally bald, you do not have a clue.  This proves that God is the most detailed oriented being that I can conceive of.    So what is the controversial part of my thought process today?  If God holds the capacity to know everything that is possible to know but still does not know everything, then there is a possibility of an infinite amount of knowledge being available to learn.  If God knows an infinite amount of information already, then there is nothing that He does not know.  Which one is it?  Either way, we have to conclude that there is no limit to what we can know and learn in eternity.   Maybe this will come out clearer as I go forward; probably right now I have a bunch of people just scratching their heads and saying what did he just say?

Let me see if I can rephrase what I tried to say, either God already has infinite knowledge or the realm of knowledge is infinite and God has the capacity to know it all.  I really cannot say which one is true using the Bible.  If you say that God knows everything already, then you have to conclude there is no creativity in anyone else.  Every book that can be written has already been written by God.  Every song that can be written has already been written by God.  Only God has creation power and the rest of us are just puppets imitating God’s preconceived ideas.  That would mean that the Bible says we are made in his image but we do not have His power to create so the Bible lied.  I haven’t found a Bible verse to describe any of this per say.  If you know of one or two, please let me know.  I would love to learn.  I did see some verses in Job that describes God as having “perfect knowledge”.  The term “perfect” would tend to mean or at the least imply “whole” or “complete” knowledge.

All I know is somewhere something or someone has to be infinite.   Either the amount of knowledge available is infinite or the knowledge of God is infinite.  Otherwise it would mean somewhere in the course of eternity we could potentially reach a point of the end of all learning and come to a state of knowing everything.  If this could occur, what would we do then?  Can you even wrap your mind around this deep subject today?  Here is what I took away from what God said to me last night.  There is no limit to how much you can know, because there is no limit to the availability of God’s knowledge.  You see I totally believe that God has the capacity of knowing everything.  I totally believe that God’s knowledge compared to my knowledge right now is a like a comparison of all of the water in all of the oceans in the world compared to my single drop of water, if that much.  But, I also believe that eternity is a long, long time.  So the bottom line is no matter how much we learn even in a trillion years of time, we would have just begun to learn what God can teach us. 

Also God when he spoke to Abraham told him that his seed would be as the stars of the heaven or as the sands on the seashore (Gen 22:7).   In other words more than you could count right now.  However, if you had eternity to count them all, is it possible to do it.  This has to be a finite number, just a very big number.  Do you understand big number concepts?  Is there any limit to how high you can count?  I don’t think so, if you have the time to do it.

So I probably just turned off a bunch of religious or non-intellectual type people.  I seemed to imply that there could be stuff that God still has left that He can learn and I certainly do not have any Bible verses to demonstrate or confirm this logic.  But I will tell you this also; this is what else God said to me in the middle of the night.  He told me to think about the number “Pi”.   If you are not a math type person you probably do not know what I’m talking about.  The number “Pi” is a number used in math and geometry in relation to measuring circles.   A circle is a symbol of completeness.  A circle could also be a symbol of infinity, since as long as you want to go around in the circle it will let you keep going.  A circle is a line without ends.  So a circle could possibly be representative of a picture of God.  Here is the Web definition for “Pi”:

Pi: the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle

Pi is an irrational number, in decimal places it never ends and never repeats with any know pattern.   To me I can see Pi as a picture of God.  He has no end and never does He do the exact same thing exactly twice.   However, God does utilize patterns to repeat things in the natural realm from the spiritual realm so we have some additional complexity to ponder.  If anyone ever told you that studying the Bible was easy, they lied to you.  What do you think of the concepts behind pi and how this number relates to God?  So I believe that God invented math for us to learn about natural concepts and laws that we can apply to spiritual things.  If you can learn from them and apply them correctly you will begin to see how they relate to other spiritual things.  I use math laws in my Bible interpretations all the time.  God taught me this method so I stick with it.  So here is the problem that I am faced with, Pi is an infinite never ending number.  No matter how many digits that you calculate the number Pi to, the number never ends.  This is the definition of eternity again, demonstrated to us in the concept of a never ending number.   When I was in the 10th grade I memorized Pi to like 8 or 9 digits; to me “Pi” was 3.141592653…” and I thought I was doing pretty well.  Later in life when computers came along, I learned that “Pi” had been calculated out in the astronomical realms of numbers.  However, even with all of this work they were not any closer to the end of the number than I was.  Why did God create infinite things like this?  Never ending number concepts?  I believe it was to show us that there is no limit to what we can still learn in eternity.  I mean think about it, if God can create a number that He cannot find the end of; that tells me that we have something truly amazing in store for us.  So I probably offended someone again saying God could not solve Pi, but yet God would have to change the definition of Pi or round it off somewhere in order to stop computing the number.  Do you understand this?  God, who has far greater computing power than any computer we have on our planet, could spend the rest of eternity at calculating Pi and still never reach the end.    That is the definition of something that is infinite, yes?  So can an infinite God solve an infinite math problem?   I think that is a very tough question for me to even try to think of how to answer.   You see I think that an infinite God who lives in eternity could calculate Pi forever and still never reach the end of the number.  There would always be another digit to add to the list of numbers.  Wow, that is very deep, I know.  So we can still look at this subject in different ways.  We can say that the possible realm of knowledge is infinite or we can say that God already holds infinite knowledge.  To me if God held infinite knowledge then God had Pi solved before we were given it.  However, this means by definition that Pi is solvable and is not an infinite number.  Then there is the concept of writing books or songs that I mentioned earlier.  Is there a limit to the number of books that God could write?  Is there a limit to the number of songs that can be written by us?  I personally do not believe that there are a finite number of songs available for us to create.   Do you understand the complexity behind these concepts that God has given to us?  They are truly amazing, but yet they are nothing compared to what God has in store for us in the future:

