Genesis 1:14-19 Day 4 Part 2

sun_07We can learn something very important for us to know, if we pay close attention to the wording of verses 14 and 16.  In reading these verses of day 4 we can easily see that God is speaking of two lights, but yet God does not name the lights or call them by their usual referenced names of the sun and the moon.  They are referenced in a general or generic way of just two lights.  In verse 16 they are called two Great Lights.  But this time it distinguishes them and qualifies them as one being much greater than the other one.  We are told the greater light will rule the day and the lesser light will rule the night.  It is not difficult to figure out that God is speaking of the Sun and the moon.  So why doesn’t God call them by their usual names?   This is just one technique that God uses to conceal the truth in the Bible.  There are many other methods, but we will only address this one here.  I call this God’s way of hiding the truth in plain site.  To make the truth harder to find God often times refers to the same object or subject by different names and/or descriptive terms.  So many Bible teachers have missed this fact and as a result have taught several things in error.  But I won’t get into that.  Here is a most valuable lesson for your Bible study, when searching for a subject in the Bible, try to think of every possible title, name, or descriptive quality to search for.  Use your Bible search program to look for these and it will go much faster.  By finding all of the verses that you can about a specific subject you are much more likely to learn the truth and not fall into error.

Here is where we start to get into the prophetic side of the scriptures concerning day 4.  I told you much earlier that the 1st Chapter of Genesis contains a lot of symbolic references, much like the book of Revelation is covered with symbolism throughout.  Knowing this we can now begin to learn something that will help you in your Bible study tremendously.  What does the symbols of the sun and the moon represent?  If you recall I also told you that the days of creation were a prophetic timelines into the future.  So what happened on the 4th day or around the 4000th year of our history?  We know that Jesus Christ was born in a manger in Bethlehem, he then grew up 30 years and then ministered for 3 years, was crucified by the Roman soldiers, died and then rose again after 3 days.  The fourth day of creation is giving us a prophetic view into the coming of Jesus Christ and the basis for why he came.

So what does the Sun represent?  I will tell you that the Sun represents our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In 2nd Peter 1:19 Jesus is referred to as the “Day Star” that will arise in our hearts.  What is the Day Star?  Just another name or title for the Sun.  Get it?  In Revelation 22:16, Jesus himself is speaking to the church and He calls Himself the “Bright Morning Star”.  What is the Bright Morning Star?  Of course it is another name or title for the Sun.  You do understand that our sun is just our closest star?  I think I’ve given you enough references but here is one more that I will close this lesson with.   In Malachi 4:2 God prophecies that the “Sun of Righteousness” will arise with healing in His wings”.  Who is the Sun of Righteousness, of course it is Jesus Christ.

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  1. Hey Brother-The Red Revolution here again (Gwendolyn). I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying going through your posts. You got the gift brother. Don’t let anyone stop you from digging as deep as you do. I recently finished reading through your Rapture Series, as well as the Woman in Rev. 12. I can confirm your findings. The Lord has always laid it upon my heart that WE-THOSE WHO FOLLOW AND LOVE JESUS, will be the LIVING STONES, the ACTUAL building blocks of the new temple to House God in the New Jerusalem or the new Heaven on Earth. I had a friend recently ask me to dig deeper on the Tower of Babel. I gotta tell ya, I research a lot on the Sumerians and who they followed (Gods from the Sky) and feel that the Gods that they interbred with were the Fallen Angels (Nephilim). The more I study the more I see the connection from way back then into Roman Catholicism and the New World Order (EU). The ancient symbols from Sumeria for the God of Marduk (Son God, also known as the Moon) (Satan) shows up EVERYWHERE in the Roman Catholic Church and the EU. It seems that the Ziggurat (aka tower of Babel) was the Gate of the Gods and they were told to build it in order to achieve their status, which was a lie of course, they were being used BUT…DON’T YOU SEE THE CONNECTION? The Tower of Babel is nothing less a symbolic mirrored event of what is to come: One Religion, One Currency, One World Government, and for what???? So the Elite can achieve God Status, merge with technology to live eternally (or say they think and have been promised by Satan).

    What are your thoughts my friend? Have you studied this subject in depth at all?


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