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Praising the Lord. One Million Views on Agapegeek!

praise (1)(1.0).  This is just a very quick and short praise report concerning the gracious works of the Lord God on this website.  We have just today surpassed 1 million views on this Bible Study blog.   People from at least 214 different nations of the world have been led by the Spirit of God to read and study the Bible with us by His design.  God’s amazing grace and love for us along with the uncompromising Truth of His Word has been the declared primary focus for the posts here on this website.  People come from the four corners of the globe to read and to learn about Jesus and to grow spiritually mature.  If you have been a reader and a subscriber to these Bible lessons, we do so greatly appreciate all of your faithfulness and dedication to God’s Word so very much.  Please continue to pray for us so that we may continue to grow, expand and help all those that desire to learn and know more about God.  Help us spread the message of Love to the world by telling others about this website.  Share the Bible studies on social media and using email to your friends and family.  God bless each and everyone of you all very, very, very much and be in PRAISE to GOD with us for all that He has done and is doing!!!   GLORY TO GOD!!!  — Agapegeek ❤

How are my Bible Lessons? Please Tell me what You Think.

I have been praying and considering shortening my Bible lessons.  When I began teaching on the internet several years ago I wrote very short lessons but did not have many readers interested in them.  As the length and the detail of the lessons increased I noticed a significant increase in readers and subscribers.  However, I have heard from a few comments that these lessons have become a little too long and I tend to agree because of the time it takes me to write them.  I believe I will reduce the length to find a middle ground and just try to write more frequently.

I do know that I cannot please everyone no matter what I select.  Some people are detail oriented types like me that want to dig deep to find the hidden buried treasures of God’s Word.  Others are generally high level types that like the brief overview big picture view of God’s Word first.  While I try to do both occasionally I will always tend to lean towards the detailed view primarily.  So please share with me what you think of shorter more frequent lessons.  If you have an opinion which you like better, I would like to hear it.   I will always value hearing about what you are thinking.  Any positive input that you can provide will be helpful.  Finally if you have any Bible subjects or questions that you would like to learn about please share those also.  Thank you for your input and God Bless.  — Agapegeek



Blog Site Address Change Announcement

As of Oct. 7, 2011, you can now go directly to my Bible studies by typing the new much shorter URL address:


The old Word Press site will still direct you automatically to the new address, but this will simplify things considerably for people wanting to find me easily.  Also I am considering changing the look and feel of the site, but I have not made that decision because people usually do not like things to change.  You can see that by all of the fuss people have recently made with the massive Facebook changes.

This new name ought to be much easier to remember and considerably faster to access.  Share this new URL address with all of your friends, relatives and acquaintances and help me get the free Gospel to spread around the globe.   God Bless you as you continue to grow in His grace and His knowledge.

My Blog Post Version Control System!

(ver 1.0)  One thing I learned as a computer programmer is the usefulness of an organized control system for determining the version of what we are releasing, using, writing, reading or whatever.   So I have decided to implement a version control system for my postings.  Since I am constantly attempting to make them better and eliminate mistakes, I will post a document version at the very beginning of every document posted.  The first posting will be (ver 1.0) and this one usually has a lot of typing mistakes in it.   As I continue to update the document I will increment each posted document with a new version number (ver 1.1, ver 1.2… etc.)  Since software has for a long time done this, I believe it is only fair to tell readers that I am not perfect and I make mistakes.  I then go back and reread the posts a few days later or even weeks later and try to improve them.  Sometimes I put in new things God has taught me about the subject.  So each version may have enhancements as well as fixes.  Feedback also helps when I get questions about specific things that I may have omitted or not fully explained.  This is why I have implemented the version system for my posts.  It would be really nice if the WordPress people would implement some automatic version control system that would keep track of your revisions.  However, until they do, I will try to take on this task manually.  God Bless!