What Does God Think About Homosexuality? What Does The Bible Say?

(Ver 1.3)  This is “Part 1” in a series of advanced Bible lessons on the subject of “What does God think of homosexuality”.  This of course is a hot topic and one that is fiercely debated, even in churches.  There are so many controversial subjects that people just want to ignore, because they do not want to offend anyone.  I never recall Jesus avoiding any issues that were brought before Him but, I also do not recall Jesus ever directly addressing sin in any area of people’s personal lives.  People need to understand what Jesus said in John 3:17.  Jesus claimed that He was not sent into the world to condemn the world but through Him the world might be saved.  This of course, people are very quick to point out, Jesus never said anything about homosexuality and I have even heard people try to accuse Jesus of acting like a homosexual.  It is amazing how  foolish people can become when they want to justify their erroneous ways and their sinful lifestyles.  While Jesus rarely addressed sin, you will find that after He healed people, He would sometimes say, “now go and sin no more unless a worse thing come upon you” (John 5:14).  To the woman caught in adultery Jesus said “go and sin no more” (John 8:11).  So Jesus never said that sin was OK and acceptable.   Jesus never justified sin, nor would He tolerate people doing everything they wanted to do.  So it comes down to a question of the definition of what sin is and this varies tremendously from person to person.   Some think their sin is better than someone else’s sin and thus they justify themselves to be righteous in their own eyes.  The basic modern argument for homosexuality being forced down our throats is a statement that claims this is who we are.  They claim that God created us this way.  This is the only sin that I know of that makes these assertions.  So that is why I am writing about homosexuality and not about adultry today.  I have never heard someone caught in adultry say this is just who I am and you will have to accept me this way.  Therefore, I am not here to discuss all types of sin today, I just want to focus in on what the Bible says about homosexuality and see if we can determine if God thinks this is a sin, based upon the Bible and not my opinion or yours.

While some people like to claim that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality they quickly forget that Jesus was God in the flesh and that He said plenty about the subject in many other parts of the Bible.  While Jesus was walking the face of the earth in the flesh, you will notice that one of the only things that Jesus ever confronted was religious people who thought they knew more than He did and proclaim themselves to be better than everyone else.  Self-righteousness still abounds today even in the church.  We have church people protesting Homosexuals and Abortionists and in doing so, they proclaim themselves to be perfect.  As a result Christians are portrayed on TV and in the news as the hate mongers.  Christians are viewed as those who are hateful towards others and intolerant towards minorities.  Is this what Jesus did?  Didn’t Jesus tell the crowd of potential stone casters, “He that is without Sin, Cast the first stone”?   I think you could legitimately change that to say, “To Him that is without Sin, Pick up your Signs and Posters and hold them up!”.   It just doesn’t make much sense what people think is right to do, if you think about it.  Christians should change and become more like Christ and less like those in the world.  In Jesus’ lesson about fishing for men, you must conclude that you never try to clean a fish, until you first catch one.   Too many people are trying to get clean fish first and then take them to God to be saved and this is not how it works.

What are Christians suppose to do?  I believe that Christians should just tell the truth and that would be a great place to start.  The truth is a very difficult thing to tell people sometimes, because it is not easily accepted by many who do not wish to hear it.  The truth is often times rejected on purpose so as to deflect blame, shame or guilt away from their lives.  While there are many who want to portray an openly gay life style with open pride today, there are equally as many who are ashamed of their ways.  People do not like to tell about their childhood experiences, where a grown up abused them and did things to them that they should not have done.  These are the areas of life that hurt people and cause emotional and psychological damage and people think that many times they are better left unsaid and swept under a rug somewhere.   Because I do not know you, I cannot speak about you.  I can only tell you about my personal experiences and you of course can believe them or not.

A male family member that I know of was molested as a child by an older male relative.  I know this, because I was there.  It was the middle of the night and this male relative tried to molest me too, but I was too big for him and I said leave me alone.   Because I did not know what to do, I did nothing to stop him from molesting this other relative.  As a result of this attack, this young male family member later turned to a homosexual life style.  But, I know where it started and how it started and this was not how he was born.  This is rarely talked about in the world, in the news media and on TV.  That is unless it is committed by someone in the church.  Then it is run up the flag pole like, look at these people who say they are Christians, they are just perverts who molest our children.  Because people do not normally talk about these events in their young lives, most pretend that they never happen.   What people do not understand, is many Gay men want sex with young boys and that is widely swept under the rug and never discussed.  We can easily understand that being a pedophile is a sin, or at the least against the law.  But we ignore the bigger problem, that there is a heart issue, a mind issue and an emotional issue that is not being addressed in the victims of these molesters.

As a teenage male growing up in America in the sexual revolution 70’s, I was targeted by older males.  Satan also attempted to get me into this lifestyle.   I was picked up and did not know what was happening before it happened.  These guys were aware that I was under age and did not care.  That is why they picked me to begin with.  Being naive is both a blessing and a curse, you are kept from knowing what people really want, but when approached you are easily tricked into being somewhere you should not be.  Because, I was young and naive, I was a candidate and an easy target for these predators.   So how many Gays are talking about this kind of behavior openly, not any that I know of?     I am very thankful to God that these creeps did not scar me for life or get me to change who I really am.  I am also thankful to God for not allowing them to hurt me more than they did.  People rarely talk about these kinds of things, and it is very difficult for me to even admit that I was there.  I could have very easily been drawn into the deception of this wrong life style.  I could have been deceived into believing that I was just like them.   So I have given you my personal experiences with this issue.  Gays would make sex with young males legal if they could get away with it.  I would venture to say that most Gay men have been molested somewhere in their childhood and have been deceived into the lifestyle, but do not discuss it.

