The Sin Unto Death! Part 2 The Unpardonable Sin!

(Ver 1.3)  Today is Part 2 on the subject of “Once Saved, Aleays Saved”, “Eternal Security”, or “Unconditional Security” of the believer after salvation.  I will continue to talk about this subject today in greater detail giving you a new perspective on the subject that I call the introduction of the  unpardonable sin.  Does an unpardonable sin exist?  Can a Christian commit this sin and even lose their salvation?  In the first lesson on this subject I contrasted the teaching of some churches that is often called the doctrine of “once saved, always saved”, to a new but clear reference found in the Bible of what God calls the “Sin Unto Death”.  In that lesson I taught that God instructs us not to even pray for a person that has commited this type of Sin Unto Death.   If you did not read this first lesson, I would strongly suggest that you go back and start your reading with “Part 1” and then continue forward to today’s lesson. 

So what is the “Sin Unto Death”?  As you recall from Part 1 of this series I determined that man still possessed a free will choice and that they could decide at any point in time not to be saved.  This action would result in their rejection of the saving grace of God.  That which God has given to them for free can be freely given back to God at any time.  People will never lose the right to choose between good and evil, God and Satan, light and darkness even if it is an extremely stupid choice to make the wrong decision.  I do not think that the people who teach “once saved, always saved” have taken this reality into account.  They simply want to rely on the divine omnipotence of God to make all of their choices and decisions for them but God just does not do this.  There are several references in the Bible that indicate people must strive and contend for the faith (Jude 1:3).  That there is a struggle and an armed conflict raging in the spiritual realm (2 Tim 4:7).  We have a spiritual enemy doing all that he can to deceive us and cause us to turn back to our previous ways.  There are numerous scriptures that clearly inform us that people are not once saved and then can never make the choice to go back to their old life styles.  For example:

Heb 10:26  For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,

This verse in Hebrews is another prime example of someone who was saved by the shed blood of Christ and who has now wilfully chosen to go back to sin.  Wilfully displays a choice of their freewill.  This verse describes a Christian that has learned the truth of God’s Word, but now decided to ignore it.  I gave you another verse in the last lesson and it was interesting to see that this person was described as someone who has trodden or walked on the Son of God in verse 29.  This is a common Bible term that is used for when someone defeats an enemy.  So to this person, Christ is no longer their savior, but has become their enemy.  When a person turns back to this old way, you can read here in vese 26 that there is no more sacrifices that can save them.  This verse says that they had accepted the one true way to God but have now turned away from the truth and as a result have lost their salvation without any hope for salvation.  That is a clear definition to what an unpardonable sin is.  God clearly tells us that there is only one sacrifice for our sin, not two, three or more.  Christ died one time on the cross, so do not take it lightly, thinking that it is OK to walk away from Christ and that you can come back whenever you like.  This is the sin unto death that God is speaking of. 

Here is a new problem that I was recently introduced to.  One persons tried to explain away all of these verses in Hebrews 10 as not applying to Christians because they said this book was only written to the natural Jews or the Hebrews.  Wow, people can become so deceived, can’t they?  How ignorant do you have to be to not see this book was written to church?  That means it was written to me!  That means the scriptures apply to me.  If you used their logic then the book of Timothy only applies to Timothy and we should it ignore it also.  Using their logic the book of Romans was only written to the people in Rome so we should iginore that one also.  I could go on and on like this through every epistle in the N.T. and explain each of them away using some ignorant human reasoning.  I’ve seen this type of behavior by Christians and even seminary graduates repeatedly.  Whenever they do not want to embrace a truth as being applicable to them, they say it was written to someone else.  Heaven help them to see the truth!


