How are my Bible Lessons? Please Tell me what You Think.

I have been praying and considering shortening my Bible lessons.  When I began teaching on the internet several years ago I wrote very short lessons but did not have many readers interested in them.  As the length and the detail of the lessons increased I noticed a significant increase in readers and subscribers.  However, I have heard from a few comments that these lessons have become a little too long and I tend to agree because of the time it takes me to write them.  I believe I will reduce the length to find a middle ground and just try to write more frequently.

I do know that I cannot please everyone no matter what I select.  Some people are detail oriented types like me that want to dig deep to find the hidden buried treasures of God’s Word.  Others are generally high level types that like the brief overview big picture view of God’s Word first.  While I try to do both occasionally I will always tend to lean towards the detailed view primarily.  So please share with me what you think of shorter more frequent lessons.  If you have an opinion which you like better, I would like to hear it.   I will always value hearing about what you are thinking.  Any positive input that you can provide will be helpful.  Finally if you have any Bible subjects or questions that you would like to learn about please share those also.  Thank you for your input and God Bless.  — Agapegeek



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  1. Your Bible lessons have depth and are very educative. Because of the depth you provide, I do not think the lessons are too long. Thank God for your life and what you do for the body of Christ.

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  2. you are from above I have no doubt .May God bless you!


    • Thank you so very much for your kind comments. We can only give God the glory for anything that is found good here. Without Him, we are nothing, we know nothing, and we can do nothing, but in Him, we can do all things because He strengthens us all. Thank you, Jesus!


  3. Dear Sir,
    Thank you so much for doing what you are doing. Your studies have been a great blessing and instrumental in opening my spiritual eyes. I have introduced my mother too to your studies and she too have benefited and been encouraged greatly. I wonder like for you to do something on ‘ How to biblically pray for an unsaved person’. Please could you also give me your email id. Thank you so much and God bless and prosper your work


    • This is a great question. So many people pray wrong for the salvation of their friends, relatives and even others they don’t even know. I have not found a prayer that anyone prayed for someone in the New Testament for God to same them. God has technically finished the work of salvation for every human even those not born yet. He sent Jesus and He already shed his blood and died to save us ALL. What else does God have to do to save someone? He certainly does not force them to receive the gift? This is how many people pray. But Jesus gave us the answer to how to pray for them:

      Luk 10:2  Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest. 

      A Christian laborer is required for most human salvations. Someone to tell them the good news of Jesus Christ and what He has done for them. They are required to listen, hear and believe the message. Then they accept Him as their LORD. I know not everyone accepts Jesus in the exact same way and that God is extremely merciful and gracious to everyone. But this was the quick answer. Pray for one individual and make it personal. Bind the devil off of them using your authority given to you by Jesus. Break the powers of darkness off of their mind. Then ask Jesus to send the right laborer that they will receive from. Now you believe God heard and answered that prayer and let Him answer it. When Satan comes to you and tells you it is not working tell him yes it is he/she is already saved, I know it because God is faithful. Then praise God for the answer everyday following until you see the change in them. God bless you for your question and I will look forward to hearing the great results.


    • Thank you and God Bless.


  4. Patricia Woods

    Thank you for responding so quickly. I will forever be in your debt for creating this blog. I understand what Jesus meant when He was called good master and He said there is none good but the Father. The good I see in you is the God in you and working through you but I still thank you for submitting your will and allowing yourself to be used by the Lord. God Bless You. Eternally grateful!


  5. Thank you so very much for your answer to my question regarding Exodus 4:24. I was so very excited to read it. I understand what you are saying regarding the translation of verbs from Hebrew to English. I have heard this before. I also understand God’s definition of Himself in the flesh as Jesus. He is all about Love, Love and more Love. One more question please. Regarding when God establishes a law, a commandment, didn’t Moses become circumcised? If Moses son was not circumcised wouldn’t death come to Moses son not Moses. Am I being to literal? I believe I get the meaning behind what you said I just don’t want to leave any questions unanswered in my mind. Again I thank you. This brings peace to my Spirit! Please continue to do what you do! You are AWESOME! I know God is so proud of you and I am so grateful!


