A Deceived Christian Example To Avoid! Part 2 – Beware the Chicken Little False Prophets Who Proclaim the End of the World is Today!

(Ver 2.1)  This is “Part 2” in a Bible study series concerning modern negative Christian examples to avoid and not to follow or become.  If you would like to read the series from the beginning you may like to go to “Part 1” first.  But this lesson will be a blessing alone.  I was on vacation in the mountains when I wrote this Bible lesson.  I had not planned on posting anything that week.  But, then a national news report came on about a religious zealot in California, that I will not name and he has predicted the end of the world to occur May 21, 2011 at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time in the USA.  When a man calls himself a Christian and then ignores the Bible to teach something so ridiculous that it makes the corrupt national news media, it causes a negative perception to be reflected upon every Christian.  I have found that if the national news media is reporting a story, the it is either false or it is coordinated to make conservatives and Christians to look bad.  And one false prophet can be used by Satan to cause every real prophet of God to look foolish and not to be taken seriously.  What if God had sent a prophet to Israel and Israel had already heard 12 other men who called themselves prophets say something that is opposite or different than the real message from God?  Doesn’t this make it easier to reject the real message?  Sure it does!  I did notice in the life of Elijah that he called down fire that consumed the other prophets and thus God got His message out in spite of the false prophets who attempted to corrupt the truth.  I believe if you read Revelation 11 about how God will send two witnesses the first 42 months to the earth to get His message out, the same power that Elijah displayed will get the attention of many of the people of the earth.  Yet they will be killed and their bodies lay in the street for  3 1/2 days and people will be so happy that they will send gifts to each other in celebration.  Wow, I believe this is going to happen sooner than we think.

Well this man in California has supposedly studied the Bible for many years.  He is not a young man and he has many followers who have quit their jobs to travel to tell everyone about the prediction.  They have spent over a million dollars on billboards to warn the people of the earth.  The late night comedians in the U.S. have made light of this prediction in countless jokes.  Atheists are planned rapture parties May 23, 2011 at 6 PM to defy the message.  People had even printed T-shirts to say how they survived the rapture.  Christians are being mocked and ridiculed and are made to look like fools because of the actions of a deceived Christian man who is clearly ignorant of the Bible.

When God gives someone revelation of His word, it is never going to contradict any other previous revelation of the Word of God to cause confusion.   Real new truth will always build upon previous truths that we already know.  Therefore, we as Christians are forced to know the scripture for ourselves.  This man who predicted the end of the world on May 21, 2011 made a very similar prediction back in 1994.  Since this prediction did not occur it is very easy to see that he is a false prophet.  God never sent a Christian with the truth today prophecies of yesterday have failed.  A prophet of God should always speak the truth and what they say better  occur.  Of course there are exceptions in the Bible where the man of God’s words did not come to pass.  For example God sent Jonah to Nineveh and told them they would be destroyed.  But they repented and God did not destroy them.  That is just one example.  But this modern prophecy does not appear to match what occurred in this incident.

If anyone is following a man who has given a date when Jesus was coming to get us and it did not occur then maybe we should find a new Christian to learn from.   Also if we are following a man who contradicts another prophet of God or the written word of God it would be easy to fall into Satan’s deception.  This man claimed his calculations were off in 1994, but he is absolutely convinced that he has not made a mistake about May 21, 2011.  I wonder what thought about his prediction on Sunday, May 21 2011 since nothing happened.  I wonder what his followers thought on Sunday May 21, 2011 when they were all ready to go and nothing happened?  I know for sure what the world thought of his ignorant godless prophecy; they all laughed at him as they are doing at all Christians right now.  How can real Christians follow a man who is deceived?  It is amazingly easy if we do not know the Bible.  I knew this man’s prediction was not true the moment I heard it.  Any could, because his prediction contradicted the words of the greatest prophet named Jesus Christ.  He said this and I believe Him more than a deceived modern Christian who contradicts Him.

Mat 24:36  But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

Jesus implies that He does not even know the day or the hour that He is returning to the earth.  If Jesus does not know and the angels do not know, and this includes Satan, Michael and Gabriel, how then can this man know more than Jesus and the angels?  He would have to be Father God to be able to predict the end with accuracy.  I do not care what revelation that anyone has found in their Bible.  If you ignore the prophet Jesus to predict the end of the world you are deceived.  Sorry I can be very blunt and direct sometimes.  But, somebody needs to awaken Christians to see the real truth.

