Pray, Vote, and Stand for Life

(Ver 1.0) This is probably the most consequential election that America has ever had to go through.  Never has there been such a dramatic clear opposition and hatred for human life in our history.  People will rise and stand up to save whales, porpoises, turtles, puppies, migratory birds and other animal lives, but simultaneously allow and promote as normal the murder of human life before and now even after birth.  God is giving the U.S. another chance to reverse the curse that America has put themselves under.  I believe this is our last chance to repent, change and to allow Him to shift the course of over 60 million child murders.  If this offends you, that is incredibly sad.  But it is time for the church and Christians to awaken, pray, vote, and stand for Life! This should be your #1 priority in this election. Nothing is more important or sacred to God besides human life.

Joh 10:10  The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have LIFE, and that they might have it more abundantly. 

Jesus claimed that He came to give every human the right and freedom to receive His gift of life in abundance.  He contrasted His free offered gift of life with Satan’s plan to kill, steal and destroy every human life.  Therefore, life only comes from God and death comes from Satan.  It is a noticeably clear choice and decision that there is no other choice but that a believer in Jesus Christ must stand with Jesus Christ.  When Christians vote against life they are voting against the planned will of Jesus, His Word, and His promises for life. When a Christian votes for death or does NOT vote at all they are joining themselves (2 Cor 6:14, James 4:4) in covenant with Jesus’ last enemy called death (1 Cor 15:26).

We can go to the internet and search for the written platforms of each competing political party.  If you have difficulty finding these you can go to “” to read the comparisons of the two platforms. (I am not affiliated with this website, but I do agree with their position of standing for life completely). If you read these platforms and compare them with true Biblical morals and values only the Republican party comes close to supporting life at the nearest measurement of God’s Word.  The Democrats have, as we have seen an agenda to elevate abortion to even the 9th month just before birth and some have push it further to even after birth.  Either way it is senseless and baseless murder that goes against the plan of Jesus for everyone to have LIFE.

I pray that you will join with me in praying for this election.  Ask God to reveal His heart to you for every human life.  Then go and vote for LIFE instead of a personality or a man’s name.  Ask yourself, has our current leader done anything in the last 3 ½ years to support God’s agenda to promote and save lives?  Hasn’t he opposed the funding of Planned Parenthood? Hasn’t he appointed three conservative judges to the Supreme Court to help change this unconstitutional ruling in America?  Which political party has opposed and resisted these appointments and why?  If we read their political platform, we can clearly learn it is because they support death.  I may lose readers and subscribers by telling people the truth from God’s Word.  But I personally will pray to God, vote for God’s plan, and stand with Him in faith that LIFE will win in this election.

Pro 24:11  Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.
Pro 24:12  If you say, “Behold, we did not know this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it, and will he not repay man according to his work?

Deu 30:19  I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live,

God bless you no matter if you love me or hate me.  I do love you however you feel about me, God, or His Word.  I just need to tell people what God thinks and says about our thinking, decisions and the consequences we can face for making the wrong choices.  If you received this message and you live in another nation, please pray for our election in the U.S.A. that the will of God will be done on the earth as it is in heaven. There are NO abortions being performed in heaven.  If you have any other prayer requests for you or your nation, please leave them as a comment and we will pray for you and these specific needs.  Thank you and please be led by the Spirit of God to vote in the U.S. for God’s LIFE Agenda.