    • Thank you for your response. You are too kind. If ever I have done anything that is good I know it is God that did it through in me and through me. Therefore, He gets all praise and all Glory. I believe that babies and children are not held responsible for any sin until they reach the age of accountability. Not until a human can understand the law and the consequences does their spirit die (became separated). Paul alludes to this truth in this verse:

      Rom 7:9  For I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died.

      The only time Paul could have been alive (spiritually) was when he was a child. But then Paul claims that when the law became known to him sin revived and he died (spiritually). It was only when Paul was met by the LORD Jesus on the road to Damascus that Paul was born again and began to live spiritually the second time.

      What I am trying to say is that it was Moses responsibility to circumcise his child not the child’s choice. So God was certainly upset at Moses. But often the sins of the father are passed down upon their children and it is the children that bare the curse. We learn this through many examples, but David is a great choice with his sin with Uriah’s wife. She bore him a child in adultery and the child died after birth because of David’s sin. It is usually the parent’s sin that opens the door for their small children to be attacked by Satan.

      I hope all of this helps to shed light on a complex subject. God is LOVE but yet God is also JUST. When human’s sin, God often must allow Satan to come into their lives to effect a punishment. It is a legal matter in the heavenly court. I have lessons on this subject. Thank you for reading and God Bless you.


  6. Patricia Woods

    I love your lessons and I love you for allowing God to use you in this manner. In my opinion your lessons are awesome just the way they are. Such revelation to my Spirit! When I read your lessons my Spirit rejoices! I am so thrilled I came across your blog and I send praises to God for you! I do have a question. I was reading in Exodus 4:24 the scripture says,” And it came to pass by the way in the inn, that the Lord met him and sought to kill him.” This was about Moses and I was greatly disturbed because I thought was God really going to kill Moses. Does God kill those whom He loves. I researched it further and found out it was about Moses son not being circumcised but in my spirit I am not at ease with the answers I came up with. Can you please help me out with this?


    • Thank you for your comment and your question. This is one of many controversial verses in the O.T. that have been translated rather poorly to give the name of God (JEHOVAH) a bad reputation. If God kills some and saves others then He is a respecter of persons and this causes the Bible to be entirely a lie. God was revealed for the first time in true accuracy at His physical appearance on the earth in the body of His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus very clearly said in John, “If you have seen me, you have seen my father”. Therefore, whatever, Jesus did, God does. Whatever, God does, Jesus did. It is very simple. Jesus never killed anyone but rather healed them and raised them from dead. Therefore, this was the revealed will of God and the true nature of God in manifestation.

      I have learned from study that the original Hebrew verbs can either be viewed as “causative” in nature or “permissive” in nature. Many Bible translators incorrectly caused many verses to be translated as if God “enacted” the evil upon man, when it really should have translated as “God permitted” the evil to come upon them. God is just and fair, but God must keep His Word. If God establishes a law (commandment) that is not followed by man, it opens the door for Satan to come into their life to cause death or sickness or other curse to fall upon the sinner. God must allow this to happen or He would not be just.

      John 10:10 represents the dividing line verse of the entire Bible. “The thief (Satan) came to kill, steal and destroy, but I (Jesus) came to give you life and that life more abundantly”. Anything evil comes from Satan and every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights, whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning”.

      I hope that helped a little. I do not have the time nor space to answer more completely in a comment format. God Bless you.


  7. I have been following you for 10 months now. It started when I lost my job but you were like my redeemer. I am now self employed and making 10 times my previous pay by simply following the truth that you reveal.
    My God richly reward you


  8. Rolando Cabacang

    When I discovered your blog in the internet a year ago I found it amazing and very helpful. I praise God for it is a treasure to me. I began to like your blog and started to share it to our congregation in 2015 the first was about “Understanding Seeds in the Bible” then several month after I shared about “Understanding about Bible Faith” and then “Speak to the Rock, Why Moses did not enter the Promise Land”, followed by “Hiding the Plain Truth in the Plain Sight”. Usually I do it during Sunday School. Because the lessons are quite long I shared to the church for several Sundays. For me your blog is not long or short, it depends upon the subject being discussed. As long as I can go home from work during my rotational leave for one month out Pastor will give me the opportunity to share what God has in store for me to share to His people in our small congregation. I could not imagine how I thank God when I found your blog and have learned so many spiritual truth from it and strengthen my faith and make me grow in the Lord.

