2018 – Please Vote!!! But FIRST PRAY and ASK Jesus Who He Would Like You to Vote For!

(Ver 1.0)  This is a plea to my United States readers and subscribers.  If you live in another nation this may not apply to you.  It is past time for U.S. Christians to wake up and get motivated and involved in the God given responsibilities that He has provided to us in our nation by voting.  Voting is a Constitutional right and a privilege in the United States of America that is not available to the majority of the over 7 billion people on planet earth.  So many nations have no say in who leads them and makes the laws.  For example, any communist nation or socialist nation if they even hold elections are not real elections and are fixed for the power of the ruling class’ agenda.  But, here in America we have a government for the people and by the people and we are allowed the right to choose who makes our laws.  But, one man said it this way and it applies to voting “the only thing that is necessary for Satan and evil to win is for GOOD CHRISTIANS to do NOTHING”.

Please do not take this privilege lightly or for granted.  Every election should be as important as a Presidential election year.  Tomorrow is NOT a presidential election year and the number of participants in the election usually drops very significantly.  That makes your vote tomorrow even more important than in a larger election.    Your vote matters and it will count significantly more than you can possibly imagine if you choose to align and agree with voting according to God’s Truth, Morals and Values found in the Bible.

The indifference and passivity of the real blood bought saved Christian Church member MUST come to an end.  We MUST not remain silent anymore or we will continue to allow Satan to win and to shove his agenda down us and over us.  Satan has almost eliminated all Christian morals and values in our public education system because Christians have either not voted or did not vote correctly in alignment with Bible Truth, either way Satan has been winning.  Public prayer has been eliminated and the Bible has been banned by Satan’s design from the influence of young impressionable minds.  Girls are not taught to know they are girls to act like ladies and boys are not taught to know they are boys and to act like gentlemen.  Please help stop this insanity for you and your children’s sake.

Practically every University of old was founded by Christians to teach people the Bible, but now real Bible Truth and Christianity is rare to be found taught in any of them.  We are in a tremendous unseen spiritual warfare.  Satan causes the distraction of being busy with minor unimportant things and other cares of this life to cause Christians to look the other way at the evils rapidly taking over our nation and voting to change them.  Our children’s future will be doomed if we do not cooperate to participate with God and His WORD and go and vote with Him!  Teach YOUR children through a living example to demonstrate your unwavering commitment to show them the importance and priority an election should be given by going and voting.  This will help us ALL now and them in the future.  Then discuss with your Children why you voted and who you voted for.    Train up a child in the way that they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.

This election taking place on November 6, 2018 will either be a victory for Satan if Christians remain apathetic or for Jesus if His Body obeys Him and acts according to agree with His Word.  I am a very firm believer that God will judge every Christian for “if they voted” and “how they voted”.  Please vote as an informed Christian and not a guessing Christian.  Please go and read both the Republican and Democratic Platforms.  These are each party’s stance, beliefs and goals for our nation’s future course and direction.  Please determine which platform aligns the closest to God’s Word and Truth found in the BIBLE.  It is only with us agreeing with God and the Bible that we have any assurance of being saved as a Christian.  I ask ALL Christians to pray first before voting to ask Him who He would like you to vote for.  Seek God’s wisdom, guidance and direction and then submit to His wise LORDSHIP and leadership to obey. 

I do not believe that God will command or force anyone who to vote for.  That would be wrong and a clear violation of our freewill to choose good or evil.  Like Adam in the beginning God set before him a choice and then gave him the right to make the wrong choice.  His wrong choice had major consequences for all of us still today.  This principle is still true today.  All of our wrong choices up till now and those that we may choose to make tomorrow will potentially have the same lasting consequences for all of our children in the tomorrows to come.  This is why we MUST find the right people to vote for with God’s Word as our basis to vote.

I’ll end this encouragement to go and vote with this information.  My wife and I voted for all Republicans.  We chose this by careful prayer and Bible study.  We understand that the Republican platform more closely aligns with God’s Word than the opposition party of the Democrats.  We understood that even if Republicans were not perfect we had to choose who it was that was closer alignment with God’s values.  For example, the Republican platform supports more closely the “Right of Human Life” including unborn babies and the Democrats do not.  Democrats support the murder of an unborn child even up to the day before a child is born.  Many of these terminated children being killed by doctors in the womb could survive if brought out of the womb and modern medical technology was used for the good of life instead of their death.  I can’t support that.

