Key To Understanding! In the Mouth of 2 or 3 Witnesses!

(Ver 1.4)  We can certainly learn many things by observing our judicial court system, legal court proceedings and jury trial systems.  Our court system, while not perfect is based upon some significant established Biblical principles.    God has implemented a legal system in the Old Testament that is relevant to today’s topic of correct Bible Interpretation.  In the Old Testament law God said that if anyone was guilty of breaking the law they were to be tried in a legal court.  One of the requirements found in the O.T. was that any prosecution of a human must be accomplished using 2 or 3 witnesses to the offense and that all of these witnesses must agree with each other.  It is a concept that can be found in our modern courts today.   If you read God’s original Law in the Old Testament you will find this principle given to us by God.  For example, in Numbers 35:30, God speaks of the trial of a murderer and He requires more than one witness in order to put the accused murderer to death.  This is just a very common sense approach that keeps a single person from getting mad at another to accuse them of murder and then they are put to death when they actually never committed the crime.  If there is only one witness, then it is essentially one man’s word against another.   In those cases it is practically impossible to determine who is telling the truth and who is not.  This law is repeated by God in Deuteronomy 17:6 that further states and confirms the need for 2 or 3 witnesses for anybody to be put to death.

Here is one of the basic foundational laws of Bible interpretation that is absolutely critical to understanding the Bible correctly.  God built in a self-protection system that is very important for every Bible student to follow.  If you have ever listened to a variety of preachers and teachers of the Bible, you probably noticed that very few of them actually agree on anything.  In fact it is actually very easy to make the Bible say whatever you want it to say.  You can pull things out of context and you can easily make the Bible say something that it doesn’t say.  Ignorant people, churches, denominations and even intellectual theologians have all proved this reality.  But here is what God says about that, in the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established (2 Cor 13:1).  This means you can’t take a single verse or a part of the verse and say that is what the Bible says.  You are required to provide the collaborating, cooperating and corresponding testimony of at the least a second witness.  Here is an example of what I’m talking about.  There has been a group of individuals that call themselves Christians, that have read a Bible verse from Mark that they say instructs them to handle snakes in their church services.  As a result many have been bitten and some have even died.  That is a prime example of taking one verse out of context and attempting to make it a crazy doctrine.  Don’t be stupid and fall into similar traps and pitfalls.  Learn to correctly divide the Word of God before you start following someone’s stupidity.  Snakes are widely spoken of in the Bible and many times they are a symbolic reference to a spiritual evil force that we cannot see.  So people have taken a single verse literally and as a result have fallen into error.  I’m sorry but that is dumb.

So the goal to correct Bible interpretation is to find at least two scriptures that say the same thing, even though they might say it using different words.   Sometimes you can find a scripture from the Old Testament that is quoted in the New Testament.  That certainly qualifies as two witnesses.  That is the easiest way to confirm a truth in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses.   But, you sometimes don’t have the luxury of a direct quote however, and you have to be smart enough to recognize when a verse with a little bit different wording conveys the same thought or idea on the subject in discussion.  Here is a prime example of what I’m talking about.  In the book of Revelation chapter 12 there is a symbolic woman clothed with a symbolic sun.  In order to figure out who the woman is you have to first figure out who or what the sun is.  You see the identity of one is totally dependent on the identity of the other.  Does that make sense?  Logically the Bible is organized into subjects that can be easily identified because they use the exact same Hebrew or Greek word to covey the subject.  However, sometimes it becomes more difficult and this is another technique that God has used to conceal the truth in the Bible and this is to refer to the same object or noun using different names, terms, titles, descriptions, symbols or characteristics.  It is still the same object, just called something totally different.  Let me briefly enlighten you on the identity of the sun in Revelation 12.  I would have to write a huge book to go into this in as much depth as it really needs to be explored, but I will not attempt to include everything I know right here.  I’ve actually already written several blogs on the subject that contain more details.  The sun is representative of Jesus Christ.  How do I now that?  If as I discussed in earlier blogs that the Bible interprets itself, then we should be able to find the identity of the sun in other scriptures in the Bible.  Well in Malachi 4:2 the Bible speaks of the “Sun of Righteousness” rising with healing in his wings.  Who do you think that is?  This is of course just another symbolic reference, but this time in an Old Testament minor prophetic book that refers to Jesus Christ.  This would be the first and most direct witness to this truth.  But we still need at least one more witness.  So now it become more challenging.   But since I’ve already done the research and figured it out, I’ll take you to the next witness.  There is a verse in Revelation 22:16 that further confirms the subject in the mouth of two witnesses that names Jesus Christ as the bright and “morning star”.  What is “the Morning Star”?  Some think that it is a nearby planet reference, but of course it is the Sun, our closest star to our planet that seems to rise every morning.  Morning Star is the Sun using a different name.  A totally different way to name the exact same thing, yet they both refer directly to the same physical object.  For a third witness of the identity of the Sun we can find it in 2 Peter 1:19 “…until the day dawn and the day star arise in your hearts.”  That was just the end of the verse, but it speaks about Jesus who is the Sun of Righteousness.  You see the name “Day Star” is still another term for the Sun.  The sun is our closest star and usually the only one we are able to see during the daylight hours.  We can easliy conclude that the Day Star would represent a reference to our Sun.  I hope you get the point and understand this valuable concept, if you are searching the Bible for a truth make sure that you find at the minimum two confirming witnesses to help you interpret the meaning correctly, otherwise throw it out.  Whatever someone teaches from the Bible, if they do not follow this important rule, refuse to accept what they teach.  This one thing will help you more than anything else that I know to correctly divide the Word of God.  Follow God’s spiritual protection system for correct Bible interpretation and you will never be on shakey ground.  If you want to understand the Bible correctly, then you must follow the rules that God has given to us or you will remain lost in your ignorance.   Learn that there are rules to correct Bible interpretation, learn what these rules are and then live by them and you will benefit tremendously in learning about God and the truth.  God Bless you and thanks of reading my Bible lesson on correct Bible Interpretation.