    How I wish to know personally and intimately the man which God empowers and uses him to reach out and bless others and among them is me.

    God bless you brother abundantly and exceedingly. I consider you the modern Apostle Paul.

    In Christ Jesus


  9. Really, Obama, the Anti-Christ? I think you have great things to say, but you should stick to the matter at hand. Where did that come from?


  10. Diana Walker

    What is your name Sir? And do you have a book I can purchase all that is here? I’m a christian for now many years. And I recently got rid of my television because none of it’s based on the Bible and I don’t want no distractions while I study the word spread his word until God calls us up (Rapture ). I know the word rapture is not in the Bible.


    • I am sorry I do not sell books. I am convinced that the LORD told me to teach for free on the internet. You can download or print my Bible studies for free. God Bless you.


  11. I am extremely blessed by your gift of teaching God’s Word. I haven’t been able to stop reading and learning from you for many days straight (most of my entire waking hours) because it is in my heart strongly to “mature.” You’ve opened my eyes to many questions I have as I try and understand the “Spiritually Discerned” Truth’s in the OT and NT. I appreciate the long, in depth teaching’s as well as the shorter ones. Also, I look forward to you adding to your series as the Spirit leads you in various topics. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift. God Bless you my brother in Jesus Christ and God, our Father. Pamela (do you encourage questions or prefer not?)


    • Your questions are welcomed but answers are not guaranteed. No one knows everything but God. If He shares something with me that will help you I will be glad to pass it along. God Bless you. Bro Ron.


  12. May I ask the people who complain about the length of the lessons.How many hours of internet, facebook, video games, baseball, hockey, football, and news they have logged for this past week?

    Your lessons are rich and will be fruit for eternity for those who will heed them.



  13. Ron, your lessons are from God. To me the length of the lesson is unimportant. God’s message is so important and if it takes a lengthy lesson then that is what it should be. I want to be fully enveloped in the word of God. You do a wonderful job of doing that for me. You are truly a gift from God. Bless you.


  14. These lessons are eye opening and liberating. Thank God for your life. The details are good for me. Perhaps one way out is to create a box within the text that provides summary of the main points (in bullet form) you are discussing. Those who want a bird’s eye view will focus on the summary, and those who want details would go to the details. There may be others who digest the summary first before reading the details. Thank you.


  15. Allow the Lord to lead. I love your lessons. Much spiritual insight. If I come across one that is a little too detailed for me (as in, being a little over my head yet), I skim and go on…figure the day will come when that detail will speak more to me. My advice is just let the Holy Spirit lead…in each case…as long as you are at peace with Him, you know you are in His will…Oh the bliss of knowing that you are in His will…that’s where our Isaac is…


    • Thank you Bobbie for your comments. God Bless.


      • Dear Bro

        Greetings in matchless name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

        Thanks a lot for valuable teachings on this blog…. I am thankful to God for your life.. I would appreciate if you kindly help me to find out the tools in order to understand the Word of God. I am Abhishek Gupta from India a keen learner of Gods Word.

        It would be great if you can provide me email id of yours so that I can ask you some questions relevant to ministry since I am serving the Lord in ministry, I am trying my level best to understand the Word of God in proper and appropriate way. I feel strongly that this blog will help to know certain truths in better way.

        Thank you once again…. Moreover, please leave your contact details such as email id to put across certain questions which I have in my mind for certain period of time.


        In Agape

        Abhishek Gupta


  16. Larry Briesacher

    Thank you for your blog, and all the work you’ve put into it. It’s truly been a blessing.
    Regarding the length of your lessons. I feel you should write until the Holy Spirit tells you to stop. No matter how long or short the lesson is.
    My prayer is to always be controlled by the Holy Spirit.
    God Bless


  17. Am very grateful and happy to be in your generation where kings and teachers like you that there legend never stop.I prayer that God who rule the universe with mercy and love will give you more wisdom and understanding to touch more lives.thank you God bless


  18. I give thanks to God for everyone that has commented. I appreciate you all very much. — Agapegeek


  19. Dear Agape Geek,

    You are correct; you cannot please everybody! No matter what you decide in writing less or more, someone will be dissatisfied! However, the objective is to please God in making disciples!