1Co 2:9  But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

When you start to think differently you begin to see old Bible verses in new enlightening ways.  Is it beginning to get into your heart like it is mine?  I think if it is, then we have only scratched the tip of the iceberg of knowing who God is and how much He loves us.  Be a thinker, but begin to see God as He sees us.  The Bible says that we have the mind of Christ, so begin to think like God.  I know that I can hardly wait for the eternity of good things to come from God.    I hope that I at least stimulated your mind to think today, like God did my mind last night.  You may not agree with the things that I said, but that is OK also.  Today was not a lesson on how to be saved so it really doesn’t matter that much.   Today’s lesson was designed to get you to think eternally, infinitely, as a course for your future existence with God.  If you disagree with anything that I said I’ll read it, but I probably won’t respond to the negative words of critics’ unless you can show me some Bible verses.  You see I don’t know everything and I am perfectly willing to change to be right as long as I can see it in the Bible.  In the meantime I’ll do my own search of the Bible using my computer to see if I can learn anything about what God has challenged me to think on.  Mathematics is full of never ending number sequences and there must be a reason why God created them to be this way, so it is a challenge for you and I to find out why.   Be continually blessed and encouraged in growing in the knowledge of Him.

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  1. Excellent blog!!!!! This might seem like off topic, but how you ever wondered what will happen after souls live in paradise for billions of years?

    I think people would become extremely bored, and would paradise still be paradise to those bored souls?


  2. Enjoyed your thoughts on eternity. I recently wrote little about the subject and surprisingly hot no feedback. I shared how I believed that was do because of our ideals of eternity. When most people think of eternity, they think of a place of stillness. Coldness. A dark and silent place. Motionless. Perceptual. I.e. rest in peace. Too many Christians believe this. One reason they want to hold on to this realm so, because they really don’t have much expectation for forever. I stated that God is still creating over in eternity. It goes on and on. When the bible says He ceased from His work, it only ment here on the earth. And as each of us arrived there we’ll have our creating to begin also. I can see your concept of God having the ability to know all things as being opposed to Him knowing all things. Alto we’ve always heard “He’s infinite in wisdom, knowledge and power. And the scripture that says Jesus got up with all power in His hands. Now I would think to have all power would take all knowledge to pull it off. It is something to decided what side you’re gonna stand on as for believing. But I do believe we’ll continue to increase, abound build, progress grow, continue to move forward. We will not be in a perpetual state!!!!! Mary Stinson 🙂 🙂


  3. Eternity is timeless, time is a part of the construct of the universe that was created for us (and probably many others) to live in. We only know existence in terms of time. To not have time is not simply to go in circles repeating events, it is not a type of groundhogs day. Eternity is something without beginning nor end, it is to be omnipresent, humans born into eternity however would not be omniscient, as they only know what they learnt while alive, and even that is questionable since the brain is buried with the body, but once in eternity they enter a timeless state (which would be without beginning nor end, as they are time bound concepts) – this will be either heaven or eternal hell depending on what you have are capable of
    Whoever said pi is an infinite number? Pi is 22/7 that is finite, It is just hard to express using base10 counting system.


  4. forever can best be describe as a loop. example the earth has been going around the sun since beginning of creation and will continue forever. in effect, time is constant and that time does not exist in eternity. if we should agree that adam was originally created to
    live forever then the place(earth) in which he lived was also to be there forever. hence forever is the natural loops that i mention above which proves that theres is even nothing like time because the factors on which time are measured are all constantly in a loop. so time doesnt exist in the first place only activities that signals the beginning and end of something. note this phenomenon were all stimulated by our fear of death since the original sin


  5. God is way beyond anything mans peanut brain can even remotely comprehend…Even the angels mightier in wisdom and in strenght, having been created before the heavens and earth, they saw it all, and yet they know very little if anything… 1Peter 1..They didnt know how Jesus Christ and Him Crucified would be transmitted into the spirit of the believer.

    peafce be with you


    • Man is certainly full of ignorance and lacking the full knowledge of God however God gave to us a huge book of His knowledge for us to search and seek out. If man was incapable of knowing it, it would appear to me to be like God putting a carrot in front of donkey and that does not make any sense to me. From you comment I gather you feel like men are on the scale of a donkey compared to God and I really do not see that this is what the Bible teaches us. Psalm 8:4-5 God describes man and his position. In this verse these Hebrew word translated as “angels” is poorly chosen. The Hebrew word in this example is “Elohim” and this is one of the promiant names of God. Therefore this verse teaches us that man was made a little lower than “Elohim” (GOD). THis word is used in over 5700 verses and the majority of the time it is used for God. Being created only a little lower than God changed my perspective on what God thinks about me. I hope it does yours also.


      • Love it. I’m glad to learn He thinks highly of me. Never had too many people who did. The scripture says, He sings love songs over me. Can you imagine! Over me! He loved me first. That’s why I love Him so.


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