Democrats have aligned themselves with the removal of all of God and Bible references from Public Schools, Government buildings and meetings and even our military.  Almost anything that promotes God, Jesus or the Bible is off limits to Democrats and to the people that they govern.  Democrats have aligned very strongly with the redefinition of a Biblical Family being between one husband and one wife.  I can’t support that either.  Our last Democrat President allowed the United Nations to condemn Israel one of our closest allies without using the U.S. veto power to overrule it.  This spoke volumes to me.  Democrats are moving to a socialist agenda very, very rapidly and I could go on and on and on about the major issues that I see that are in direct conflict with sound Bible principles of morality and values.  I pray that you will do your research and then make the right choice to vote with God.

I pray that I did not offend you but if I did, I will not apologize for speaking the truth in love.  The apostle Paul had the same problem.  In Galatians 4:16 he wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit “I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?”  We all need to become more like the Apostle Paul.  Ask other Christian friends and relatives to go and vote and then tell them the reason why you did and who you voted for.  Provide everyone Bible reasons why you voted how you did and not your opinion.  Be an encourager, a blessing and choose to speak the truth in love despite the threat of losing them as friend.  Finally, if you are going to leave me a hateful comment about this blog, I may or may not read it.  But, I will definitely not post it on my website.  May God bless you, guide you and lead you to vote His will and His way.  I love you all.

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  1. My husband and I are so thankful to you and your explicit words of God’s wisdom toward our Nation’s two major political platforms. I totally agree with you as to each one checking out the Democrat and Republican platforms then weighing them in God’s Words!!

    Our nation is at a crucial divide and I can’t understand why even God’s people can’t see it!! Yes, I know Satan is behind it. We as God’s children must stand with and For God!!

    Thank you for being bold and standing for God. I want to stand with Christ as my Lord and Savior!


  2. In a democracy, it is NOT ‘just politics’. Especially today. It is culture, and culture is the courtyard of the people. Gods people and those not of God. Survival of American Christianity depends on every Christian voting for the culture that would allow Christianity to survive. Child sacrifice, the destruction of marriage, sexual immorality etc …. these are all things that are an abomination to God. This age of Christians would not have survived the days when Christianity cost believers their life. Yes God is for us. But we also have to be for Him. We are in a covenant with God and part of that involves our responsibility to Him. We are part of the equation in ‘thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’.


  3. Hi! My name is Natasha Jackson, and I want to let you know how grateful I am for you. Reading your blogs has helped me tremendously. I truly thank God for you. What you said about voting is so true. I myself and others have been trained up to vote straight Democrat, but when I’d started to go to college, I was taking a reading class. And I remember what the instructor told us about voting. She told us the exact same thing you wrote. Wow, I know that is God speaking to me to help me to make the decision. So long I have been trained wrong, instead taking the time to search the values of the candidates. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


    • Thank you so very much sister for your bravery, stance and determination for seeking God’s will and truth. I praise God for His Great LOVE, FORGIVENESS and MERCY. I praise God for your teacher’s courage to teach the truth. God is Good. May we all continue to grow and increase in the knowledge of God.


  4. I just read this tonight, 3 days after the election. It’s easy to comment, as I agree with everything you’ve stated. Knowing some results of the voting, left me down-hearted at first but now, I trust more than ever that God’s Hand will move in such a way that unbelievers will see His power. Not sure how this will happen but I know God and He heard our prayers. We will see Him move people and situations into His Truth. Let’s be excited and start praising Him for His perfect timing. Can I hear an Amen?


  5. Pamela Huddleston

    As a prayer warrior and praying every morning with over 10,000 prayer warriors on the Nation Builders Prayer Line with Mary Colbert, you speak the truth and I appreciate you posting it. This is a BIG day for Christians and as part of the Army of God – and with God with us, we will prevail.


  6. Thankyou for your truth in Gods love. I have forwarded this to my family in California to read and reflect on before voting.


  7. AMEN!!!!


  8. “When God is for us, who can be against us.” Romans 8:31
    God bless you for speaking the truth in love.


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