Now is the time to get into my new main subject verse that is very important for you to understand.  Here is another key verse of scripture that has great significance to our subject of eternal security and to what I have been teaching on subject of the sin unto death.  The Eternal Security Extreme Grace message is based solely upon the theory that there are no sins that are possible for a Christian to commit that will cause them to lose their salvation.  I mean that would be a radical message, if that is what Jesus believed.  However since Jesus didn’t even believe that I think I will not write off His words to believe in a false eternal security.  Look here in this verse in Matthew, and see that Jesus is speaking and that He says some things that are very hard to accept for my Grace teachers so they have to ignore them or explain them away:

Mat 12:31  Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

Apparently, according to what Jesus just said there is at the least one sin that will not be forgiven of anyone that commits it.  If you did not understand that this was an all-inclusive statement that leaves no one out, then you are not reading it correctly.  This verse would have to apply to all Christians as well as to all non-Christians equally since Jesus did not qualify the target audience.  Jesus informs us that there are a whole bunch of different kinds of sins and blasphemies that will be forgiven a man or a woman on this planet.  But, Jesus then says that there is one that will not be forgiven any man or any woman at any time and that is when they blaspheme the Holy Ghost.  Therefore, if there is just ONE SIN that is unforgiveable, then salvation is no longer unconditionally secured, but has been transformed by definition to a conditional salvation.  Remaining saved would then be totally dependent upon you not commiting the blasphemy of the Holy Ghost.  That clearly changes salvation to an unsecured CONDITIONAL event!  So let’s define this word blaspheme, using the Strong’s:


From G989; to vilify; specifically to speak impiously: – (speak) blaspheme (-er, -mously, -my), defame, rail on, revile, speak evil.

Obviously, according to this definition, blasphemy is the spoken words of a person, that are directed against the character of God.  As you can see it implies that God’s character and nature is good and yet I hear men constantly speaking of Him in terms of being an evil being.  I would be very careful with what you say about God, after reading this verse.  If you walk about speaking of God as being evil or being the reason for evil you do not understand the Bible and are in jeopardy of being guilty of blaspheming the Holy Spirit of God.  I heard people speak of God being responsible for the 9/11 attacks of the terrorists and that to me is blasphemy.  I have heard people claim God is responsible for the earth quake in Haiti, and that to me is also blasphemy.

Satan uses whatever he can to try to deceive you.  I have been guilty of this in the past.  Because of my ignorance of the Bible, Satan used my ignorance against me to his advantage when I was young.  I remember when I was a kid growing up in church, a traveling minster came into the church and spoke.  I do not recall everything he was talking about, but I do know that he spoke about the “unforgiveable sin”.   Later in my life, as I was getting close to 21 years old, I was faced with a very hard set of circumstances.  I was recently married and my father fell unconscious in his living room.  It appears later that we found out that he had a stroke.  They rushed him to the hospital and he lay there for a few days still unconscious.   Now my father was a preacher a big part of my life.  He went to Bible school and had a church that he was the pastor of and seemed to me to be doing the right things.  One day as I drove by the hospital I was very discouraged and down about the situation and I said out loud “if this is the kind of God you are, I don’t want anything to do with you”.  You see we had many Christians praying and God was not appearing to answer.   What I did not know was all of the things that God had tried to do months earlier to get my father to change and fix the problem that was causing these results.  My father either out of pride or rebellion did not heed the warning given to him by a great man of God that tried to help him.  My father was sitting in a Bible class with this man one day and God showed the teacher that my father was going to die.  God told the teacher what to say to him and asked my father to come see him privately to talk about it.  This man prayed for my father in public, but did not tell anyone what he saw or what God said.  Months later this same man spoke at my father’s funeral service.  God put the responsibility of what happened to my father in my father’s hands and my father chose to ignore it as being unimportant.  You do realize that God leaves your destiny up to you and you alone?