    As opposed to us moving forward, I absolutely believe we are moving backwards. Technology which is advancing should be a good thing, but it has proven to make us more lazy and unwilling to think for ourselves. If you were to review the industrial age, it was a time of assembly lines and machines. A period, I feel, we have regressed back to instead of progressing away from only to evolve into a microwave society. We want everything quick fast and in a hurry. No patience or time for peace in spending time with family. No time for studying, reading or reflecting on the truth. So, yes, I guess others would complain about your lessons (teaching) being too long or too detailed. But SPIRIT MATURITY is about levels of growth. And some of us learn quicker than others while others may need a little more. I would rather have more information to go on than too little. Others can quite simply eat the meat and pit out the bones in allowing others to obtain the knowledge for growth (spiritual maturity = God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding.) Allow the HOLY SPIRIT to lead in which direction HE feels is necessary for carrying out HIS MISSION for building HIS KINGDOM.

    Many blessings!


  20. I thank God that you are teaching His Word and pray for your strength to continue whether lessons are short, middle or long as the Spirit leads. God bless you…


  21. Hi,
    I love your lessons, the depth of research and insight have helped me to grow in my walk. IThe middle ground is a good idea, however I do believe that some topics will require more insight than others will and therefore will be longer.

    God Bless!


  22. Whatever you think is best…Sometimes one subject can have 20 series because whenever God reveals certain things to you about a particular subject, you should write it down. I love your lessons, they open my eyes to what was hidden before.

    Hope God continues to pour His understandings and His blessings on you and your family.


  23. i suppose everyone who does these types of online lessons have the same problems as you at one time or another. getting the views of your readers are great but ultimately it should come down to what the Holy Spirit wants first and what your readers want second. what is the Holy Spirit telling you? if the Holy Spirit is letting you choose then i believe you should ask the Holy Spirit what the the best solution for you would be.

    God bless

    ps i will be praying for a clear and concise answer for you 🙂


  24. Bro Ron,l have been tremendously blessed by your lessons.Whatever you decide to do,please ensure that we do not loose the revelation of the word being imparted in your spirit to us.As we yield to the ministry of the word,may the eyes of our understanding be enlightened and more wisdom,knowledge and grace to you.Keep the fire burning!!!


  25. I just wanted to put in my thoughts…I have been blessed by many of your lessons. I believe they are definitely God anointed and full of Godly wisdom. They are encouraging. I do love the lengthy details, only because that caters to my thirst level. But I have found, time to go through many more of your lessons are strained by other devotionals and teaching kids, daily routine of life, but where I find the Holy spirit has lead, there has been time. So is it more of my fleshly desires to read more of your lessons, perhaps.

    Most recently I was reading the sermon on the mount in Matthew 5, one section struck me pondering about living out the sermon. Specifically, “19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

    20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.”KJV

    I know that teachers are held with higher accountability that others, so this struck a personal self check with me. How can one say what is the least of the commands when all shall be regarded as honourable to maintain? Also when we think of our righteousness as Christ’s own righteousness, we are human, and I know God loves our progress, he is all about our journey and lovingly guiding us through each lesson. He celebrates our victories and encourages us when we miss the mark. He leads us to repentance when our way leads to a sin in God’s eyes. He most recently brought to my attention “the good left undone is a sin to him”.

    Thus, what final step, determines, no entry to the kingdom, after our promises are taken in faith????

    You may have covered this in past lessons, but have not had the opportunity to read this yet.

    Blessings and love, Lynn Moore


  26. I wouldn’t put a “length” on what you hear from God. I enjoy each and every lesson. Some lessons may take me several visits but it’s because I research with you and digest. I can just meditate on the fact that “Jesus wept”…. It’s not about the length, It’s the message. I don’t use your messages as a drive through. I really enjoy them! Please just write what is on your heart. As far as topics, I’m a book-end kinda girl. Genesis and Revelation are my two “favorites”. The beginning fascinates me because of the Awe. The end of times and where the USA falls into all that is becoming more and more relevant to me. As well as how powerful Satan is and the importance of rebuking him and his prowling. I sometimes think there is too much love taught and not enough fire and brimstone. I know it’s because it makes people uncomfortable but mature Christians need to know how to pray Satan AWAY from their families. Do you agree?


