Genesis 1:14-19 Day 4 Part 1

sun_34(Ver 1.1)  Day 4 of creation is incredibly amazing hidden information that when you see it and understand it helps to explain many things found in the New Testament.  I have attempted to teach you that all of the days of creation are prophetic statements that pointed us to future spiritual events and day 4 is one of the most significant of them all.  But before we get into the prophetic spiuritual side of the scriptures let us deal with the surface text content and the natural implications.  If you recall in day 3 we saw that the earth begins to bring forth plant life.  I then pointed out the requirements for all plant life and this included soil, nutrients, water, appropriate climate and atmosphere and then the existence of light.  These are just the basic rules and requirements found within God’s creation for gardening and farming.  If you have ever grown a garden you can understand this.  My main point that I want you to understand was that the sun had to exist on Day 3 in order to already have growing and living plants on this planet.  These are laws created by God and people ignore them and beleive God circumvented them in order to explain how God created the sun on day 4. 

I’ve heard many Bible teachers claim that God created the sun and the moon and the stars on day 4.  However, I would have to disagree strongly with that teaching and say all of these already existed prior to day 1 of creation.  I have already tried to emphasize what the Bible describes to be “a world that was” and that this world is said to have been completely destroyed by water in 2 Peter 3:6.  But, I guess there will be many that will still be skeptical and refute these truths in the scriptures because they do not understand them.  That is too bad for you if you close your eyes to what the Bible says in order to believe what you want.

If you think about it from a scientific perspective what is more important the earth or the sun?  Which one can survive without the other in the form that it is currently in today?  The obvious answer is the sun.  Only the sun is independent from the earth and not the other way around.  In other words what revolves around what?  If you are just a little bit intelligent you understand that the earth revolves around the sun and that the earth is totally dependent upon the sun for all of our life, warmth seasons and time cycles.  The earth is completely dependent upon the gravitational pull of the sun to determine it’s position in the universe.  Without the sun and it’s gravitational pull, the earth would be floating away in space to who knows where.  Then there is also Day 1 of God’s creation evidence when God said let there be light.  What is the dominate source of all light for our planet?  Of course it is the sun, so if the earth could have any light on Day 1, it must have also had the sun.  Think a little bit more with me.  On day 1, God declares the light to be day and the darkness to be night.  These are clearly sun based concepts that do not and cannot occur without the existence of the sun and the earth’s rotation around it.  Since the days of creation are divided into 6 day and evening periods of time, the existence of the sun is a requirement for the definition of what a day is.  Without the physical sun’s existence on Day 1, a day could have been defined to be a billion years.  So I’ve given you a few really good reasons why the sun had to exist prior to day 4 of creation.  So if we read again about Day 4 what is God talking about?

Gen 1:14  And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

Did you notice that verse 14 mentions division again?  This is at least the third time we have seen an explicit reference to God dividing one thing from another thing.  I really don’t believe people have discovered yet what this means and why God had to do this.  But, I’ll teach on this subject in the future and leave it alone today.  Now let’s look at what God says about these two lights.  God says these will be used for signs, seasons, days and years.  We can understand days pretty easily, a single revolution of the earth represents one 24 hour period of time.  This day is divided into two equal periods of 12 hours where one is called day and the other is called night.  Then it mentions years, a year is a complete cycle of the earth around the sun.  This cycle takes approximately 365 days to complete.  It didn’t really mention months but a month is very close to a complete cycle of the moon around the earth.  So God declares these lights to be the time keeping devices for us to establish set time periods and that is an interesting concept, without them what would we use to measure  time?

I want you to consider this new perspective of our modern calendar.  What is our current year number based upon?  The current calendar year is based upon Jesus coming into the world.  These are commonly called B.C. and A.D.  B.C. refers to the time before Christ.  A.D. is the latin phrasing that means the “year of our Lord”.  These are very specific references to God coming to the earth in the flesh and most people on the earth ignore it to live in their ignorance.  I do not beleive that God speaking in Genesis 1:14 about setting calendars is a cooincidence and I beleive they are directly related to what God has accomplished.

We have only started day 4 and there is so much that we could discuss.  I think I will stop here and continue the next time we meet.

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