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  1. Good, to my eyes though, this article puts a lot of emphasis on “God’s Life Agenda” riding solely on abortion voting. I don’t know a single American that is unaware that the republican party is against abortion. I think that we can focus on a lot more than praying that people vote republican. Maybe people pray and legitimately feel God wants them to vote democrat. Are they sinning? Would they not be sinning to vote against their own conscience and own faith in God? Should we vote on abortion alone? How do we vote when we have to choose between unborn children and providing refuge to refugees? How do we vote when we have to choose between an unborn child or saving an immunocompromised life from COVID-19? How do we vote when we have to choose between an unborn child and our grandparent’s survival? How do we vote when we have to choose between an unborn child and accepting the everyday murder of hate and intolerance? What if we’ve voted for republicans in hope of pro-life political action, and then they did nothing to change the attitude of those seeking an abortion? What if in seeking pro-life political action, we see others only hardened to God because they see God as a political agenda and not a living and active Spirit seeking to bring peace and Salvation even to the teenage mother? What if by focusing so much on the politics of abortion instead of the heart, we’ve only blocked any sort of communication we could’ve had with those who are on the edge of seeking an abortion?

    I’m simply trying to express that the spirit of abortion is not going to be fought by simply forcing republican voting on people like it is the only thing that matters. In this way you are showing political voting to be more important than a larger view that God is working not for forced action against abortion, but to change the hearts of those who have hardened against Him and are seeking an abortion. We care about unborn children, wonderful, but we must care for the people who will be responsible for raising these babies to full-term and then into adulthood. The child cannot live without the mother (and father might I add) before or after birth. So the real spiritual problem is not a democratic or republican vote, but about young mothers and fathers not wanting their children and being willing to kill them to make them and the problems that come with children go away, and so they do. It sucks that Americans don’t agree that abortion is murder, but that’s the reality. I can talk to many all night who will never be convinced that the life of a man or woman begins at conception. I think the greater problem is that they don’t know the Creator and so they are already condemned. Abortion is a symptom that Americans are very sick. Hatred, political strife, racism, idolatry, money-loving, selfishness, greed, lust, and hunger for power are all symptoms that America is very very sick. I don’t think voting democrat or republican is going to heal this sickness. I want revival too, but I don’t believe for a moment that Godly revival is going to happen through political action. Whether abortion is outlawed or it is here to stay, I’m going to focus on fighting for the hearts of the people over just behavior control.


  2. No president alone has ever overturned the supreme court decision of Roe vs. Wade and nor has president Trump. While I am highly pro-life, this kind of rhetoric is highly divisive and weakens your otherwise biblical stance. While elections are of tremendous political importance, we see little evidence of Jesus ever standing for political influence which many Jews were awaiting. Abortion is more than a matter of politics. Abortion is a matter of the human heart, which Jesus fought and died that you and I might be saved from the wickedness which entrenches us, the same kind of wickedness that you are attempting to fight through political gain. Political gain will never be the power of the believer, no matter how tempting. We can be politically engaged, but our power and our hope forever remains in Christ alone.


  3. Truly, how can we say killing babies is the only thing that we can say, to get one to vote Republican. There are innocent people being murdered daily and no one is doing anything about that in the USA. A life of any Age is important to God! We cannot pick or choice we live and who die. We the church should stop trying to persuade people with that trickery crafted tactic, we are no different than the enemy. We as Believers of Christ Jesus, need to Pray and ask God who He wants us to Vote for and stop trying to use the Word of God with scriptures to justify what we Said, Think and Believe. There’s a lot of  Republicans and Democrats are doing/saying things that are Not right, Not Biblical Sounds and that goes Against God Character. We can easily pull  out one thing and lead with that. There is more to this election than Voting Life.

    God cares how we treat each other because we’re all created in His image. He makes No Distinction between the Inherent value of one Race or Ethnicity over another. God isn’t about separation, but inclusion and unity. Jesus made it possible for anyone to be included in the people and promises of God.
    God is a Reconciling God. The Gospel is, at its core, a message of Reconciliation. If we belong to Jesus, we are part of His movement to bring more Reconciliation between people and God (God Work through People).

    Therefore, it Goes farther than just Vote Life! We, Believers, need to Look in the Spirit Realm and Listen to God and Not  Allow Others making a decision for us (the Veil have been Torn in two from top to bottom). Holy Spirit is our Guide. 