  27. I think the more detailed lessons are better just like the “understanding Angels” lesson which I think is great.

    Talking about it, I just finish reading this 9 series of understanding angels. I am happy to see people like you who can border to deeply study specific subjects like this from the word of GOD to en-lighting other brethren like us. I was really blessed.

    All the same, i have one verse in the bible about angels i think you might help clarify what it actually means (1 Corinth 6:3- Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?). Are we really going to judge angels?

    Awaiting for your reply.



  28. Barrie Reineke

    I think you have a good point shortening the lessons. Please note that as a person who has been studying the bible for many years, my personal opinion might not be correct. New or younger believers desperately need biblical grounding.
    May the Lord bless you.

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  29. First let me thank you for the wonderful and informative lessons that you have taken the time to share with me and other like-minded folks that are interested in and searching for the truth. Are your lesson too long? Absolutely NOT! Sometimes I think they are not detailed (long??) enough. I prefer you not to shorten the lessons for the sake of those that want a quick overview. However, I will offer a suggestion: write what I call an executive summary type blog for those that want the quick overview, but provide follow-on lesson blogs with the detail stuff. This way, I believe you can keep the two groups of subscribers happy!!??

    May God bless you richly,


  30. Brother Ron your lessons are not too long. Thank you for taking the time to share your studies with all of us. Blessings!


  31. I thank you for your desire to find the hidden meaning that God has for us. I have been struggling with searching for the “real” truth but haven not seem to find the answers sitting in church. I have prayed for God to send me a tutor that thinks and believes the same as I. Thank you, I love the detail you have put into these studies. I am also detailed oriented when it comes to the Bible. I desire to learn as much as I can. What is hidden, is not really hidden if we know how to understand it and how to search it out.


  32. I should think that there are instances when a longer lesson is the only way to convey the full message. Some subjects cannot be treated as middle ground, lest the point of the lesson is not covered sufficiently. I find that the long lesson much more illuminating.


  33. “And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us”. When Jesus spoke he gave Lessons some long and some short. Than after his death, burial, and resurrection the still gave a lesson or two such as Doubting Thomas and his lesson.
    Now we have the Comforter to keep us and guide us and to help us grow in this word. We also have an advocate with the father.

    Now we have teachers and many but there is one teacher and that is God, but back to the “Word”.

    The teachings of Jesus Christ are the word of God dealing with man and yet will we were still Sinful Jesus died for us to pay our debt. There is no other way because of our flesh is sinful.

    So a good topic of Sins of the flesh would be good and if you can shorten some lessons but retain the questionable knowledge or Jesus’s Messages than that is good. A long sermon and people tend to not get the effect that should be simple enough.

    Jesus always taught in parables and scribbled things in the ground for mankind to comprehend. I guess man back in that time where simple and didn’t have much knowledge,
    but you don’t have to have in depth knowledge to know that God loves you that’s why he sent his only begotten Son.

    He knew the plan for man back in the Garden of Eden when eve ate the apple? He gave us a lesson of redemption back then.

    I hope I sort of know my bible pretty good about God’s redemption for man after the Garden of Eden.

    So weather your teachings are long or short doesn’t make a difference. Paul said thank God the Word of the Lord is preached and Paul wasn’t short winded I’m sure.


  34. Brenda Ramosbishop

    Your Bible lessons are GREAT. However some of them could be shorter, less digestion, less of true life examples. agape love Brenda Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2014 18:17:55 +0000 To:


  35. Frankie Ballard

    I like the details and I don’t mind the length of the lesson. I think either way would work for me. You such a great job!


  36. pastorspirit savesoul

    very interesting & Educating….