So now the years went by and Satan used the fact of what I said to God to convince me that I had committed the unpardonable sin against God.   Satan used the words of a minster from my childhood to convince me that I could no longer by saved.  Ministers need to learn to be careful what they say to who.  If they are not careful they can affect someone just as easily negatively as they can positively.  There were times that I thought of suicide and had a desire to just end it all.  But, thank God for His mercy and His grace!  You see later in my life I had another situation come up that I had no other place to turn, but to God.   In crying out to God for help I started to seek Him to know Him better and to see if I could still be saved.  I learned from my mother that God had tried to help my father months before he died in that Bible class.  So it was not God’s fault that my father died.  So even though I blamed God for it, it was because of my ignorance of the situation that caused me to say what I did to God.  God as a result did not hold it against me and God could still and did forgive me.  One night with my wife, after I had been seeking for more of God, God came upon me and then filled me with His Spirit on the inside.  This was a manifestation of His Spiritual divine power like I had never experienced before or since.   God solved Satan’s plan of deception with an experience that left no doubt in my mind that God was real and that He was on the inside of me and I belonged to Him.  I now knew for sure beginning that night that I had not committed the unpardonable sin and that God cared about me personally enough to prove it.  So I cannot guarantee you that God will do for you what He did for me in the exact same way.  Rarely have I ever seen God do the same exact thing twice in the precise same way.  However, God knows how to reach you if you are interested in being reached.  If you believe in God, like I did you have half the battle won.  If you want more of God and are truly hungry and thirsty for more of His Spirit, you are on the right path to allowing God to work in you, however He sees fit to make Himself real to you.  God is sovereign and God is omnipotent.  But, God will not override your will or your choices.  God will remain hidden, until you make the choice to seek Him diligently.

So I gave you a mini version of my testimony and I usually do not talk about me in my blogs.  My blogs are not about me!  However, I think my experience might be able to help someone so I included it in hope that the right people would find it.

1Jn 5:16  If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it.

If you are concerned that you have already committed the unpardonable sin, but are questioning it and reading this blog, you probably have not.  Satan is very tricky, he definitely uses what you do not know to hurt you and deceive you any way that he can.  Satan uses your thoughts against you.  He puts doubts and thoughts in your mind to mislead you into destruction.  Be hungry for the truth!  Seek God with all of your heart!  God will not let you down, He actually wants to show you how real He is.

Rom 6:16  Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?

There will always be a choice set before you as long as you are on this earth in the flesh.  God will never take your ability to choose away from you.  You can choose to obey Him and His Word or select to go your own independent way.  This verse in Romans clearly says that you still have responsibility and the choice to make and this verse was specifically written to Christians.  There is still a “sin unto death” and this is also called by the synonymous title of the “unpardonable sin” that Jesus spoke of in Matthew.  If you still do not understand what these are you should go back and reread these lessons and look up every scripture in your own Bible and study them more until you get them on the inside of you.  I’m not through with this subject because God says many more things in His Word that we need to know about it.  So I will continue “Once Saved Always Saved” in the future.  God Bless!

If you would like to continue reading on the subject of Once Saved Always Saved you may continue with “Part 3“.

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  1. Christopher Castiglia-Marelli

    Hello sir,

    I found your site, and I wanted to email you and ask you a question.

    For years I’ve feared I’ve committed the unpardonable sin. It all began when I was 17-years-old. I was extremely zealous for God, Spirit-filled, and wanted to serve Him fervently and wholeheartedly. I was always in the word of God, and I wanted to walk a straight and narrow path. In addition, I decided to read this book about hell to help me walk this straight and narrow path.

    Well after reading that book, I became very scared. Then I began being bothered by thoughts that I’d committed the unpardonable sin despite not knowing what it was. This led to an anxiety disorder where I was in a constant state of panic thinking I did this. I’d ruminate on this sin, and try to figure out what it was. Despite reading about it in Scripture, I couldn’t grasp the meaning of this, and the cycle would repeat.