So the title of my blog is “What Does God Think about Homosexuality?”   Just based upon what I have written, so far about my experiences what do you think that God thinks about what men do to children?  Or even what women do to little girls?  Do you think that it is OK, in the eyes of God?  Is this how God created people to act?  That of course is a very loaded set of questions.  God loves everyone, but does not approve of everything that people do.  It is not OK to do something’s, just because you are able to and you want to.  There are many things in the world that are here, not because God created them for us, but because, man wanted them for their pleasure and self-indulgences.    What does God think about “homosexuality”?   Let’s look at what God says in the Bible and just see some of the examples of God’s thoughts toward the subject.

Rom 1:26  For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

Churches, who ordain gay ministers, must ignore vast parts of the Bible.  Here is God speaking about women who are making a critical mistake.  God calls it “vile affections”.  These are women who have sex with women for their own selfish pleasure.  God calls sex “natural”, but only between a man and his wife.  The natural use of a woman is not to have sex with another woman.  If you do not know how to read, you can obviously make up excuses and attempt to explain away what God says very plainly.  The term “vile” means indignity, shame,  reproach, dishonor   and disgrace.  Those are some pretty strong words for something that God does not look upon with favor.    The term “affections” can mean “lusts”.  I will talk about this word more as we look at the next verse in the chapter:

Rom 1:27  And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

Now it starts to become much more more obvious to what God is talking about.  God is definitely saying that sex between a husband and his wife is natural.  However, God says that sex between two males is a clear “error”.    The term “unseemly” in this verse means “indecency” .   What is indecency?    We have heard the term used “indecency with a child”.  That means that in the eyes of the law, you are doing something that you should not do to a little child.  This can include touching them inappropriately to speaking suggestively to them, or whatever.   “Indecency” in the eyes of God is what happens when a man has sex with a man.  God calls it something that should not occur.  It is an abuse of the specifically designed sexual reproduction principles established by God.   You have heard of drug abusers and alcohol abusers, well God is calling men who have sex with other men sexual abusers.  God is saying sex has a purpose and was designed in a certain way to be between a husband and wife and anything else is abuse of the design.  People ignoring God’s moral standards have sought to establish their own definitions of morality.    The term “error” in this verse means to be “deceived”.  God is saying that men who have sex with men and women who have sex with women have been “deceived”.   Who is the deceiver?  Of course the deceiver is Satan.  Satan has caused men and women’s minds to be tricked into believing a false reality of who they really are.   If you know how to read and to look up the definitions of the words in the Strong’s Concordance you will see that I am telling you the truth.

So now let’s discuss what God says is the reason for this deception and how it works.  The Bible says that these men “burned in their lust” one toward another.   What does that mean?  What does it mean to burn?  What is lust?  If you look up the word translated as “lust” in Strong’s it is very interesting.  Lust means “excitement of the mind”.    I have often times heard it said that the mind is the devil’s playground.  This is how he is allowed to work to deceive people.  Do you know that it is illegal for the devil to appear to you and try to trick you naturally?  I guess I won’t go there today, but Satan uses people’s thoughts to entice them into doing things that they should never do.  You know that men who molest children or just have sex with other men do not start out that way, they have done it hundreds of times in their minds before they ever act it out in the natural.  Doing wrong things outwardly are all just manifestations of inward fantasies, projections and thoughts.   The reality of acting out a “lust” is always the result of a previous repeated fantasy of someone’s imagination.  What you continually think about, is what you will eventually do.  Think wrong things, you will eventually do wrong things, this is how God designed the human mind to work.  If you put the right things into your mind, you will get more positive things to come out of your mind into your actions.   But, if you put Garbage into your mind, you will always get garbage out of it in what you do.  Why do you think the Bible says for us to put forth an effort to “RENEW OUR MINDS”? (Rom 12:2)  The renewal process of the mind means a renovation or the replacement of the old previous thoughts in your mind to think new and improved ones from God’s Word.  You could call it a mind thought upgrade to think higher spiritual thoughts.  By replacing the old carnal thoughts, with new spiritual thoughts we can eventually change what we do.  People wonder why we have such problems in our schools and never place the blame on the fact that we have taken God and the Bible out of our schools and are now are reaping the results of producing spiritually ignorant children without morals and standards.  Ok, I got off the subject, I was talking about homosexuality and how people become homosexuals and told you about your mind being the cause and then went into schools.  Sorry about that.  I started this paragraph speaking about lust and I need to get back on track..