    Believers of Jesus Christ shouldn’t hate (you) each other if we disagree about our opinion about any issue/issues (Paul/Barnabas disagreed).
    Your job and my job, as we learn to follow Jesus step by step, include Reconciliation because the message of Jesus is that we all belong with God, together with No Separation, No Difference in Status or Worth. His Body! His Spirit!

    At the end of it All we have to still keep our hands clean and our hearts free so we can continually Hear from God. We shouldn’t ever (scare/ put fear) in people about what they say, thinking, decides, and states the consequences they can face for making the wrong choices (the church have done that to much to people). First Man from the beginning of time did wrong, they even asked God for a King and many other things and forgot Him (God) when He delivered it to them. Whatever we do should be done in Love and Passion. God doesn’t force Himself on us and we shouldn’t either. We all have choices and in these Choices, we the church do it and present God in Love, not Fear.

    I’m a Believer of Jesus Christ (now for many years). I was born in this world as an American Citizen. Now that I am a Citizen in the Kingdom of God. Now, Before and Still will face many issues that’s not pleasant, yet Still I Stand with/in My Truth in God and His Holy Spirit that dwells In Me and I have to Trust God, be Lead By God in All my Decisions!  We All have Accountability in All that We Do!  We have to Pray for our Leaders and Others in All Nations at All Time. Not, just when there is an issue/issues. We have to Prayer in advance to prevent All that we are facing and that in which we will.  Through It All, We Still Have to be Lead By the Holy Spirit of Truth, Not Man. In All Things. Repentance For All Nations is what we as Believers Need to be Preaching at a Time as This. Reconciliation With Jesus Christ!

    God Bless You. Thoughts and Prayers.


  4. Laws never stopped people from sinning. Otherwise Jesus would never have had to die. Statistically people who refer to themselves as Christians have more abortions than non Christians. Why are God’s statutes not enough for them. Only God can change the hearts of people if they are willing not a particular government. Abortion just like any other sin is a heart issue.You don’t need a particular government in power in order to obey God. Murder is not just killing somebody according to God. God says when you hate your brother or sister you are worse than a murderer. And isn’t the greatest commandment the commandment to love God and the second is like it to love others like yourself.. America is founded on a legacy of hating other people. Just look at how they treated the native Americans when they came here. How they treated the slaves they brought from Africa. They did all this in the name of God. America’s problems are way deeper than just Abortion. Until we allow God to truly change our hypocritical hearts, we will still be a mess.
    At the end of the day we will stand before God and will be judged as individuals not as Nations or even families.
    Let’s put pride aside, humble ourselves before God and repent. Only then can God hear us and heal our land.
    The sin that eats at America is not Abortion. It is the sin of pride.


  5. Thank you so much for standing for the TRUTH in this troubled time in God’s Creation. I shudder to contemplate what will be in the future for mankind. I will not be here as the Lord will call the Church home and leave the rest to their own devices as is laid out in the last book of the Bible. I pray for all the lost souls whose hearts and minds have closed up so that they reject the TRUTH.


  6. Here in Australia, we are praying too. We realise how crucial your election is for you and the rest of the world. Bless you and hold fast and stand strong in Jesus, your brother and sister in the Lord, Russell & Sandra


  7. Amen Amen Amen!! Thank you brother for your courage in the Lord. I pray that all who claim to be the Lord’s children, would understand that nothing is more precious to the Lord than the life of the innocent. When I have talked to my brothers and sisters in the Lord, I am amazed how easily they are deceived by the powers of darkness concerning this issue. After reasoning with them, they eventually come to agreement that the issue of the slaughter of the innocent is an abomination to the Lord but they will say “I just can’t vote for either one”. My answer to that is…if you are standing in front of a man with a knife about to kill a innocent baby, you can’t just walk off and say “I am personally against this!” He who has ears to hear…let him hear! I am in agreement with you brother: Pray, Stand for the innocent, and VOTE. Peace, Hope, and Love to all who trust in the Name of the Lord.


  8. Thank you


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