I Said Ye Are gods! Understanding Hard Sayings to Accept In the Bible!

(Ver 1.3)  This is “Part 1” of a series of lessons that I am doing on “Understanding Hard Sayings” found in the Bible.  The Bible is full of many difficult and hard things that we wrestle to wrap our limited human minds around.  God says some things in the Bible that are extremely hard to accept by a lot of people.   Most of the time, Christians read a difficult saying in the Bible and just ignore it, because they do not know how to explain it.  Heaven forbid that we just read a Bible verse and accept it for what it says!  Hardly ever do you hear a preacher teach on any of these hard things found in the Bible and when they do they usually attempt to excuse them or explain them away as something that they do not say.  I do not know if they are afraid of these verses or just do not want to take the chance of offending anyone so they just steer away from all of the controversy.  I could give you many examples of this in the Bible, but I’m going to go into one that is extremely controversial in most religious circles and one that is hardly ever mentioned in any church.  Human reasoning has attempted to say that man is a nobody and a worm of a being.  Many think that man is a being of very low order and importance in the spiritual chain of command or you might call it symbolically, the spiritual food chain.   I have heard many ministers get up and teach how unworthy we are and how we are nothing and that we can do nothing.  Yet the Bible does not seem to indicate this at all.  I would say from what I read that it actually says the opposite. 

Let me start by asking you a question that I have thought of and maybe you have also.  If man was so unimportant and low in the spiritual food chain, why did God have to come to the earth in person to pay for our sins with His own blood and life?  I mean that is an amazing question to consider.  Couldn’t God come up with some other way or plan to fix the sin problem of the human race?  God of course is the “Most High” in the spiritual food chain.  There was and still is no one higher than God and yet He chose to come to the earth in the flesh.  Were there not anyother sinless beings in heaven?  Couldn’t God have sent someone else?   Let me ask you was there anyone else that could have accomplished what God wanted and needed to accomplish with Jesus Christ?  I do not think there was anyone else, but I can’t tell you all of the reasons why in this lesson.

Here is today’s key controversial Bible verse and it is Jesus speaking to the religious leaders in Jerusalem.  Let me tell you what is happening within the context of this verse so that you will understand it a little better.  In this chapter of John, the Jews are speaking with Jesus and they are very upset and angry with Him.  They ask Jesus to tell them plainly if He is the Messiah or not.  Jesus tells them they do not believe the works that He does in his Father’s name so they would not believe if He told them anything else.  They claim that Jesus has just blasphemed against God because He has called Himself the Son of God and they begin to pick up stones to kill Him and this is what Jesus says to them in this chapter 10 of John:

Joh 10:34  Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are Gods?

What do you do with a statement like that?  It is truly a difficult saying to accept.  You can clearly see why it has been so vastly ignored, like it is not in the Bible.  I think most people just think Jesus didn’t know what He was talking about or Jesus must have lied.  Surely He didn’t mean exactly what He said?  How can men be gods?  To hear people preach you would think that we were the lowest of the low.  It would be impossible for most religious people to think of themselves in these terms.  Do you think Jesus would say that again if He was standing in front of you in the flesh and you asked Him to?  I have to admit that I struggled with accepting that statement.  After all Jesus did not say it to me personally, or did He?  You see once I realized that the Bible was written to me personally as a love letter and a guide or handbook for every human, then I looked at this Bible verse a lot differently.   This is probably the greatest challenge most Christians are faced with.  To read a Bible verse and claim it to be true for Me and You!  As long as you read the Bible in an impersonal and indirect way like it was written for someone else and not you, you will never accept what it really says.

Let me briefly focus on the Greek word translated as “gods” in this verse.  Because it is a very important word to understand.  This Greek word G2316 is “theos” and it means “supreme deity”.  It is used in the N.T. over 1000 times and mostly for the name for our “God”.  Why would God use the exact same word to describe us as He uses to describe Himself?  I find that a fascinating question to ponder.  I believe it reveals more than we can possibly imagine.  It is beginning to change my perspective considerably on where man was created on the spiritual food chain, but we will need to research and study in order to find the truth. 