Lust is a longing for, something that is highly desired to someone.  Did you know if you do everything that your flesh longed for, you would be in really bad shape?  Lust is something that is a normal human emotional state, but what you lust after is always the root cause of every problem.  The verse in Romans was talking about the unnatural sex between people of the same sex as being a result of unnatural thoughts that were acted out.  So why do some men lust for men and others do not?  Why do some men lust after alcohol and some do not?  The Bible says we are all carried away with different things, there are many different temptations in the world (James 1:14).  For the most part, it came about from something that happened in their childhood, their parents could have been alcoholics and it was passed down.  This is a factor that you should realize.  The sins of the parents are often times passed to the children.  Let’s change the focus and go back and see if Jesus ever said anything about homosexuality:

Mat 19:4  And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,

Jesus asks a very basic question about creation and I wonder why Gay people do not see that He is talking to them.  While some people say that Jesus never talked about homosexuality, I am about to prove them wrong.   Jesus in effect is saying “Are you STUPID”, can’t you READ?”  In the beginning did God create them MALE and MALE or FEMALE and FEMALE?  Or did God create them Male and Female?    Somehow, God must have changed His mind somewhere in the course of human history.  I can only guess that this is that these homosexual proponents must think today!  They obviously declare that God created me this way.  I’m Gay because I was born Gay!    The lies and the deception from Satan are very deep when it comes to this issue.  People seem to think that God has changed somewhere during the last 6000 years, and the Bible clearly says that God never changes (Mal 3:6).  So what do we do with Bible stories like the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19)?   In this story two men show up at Lot’s house and the house is surrounded by the men of the city.  These men demand for Lot to send the men out so that they can have sex with them.  However, these men were angels and they strike the homosexuals blind and later destory the city.   I guess we just ignore these stories and pretend that they are not in the Bible and let these people continue with their lie.  We are just all suppose to get along and become more open and tolerant and just look the other way and pretend that it is not happening.  After all God must have intended to created Adam and Steve, instead of Adam and Eve, He just made a mistake.

1Co 6:9  Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor  idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

People can be exceedingly foolish, sometimes.  They think you have to have overwhelming evidence to the fact of anything in the Bible in order for it to be true.   Just because some people cannot find 15 to 20 Bible verses about the subject of homosexuality, they feel it is not worthy of mention and deem it to be insignificant to their view of God.  However, God does not view it this way.  In fact God says we only need at the minimum, two verses in the Bible to establish any truth.  If you can find just two verses it is an established truth from God’s perspective.  That is the Bible law of interpretation and you can ignore it, if you want to.   Here is another very clear verse in 1 Corinthians and it says something that is profound if you look up the definitions of all of the words.  God starts by declaring that He is talking about the “unrighteous”.   Unrighteousness is the opposite of being righteous.   To be “righteous” means you are in good standing with God.  The Bible declares that true Christians have obtain the righteousness of God, so we know that this verse is not talking about true Christians.  The word translated as “unrighteous” means “heathen” and “wicked”.  So the unrighteous are clearly warned that they will not inherit the kingdom of God.   The verse then goes and defines who these unrighteous people are.  Most of the descriptions of these next terms are sexually based.  So right there we have a major problem being presented to the church.  I’ll start with the word “fornicators” and that word means “male prostitute”.   Isn’t that interesting?   This is someone who sells their body for the sexual pleasure of others.  This word can apply to homosexual prostitutes as well as heterosexual prostitutes.  But I do not see the need for most women to buy a prostitute so this is not what God is talking about, is it?   Now let’s skip to the word translated as “adulterer”.    The word in the Strong’s carries the “male” gender for a word that is a derogatory definition of a “male lover”.   Again this is not a good word for men.  Now let’s continue to the next word translated as “effeminate”, we can already see the negative implications on this word.   The Strong’s defines this word as a “catamite”.   A catamite is defined as a boy that is kept for the sexual pleasure of an older man.  This is the definition of a homosexual and you can ignore it if you want to stay in your sinful ways, but it does not change the truth.  Finally, the last Greek word in the verse tops off the list with the most plain conformation and definition, this word is translated in the KJV as “abuser of themselves with mankind”.  Already we see a pattern of definitions that is clearly not an endorsement of the homosexual lifestyle.  This Greek word is defined in Strong’s as a “Sodomite”.   This is just so clear that those who do not want to know the truth have been blinded by Satan to not accept what God is saying to them in a clear warning.  Sodomy is male sex with a male.  I mean give me a break, the only way a male has sex with a male is either orally or anally.   Males are not designed this way and God tells you very clearly that it is an abuse of the original sexual design of humanity.    So those who want to continue to be how they say they were created will probably not change no matter how many scripture verses I give them.  Gay men and women will always ignore the truth for whatever they want to do.  Either they will see the truth and change or they will encounter the error of their ways for an eternity.   This is what the Bible says, so accept it or choose to reject it and die in your sins, it will always be your choice.  I’m sorry if I’m being very blunt, but it is time to be plain, sound a clear warning and tell the truth.

1Jn 2:16  For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

We have already clearly seen the relationship of lust to homosexuality, if you do not understand the relationship of the two, then you do not want to know the truth.  What is homosexuality?  What is the definition of homosexuality?  It is the sexual relationship of two people of the same sex.  So why do people do this?  The Bible calls it the lust of the flesh.  To lust after flesh is said not to be of God, but is said to be of the world.  God is giving you some very clear information about homosexuality in a non-direct way.  If you think that you can lust after a man and be a Christian man at the same time, God says this is not of Me.

2Ti 4:3  For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

This is what churches are doing who let in Gay ministers.  They ignore God’s truth and preach their own version of godliness.    They do not want to have to change, so they change the Bible to fit what they desire.  The subject of lust is widely discussed in the Bible, and you should be able to see how it applies to homosexuality.  If you do not, it really doesn’t matter what God says to you anywhere, you have already made up your mind to stay where you are at.  Did you know God will let you do that?  God never forces anyone to change.

