What is a Bible Expert? Are there any Bible Experts?

(Ver 1.1)  I received a comment on one of my blogs a while back asking if I was a Bible expert.  I replied by asking for a definition of what he thought a Bible expert was.  So far I haven’t gotten an answer to my question.  You see it appeared by the arrangement of his question that this individual was not going to believe what I wrote, if he could not find an expert that also said what I was writing about.  In other words it looked like to me that he was looking for a man to be his source for what he believed.  I can only assume that if he found an “expert” based upon some unnamed criteria as to what makes one an expert, that he would suddenly accept something new to be the truth.   I do not know about you but I feel that is a very dangerous position to take.  You see anybody can say they are an expert.  However, I do understand being cautious about accepting something that someone has written on a blog.  If you do not know this person, their character, their background and their intention for writing the blog then you could be easily deceived into believing something that is not true.

So what do you do?  Are there any Bible experts?  What exactly is an expert?   I guess since I didn’t get an answer to my question I can look in the dictionary and can get someone’s definition for what they consider to be an expert.  So let’s start there.

Expert: A person with a high degree of skill in or knowledge of a certain subject

According to this definition this could apply to anybody about anything.  It is obviously a general definition that goes across many boundaries.  It also sounds very subjective.  Do you understand what I mean by that?  Something is subjective if it depends upon the perspective or opinion of someone else to whether or not anyone could be considered an expert.  Yo Yo Ma could be considered an expert cellist.   I guess this would be my opinion of the man based upon listening to him play the cello.  However, since I do not play the cello does my opinion count for anything.  Now there are other things like in certain sport fields like archery and target shooting, that people can be measured to determine if they are experts.  Based upon the number of perfect shots that they pull off and judging the result from looking at their targets.  This is not a subjective designation for being an expert.  Bowling is another example, if you can bowl a consistent perfect game and never miss you would automatically qualify to be called an expert bowler.  However, there is a huge difference in a subjective designation and a non-subjective designation that is quantifiable and measureable.

When you say somebody is a Bible expert, what are you saying?  Let’s see if we can quantify it or measure it.  You should understand that God is what I would call the ultimate Bible expert.  Only God knows everything the Bible says and exactly what everything in it means.  So if we would place God on the upper end of our scale as the ultimate Bible expert, where would you fall on the scale?  Where would any man fall on the scale?  I believe firmly that there are some men and women who know more than other people on this planet, but I would never call any of them experts as God is an expert.  That also means I do not consider myself to be an expert.  If I said I was an expert I would be saying I have confidence in my ability to figure out everything that I read in the scriptures.  That would in fact make me no different than the man who wrote and asked if I was an expert.   I would be placing too much emphasis on my skills and giving no credit to God who has given me the information that I blog in the first place.

I know men who are in their 80’s and who have studied the Bible and ministered for over 50 years.  But I also know that as much as they know, they do not know everything.  Sure I have learned from them and I do not say there is nothing that they cannot offer me.  But, I have learned that God can show me a single verse in the Bible and ask me a simple question and I learned more from that one question than I could ever learn from the 80 year old man in a much shorter period of time.  If you think that God doesn’t do that you would be wrong.  If you think God doesn’t do that for you, you would be wrong again.  I have studied the Bible in great depth for the last approximate 25 years.  I cannot even count the number of hours that I have spent exploring the Book and asking God questions.  In that time God has spoken some very direct things to me and revealed some awesome things that I have not told anybody.  Some of it is coming out in my blogs, simply because I can’t help it.  You have to teach what you know, that is just a basic principle of life.

So am I an expert?  You be the judge if you want to, I know I am not.  I am just a man who knows an expert God.   I know I write a lot of things that are radically different than anything you will find in any Bible commentary or seminary.  However, consider the source, if everybody got everything they taught from a seminary how would God ever introduce you to anything new?  You might be amazed to find out that God does not always work through man’s organized systems.  Why didn’t God recruit Jesus’ disciples from the priests, the scribes, the Pharisees, etc., the religious leaders of the day    Too many times men have established set procedures and traditions that keep God from doing anything to help them.  So what does God do?  You would be amazed at how God uses the most unlikely candidates to bring out a new message.  If you read your Bible and look you will see God selected a group of men, some fishermen, some business men, a doctor, a lawyer, every kind of profession God would surround himself with.  God chose a shepherd to be the King of Israel.  You can go on and on with who God used in the Bible and ask yourself, would any of these men have been your top candidate for the job?  So is God any different today?  I’ll ask you again, has God changed?  Does He do things differently than He did in the past?  Does God still use the foolish things to confound the wisdom of men?