Did you know that Jesus only taught things that He learned in the Old Testament Bible?  Jesus would walk around and teach things that He found from reading the Hebrew books of the Law.  These books were given to them by God and they contained the laws of God.  So once you realize that Jesus only spoke things that He learned in the Old Testament you begin to realize the significance of the Word of God.  Jesus placed a very high priority on what was written in God’s Word.  In this verse in John, Jesus was speaking to the Jewish leaders who knew the law.  Jesus asked them a very simple question and one that could easily be verified.  Jesus asked them “Is it not written in your law?”  You see in this chapter the Jews were accusing Jesus of calling himself the Son of God and they called it blasphemy.  But, Jesus responded to their accusation with a simple verifiable question.  Doesn’t your Law say that you are gods?  In other words God had called them gods a long time before Jesus said He was the Son of God and they ignored it like religious people still do today.   Do you see the parallels found in our churches today?  Do you see the religious patterns still prevalent in the minds of religious people today?   Here is one of the verses that Jesus heard read from their law and Jesus learned this verse in their temple so they could not deny that it was written there:

Psa 82:6  I have said, ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

In this verse in Psalms Jesus was taught that the Most High God called men gods.  If Jesus could read and see this verse in the Bible, how is it that the religious leaders of the day did not understand what they had read in their own law?  Did God blaspheme when He called men gods?  This verse further goes on to call all men and women the children of the Most High.  That means they were all called the sons and daughters of God before Jesus said He was the Son of God!  If Adam was created a son of the most High God what does that make Adam?  You see now we are getting into the problem that religious people have with all of these types of verses in the Bible.  If Adam was a son of God that would make Adam an older brother of Jesus in the natural realm.  That causes many people to choke when they hear me say that.  You see I did not say Adam was God or “the Son of God”.  Adam was just a child of the Most High like this verse tells us clearly.  I certainly know how difficult the Bible is to understand and how complex it can get.  I have had people say to me that I am giving you my opinion on what the Bible says.  When someone says that to me, I know they do not know how to read or either they read it, but don’t want to see what it says.  I rarely give you my opinion about anything.  My opinion is not worth a dime to anyone, including to me.  I could care less about my opinion.  I am really only interested in what God’s opinion is and if you are not doing the same, you need to go to some other book and study it.  If you are not interested in learning what the Bible says, you should be reading someone else’s blog. 

I also want to speak of the Hebrew word translated as “gods” in this verse in Psalms.  This word is again a very importan word found in the Bible.  The Hebrew word H430 is the word “elohiym” and it is used over 2000 times in the O.T. for the name of God.  Again we have the same confirmation that God is calling us gods by direct name association.  That places such vast importance upon this subject that I cannot even describe it fully or begin to fully comprehend it all.  Let’s briefly consider some more scripture from the book of Psalms:

Psa 8:4  What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?

Here is an interesting question that many people are asking today.  Who am I and why am I here?  This verse asks why is man on this planet?  And why did God have to come in person to visit us in the flesh, by the man called Jesus Christ.  So here is God’s answer to the question of why we are here:

Psa 8:5  For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels and hast crowned him with glory and honour.

Wow, more words religious people choke on.  You see in this verse it has a grossly mistranslated Hebrew word.  The translators were clearly choking on what it said in their minds and changed it to something else they thought was safer.  The Hebrew word translated as “angels” is the same word “‘ĕlôhı̂ym” that is normally translated as a name of God.  This verse in the original Hebrew is calling Adam a little bit lower than the Most High God.  A little bit means a very small peck down the ladder and not a vast expanse of difference.  Man was made a little lower than God and he fell down below the angels when Adam sinned.  This verse says that “Man” was crowned.  To be crowned means to be given “royal authority” and “sovereign authorization” or “power”.  The term to be crowned with glory and honor is very significant and implies many good things were given to man by God.

Psa 8:6  Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet:

These verses are an outstanding conformation for what God said to man in Genesis 1.  Man was given “dominion” over the works of God’s hands.  What were the works of God’s hands?  It was everything that we can see or touch that is around us.  To have “dominion” means to rule over, have authority over, to be in control of and to make decisions for.  It implies that man was to take care of what God had given to us.  It means that we were responsible to guard it and to keep those out that were not suppose to be here.   It means a lot of things.  It is like the United States government has “dominion” over the 50 state country.  It is responsible to take care of it, protect it and defend it.