I could give you many, many other Bible verses on the subject that are far more direct and speak clearly on this subject, but I have gone long enough for now.  I suppose I will hear some criticism about what I have written.  I know there are churches in America that stand up and allow homosexual leaders to teach and preach and to be ordained as God’s chosen ones.  These people have gathered together teachers who justify what they want to hear and have chosen to ignore the truth.  Do not be deceived with them.  If you are going to a church that promotes sin as something good, you are going to the wrong church.  I always get amused at people who do not like what God says in the Bible.  People like to attack the messenger and want to kill them for bringing them the bad news.  God says certain things about homosexuality that will not be popular with those who wish to continue in their ways.  I did give you enough information in this one blog to show you how you change what you are doing, if God is talking to you today.  If you do not agree with what God says in the Bible, then I prefer not hear the words of fools and idiots, so do not leave me any negative comments.  Take up your negative comments with God and not me, I did not write the Bible.

It is difficult not to have an opinion on this subject of homosexuality.  We cannot go anywhere, where it is not thrown in front of us.   If you have been on vacation to any of the popular destinations in our country, you have been confronted with homosexuality on every street corner.   San Francisco has widely been held as the capital city of the Gay community, put we were confronted with it  in Key West, Florida and even north in Martha’s Vineyard, then certain districts of New York City.   We were in Orlando Florida at Disney World, one year and it just so happened to be the same time that Disney held Gay Pride Day or something like that.  There are Gay Pride parades and events in every major city now and they dress up and cross dress and do as many perverted unnatural things as they want to call it all normal behavior.  Very few places in the world are now not open to the blatant show of in your face sin.  Almost everyone in the media, and on TV and in the Movies have come up with a direct homosexual agenda that is being rammed down the throats of God fearing Christians.  The News media likes to put homosexuality in the same category as racial bigotry and hatred.   I do not know how they can confuse the two issues and think we can lump these into the same level of intolerance.   One is a Sin and the other is the color of someone’s Skin.  Is there a difference, you bet there is.  The homosexual lifestyle is portrayed as a valid alternative lifestyle on TV.  Homosexuals have come out of the closets in droves in the last 50 years.  Gay marriage is being pushed in every state as a violation of their rights.  Acceptance and equal rights is the agenda of the Gay community.  All calling for acceptance in who they say they are.  This is the way we were born, this is how we are, it’s in our DNA, and so they would like to try to convince us.  They are claiming to have been born with a Gay gene.  Now having said all of that, I do not think Christians should go around and hold up signs, telling Gays that God Hates Them.   That is idiotic and not helping anyone.  Where in the Bible does it say that God hates Gays?    Christians should not be in the Gay bashing or hatred realm of existence.    We are to preach the good news, like Jesus did in a way that might help some.  I believe that Christians are to stand up for what is right and base what we believe solely on the Bible.   So have you ever read the Bible?  What does it say about Homosexuality?  I have not found anything favorable or tolerant about this sin, have you?    However, it is still just a sin like every other sin and God views all sin in the same light, on the same level plane.  One sin is not greater than another if you study your Bible, you will see that God does not rate sin in varying degrees like people do.

So if you are struggling with this issue and thinking there is no hope, you are wrong.  You do not know the power of God to change the hearts and minds of people who want to change.  If you want to stay where you are and do what you do, God will let you.  I have given you enough information in this blog on what it takes to change.  With God’s help you can do it.

If you want to go and read the next lesson in this series you may go to “Part 2“.

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  1. God makes it very clear homosexuality is a sin when giving commandments Leviticus 18:22 thou shall not lie with man as with woman it is an abomination unto the Lord God. What the Lord called a sin then is still a sin today. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for this very reason. Most will say we live under Grace now and they are right Gods Grace is giving those who are living in a homosexual lifestyle time to hear his truth which is repenting from this abomination accepting Jesus as savior believing God raised him from the dead letting the Lord save cleanse deliver that person from the bondage of homosexuality. Any person who believes he or she can live a homosexual lifestyle and be saved they are wrong the Lord does not save you in your sin he saved you from your sin which means taking a new direction. Apostle Paul in Romans ch 1 teaches what happens to all those who choose to live a homosexual lifestyle the end result burning in Hell for eternity. If a homosexual says I got saved but I’m still going to continue in my homosexual lifestyle that person never truly got saved just went through the emotions.
    The homosexual who says I received Jesus Christ as my savior and I’m not living a homosexual lifestyle from this day forward this person truly received the Lord Jesus Christ. With salvation comes change in ones life that person can not stay the same. If a loved one was homosexual and wanted to visit I would allow that loved one to visit but she or he is not to bring their partner why? Because if i allowed that to happen I would be saying it’s ok and it is not ok. Homosexuality is LUST not LOVE and there is no age limit in the age of a person who he or she will LUST after. A 6 year old can be LUSTED after the same as a 49 year old, because they are consumed with LUST. A true Christian will not support or condone homosexuality transgender or abortion and they will not vote for any person who uses these as their platform. It is SIN and one of the highest forms of rebellion against God. Keep in mind there was people in Sodom and Gomorrah who was not homosexuals but they supported homosexuality. This lifestyle was encouraging the young people and children in those cities which angered God and God having mercy destroyed those homosexuals those children went to be with the Lord where they would not be raped molested any more from that time. Those homosexuals are still burning in HELL right now even as I write this. Homosexual lifestyle is the dirtiest act between adults outside of beastility Gods Judgement is coming to America we see the hurricanes tornadoes fires earthquakes getting worse every year if Americans will repent God will hear from Heaven and he would forgive our sins and heal our land.