    My head would fill up with vile thoughts about the Holy Ghost which frightened me, and I wouldn’t know what to do but freeze and fear. These thoughts were truly unwanted. Then one night alone in my room I was watching a video of a service from church, and I saw a woman moving in the Spirit (but I didn’t know), and I jumped up in furstration/anger due to the persistent intrusive thoughts, and I blurted out “That’s so stupid, and You are too, Holy Ghost!” Ever since then, I’ve felt extremely guilty, empty, scared, and depressed. As a result, I avoided God because I felt traumatized and condemned. I had an anxiety disorder as a result.

    Fast forward 14 years to today, I’m 32-years-old. Back in March, I had an encounter with someone who spoke of the context of that book about hell, which led to a furious wave of these unwanted thoughts about the Holy Ghost and thoughts of pondering “Did I do it (commit this sin years ago)?” A friend of mine told me to confess it to the Lord, and when I did, it’s like I accepted that I did it. After that, it’s like a gave up. I then went downstairs, and there was a desire to die that came over me which I welcomed, because after all, what’s the point of living if I did this?

    After that, it felt like I died inside (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). I can’t feel anything. I sunk into a severe depression where morbid thoughts were the norm. It was impressed into me that I would die, especially on certain dates, etc, because I’d committed this sin unto death despite everyone telling me I didn’t. I can still pray in the Spirit too, but I feel guilty when I do and condemned. I feel like a hollow shell that’s completely numb and unfeeling since March, but everyone keeps telling me I convinced myself of Satan’s lie and that I’m battling a spirit of depression and accusation.

    I can honestly tell you that the Lord was my best friend, His Spirit too. I would NEVER keep people from Him or His Spirit by injuring Him in any way shape or form, especially His power and Holy Spirit.

    I’ve read your study about this sin, and I guess I need clarification. I apologize for this book of an email in advance, but did I commit this sin and am I going to die? I have so much to live for.

    I’ve been told by several and I’ve read studies of those translating the Greek, that to blaspheme the Holy Ghost is to vilify God’s Spirit openly in front of others to detract people from Him, like defame/slander the Holy Ghost openly to others. That is something that I didn’t do nor would I ever do.

    Sorry for the very long post, but this is nerve-racking.


    • Thank you for sharing your story and your concerns. However, I can assure you that you have NOT committed the unpardonable sin. If you had done this you would NOT be writing this to me and Satan would not be giving you these thoughts of fear. I too once had these fears a long time ago. Satan tried to trick me into the same belief but the Holy Spirit showed me that He loved me and that I was saved in a very convincing way that left me no doubt. God will do the same for you. God WILL Bless you if you continue to diligently seek Him with your whole heart. I also recommend that you learn and memorize some salvation Bible verses like Romans 10:9-10. When Satan tries to give you these fear thoughts tell him out loud “NO, It is written” and quote the Bible verses that you have memorized. Satan will leave you alone after a few tries.


    • Be careful when you consider what hell is. After some study myself I found that hell is not a place of eternal torment, it was translated incorrectly and should be ‘gehenna.’ Gehenna was a place outside of the gates of Jerusalem where people would sacrifice their children to gods through a fire. Look up scripture that speaks of the Valley of Hinnom. When Jesus spoke of being thrown into hell was like telling them they were being cast out. That to an Israelite was a terrible thing.
      On that note, let’s see what the bible says about the Unquenchable Fire

      ‘Unquenchable fire’ was uncontrollable fire that caused utter destruction not everlasting fire. There are examples in the Scriptures of fire that ‘shall not be quenched’, but ceased when God’s purpose was fulfilled.

      Isaiah and the Unquenchable Fire

      Isa 34:9-10 KJV And the streams thereof shall be turned into pitch, and the dust thereof into brimstone, and the land thereof shall become burning pitch. 10 It shall not be quenched night nor day; the smoke thereof shall go up for ever: from generation to generation it shall lie waste; none shall pass through it for ever and ever.