  37. Ron, Keep up the great work brother! We will never know how many lives we touch on earth because of our obedience to Him! Just a simple smile or small prayer for an unknown soul could all be all that was needed for them! Love your site & I look forward to meeting you one day. Whether here on earth or at our eternal home in Heaven! God Bless! Billy

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  38. Personally I’ve never noticed the length of your lessons. The concepts and truth in God’s Word that you share flows out of your heart from the Holy Spirit. Any detail in the explanations not only enables us to discern for ourselves what is reliable and sincere, but it is supposed to stretch us, challenge us to study it, meditate on it, and think on our own! (I don’t know if would be the same if you tried to change too much and “microwave” the lessons) I am so glad that I just “happened” to come across your blog. Thank you so much for the time, effort, study, and heart that you put into your writing! So please continue on in your blog as you see fit …Seems to me that Jesus is more than worthy of the rest of us expending more effort and work into understanding Him and His word.


  39. thierry nkombe

    Brother Ron-I have studied both lessons that were short and long- My take is that short lessons do not lack in details and long lessons are not overwhelmingly detailed- In my opinion the choice is whether we prefer short and more frequent lessons or long but less frequent lessons- I am cool with either-Bless you father.

    Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2014 18:17:56 +0000 To:


  40. I started reading/studying your bible lesson in 2012 and I just love them, so long or short, I’ve learned so much, keep up the great work to the body of Christ.


  41. Good morning, I can thoroughly appreciate how much time it takes to put together each lesson and that it must be tough to hold down a full time job and do this on the side. But, I want you to know that I think you do a great job and you are a wonderful blessing to us all. I myself am detail oriented and enjoy the detail you go into. It’s really hard for me to understand why people would want an overview of a subject. Detail is required for full understanding in my opinion. Maybe it’s our background,(mine is network analyst and yours is programming, I believe), but at any rate, is it really up to us, the readers, or up even to you? What is the Holy Spirit telling you to do? There have been some long lessons but guess what? I read as far as I can or want, remember where I stopped, and go back and finish later. There are more than enough ministers not going into detail on any given Sunday. My prayer is for there to be more detail oriented ministers not fewer. Oh well, I look forward to your next post either way.

    Yours in Christ,

    Danny Coker

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  42. Agree with middle ground. Your articles are really good, but too long


  43. My greetings to you. I would like to say that, since the day I came across your teachings it has been a blessing from God. I believe His spirit led me to this website. I strongly believe God inspired you to inspire those that a seeking to know more about our saviour in detail. God’s word has no middle ground, or else we will miss something that needs more details. I love reading so with me I say please keep on giving us the full bread of life, with out the middle ground. God inspired you to do that for those who are seeking Him. You are a blessed disciple bring the sheep to the fold.

    May God bless you always



  44. I have learned a lot from your lessons and enjoyed them very much. Occasionally I have to go back to them to finish reading, but the depth you provide is greater than what I get from other sources. I hope you continue to share as you have, we need this.

    Good Bless,
    Beth Howison


  45. Adapegeek, I share your view on details and extensive readings. That is just me. Sometimes I notice that my students find me a bit too into details, but I love them! I enjoy going deep in the study of the Word of God, so for me your lessons are fine. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into them. May God keep using you in this wonderful way! In Christ Jesus, Sara Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2014 18:18:00 +0000 To:


  46. Love them….

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  47. I think a middle ground is good. I love the in depth explanations, but it helps to have it broken down into shorter sections. I loved the lesson on seeds – that’s what originally brought me here. It was very detailed, but spread out over several parts. Thank you for sharing with us!


  48. Sheryll Palad

    I was led to your site because of one of your in-depth teachings, and I also lean towards such detailed writings. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t mind if the lessons are divided into shorter chunks as long as the contents are not affected. Thank you for the lessons and may the Lord continue to bless you for your faithfulness.




    I truly enjoy your Bible lessons. I think you should keep them they way they are. We live in such crazy times it is wonderful to get the lessons and take our time in studying them. We have a tendency to rush through our lives I feel this is one area we need to slow down and take our time this is why its called study. If you have to reduce the number of lessons given I think you should still keep the quality the same. We can never get too much of God’s word, in order to diligently seek Him we must diligently study His word.


    I would like to have a lesson on the rapture whether there is pre tribulation rapture or not.