  2. We all sin. No sin is above another.


    • Please read all of the articles and the reasons given for publishing them. If you do so you will find that I agree with your comment 100%. However, the main reason for publishing the truth from the Bible is the hoax being perpetrated upon the ignorant public. ALL SIN is paid for by the SHED BLOOD OF JESUS. BUT ALL SIN IS STILL A CHOICE! Homosexuals were not created this way by God. That is a lie from Satan that is being accepted by even some ignorant Christians. Homosexuality is the only sin that I know of currently that people claim to be normal behavior without any need for repentance. That makes it a tremendous deception that will send them to hell. I’m just telling the truth.

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    • Well. I cant say I agree with that statement. The bible does mention that some sins are more serious than others. For example blasphemy against the holy spirit, and of course the most serious sin of all, rejecting Jesus Christ. You are correct in saying we all sin but since the author is not saying homosexuality is the only sin I really dont see your point.The fact that we all sin does not mean that we are wrong to point out homosexaulity as being sin. Which in fact it most certainly is.We are wrong to judge, or condemn but we are never wrong to speak the truth.The more effort homosexuals put into convincing me its normal only proves to me more strongly that it is not. And the more they try to push it on christians as normal, the more christians need to push back and say it is not. I believe that hating the sin while loving the sinner is something most christians do poorly at , and I pray that by the grace of god we will all do better.


  3. Dr. Richard. D

    After reading everything that this blog contained and realizing how everything’s changing dramatically; I’m honestly afraid. This blog was wrote a long time ago, but now in the present time, no one is arguing/pushing sin down or away. We all as one are accepting sin to be in our everyday lives. Doesn’t this make us just as bad as all the sinner’s to just stand by and watch as they forcefully take over? We are all apart of this country and technically we as the people run the country. Doesn’t that mean we all stand for sin as our lands law? The bible says obey the law of the land. Our land is forsaken. By just obeying the law I feel as if I’m being turned and brain washed by media and the government. Realistically why I even commented today was at the time this blog started being gay was on it’s first string of being accepted. At this present time we as the people believe it’s normal and now our entire country, all 50 states believe this is okay for men to marry men and women marry women. We are all going to hell for not standing up and not doing something about this. There has been many times that governments go corrupt and the people rise up with god and god wins every time. Every battle god wins; yet we repeat history over and over. Man will never learn because he is to selfish.


  4. Your pain is obvious. I was abused and I have been on my face before God to take these thoughts away from me. Since the age if 9 I have liked other guys. I married and have 3 Children that I pray dont share my addiction. But sir I assure you as instinctively is you blink I am who my creator made me. After 12 years I lied so many times to myself that even eternal hell was better than a life of deceit. So as I live my secret, I pray that one day the merciful creator will personally explain to my simple mind why I am more sexually attracted to men
    Guess living this gives one a different look at the big picture.


    • Hi John – I just read your post and I’d like to comment.

      I am not an expert on this topic and I’m a heterosexual female. So, I haven’t walked in your shoes, but I relate in the sense that I know what it’s like to be different and not to be able to voice your thoughts and opinions — having to remain silent and pretend to be what you are not. I live that life everyday for reasons different from your reasons.

      I personally believe that there are 3 components to homosexuality: the first is this — it’s not about what comes our way, it’s about how we handle what comes our way. God watches how we handle what comes our way. Secondly, I think there’s a genetic component or a predisposition, and lastly, I also think that the first experience we had that was positive, sets the tone for the rest.

      In other words, our first experience, not necessarily sexual in nature, but our first experience feeling close to someone, other than blood. If it happens to be someone of the same sex, then we’ve made a positive association with those of the same sex.

      When I was 12, and starting to develop and mature, a neighbor girl who was one-year older, asked me to sleep over her house. I didn’t particularly like her, but I didn’t dislike her. We just never really clicked and we didn’t like the same outdoor activities. Although she was a nice person, I thought she was kind of boring and not my type for a close friend. But, I stayed over anyway because I had nothing else to do and my best girlfriend was away on vacation with her family. I also knew she was very lonely. So, I thought, ‘what the heck’.

      While we were laying in her bed late at night, after eating piles of junk food and ice cream, we started talking. She reached out to touch me. I realized she was a lesbian at that point. I felt turned off b/c my first experience with ‘same sex’ was not bad, but it wasn’t good either. I also think I probably wasn’t born with a predisposition to homosexuality. I took her hand and moved it away. At that point, I felt very disconnected from her and just rolled over and fell asleep. So, it never happened. I never spoke to her again and I didn’t tell anyone what had happened b/c I didn’t want to embarrass her. I was not traumatized, but I was quite turned off.

      I don’t think you should feel ashamed. However you decide to handle it is up to you. But, living a lie must be horribly painful. I think you might want to speak with a counselor who is also gay.

      Do not feel guilty and do not feel ashamed. God does not want us to live our lives that way. Don’t allow others to make you feel badly. You can’t ‘live’ that way — you are simply ‘existing’.

      You may want to speak to a professional as I’ve suggested and avoid comment boards and people who make you feel badly or ashamed.

      You are who you are. I wish you the best and hope this helps. Jana R


  5. Nowadays, it is going on conversations about homosexuality; some are against it and some on behalf of it. The right answer we can find from the word of God (the Bible).

