Praying for You ALL to be Blessed this CHRISTMAS 2017!!!


Thanking God for His Glorious GIFT to the World!

We are so very blessed to have so many readers and subscribers who LOVE the Bible this much to study with us on AGAPEGEEK.  We will be praying for you all this coming 2018 year.  We also appreciate your prayers for us also.  Thank you to every prayer partner.  God has continued to bless us because of your prayers.


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Using the Bible to understand the Bible! Advanced Bible study for mature Chrisitians who want to grow.

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  1. Merry Christmas to u and family. Wonderful to hear from u, God bless you richly and continually. Denise

  2. The burdens of holidays when business slows way down tend to result in depression and worry. That’s the time I need to learn more about faith in The Master AND His faithfulness to me for over 30 years at my work. My income at this time always drops by almost 2/3. Very fearful and the time satan attacks me with doubt and worry. Psalm 37:3-4 comes to mind frequently, but, I still get depressed and challenged.. Time to turn to GOD. I can’t help but get angry at myself and repeatedly apologize to The Father asking for rescue and forgiveness. Will I never learn?
    I wish to thank you for your short and sweet reminder of what this time of year really is about (not me).

  3. And, the same to you, my brother!

  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours, may the Blessing of the Lord reach your greatest expectations

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