Praising the Lord. One Million Views on Agapegeek!

praise (1)(1.0).  This is just a very quick and short praise report concerning the gracious works of the Lord God on this website.  We have just today surpassed 1 million views on this Bible Study blog.   People from at least 214 different nations of the world have been led by the Spirit of God to read and study the Bible with us by His design.  God’s amazing grace and love for us along with the uncompromising Truth of His Word has been the declared primary focus for the posts here on this website.  People come from the four corners of the globe to read and to learn about Jesus and to grow spiritually mature.  If you have been a reader and a subscriber to these Bible lessons, we do so greatly appreciate all of your faithfulness and dedication to God’s Word so very much.  Please continue to pray for us so that we may continue to grow, expand and help all those that desire to learn and know more about God.  Help us spread the message of Love to the world by telling others about this website.  Share the Bible studies on social media and using email to your friends and family.  God bless each and everyone of you all very, very, very much and be in PRAISE to GOD with us for all that He has done and is doing!!!   GLORY TO GOD!!!  — Agapegeek ❤

About agapegeek

Using the Bible to understand the Bible! Advanced Bible study for mature Chrisitians who want to grow.

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  1. James Joseph Harris

    I am new to your blog and site. My impression is, Thank you, Lord, for such a gift to the Body of Christ! I believe I will be studying with you for a long while to come. I do have a personal question and can not find a way to write my question directly. Is it possible for me to do this?


  2. Praise the Lord and glory forever to him! I can imagine Jesus already telling you ‘well done faithful servant’ on that glorious day! May we all stay patient in the Lord and continue to seek more wisdom from Him. God bless in Christ’s love!


  3. So happy for you! Delivering God’s word and truth! I have learned so much from your blogs! May God continue to bless you with “divine wisdom.”


  4. AGAPEGEEK has truly been a very educative site. I have often printed out your wonderful teachings to study in details in my quiet moments, and have derived deeper knowledge of the priceless Word of Life through your site THAN ANY OTHER ONLINE BIBLE TEACHING PLATFORM. Its often said that the best things in life are free, so I can only imagine how much we your readers would have had to pay if there was a price for every one of your lessons; truly few would have afforded it; but you offer us these precious nuggets of heavenly wisdom for free; and mark my words; YOUR REWARDS FOR THIS GESTURE WILL CONTINUE TO MULTIPLY UNTIL THE DAY OF OUR LORD. Keep it up. May Almighty God continue to bless the entire agapegeek team. YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST.
    All my love and admiration,
    Gomez Okpala


  5. Im very delighted about the good news. Agapegeek is one of my favorite sites for bible studying. Its been extremely helpfull and getting answers to some of my questions. Thank God for you all and please continue to spread the Gospel Truth of Jesus Christ.


  6. Brother Ron,

    God is supporting you with His favor on the work of your hand.

    Praise His holy Name!

    The Morris family…


  7. Thanks for sharing. HE is AWESOME, all Praise and Glory be to the KING of Kings


  8. I can’t say much at the moment….may the Almighty God keep on being your strength as you are blessed to be a blessing to mankind…


  9. Just want to say Praise the Lord! your website is really eye opening, and I am so glad He lead me to it.


    • Thank you for your kind encouraging words. These are very helpful to know people really know God and care about others. Your words of blessing will help balance the words of cursing that I also have received. God Bless you very much.


  10. I just wanted to send a personal note of praise to our Father in heaven for your obedience to him!

    You are a wonderful vessel for Christ our Lord.

    Blessings and love, Lynn


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