    The Lord Jesus is the Messiah, Redeemer from sins and the Saviour. Jesus’ must fulfilled the whole law of God and believed all what the Old Testament taught, that He could be the Saviour. He did fulfill and believe all the law. In the Old Testament were commandments, which teach that homosexuality is a sin. Because the Lord Jesus had to believe all commandments of the Old Testament, so He also believed that homosexuality is a sin. The Bible teaches that homosexuality was a sin in the order of the Old Covenant and is valid in the order of the New Covenant. Like this way Jesus also believed that homosexuality is a sin, and He also condemned homosexuality by this way.

    For the sake of sodomites’ abomination acts, God destroyed Sodom as Ezekiel 16:49,50 shows for us. Ezekiel uses 16:50 Hebrew word towebah, which is the same Hebrew word in Lev 18:22 (and Lev 20:13) that describes homosexuality as abomination. It is very clear that in Ezekiel 16:50, abomination means homosexuality acts as the reason for destroying of Sodom. Sodomites pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness and hardened hearts towards poor and needy were sins, but destruction came for the sake of homosexuality, and the New Testament confirms this:

    Jude1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

    Apostle Paul wrote very clearly that homosexuality (men having sex with other men; women having sex with other women) is a sin. Ro 1:27 is word error, which is in Greek plane, which means error, to deceive, deceit, one led astray from the right way, error which shows itself in action, a wrong mode of acting. In this place, the Bible in the New Testament shows very clearly that same-gender sex is a sin and aberration from the right way. Apostle Paul taught very clearly that homosexuality is unnatural sin.

    Many scientists believe that homosexuality is congenital, a matter and orientation that can’t be changed as heterosexual. Paradoxical is that many scientists don’t believe in God of the Bible, and they proclaim that God of the Bible is not existed. Nevertheless, God of the Bible is capable of change homosexuals individuals to be as heterosexuals.

    Arsenos means male and koiten means bed. Lev 18:22 and 20:13 teach that a man cannot lie (sexual act) with another man as he lies with a woman. The origin of the word arsenokoites means homosexual activity and homosexual. Lev 18:22 and 20:13 prove very clearly that arsenos koitenmeans homosexuality sex, because the Jews scribes translated words’ arsenos koiten to describe men who have sex with another men (homosexuality), which is a sin and against the will of God. Apostle Paul didn’t make up the word arsenokoites, but it was already as the concept in the Old Testament, where it meant homosexuality.

    It is very clear that the words’ arsenos koiten meant homosexuality (man who had sex with another man) to Jews of the Old Covenant era. In the same way arsenokoites meant homosexuality (man who had sex with another man) to Jesus’ disciples in the New Covenant era.

    Jewish philosopher Philo lived in the same time as Jesus Christ and Philo has said that arsenokoites meant shrine prostitute (male temple prostitute), and not homosexual. Some people have made from this a conclusion that the word arsenokoites meant a male temple prostitute. Philo’s interpretation was totally wrong, because the Bible proves this undisputedly and shows that Philo erred.

    Lev 18:22 and Lev 20:13 doesn’t use temple prostitute word, but words in which is denied that a man can’t lie sexually with another man. Always when the Bible speaks for temple prostitutes, so the Bible uses words gedeshah and gadesh. If Lev 18:22 and Lev 20:13 told for temple prostitutes, so verses would mention them, but there isn’t, because in those verses, the Bible forbids homosexuality. It is very clear and undisputable in the light of the testimony of the Bible, that arsenokoites means homosexuality.

    According to words of the Lord Jesus, Jesus’ disciples can judge righteous judgement. If somebody is stealing, living in adultery or is lying, so we have the right to say sin as a sin. According to the Bible, homosexuality is a sin and so Jesus’ disciples have the right to say what the Bible teaches. Jesus’ disciple has a right to say that living in sins lead people to eternal damnation. Jesus’ disciple doesn’t judge to damnation, but tells that God shall judge sin maker to hell.

    God loves also gay-people, but not sinful act of homosexuality, and therefore, God calls gay-people repentance and receives salvation by believing in the Lord Jesus. In other words, God loves sinners, but not sins. The gospel and its changing power is meant also for gay-people, because the Lord Jesus can set you free you from your sins.

    I don’t condemn homosexuals, but love them by the love of God. The love of God also holds on from the truth, and therefore, I must say that homosexuality is a sin, it is not condemning, but telling the truth. God has authority to judge, not a man. God judges in His word homosexuality as a sin. I can tell about judgements that what God does, and I don’t condemn, but tell who judge.

    I don’t support discrimination of homosexuals, because they are valuable as my neighbors. However, homosexuality is a sin. It is possible to integrate from homosexuality and get rid of it. The Lord Jesus can save and give freedom to you. I recommend for you to read the Bible, because there God teaches for natural sexuality and salvation by believing in the Lord Jesus.

    Reference: http://koti.phnet.fi/petripaavola/homosexual.html


    • A very comprehnsive comment, and I thank you for your time in sharing it with everyone. I pray that some will read it and see that God still loves them and has paid the price for their sins so they can turn to Him and see His power work in the lives. God Bless.


  6. i was wondering if agape knows what happens with hermaphadites(sp?). Also, I don’t think he judged “gay” people @ ALL. God’s word states these ideas-not him. We will judge angels, and are also to judge our world. How would we know whether or not to be yoked with a unbeliever, or to know satan’s schemes. The ugly judging is when one compares themself to others-“I’m better than so n so”–sinful. Not, homosexuality, divorce, stealing is wrong-that’s the judgement we are commanded to do.
    If one’s unsure of the Text, (Holy Bible is the most rock solid, best selling text around) why try to argue it. Homosexuality is DEFINITELY a sin. So is premarital sex, and just as damaging. Great commentary, but I have always wondered about the children born with both sex organs. I know what I would do, but wonder what other “Chistians” think-only Christians.


