Where DO BABIES Come From? Dealing With A Religious Spirit! Part 3

(Ver 1.1)  This is Part 3 and followup to a previous lesson on the subject of “Salvation” and “Where do Spiritual Babies Come From?”   If you have not read the series from the beginning I would recommend that you go back and start your reading from “Part 1“.  Some people are more interested in arguing with you than they are about learning and seeing the truth in the Bible.  These are people used by the devil to distract you and take your time from you.  I recently had a commenter that clearly knows more than God Himself come to me to give me his opinions on everything.  In his mind he has exalted himself to be the only authority of the truth in the Bible.  He  never says anything positive, and only criticizes and tells you all of the places where you are wrong.  What a prideful arrogant attitude of mindless boastings.  These are EMPTY WORDS from EMPTY HEADS.  I tried to be nice just to get him to see another perspective.  But obviously his vast knowledge must not allow him to be a blessing to others.  He acts as the Judge Jury and Executioner and makes Himself God!  His knowledge  must go way beyond the capacity for any simple minded men like me to understand.  So I guess I’m just going to have to be a little more direct today in my final response to his religious arrogance.  Hopefully if he doesn’t want to know the truth, he will go away and read somebody else’s blog that will agrees with what he wants to see in the Bible.  I am not changing to fit the ideas of a fool.  God has taught me too much in the Bible for me to go away and follow the leadings of false teachers.  I have learned from Jesus that He only confronted one type of person in the Bible when he was here personally on the earth and that was a religious person who thought they knew it all.  If you do not understand this you should go and read the gospels again and see what Jesus said and did.  You might think that I have been too confrontational with this man for a web site devoted to spreading the Love of God (Agape).  However, Jesus looked at the Pharisees and called them a “generation of vipers” (Mat 23:33).  Jesus said “You are of your father the Devil!” (John 8:44)  Jesus did not mix words up and I will follow His example today of loving those who want to be loved and those who think too highly of themselves, well you can already see what I think of them.

In my first lesson on this subject I discussed the “New Birth” process as being a parallel to the “Physical Birth” process.  If you know when the physical birth takes place, you can also know when the spiritual birth takes place by God’s design.   What you must realize is that this is a “limited knowing” being described to us and that is what I will discuss today.  None of this that I wrote obviously helped the man that wants to argue because he says that I did not address his scripture of John 3:7-8 which he claims is the answer to Nicodemus’ question of how a man is born again.  I left this verse out because it had nothing to do with how a man is born again but he thinks that I am just being ignorant and wrong.  For some reason this man wants to ignore everything that I have just said in the last lesson for something that he thinks is so important that this verse in John 3:8 says.  He just could not understand why I intentionally left it out of my discussion.  Oh well?  I guess that I have just not learned how to teach everything found in the Bible in ONE LESSON!  I guess some people want you to teach everything you know in a single sessioon and there is just no way that anyone can do that.  I bet you this guy would criticize Jesus for the way He taught.  I do not recall Jesus ever trying to teach everything He knew in any one lesson.  I left John 3:8 out because it was really not that important to the subject being discussed about the New Birth.  But, I will spend some time today to explain it and why I left it out.  I doubt very seriously if any of this will help him, but there will be someone out there that will be able to use it.  Most of the times religious people are too closed minded to see the truth, they are just too narrowly focused in on what they want to see as being important and you cannot help them no matter what you try to say.  This is why this is my last response to this commenter about the subject of salvation.   So here we go with the verses he thinks are so critical for us to understand:

Joh 3:7  Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.

If you recall in verse 6, Jesus taught us that those who are born of flesh are flesh but those who are born of the spirit are spirit.  Meaning there is a major distinction between these two types of births.  One is totally natural and one is completely spiritual.   One you can see and one you cannot see.  However both are still called “births”.  Get it?  This is just not that hard to understand.  Now in verse 7 Jesus says to Nicodemus not to be shocked that He said that you must be born again in order to enter into the Kingdom of God.  Jesus is saying to Nicodemus don’t try to wrap your natural mind around this spiritual birth truth, you are not going to be able to grasp it right now!  The Bible says the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God! (1 Cor 2:14)  So how can I discuss spiritual things with a  man who does not even understand natural things.  It is probably just impossible!

Joh 3:8  The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

So I do not see this verse to be that highly controversial, but yet my commenter obviously changes it to say something that it clearly does not say.  Isn’t that interesting how the Bible is written that way.  God always allows you to be wrong.  So what exactly is Jesus talking about here in this verse?  What is the intended purpose for this statement?   We can clearly see that Jesus is talking about the natural “wind” in the first part of this verse.  What does the natural wind have to do with spiritual things?  What is the point that Jesus is attempting to make?  What I can see in this verse is the fact that here in the natural, no man can explain the wind.  They do not know where it comes from, they do not know where it is going and they do not know how it got started in the first place.  It could have been a butterfly in Africa flapping his wings that causes the breezes in Australia for all we know.  There are jet streams in the upper atmosphere, wind patterns, pressures zones and vairous factors that determine our weather.  I mean the weather man on TV gives you his best guess at what he thinks will happen tomorrow but this is not always very dependable.  I assume that this is what my commenter is so focused in on.  He thinks that because Jesus is comparing the wind to the spiritual birth birth process and since we do not understand the wind, we cannot understand the spiritual birth either.  I assume this is where his natural mind is at?  This would be a typical wrong interpretation for this verse by a carnally thinking man.  Since I try to think spiritually this is not the way that I interpret this verse.  All you have to do is use your brain just a little bit to see a new and different perspective on the subject.  Quit trying to interpret the Bible in the dark!   Stop ignoring the rest of the Bible by focusing in on just one verse in complete isolation.  The Bible will always interpret itself, so God gives us the meaning of this verse in the other parts of the Bible if you want to look for them.  You must change your perspective to see things spiritually.  What Jesus is talking about here in John 3:8  is that to the outside natural observer, they cannot see an internal spiritual birth take place with their physical eyes.  Just like you cannot see the wind blow, you cannot observe when someone is actually saved from a natural point of view.  Jesus is linking the natural wind process to the spiritual birth process of a man as both being unseen events.  The wind is a natural thing that we cannot see, like the spiritual birth is something that we cannot see.  We are always required by God to take spiritual events by faith only.  Here are the Words of Jesus again on the exact same subject in a different book of the Bible, but notice what He says here:

Luk 17:20  And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

Here the religious Pharisees ask Jesus a direct question about the when is the Kingdom of God coming to the earth?  They said “When will this happen?”   Didn’t they?  Isn’t this what my religious commenter was trying to ask me?  This is a clear example of naturally minded men thinking only of physical things and asking Jesus a purely spiritual question.   Is Jesus going to answer their question naturally or is Jesus going to answer their question with a right spiritual answer in His mind from His point of view?   Jesus takes a natural question from natural men and gives them a spiritual answer.    However, notice that instead of telling you that you can’t understand the new birth, Jesus says you can’t see when  this New Birth happens.  We are still talking about the coming into the Kingdom of God?  Yes?   Jesus clearly answer that the Kingdom of God comes without observation of any man!  No natural man will ever be able to see the Kingdom of God.  But, yet it is still here inside of me right now.  They do not observe it coming into the life of any man, they do not perceive when it occurs and they do not understand why they have changed.  Only the spiritual realm can see it when it happens, God sees it when it happens, the angels can see it happen, Satan can see when it happens, but us in this world live in the natural realm and we are dominated by our 5 physical senses.   So I assume that because my commenter cannot observe this spiritual birth act of God taking place he does not believe that it has taken place?   That is pretty ignorant!  If you want to observe something in the natural to prove it has happened in the spiritual realm you will never experience it.  The Bible says that the JUST shall live by FAITH and NOT by what they SEE, TOUCH, TASTE, HEAR, SMELL!

Luk 17:21  Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Jesus continues His explanation of the Spiritual NEW Birth by saying no one will be able to say here is the Kingdom of God or there goes the Kingdom of God, because the Kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU!  This is an internal SPIRITUAL KINGDOM, a SPIRITUAL BIRTH from the Spirit of God that only occurs on the inside of a person within the unseen spirit realm.  That is why you cannot see it come or go.   You have never seen your spirit!  You have never seen God’s Spirit.  You probably have never seen a spiritual angel.  You have never seen Satan.  However, all of these spiritual beings exist in the unseen spiritual realm.  You cannot observe the spiritual birth outwardly no matter how you try to do it.   If you want to observe something before you believe it Heaven help you to see the truth.  This is the reason that Jesus compared the Spiritual Birth process to the natural wind on our planet.  It wasn’t because we can’t understand it, it was simply because an outside observer can’t see it happening.  Just because I cannot see you being born again, does not mean that you after being born again cannot know when it happened.  This is also true of you not being able to see me being born again and that does not prove that I will not know that I am born again.  People cannot mix scriptures up to make them say what they do not say.  There is a major difference in me seeing you get saved verses you knowing that you are saved.  Just because YOU cannot observe the fact that I was saved does not discount the fact that I KNOW that I am saved!  Do you understand this?  Can’t you see that this was Jesus’ main point in His statement of John 3:8?  The verse in John 3:8 has nothing to do with how people are Born Again but has everything to do with whether anyone else in the natural realm can see it happen. Obviously you will see what you want to see so that is all I can do to help you.  God can’t make you see the truth and I can’t make you see it either.

God wants to help people and that is the only reason that I responded to this man’s ignorant comments.  However, neither God nor I can help anyone who does not want any help.   He is the one that is trying to get me to change.  But, ignorance becomes way too obvious once you have been exposed to the truth.  I have not named any names to who this individual is, so as to protect his identity.  I have also deleted his comments from my site so that you cannot find him either.  This will give him an opportunity to do the right thing and remain anonymous.  I have found that religious people just want to challenge your faith with there erroneous ways and for you to buy into their wrong beliefs, because only they see themselves to be so right.  They neither know God or have the love of God in them so they do not know how to be nice to others.  What this man needs to do is to get saved, born again and he will then be able to understand spiritual things.   God says that the “carnal mind” is an enemy to the Spirit of God (Rom 8:7).   So no matter how much I would like to help this man, only his mind is responsible for what he lets into his heart.  My Bible says that the god of this world has blinded the minds of them that believe wrong so that they cannot perceive the truth of God! (2 Cor 4:4)  So to all of those out there who read my blogs and can see spiritual things, please forgive me for trying to help someone who hasn’t seen.  To my ignorant commenter, I will not respond to any more of your critical comments so DO NOT LEAVE THEM!  I will not accept any more of your comments either.  Perhaps you can unsubscribe to my blog so that you are not bothered with the truth any more.  This will allow you to walk in your ignorance and be happy.   So if I haven’t offended you enough by now I’m going to leave my response with this cartoon lesson because it seems to be more at your current spiritual level of understanding.  Learn the lesson of Thumper in the Disney Movie Bambi, whose mother told him “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!”  If I wasn’t having to deal with such a religious spirited person I would not have had to be so blunt!  I pray that you see the truth before Jesus comes back very soon.


If you want to know how to get saved and know that you are with confidence you can go to: How do I get saved?

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  1. Do not mind those kind of people. I have seen them a lot and i tend to ignore them.

    May God keep on blessing you. Thanks again for the teachings.


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