If somebody does not speak the truth, then everyone will follow deceived people tricked by Satan who can say anything.  If we are following a man or a woman who has set a date for the end of the world, you are as deceived as the deceiver.  It is the classic blind being led by the blind.  So to the deceived people of the world who predicted May 21, 2011 to be the end, I do not criticize you personally (after all I did not name any names in this message), I do however reject the false message of prediction.  If the world ends May 21, 2011 then I would have looked like a fool for countering your message.  However, since I base my prediction on the Words of Jesus I felt very confident that the world will never end on any day that a man has predicted.  I believe my God and His Written Holy Prophetic Word more than the words of just any human.  Please everyone that is a Christian let us all do the same.

This was just one modern day deception tactic of our enemy Satan.  But, we can all learn from it.  This is a very important trap of deception that will occur again.  If you hear of anyone setting an exact day for the coming of the LORD, know now that this could be a major reason why it cannot be that day.  Let us all avoid being a Christian that sets a date.  Also let us all be a type of Christian that studies our Bible and does not follow after a human that sets a date.

I will pray anyone that does either of these.  I hope that you will also pray for anyone that you hear of doing either of these.  Let us all pray that God will open their eyes of their understanding so that they are not deceived by to follow false prophets or to become one.  But to those who want to reject the Bible, the prophet Jesus and the truth to follow their fantasy, here is my heart is extremely saddened because of the deception that has blinded your mind. I pray everyone will learn their lesson and not make other Christians with real messages look like we are all as ignorant.  Let us all make sure we are following the Word of God that we know and we see in our own Bible what anyone else is saying and not follow blindly after the words of any teacher.  That includes me!  I hope this message helped someone today.  Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing these Bible lessons with your family and friends.  God Bless you all!


LORD, I pray that you will help me not be deceived.  Lead me far away from anyone that is not proclaiming what you said in your Word and are saying today by your Spirit.  Help me to turn from following anyone that is not being led by your Spirit.  Open my spiritual eyes to be able to understand your Word and discern between right and wrong, truth and lies, and good and evil.  Thank LORD for your faithfulness to me in Jesus Name, I pray.  Amen.


If you would like to continue reading in this series of lesson please go to “Part 3” now.

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  1. Angelita Burgess

    Jesus said decievers would come in the last days…The truly have!