    • Thanks for taking the time to read and I appreciate your comments. Homosexuality is a deception of Satan that has caused many people to fall. It is very sad to me and I would help them if they wanted help. I had one commenter act like he wanted help but when I offered to help, he shut down. Most homosexuals do not want to change. They have bought into the lie that this is just the way they are. These demons control their mind and their thoughts which dominate them. As far as the perverted human sexual organs in the world, I am convinced that Satan causes many human deformities and abnormalities and they did not come from God who said everything that He created was very good. God Bless!


  7. I have not been on this Blog (until I received an email comment update today) since I last posted Nov 5th, almost one year ago. I just realized that there was no response to my question from almost a year ago.

    I asked about socio-pathology and narcissism — people who clearly lack empathy and compassion for others and live loveless lives.

    Any response?


  8. I too, have also noticed “judgment” here regarding gay people. I am a hetero female, so I have no reason to stick up for and to defend gays.

    I understand the Bible speaks against homosexuality, but I was curious about the above post regarding infant-formula theories, so I googled it. There were many articles about this and I read through most of them as they were very interesting, insightful and eye-opening. You may want to read them.

    I also agree, why would anyone choose or want to be gay in a hetero-sexual world where they’re judged and criticized and even ostracized?

    I don’t think they chose to be gay or are thumbing their nose at Christ and the bible. I’m not perfect and I do have love in my heart, so therefore I’m not judging anyone. I think compassion for all is what God wants, not judgment.

    I agree that we are judged NOT by what comes our way, but by how we handle what comes our way.


  9. Hi there. I struggle with this all the time and it has become the worst sin, worst issue, worst struggle of my life. I don’t how know it began, whether my dad (he has major anger issues) did something to me as a little kid or what.

    I remember doing/thinking strange things even as a kid of 8 or 9. I’ve had some very rough patches in my childhood too, but I don’t know how or why this would change my orientation..

    Yet I found myself imagining a guy wrongly in my head so I thought I’d try and find some verses online and clear my mind. Please pray for me. I love God and I want to be strong in Him. I struggle so much with my faith and I can never find myself going to church regularly, reading my Bible or spending time with Christian people that can help me.

    I realize God would never intend for me to be gay, but I can’t help but scratch my head at the idea that I’m “magically” gay. It has ruined so much of my life and I can’t accept myself and I’ve thought of suicide many times over it. I’ve begged of God to change me. I tell Him that I KNOW it is wrong.

    That my body wants it, the evil in me wants it. But that my heart desperately wants to change. To be normal, to be clean and pure. To want women and not men. You see, it is SO frustrating and disgusting to me. That a 21 year old guy like me has these images. It absolutely breaks my heart and I can hardly live with myself.

    Please pray for me and know that I want to change. I want to be with God. My body is the exact opposite. I have all of these fantasizing thoughts in my mind about men and it sickens me and nearly puts me over the edge because I know how perverse and evil it is.


    This may be unnecessary but a couple weeks ago I was so torn that I had to write a poem about it to get it out of my head. Here it is and note that this is my personal frustration with God. I know He wouldn’t do this to me and that something went wrong somehow…


    How can I be like You
    If I’m like me?

    How can I be Your image
    When Mine won’t set me free?

    Why did You do this to me Lord
    When it’s You I want to be?

    Am I expected to live through this curse
    Perverse in the mind of thee?

    That a boy of mindless thoughts
    Could become a man of guilty plots…

    But how? When? Why did it occur?
    Why ruin my life with this psychological stir?

    For I suffer for Your morals and book
    Yet normal thinking from me You took.

    Though this rhyme must end and tears must cease
    I’ll never enjoy or understand in the least,

    How the supposed “Savior” of my life, my “endless power”
    Could pervert and cloud my mind – devoured.


    • Thanks for taking the time to search and to read the Word of God! I have already responded to your comments in private so I hope you have heard what I have tred to say to help you! God Bless!


  10. I read an interesting article by Jim Rusk a few months ago.

    Sorry, I don’t have the Link to the article, but, I’m sure if you google —

    Jim Rusk and gay boys and baby formula theory — you will find it.

    Please do not take it the wrong way, it’s just a very interesting theory. Something to think about.

    I don’t know for sure if it’s really a sin to be Gay. Yes, the Bible does mention that but it doesn’t mean it’s true. There are Theorists who believe the Bible was rewritten to be interpreted in a certain way to keep people in fear so they will be more like sheeple. I’m not saying that is true, but the truth is, no one really knows for certain.

    I also do not believe that many Gay men are pedophiles.That is NOT true. It is mostly (psychopathic or sociopathic) White straight men who are the real Pedophiles.

    Just b/c a man is Gay it certainly doesn’t mean he’s a pervert.That is ridiculous and very judgmental, “Thou shall not judge”. “Thou shalt not judge lest ye be judged”.

    By the way, I am a straight male.


    • Because you do not believe the Bible is the Literal Words of God causes me to believe that you do not know the Author of the Bible who is God. I know the Bible is true because I know the author personally. This gives me an advantage over those who just read the Bible in an attempt to try to tell me what I have written is not the truth. I would highly recommend that you get to know the author before you attempt discredit the accuracy of the words written there in. It is really not important if you are gay or straight right now, because there are both of these types of men in hell. What matters is do you know Jesus as your savior? God Bless you and thanks for writing a comment and reading my Bible lesson.