Psa 136:2  O give thanks unto the God of gods: for his mercy endureth for ever.

Here we have another verse that is often ignored.  Who is the God of gods?  We can easily recognize this to be our Most High God!   However then who are the gods that He is God of?  That  becomes a mystery to many people.  To make us those individuals would never cross the minds of the religious thinkers.  However, I believe God is saying that we are those people called gods.  Again God calls us gods in a remote verse of the Bible that is widely overlooked.

So YOU and I are NOT the Most High God, but yet we were made in His image and likeness and we have His nature.  We do not have His Power or His ability, but yet for our lives we do have control of our own destiny.  You see we do have some power, we have the power to choose right or wrong, we have the power to choose life or death, we have the power to choose between heaven or hell and that is a lot of responsibility that many are taking too lightly.

So if God and Jesus called men and women gods, who am I to argue?  Who are you to say you are not?  I think some day people will stand before God and find out they had more responsibility than they realized to what happened to them.  I believe that God expects more out of us than you can imagine right now.  I don’t know if this will happen before Jesus returns or not for I do know the time we have left on this earth is very short.

It bothers me when people blog and at the end of their blog they ask people a question like what do you think?  When bloggers do this, they imply that what others think matters.  I think that many times people are just trying to encourage comments and I guess that is OK.   However, just as I am not interested in my own opinion, I am not interested in your opinion either.  If you know a Bible verse that would directly contradict anything that I just said, I would be very interested in hearing about it.  I am NOT God and I DO NOT know everything.  So I like to learn new things if they are legit things from the Bible.  If you just struggle with accepting the Words of Jesus, I suggest that you take up your questions and comments with Him and not me, because I was not the one that said it.  God Bless!

If you would like to continue reading in this series about Hard Sayings Explained in the Bible, please continue with “Part 2“.

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  1. I love the way you explained these verses. A few years ago, the Lord revealed to me that we are gods. As a pastor, I’ve asked the Lord how to teach on this subject. Like you said, if we can get a hold of this revelation, we will walk in power and authority in this life as we reign in Christ Jesus as kings & priests.
    Thank you for sharing!!!


  2. Interesting article and good discussion- I was reading the book of John and came across this verse and it made me wonder the true meaning because as you said it is not taught anywhere and this verse is just glanced over. My question is do you consider all people “children of God”? or does that only apply to followers of Jesus? So what is the point of us thinking of ourselves as gods and how will this affect our relationship with God and man. There are several definitions of “god” out there and none are equal with the Lord God. Thanks for your article and I will keep searching for answers.


    • Thank you for reading, commenting and asking questions. That is very noble of you. It is great to hear from anyone that is a serious seeker of the truth. John 8:44 Jesus said to a group of religious people that they were of their father the devil. Therefore it is obvious that not everyone is a child of God. According to the Bible not everyone that is a confessed follower of Jesus is His child either. Read Mat 7:21-23 when Jesus speaks to people that called Him Lord but denies he ever knew them. Wow, that is amazing. Romans 8:14 informs us that only those that are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. Therefore, NOT EVERYONE is one of His Children even in church. I’ll try to answer the other questions soon. God Bless you.


  3. Amen brother!thats the word of spoken in the spirit of TRUTH.Most can but will not accept truth on that level.We become responsible to the father and accountable,so rejection becomes default button.Thanks for sharing truth boldly.God bless.


  4. Edna Taut Curtis

    Psalms 82:6 is well explained. We are gods firstly, because Gods own breath is in us. We are created in Gods image and likeness, Gen 1:26. We are created in His love or fruit of His love. He gave us his power (Ephesians 1:19-21) to live and act in Gods likeness, but also give us a freedom to choose life or death (Deuteronomy 30:19-2, which clearly stated that CHOOSE LIFE. So we should not give excuses in living a life that leads to death. God already gave us everything we need to life a life of victory or life.


  5. This is TRUTH.

    We have infinitely more power than we know. We are indeed gods, and our power extends into all of creation. Not only do we have the ability to choose from right and wrong, we are truly all powerful beings.

    We are the gods of this creation. Every moment we experience grows from our minds. This is our realm, given to us by our Father to create wonder. As we are all creators.