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  1. Appreciate your Key to understanding the Bible by the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses

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  2. This is some really good info. Your words have definitely confirmed how I have been reading/studying the Bible. It’s like I have a name for it now which will help me as a guide moving forward and you made me chuckle 🤭 a few times. Good Stuff!

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    • Thank you for reading and studying the Bible with us. Also thank you for sharing your feedback and comments. God bless you exceedingly and abundantly more in the future.


  3. God bless u for the Eye Opening Message


  4. I was searching for something else and stumbled upon your teaching. It was an EYE OPENER FOR ME.!!!!!! God bless you and thank you.


  5. Detrice Bradley

    Thank you so much for teaching me to search and not to alwats agree on others .


  6. Ntombentsha Olga Nodada

    I stumbled to this blog in my search for the scripture about two or three witnesses which I found to be 2 Corinthians 13:1,& more in the Old Testament.
    I am so grateful for the information I have discovered in this blog,infant it is the answer to my prayer about the decision I needed to make.
    I was actually in search of the 2nd/3rd witness to the scripture in James 5:16,I have not found it yet,now I will continue my search using your guidelines.
    Thanks very much,God bless you.


  7. Well finally I’ve found SOMEONE who has an appreciation for a doctrine or law that actually is the schema of interpretation for the Bible.

    This law is found in TWO COROLLARIES were one to analyze by dissection the principle.

    Corollary One is “in the mouth of ONE WITNESS (Single) shall NO (Negative) man be put to death.” Jesus says this in John “If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.” and Peter in his commentary on Paul’s writing gives this in this corrected to the Greek of 2 Peter 1:20, “this first knowing that EVERY PROPHECY (taken one at a time is the implication) is NOT OF ITS OWN INTERPRETATION.” Peter in the following verse gives as reason pretty much HIS concise re-utterance of the law with the first phrase being Corollary one and the second phrase Corollary two, and the added bonus of the source of the testimony.

    Corollary Two is “in the mouth of WITNESSES, TWO OR THREE (multiple) shall a MATTER BE ESTABLISHED (positive). Jesus in Matthew 18 uses this concerning church discipline, and Paul in 1 Corinthians 14 uses it in dealing with doctrine when there were no written new testament scriptures available for the churches at the time.

    The strength of the law in reference to Bible credibility is based on the obvious testimony of two eyes when taken separately and then compared, one finds differences such as in size or placement in relation of objects to another even to revealing detail found in one eye that is not found in another even up to the point of contradiction…while in the case of stereoscopic vision gives MORE information value that taking the pictures separately, to the unlearned or the world the seeming contradictions in the Bible are a source of concern. Yet the Bible gives this law concerning a methodology that is used in VIRTUAL REALITY glasses, new in the market today. Who says the Bible is NOT A BOOK OF SCIENCE (this word is but the Anglicized Latin word for KNOWLEDGE). In fact the idea of the knowledge of one picture while placed on another picture so that it is KNOWLEDGE UPON KNOWLEDGE (EPIGNOSIS in the Greek of 1 Corinthians 13:12) is found in the writings of Paul in 1 Corinthians 13.

    As for law, this is found in the United States Constitution in Article 3 Section 3 concerning two witnesses in reference to treason. Thanks for this little bit of information but there is a lot more that could be used to emphasize this schema of interpretation for the Bible giving the Bible a bit more credibility as compared to other ancient literature.


  8. Thank you. I’ve learnt much from your explanations.


  9. thank you talked about this in bible study today.


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