What are you suppose to do?  Do you believe something based upon the source qualifications of an individual or do you simply just read the Bible for yourself and see if it says what is being taught?    I have written about this next scripture in several of my blogs and I’ll repeat it today because it applies to our subject.  What did the early church do?  Is this a pattern that we should be following?  If you think about the situation of the early church you can learn a significant lesson.  Here we have a group of people who do not have an organized seminary or theological group of experts to consult.  These people were handed something that was completely new to them, a totally radical change to anything that they had ever heard before.  They were taught about things that they had never imagined or even heard taught by anybody on the planet, especially the Jewish religious leadership of the day.  These people faced an extremely important decision and probably the most important eternal decision that they would ever face.  This is really no different than what you are facing right now.  So you can learn this lesson and apply it or you can choose to ignore it and do what you want to.

Act 17:11  These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Paul and the other disciples were travelling about the countryside preaching the Word of God.  They brought such a new radical teaching that I am sure it was immediately rejected by a lot of people just because it was completely new.   However, this verse in Acts describes a group of people that God calls very noble.  You could imply this also means brave and courageous.  These people we are told, kept an open mind to the new things that were being taught them by Paul and the other disciples.   Being open minded is an essential quality to a successful Christian growth process.  But that is not where the verse ends, that was just the key essential ingredient that allowed them to be more noble.  If you read the verse, we are given the key to Bible understanding in determining what we should believe and what we should reject.  This verse says these more noble people heard what was being spoken and then they looked in the scriptures to see it for themselves.  In other words they based their beliefs upon a personal knowing of what they saw in the verses and not based upon what an expert man was telling them to believe.  Did you hear what I just said?  Paul was probably the most expert man of his day and knew more about the scriptures than anyone else.  But Paul never said believe what I say, because I’m an expert and you are not.  Paul always pointed people to the scriptures and the Word of God.  The Bible should be your only source for what you ultimately believe.   You should never take the words of any man, even experts without finding out for yourself what the Bible really says.  If this lesson applied to the early church it still applies to us today.  We are still in the same church that they were in.  We are still in the same body of Christ that they started, and what we believe must be based upon what God has spoken and not any man.

Having said all of that I should also tell you that God does use teachers to help you learn.  God many times will pick one man, like a Paul and give him information and revelation from the scriptures to teach to His children.  So God has anointed some men and women as pastors and teachers and He has given many of them specialties in specific areas of Bible knowledge.  But, if they are not showing you Bible verses for you to see for yourself and for you to study, you should run away from them very, very fast.  Stop looking for an expert to follow and follow God and your Bible.   Use your relationship with God, the author of the Bible to help guide you into the truth that you need to learn today.    Don’t try to make me or anyone else do your Bible studying for you.  If you are depending on what I know for what you believe you will soon be deceived, if you are not already.  I believe what I believe because I have studied it out in the scriptures for endless hours and I am confident in what I teach as being the truth because of this intimate and personal scriptural knowledge.  You of course do not know everything that I know and cannot have the same confidence in anything that I say.  I also understand that concept fully, and I hope that you do to.  As we continue to follow God’s leadership through his Holy Spirit who indwells us, we will continue to grow in spiritual strength and faith and finally become the mature Christian that God is seeking.

So do I think that I am an expert, No!   Are there really any experts in the world?  None that I know of!  After all what is there that we can measure that determines a Bible expert?  Is it a title from a seminary or university?   Is it a duration of a time of study?   Does studying the Bible for 10 years make you an expert?  How about 50 years of studying the Bible does that make you an expert?   I hope that you see the problem with man’s qualification system.  Make God your expert, and use the Bible as your source of knowledge and beliefs.  Listen to God’s anointed teachers and then check out every word that they teach using your Bible and you’ll continue to grow spiritually with the rest of us.  This is God’s system and design for getting people to see and understand the Bible.  I have a responsibility and you have a responsibility.  It is an equal partnership working with God and He will bring the increase from our labors.