    Já vem de longo tempo, desde que vários americanos do Norte, com os nomes de Milheiristas,ou adventistas; com nomes de seguidores do pastor Russel, e ainda mais tarde com o nome de testemunhas de Jeová, e outros americanos do Norte, com datas que só tem servido para confundir a humanidade.
    Veja as datas: 1843, ou 1844, para o fim do mundo. Estas duas datas foram anunciadas pelos adventistas, ou milherista, seguidores de Guilherme Miller,que foi um dos principais fundadores da mensagem adventista. Mas nada aconteceu.
    1914 ou 1975, também o mundo ia se acabar, ou ia haver um fim do sistema de coisas como diz as chamadas testemunhas de Jeová que até em 1914,quando esperavam ir para o céu,assim que o mundo fosse destruído, ainda não se chamavam testemunhas de Jeová, porque foi só a partir de 1935 que passaram a se identificar como testemunhas de Jeová.
    Agora para 21 de maio de 2011, novamente tivemos as profecias da Family radio.
    Todas são interpretações errôneas dos americanos do Norte, que vem como uma avalanche ou enxurrada de ensinos falsos, para tomar o tempo das pessoas, dando uma data falida para o fim do mundo.
    1º.O que as pessoas estão precisando,não saber o dia do fim do mundo,e sim o que elas precisam para se conservar dentro do plano Divino,
    2º.O erro destes Americanos do Norte,não seria marcar o dia,ou uma data para o fim do mundo;pois Deus,não faz nada sem revelar o seu segredo aos seus servos os profetas.Veja.Amós 3:7;”
    Apesar de que Jesus disse quando esteve na terra,que ninguém sabe o dia ou a hora do fim do mundo;nem ele mesmo sabia,e nem os anjos mas,unicamente o pai.
    Mas, o pai disse em Amós 3:7; ”Certamente o Senhor não fará coisa alguma sem ter revelado o seu segredo aos seus servos, os profetas.”O erro destes profetas,é anunciar uma data sem Deus os revelar
    O homem natural, ou seja, os seminaristas não sabem nada espiritual, (1ºCor. 2:13-15;)muito menos a data do fim do mundo.
    Os homens só podem saber a data do fim do mundo, ou quaisquer outras coisas relacionadas com o reino de Deus, somente se Deus os revelar, porque Deus é a fonte do saber.
    Mas, todos estes falsos profetas da América do Norte, só se basearam em suas cronologias, seus calendários, e seus conhecimentos ao fazer montagens falsas, de profecias que não nada a ver com o que eles queriam nos incentivar a aceitar como verdades.
    É interessante notar que todos esses falsos profetas da América do Norte, se arriscam em dar duas datas para o fim do mundo.
    Os líderes da torre de vigia marcaram duas datas falidas para o fim do mundo,
    Sendo 1914, e 1975.
    Os Milheiristas ou adventistas marcaram 1843, e 1844.
    O profeta da Family radio Haroldo Camping, marcou para o dia 6 de setembro de 1994,e depois mudou para 21 de maio de 2011,dizendo que neste dia,ia haver o maior terremoto de todos os tempos,e ia haver o julgamento Divino,e também o arrebatamento dos fiéis a Deus.
    Veja você, o erro que incorrem esses profetas.
    Guilherme Miller, e Carlos Fit, foram os principais profetas que anunciaram o fim do mundo para 1843, ou 22 outubro de 1844.
    Nada aconteceu
    1914,foi outra data falsa,anunciada pelo falso profeta “Charles Tese Russel”,dizendo que o mundo ia se acabar nesta data,e só os seus adeptos iam ser levados para o céu.conforme está no livro deles “qualificado para ser ministro”pág.287.1975,foi outra fria que os adeptos da torre de vigia tiveram.
    Esperavam o fim do mundo, ou fim do sistema de coisa como dizem eles para esta data novamente.
    Vejam a montagem dos Americanos do Norte.
    Filosofias adventistas. Daniel 8:v.14;diz:”Até duas mil e trezentas tardes e manhãs e o santuário será purificado.Até aqui os adventistas pensavam que o santuário a ser purificado era a terra.Por isso anunciavam que o mundo seria queimado com vinda de Cristo em 1843 ou 44.
    As duas mil trezentas tardes e manhãs que não era mais que 2300 sacrifícios que eram realizados pelas manhãs e pelas tardes no santuário terrestre,mas que foi maculado durante mil cento e cinqüenta dias,quando um rei de feroz catadura,obrigou os israelitas a sacrificar coisas imundas no santuário,nos sacrifícios das manhãs e das tardes,que era o sacrifício contínuo.Ex.29:39;Num.28:3,4;1ºCron.16:40;2ºCron.2:4;etc.
    Hoje,os adventistas aplicam Dan.8:14;de uma fora errônea,mas diferente do tempo em estavam esperando o fim do mundo em 1843 a 44.
    A torre de vigia por sua vez,considerando Dan.7:25;eles aprendendo com os adventistas dizem:
    Se três tempos e meio são mil duzentos e sessenta dias, então,os sete tempos que o rei Nabucodonozor viveu como animal no campo são 2520 anos.
    Tudo isso são burrices das religiões que não recebem luz do alto,e ficam só na letra da bíblia.
    Como sabemos, cada ano na profecia bíblica,equivale a um tempo.Leia Daniel 11:13;
    Os setes tempos que Nabucodonozor viveu com os animais são apenas sete anos e nada mais.
    Mas vejam a desgraça inventada pela torre de vigia.Assim como os adventistas fazem uma segunda interpretação dos três tempos e meio de Dan.7:e 25;a torre de vigia,também faz o mesmo com Dan.4:32;
    Os sete tempos que era apenas sete anos que o Rei Nabucodonozor viveu com os animais,é interpretado pela torre de vigia,como sendo 2.520 anos.
    Então,Nabucodonozor viveu com os animais durante 2.520 anos.
    A burrice é tanta destes religiosos,que eles não tem tempo para pensar que nenhum homem viveu ao menos mil anos sobre a terra.É por isto que ficam enquadrados como falsos profetas.
    Agora vem o profeta” da FAMILY RADIO,”anunciando o fim do mundo para 21 de maio de 2011,
    E dizendo que os sete dias que Noé esperava a chuva dentro da arca era sete mil anos.
    Então,Noé ficou dentro da arca esperando a chuva sete mil anos?
    Esses americanos estão é sonhando em nome de Jesus.Se não fossem seminaristas até que poderiam entender alguma coisa


  3. charlotte floyd

    Thank You for being a watchman on the wall looking out for the innocent and deceived!!!!



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