  11. This has been a very interesting read. I am a gay man, and cannot help the way I am. Why I am gay I honestly cannot answer. I’ve thought and thought deeply about this over the years, but cannot come up with any answers, explanations or reasons. Is it really my fault that even though I admire the beauty of women, that I do not have any sexual desire towards them? I would also like to strongly state on a comment you have made about a gay man wanting to have sexual contact with a young boy. This has greatly offended me, and other gay men I know. Just because a man is gay, does not make him a pervert or a pediophile (sorry if I’ve spelt that incorrectly) the thought of going with a young boy totally sickens me, and I know many gay men that feel this way. If you were to live in the real world and open your eyes, you will reaalise that most perverts and pedo’s are actually straight men. I believe God loves me the way I am. I live a peaceful life and respect people from all walks of life. I would never hurt or cause pain to others, be they humans or animals. The world is full of people from all walks of life, and I feel those that have seriously hurt others (killed, raped, sexually abused others, etc) have sinned and should go to Hell, but being a gay man or woman is not a sin. God bless. Martin


    • Your response is very typical and does not come as a surprise. My article was from my experiences with homosexual men as a teenager. So your words of condemnation and denial are clearly a result of the darkness that you live in. You claim it is not a sin to be homosexual and you ignore the Bible to do this. Any sin done in ignorance is still a sin. No judge will allow you to plead ignorance of the law as a valid defense. This is true for God the Supreme Judge also. The Bible says the following: Lev 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. If you can read it says if a man treats another man in bed like a woman it is an abomination to God. Oh I guess that is worst than a common sin. Yet sin is still sin. You are right only partially about God’s love. God loves you, yes but not how you think you are but how He made you to be and that is as a normal and a straight man. Jesus said “Did you not know that He that made them in the beginning made them male and female”? 1 male and 1 female that was how God created everything in the beginning. Where do you think it changed? It is clear how God made you and it is clear how you have allowed Satan to deceive you into believing something that is not the truth. I’m sorry if I have offended you with the truth, but sometimes the truth is very offensive to those who want to believe a lie. I stand by what I have written because it is based upon the Bible and my personal experience in this area. So you are free to do what you like and reap the consequences of that choice. I will pray for you anyway.


  12. I totally agree with you. But what advice would you give to the one who knows it’s sin, but feels controlled by this self-destructive behavior. Who wants to change but can’t help but feel those desires. How quickly does change occur? why is it often not instantaneous, but a prolonged struggle? Does it require therapy or just personal prayer?


  13. sherla edouard

    Homosexuality is something that i have been trying to understand. As in what God thinks about it and why people are so accepting to it even though they know it is a sin. THanl you for giving me some clarity.


  14. I learned so much from you. I love every word you wrote. You speak the truth. Do not apologize for being blunt when you simply speak the truth and attempt to help others. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.

    I have two questions? Maybe the answers are covered somewhere here and I just didn’t see it. My questions are …

    What about Narcissists? They are predators who cause misery as they lack empathy and compassion and make everything about themselves. One could be dying and they’d still be talking about themselves and their possessions as the person lay dying. Narcissists are slowly destroying the World.

    Also, what about Sociopaths, people who clearly lack a conscience? They, too, are also destroying the World and God’s creations.

    Do you have answers or perhaps comments? Why did God put these horrible people here? I believe I am an Empath as I’m so miserable around these people. God help me for hating them. Was putting them here on Earth to teach us something? I know it was not to punish us, but maybe there’s a lesson of some sort that I’m missing here. Please advise. Thank You & God Bless … Jana


  15. I was just scamning through this because it’s last and I’d like to say from the parts I actually read that you made good points. The other thing I’d like to say, for other people to read, is that I don’t understand why so many people hate homosexuals when everyone sins. I personally don’t have a problem with homosexuals and I actually support same-sex marriage, but I know it’s a sin. A lot of people justify hating homosexuals because the Bible says it’s a sin, but God also says that we should love our neighbors like he loves us. Anyways that’s all I got. (This is me venting from an arguement I just had with a homophobe)


    • I know God loves all sinners, but the flip side is God hates all sin. So it is a difficult subject for people to say that God accepts us as we are and I can’t find that in the Bible. So thanks for commenting.


  16. Thanks for a wonderful article. Sin is Sin. My calling is to love others, but to love is not always to agree. God’s design was never make his creation to fail but brings us in the perfect light of His understanding. We as a true believer of our Father cannot continue to walk in the errors of our ways, but dismantle the lust of flesh and be lead in path truth. Great Job!


  17. michael johnston

    Good article! It seems no one wants to talk about this subject on tv in the way you did. As you said, christians aren’t called to hold up signs against other people’s sins, especially when they have sins of their own.



    • That is so true. It is hard to address a way of living that is displeasing to our creator. Truthfully said we are all sinners, but I have come to the realization of sinfully error—once you recognize the error of your ways—turn away from that error and follow those thing which are good for sake of our spiritual inheritance. Satan is very crafty, misleading, His goal has always been to deceive. Novices in Christ cannot always recognize that being a slave to sin is what the adversary wants, but the Word of God has cleansed a many unbelievers, and the first steps of change is to accept the error and turn far its addition. I pray for many who has not found the true path of understanding.


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