    There are very simple mechanics in play that shape this creation. Understand them and you will be a god on earth. Understand them through Christ in you and we will be GOD on earth.

    Stop waiting for the second coming and become the second coming!

    Visit http://www.iamgodhere.com for detailed instructions to follow. They will be listed with the rising of the blood moon. The Body of Christ is Arising in us now. Salvation from this human condition is coming to us all. Be God with me and we will change the world. Through One Spirit, with all authority. I break away the spells of blindness which have been cast upon the body of Christ. See truth in His perfect timing. God’s will for us all.

    God Bless each and everyone of you. May truth find you quickly.

    Christian Love
    Living Spirit of Jesus Christ


  6. Wow am real blessed sir thank you sir


  7. I think that you are wonderful for being bold enough to publicly discuss your viewpoint. Its nice to hear another mention the fact that we are gods, as that IS who we are. You make note of this and then in closing mention, “My opinion is not worth a dime to anyone, including to me. I could care less about my opinion. I am really only interested in what God’s opinion” and that “your are NOT God”. This makes me wonder if you even truly believe what you are

    Im coming from a place of Love so please do not misunderstood my intention. We are all gods, period. God Source, The Most High God, designed creation with the purpose of knowing Itself. I say Itself because to refer to The Most High as man or woman would be a limiting perspective and as Im sure we can agree, our God is not a God of limits.
    One can conceive of a thing but does not know a thing until one experiences the thing. In order for God, the Source of All That Is, to know Itself then it must be necessary to create a way to experience the conception of Itself…hence creation. Man is the physical vehicle, if you will, for God to experience the awesomeness of knowing Itself.

    When we decide to come to the Earth plane we agree to be “put to sleep” which is simply another way of saying to not to remember (which is why its spoken of as spiritual awaking). When we seek with ALL of our heart to know God then we discover that to do this is ONLY possible when we look into our very own hearts and delve to the deepest recess of our being, who We are as an individual. For to look at ANY man, other than Self, with ANY judgement, anything other than PERFECT Love and compassion would be to not KNOW this concept. For to know and not to do is NOT to know.

    When one practices diligently to be aware, which is ONLY possible when one is living the majority of moments in the present…in the Now; not thinking of anything that happened even a moment ago and thinking nothing of the next moment (unless the thought brings you great joy, which is the point afterall of this earth experience)
    When this occurs one quickly realizes the answers to every question one ever had. There is only truth in this place called Now, truth and ultimate simplicity as new perspective is the gift of the Now. From this new place of perspective EVERYTHING is now easy! I dare you to try it 🙂 the absolute peace that TRULY surpass ALL earthly understanding is bestowed upon you effortlessly. Faith is not necessary here…knowing-ness now takes its place. Like you know your own name, not a soul could convince you otherwise (except maybe your mother, lol) because you know your name, you have NO question or doubt about it, no faith is required because you know that you know…its thats kind of knowing-ness, it is entirely effortless…it is not a place of figuring anything out, you get out of your brain and into your heart.

    Our hearts literally have the capacity to think. Science now proves this. That is where we are to think from not what most of us have been taught, which is something like…don’t think with you heart, think with your head. As usual, we have been taught ENTIRELY backwards…religion tells us we are not worthy and some religions go as far as basically saying that we are not ready to communion with God so for a small fee their priest will do it for you and then they teach all kinds of fearful untruths even though the bible they teach from says 350 times, “do not fear”. It is almost funny but its really not, its a laugh or cry situation that we are TOTALLY in control over.

    One simply must realize they ARE GOD. We are EACH pieces or parts of the Most High coming to Earth to experience another part of the whole. When we feel something, God feels something. Its that simple.

    When the journey of spiritual awaking begins the truths that become simply unveiled are quite astonishing. One can choose to be angry at the lies and deceit bestowed upon the majority of mankind OR one can realize that if that is the choice one makes then they are 100% responsible for having this remain in their experience, literally. To be conscious or aware or focus or think, however one chooses to refer to it, of a thing is to fuse the thing with energy, life giving energy, for that is what we are all comprised of. To turn from a thought or simply put, to not think of a thing, to not even consider it for a moment, is to NEVER have it in your experience. This is 100% fail proof. I challenge anyone to test it. For it is simply not possible, in the same manner as it is impossible to be in the light and dark at the same time, it defies the laws of physics.
    However, back to the point 🙂 You are very much a part of The Most High. We all are. For God Source is the profound AND the profane. God has to be unless God is a liar and im sure we can agree thats not the case. For Source is just that, the Source of All That Is. The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning, the end, the WHOLE story.

