Happy Thanksgiving

1Ch 16:34  O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever. 

(Ver 1.1) Here in the United States we celebrate a special day of thanks to the LORD for all that He has blessed us with. We thank Jesus first and foremost for forgiving us and saving us from the darkness of this evil world. We thank Him for the freedoms to worship Him. These are what I am thankful for the most. His love for you and I is beyond our full comprehension. So I pray that you have a blessed day and will join us wherever you are on the planet to give thanks to Jesus for saving you also. I love you and thank you for your prayers. Be blessed in Jesus name. Agapegeek International Ministries

About agapegeek

Using the Bible to understand the Bible! Advanced Bible study for mature Chrisitians who want to grow.

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  1. Amen , we also thank God for having you, for you have open our eyes to see a dozens of Revelation in Christ .


  2. Ron,

    Dittos! Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.

    Blessings, peace, and love in the joy, honor, and privilege of serving Jesus & testifying of Him! Rich Prickitt – 903 445-8044 Prophet – Evangelist – Teacher Founder/Director – Body Building Ministries Building the Body of Christ – SOULdier by SOULdier

    [X] ________________________________


  3. Joyful Thanksgiving! Gods blessings to you and your family!


  4. Amen. Happy Thanksgiving to all my brothers and sisters in the U.S.!!! Our Lord has blessed us with so much and I am forever and daily grateful for His mercy and faithfulness that He pours out upon us!


  5. Happy Thanksgiving! May God bless you and your family beyond your wildest dreams. I am most thankful that God gave his Only Begotten Son to die for our sins! It is a wonderful blessing that the Lord often speaks to me through your blog! Thank you for being that willing vessel! Again, Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Thank You for all you do I love your teachings and have been following you for a few years now. I have grown tremendously in my walk with the Lord. I am grateful for the Lord allowing me to cross paths with the ministry.


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