      Isaiah used figurative, prophetic language when he prophesied God’s judgement with fire and brimstone on Edom. Although Isaiah said it shall ‘not be quenched’ it is not still burning today, it finally quenched when God’s purpose was accomplished.

      Ezekiel and Unquenchable Fire

      Eze 20:47-48 KJV And say to the forest of the south, Hear the word of the LORD; Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will kindle a fire in thee, and it shall devour every green tree in thee, and every dry tree: the flaming flame shall not be quenched, and all faces from the south to the north shall be burned therein. 48 And all flesh shall see that I the LORD have kindled it: it shall not be quenched.

      Ezekiel used prophetic language when he prophesied national judgement on Judah. The Babylonians fulfilled his prophecy by the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC; Jerusalem has not been burning since 586 BC!

      From their prior knowledge of the Scriptures, something we are inclined to underestimate, Jesus’ audience would have understood that He referred to national judgement. The concept of eternal torment in Hell would not have entered their minds.

      Mat 3:12 KJV Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

      John the Baptist issued warnings of impending destruction, and used the same prophetic figurative speech as the other Old Testament prophets. The fulfillment of John’s prophecy was in AD 70, the ‘unquenchable fire’ is not still burning today.

      Also, on the note of the unpardonable sin…it is very hard to determine who is really carried by the Holy Spirit. If I see people in a charismatic church blurting out gibberish, I wouldn’t say that is the Holy Spirit because that is not speaking in tongues according to scripture. So don’t feel guilty in that sense! Those who denied Jesus was doing things by the Spirit were blaspheming the Holy Spirit!


  2. Brother Ron thanks for sharing the word of God with deep revelation. It’s obvious u r Holy Spirit filled. Can u explain Matthew. 7:13-14, I’m n need of understanding. The bible states, get wisdom, but get understanding Prov. 4:5. Thank u b blessed


  3. As i was reading your blog i felt a little apprehended because being a Christian for nearly 30 yrs i held on to my worldly desires. I sinned and i am deeply remorseful for my actions, but i can see that God was always beside me carrying me through my hard times. If He wasn’t i seriously don’t know where i would be today. I was even like you, i thought about suicide but never took that step due to the fact that one should not murder. So i know He was with me its just that i wasnt fully with Him and that led to my actions.
    I also believe in maturity as well, sometimes we need to grow up to understand the immense of Gods love. It is very important to seek the meat of His word too or we can be tossed to and fro easily.
    i thank God every day for being by my side and opening my eyes to His glorious words. The more I read the more I understand His ways and all those questions seem to unfold. I cant even find the words to describe our Lord Almighty.


  4. Austin maxwell

    I backslid for almost a year and I never gave up on God but I also wasn’t willing to give up my sin. well I recently have gave up those sins but fear its too late for me. I was sinning willfully and I hate that I did but I fear God won’t forgive me.


  5. h2 cor 5:17i Ron,

    I do love your messages, thank you so much for explaining so simply a difficult subject but i am afraid i disagree with you on the basis of 2 cor 5:17 where we become a new creation, since we had nothing to do with the actual transformation how is it possible to reverse that? it is beyond our power also in the first 3 chapters of Eph its like Gods manifesto to us and i am sure you have read it plus in col where it talks about translating from one kingdom to another as you explained already as satan is no longer our master so we live in the kingdom of light.By accepting Christ’s righteouness we are in right standing with God, we cabn break the relationship with God but our legal rights which are guarenteed by the blood of Christ that we can not break simply because we had nothing to do with it, except one thing, accept it, as new creation in Christ, we don’t have the power to change it back because we didn’t do it. any other thoughts on this would be welcomed
    thank you Ron


  6. Interesting Topic , but how do you explain the verse where God said . Your sins and wickedness I will see no more ???

    Also when we as believers do sin which I feel we do every day if we are honest about it , what do we do then ??? ask for forgiveness from God each and every time we sin or just thank Him for His already forgiveness of our sins or what ???


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