    How many times does the bible tell us not to judge, lest we be judged? What does that mean to you? We are ALL one, all God. To judge another lest we be judged does not mean when our “judgement day” arrives then God himself will judge us allowing some to get in those proverbial pearly gates and others to be condemned to damnation, entering a whole different kind of gate, one made of fire. But I ask you this, why would a Loving God tell the parts of Itself that is called human, that we have free will and then condemn us to a place called Hell if we should chose something other than what we have been told are his commandments? Maybe, those commandments are a guideline to achieving a particular state of consciousness rather than rules to follow in order to not be sent to a fiery pit to be condemned for an eternity for simply believing God when he said we have free will. My God, is not that cruel. That sounds a little more like a idea stemming from the ignorance of man. But to each his own. I do not care how others live there plan, for we all came to experience something, whatever that something is and I have no desire to attempt to detour anyone from executing what they came to experience…for who is to say what is right or wrong? There is ONLY cause and effect…the only rules we need to abide are the beautiful and perfect immutable laws of the Universe. For to say that a thing is wrong would be to say that God, All That Is, is wrong.

    Look up the Hebrew meaning of the word sin, you will find that it does not mean to commit something wrong; it simply means to miss, to be absent, to not be present in the moment of Now. This is the ONLY thing that would be considered sin, because to not re-member is to not do what you came for…we must re-“member” the body of God. Put back together if you will. For without ONE of us We ALL cease to exist. We truly are one and we truly are God. That is where we came from and where we will return to…ALL of us.

    So my friend, please do not discount your beautiful Self by saying that your opinion does not matter because the thoughts are not yours…they are Universal from the One Mind. So know this always, what you think matters. For ALL thoughts are things indeed and when you creed that a thing is true then God agrees. It is truly that simple. God Source does not tell Itself, any part, no. It’s ALWAYS, Yes, that’s true. Which is why everyone is right. Everyone’s truth is their truth, not one is lying. What one believes will ALWAYS, without exception, be what is proven to them in their reality. For we truly do have the power within ourselves to change our reality, our literal day to day reality. We truly do carry within every single one of us the capacity to change our DNA in a very literal way, if that is our choice…and whatever one chooses is always okay if it is what is serving your purpose best.

    Remember you are always right in the eyes of God Source…also, remember that in times of contrast, or otherwise said, the times when we are experiencing the lack of something we desire, that without the dark we would NEVER know what the light was, thereby never being able to appreciate its awesomeness. For a light in a room filled with light it is impossible to notice its beauty however when that same light is placed in the darkness…wow! So in the times of lack know that it is bringing you always it counterpart, so love the contrast for what it is allowing you to experience.

    So remember to know Love we must know fear, however it is not an advisable place to stay in, for as the bible states, that is the only place to be afraid of (because where attention goes, energy flows).

    In this world of relativity everything has its counterpart. This is not a cruel joke played by a cruel God but a loving thing which is put in place for loving reasons…for without polarity or duelality we could never know the greatness of who We are…it would simply just be that way all the time, never allowing us any satisfaction. So I leave you (finally, lol) with this…You are very much a piece of the puzzle persay of God and Your opinion is the only one that matters.

    Much Love, as always…in the Now!



    • Fisayo Olusegun

      Dear Sherry, the writer was not discussing his viewpoint. In actual fact the writer states he is not interested in his viewpoint. When the writer says that he is not God he uses the capitalised form of the word which denotes a degree of separation supported by scripture. So the writer does accept that they are a god as Jesus has called them, ergo the writer is simply sharing Jesus’ opinion of them and certainly believes it enough to share with whoever would read it. As to the rest of your essay I shall just say I guess you enjoy writing.. All the best with that.


  8. Thank you for sharing!

    For me, after my mom got me a study bible in 4th-grade bible school, I learned quickly it was best not to seek clarification. I was asking why, if Jesus said something like, “These things I do, you can do as well.”, didn’t that mean we were similar or the same as Him? I was shut down. And later found versions you shared but knew by then not to bring them up.