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  1. Hi, I must admit that I am very interested in talking to ‘Bible experts’. I call them that and what I am looking for in such a person is someone that is up to date with what generally accepted interpretations of various passage in the Bible are considered to be sound conclusions, ones that are accepted by a large percentage of scholars and other learned, faithful Christians. This Bible expert would be aware of the lessor accepted interpretations as well, those that are not generally accepted by a large percentage of people.

    Of course, many biblical accounts are deemed to have not just a single acceptable explanation at times. In those cases, I would hope that any Bible expert I talked to would be able to explain what those differing conclusions are. And to take it a bit further, a true Bible expert would also have a fair understanding on what conclusions have been recently published, what has long been decided, and what, to this day, is still considered a mystery.

    I really don’t consider a person that has reached profound conclusions, perhaps while filled with the Holy Spirit, about biblical passages to be a Bible scholar. These individuals, rather, seem to best be seen as what would be studied by the scholarly side of this area of interest.

    I am very interested in talking to someone that is well-versed on all that has been written about and decided upon by those that study the Book of Daniel. There are some specific passages that I am interested in. I would love to find out what has been concluded about them. I’m having difficulty finding out this information; it would be good to talk to someone that knows the Book of Daniel inside and out, more or less.

    If you might know of someone to contact, please let me know.

    Your article was very good and raised some key points to consider. Thanks!



    • Thank you very much for your comment and question. I do not label myself as an expert of anything. I have never even met a true expert on any vital subject like the Bible. Some of the most educated scholars that I have met, are some of the most spiritually ignorant and deceived people about God and His Word.

      It is most vital in these end-times before Jesus returns, that you DO NOT follow the majority to hell. Jesus very clearly taught us wide is the path that leads to eternal destruction and damnation, and MANY are they that will follow this way. Narrow is the way that leads to true eternal life, and FEW are they that will find it. Therefore, don’t even trust me! Don’t trust any Bible teacher! ONLY TRUST THE HOLY SPIRIT! He will never deceive you nor lead you into destruction.

      Therefore, the only known expert advice on the Bible can only come from the Author. This is of course the Holy Spirit that lives in each born-again Christian. In John 16:13 Jesus said, the Spirit of Truth, will guide us into all the truth”. He is the only dependable source that understands every letter, every word, and every sentence, every paragraph, every chapter, every book, and the entire book all balanced together. Please pray and ask God to show you what you desire to know from Him about Daniel or any other subject. The prayer in Ephesians 1:17 is a great one to pray every day for the next many weeks. This prayer asks God to give us the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of Him (Christ). Pray and believe God heard and answered this prayer and He will give unto you more knowledge of Jesus than you can imagine. I love you and God loves you even more. Trust Him because He is extremely faithful. Get to know Him, and He will allow you to see Him in His Holy Word. Thank you and God bless you. Jesus is LORD and He is coming very soon!


      • Hi,

        Thanks so much for responding. I appreciate your response. I must apologize, though, I did not make myself clear with my initial comment.

        I don’t follow anyone, first of all. However, I do take heed to what people say, not because I need someone to follow, but because I want to see if the insights I’ve been provided by God through the Holy Spirit have been also revealed to any others.

        This is why I have an interest in finding someone that indeed is aware of what research has been completed as far as the Book of Daniel goes. I don’t seek individuals to agree with it, I seek them out to destroy them.

        Again, if you are aware of anyone that claims to be an expert in everything related to the Book of Daniel, I would be most interested in contacting them

        Thanks again for your response!



      • I do not believe you understand what Spirit you are being led by. It is not the Holy Spirit. He is not the destroyer. God is love and we live in an age of Grace. He only desires to save us. May God open your heart and mind to His truth.


  2. I thank you for this resource. Never is truth based on consensus / or popularity – I remember when science too never went by consensus but seems to now – a -days.


  3. Thank you for sharing this.


  4. Kevin R.Daniel

    A bible expert would be someone who has the gift of interpretation and related talents .. a bible expert is able to view and define different points of views of the subject , sometimes brings out a hidden thought or interpretation etc . Most importantly a bible expert must be able to subdue wrong ideas and interpretations with perfect biblical texts backing their argument ..


  5. After reading this article I still need clarification on your comments!


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