    How do we tap into the supernatural to operate in signs and wonders to bring Glory to God.



    Gayle Allen



  50. I really like your lesson, especially the detail of the lesson.
    I am still new in christ and have not read the whole bible yet, but I will.

    Seeing how you get detailed in your lessons has taught me what other hidden treasures are there in the Bible and how God wants to talk to me.

    Also…it change the way I read the bible, always looking for clues.

    Yes the lessons are long but they do not bother me. Maybe because I’m still new in Christ.

    When I see that you have a new lesson, I will take that time when I am NOT busy and enjoy the whole post.

    Thanks! 🙂


  51. Bonita Sharpe

    This is an awesome work that you have undertaken! I appreciate the condense view since I interpret best from a shorter version. It makes me think and I tend to hear what The Lord is attempting to show me. He’s preparing me to confirm or tell others what they already know or bring clarity to a situation.

    Your Sister in Christ Bonita

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  52. If you are saying everything people like than you are not doing GOD work because not everyone will want to hear what the Word says.


    • Thank you Lloyd for you comment. My concern was not about what I say but more about how much I say at one time. Believe me I don’t try to teach things that will please people. I am so much more concerned with only pleasing God. God Bless.


  53. I think a middle ground would allow for a bigger audience. I do love your lessons, but they are a lot to digest in one reading, so I typically put off reading them until I know I have some serious free time available. Further, I have forwarded your lessons to a few friends to discuss the subject’s further, but due to the length they don’t read them immediately, and then, sadly, they become an after thought. Your attention to detail is much appreciated, though. I can’t say that I’ve always agreed with you, but you give me much to think about and challenge me to be in the Word more (and that’s never a bad thing). Just don’t stop writing regardless as to whether or not you change your format.

    As far as topics of interest, why is the tribe of Dan missing from Revelation 7 and replaced by Levi? Is this significant? Thanks!

    Oh, and since I have you, did you ever write about the progression of the blood? I can’t find who wrote about this and have lost my notes. The progression begins with the ram’s blood covers one man, the lamb’s blood covers one family, the goat’s blood covers one nation, and then Jesus’ blood covers the world. Does this sound familiar to you?

    Thanks for your continued commitment in sharing the Word of God!


  54. Anthony Guida

    Agapegeek – I think your lessons are great. I am also a more detail oriented person and prefer more clarity in the lessons I read, especially in the form of supporting scripture. I find the way you break down subjects in a way everyone can understand to be extremely helpful in learning more about God. However, if you are attempting to shorten your lessons here is a suggestion: I have noticed that when you write your lessons there is a tendency to go off on “rabbit trails” that can take up a very significant portion of the lesson. The rabbit trails are always related to the lesson, and they definitely help to understand everything better, but sometimes they just seem to be slightly longer than they need to be. I bet you could shorten some of those down a little bit and it would help to compress your lessons ;).

    Also, one thing that God has put on my heart is the doctrine taught in the majority of churches these days that after we come to Christ we are still sinners, that we sin everyday, and that we’ll never be completely free of sin until Christ returns, even if we don’t know what these sins are. It is even taught that we should regularly ask for forgiveness for these unknown sins; the church calls them sins of omission. Now I have done extensive research on this subject and the Holy Spirit has clearly revealed to me that this teaching is wrong and is extremely damaging to the church, but I think it would be great to get your view on that subject! Maybe you could do a lesson on that? Thanks for all of the lessons. You truly do an amazing job and God is sincerely revealing Himself to you in every area you teach in.


  55. Your Bible lessons are great as they are; they’re not too long. Use to think they were long and exhausting when I first started reading nine months ago. However, since then I now actually read the Bible too and have discovered that my comprehension and interpretive capacities have been enhanced considerably. Hardest part for me in the beginning was untangling my previous “man-made” concepts about what I already believed God was and wasn’t. It was only my preconceived notions that slowed me down in grasping your interpretations and thought processes but now it’s all very fluid. Please continue to let the Spirit lead your inspiration and know that all your hard work has been a great help and blessing to my family. Thank so much!

    Best regards,



  56. I like your lessons and find them indepth and well researched. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!


  57. I think the middle ground is good.


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