    Reading about the writing of that study bible, even back in the early 1960s, it stated it was 14 generations away from the first, and the scholars voted on terms or definitions they disagreed on (perhaps mob rule won out). So much for not changing anything one jot, one tittle, or however the saying went.

    After I asked why God killed a young man in the Old Testament who evidently, “…spilled his seed upon the ground.”; not impregnating his late brother’s wife as his father ordered. I was told that even thought we had received both Old and New, we were only to read the New, as the Old was a former contract. …Evidently then null and void.

    My raised hand was ignored after that, and I decided churches were just another form of government … Full disclosure was for the steeple, not the oligarchy of tyrants. But now I find myself wondering what changes might occur if I learned to but keep the faith of a mustard seed and grow beyond the status quo of the mainstream? 😉


    • Several “typos”, but you get the point. Not seeing any EDIT option. I think it was closer to, “These things I do, you can do and more.” That bible version seems to have been misplaced over the past 50+ years. And spellcheck changed a word to “steeple”, when what I typed was “sheeple”.
      And there are likely etceteras…! Two magic words, “Oh we’ll.” 😉

      All is One and One is All, is now my perspective of All-That-Is. Again, thank you.
      Bless us ALL that we can rethink ALL of it and move on.


  9. This is outstandingly awesome…..God bless u


  10. Good word. The truth will always prevail.


  11. Hello and good day 🙂 I have a question even though it should seem clear, its one of those questions 🙂
    when the serpent is talking to the woman in Genesis 3, when the serpent says “ye”, does this mean the serpent means both the woman and the man when he tells her “ye”? plural as in second person pronoun, the serpent is telling her they both will not die and both will be like goods when they eat….yes? thank you in advance for any help its very important I learn this, thanks, Kevin


  12. Madugu Emmanuel

    Thank you very much for that confirmatiön, when i saw this in the Bible, i quickly put the Bible down and tried to erase that thought running in head but the more i tried the less i succeeded. I had to study it over and over again to allow it to settle. That is who i am! An unstoppable being in Christ Jesus.


  13. Hi,
    Thanks for posting.
    I love the Psalm 82:6. I would like to borrow an analogy I read somewhere that,: a part of a whole must be of necessity be the same in nature and kind as the whole. E.g a drop of water in the ocean is part of the whole ocean, the only difference is one of degree. As”gods” or children of the Most High,the references to the same.

    2. Ephesians is very clear in Ch6:10 that we should be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.That means we have access to operate in His mighty power. Jesus said the same thing when He gave instructions to His disciples in Mathew 28:18-19.
    So,it is true when you say we have been empowered and we don’t know it.Indeed Hosea 4:6-7 does apply.

    Thanks again,you are blessed!


  14. I too was searching on this verse as God brought it to me in guidance for a conflict in my heart over opinions about the nature of man, Christ and God. My heart resonates with what you wrote and God himself seemed to speak to me through your words. Thank you so much for helping me clarify what the “still small voice” within me was leading me to understand and embrace.


  15. I searched google for this information, not that I stumbled on it. It was a revelation God showed me and He also gave me the scripture as well but I couldnt remember it properly so I google to get the scripture and understand the message. Here, I found your blog after going through the scriptures and everything you have written here is absolutely in place. God is Love. He has demonstrated this by making us in His own image and when we fell, sent His Son Jesus to redeem us. What a God! Having redeemed us, He wants us to realize who we are and who He is to us. Words are not enough here to say ♓☺w I feel. God Bless you for this piece you have written and God Bless all the readers too. God Loves Us All!!!


  16. Good article. Explains a lot of stuff.


  17. Did I not say you are all gods, sons of a higher God. For you see that one bit of whatever it is that makes God also makes us. One is all as all is one.


  18. You have really helped me today in finding out who CHRIST is more. Keep seeking GOD’s face and he will reward you openly.


  19. Hi,

    I would like to use this blog with your URL on my Sabbath Devotionals this Saturday. May I have your permission? It’s fantastic article and WOW I would love for my readers to see it.




    • You are more than welcome to share whatever I write about. God said freely you have received, freely give (Mat 10:8). So I try to follow these instructions that God has givin to us. God Bless!


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