Please Vote for Righteousness in 2022

Today is one of the most critical elections in the entire world.  The current U.S. election is a vital place for all Christians to wake up, unite, and stand up against the spiritual enemy Satan and what he is trying to implement in a one world godless takeover agenda. According to many scriptures the church is prophesied to leave this world before the tribulation as the victorious overcoming bride of Christ.

Therefore, expect massive victories today to continue to manifest in great numbers. But this will only fully come to pass with all of us hearing the voice of the LORD, believing Him, and obeying to participate in doing your God given responsibility to vote. We walk by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We overcome the world by our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have had Christians in the past that criticized us for speaking of world political strategies of Satan. Some have even unsubscribed because they were blinded by the enemy to not care about our children’s future ability to worship God and share the Gospel to others freely.  Any passive lack of participation is the same as a vote for Satan’s agenda and your defeat.

Notice the Biblical examples given to us by the Lord God. Pay attention that the children of Israel were given the promised land in the book of Exodus, but the nation of Israel still had to participate to fight and take it from their giant enemies that were living in it. Today, the church is no different than them. But today our giants are the spirits of darkness. God gave this nation Israel in the Old Covenant as a pattern for victory or defeat based upon whether we choose to believe God and win or live in a fear of the fight to automatically lose.

Become a strong and courageous voter today, like the example of Joshua and Caleb. Be on the “faith in God” side of this spiritual battle, and not on the side of defeat like the other 10 spies of Israel that died in the wilderness. Utilize the God given authority that Jesus has given to us all, and vote in faith, believing it will be counted accurately and fairly without any obstacles, obstructions or cheating. Bind the spirits of darkness that are working in those that are doing evil. We will overcome this enemy by the blood of the Lamb. Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world! Thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph.

Thank you and God bless you all very much. Join with God in the Gideon 300 group of victorious warriors that win. To God be all of the Glory for the great things that He is doing in the world in these last of the last days before His return. God loves you and we love you all. Be blessed and be a blessing to everyone. Amen!

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  1. Although I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong for a Christian to vote, I don’t think it’s the “God given right” you state and that not voting is similar to voting for Satans agenda. Looking at the Bible, doesn’t it say in Philippians 3 we are citizens of Heaven or the coming Kingdom of God? If we’re citizens to that Kingdom and waiting for that promise (Hebrews 11) then why would we be required to vote? This world has to end for Gods Kingdom to come back and be established. 2 Corinthians 5:20 also says we are to be ambassadors of Christ. Ambassadors are appointed and although they live in a country, they are there to represent their country and don’t vote in that country’s election.

    Just wanted to add in my thoughts here. I’ve enjoyed reading many of your blogs since you have some interesting insights.



    • Thank you for sharing with us your opinion Patrick. I am sorry I cannot agree with you. This seems like a very sad attitude using selected scriptures to justify passivity and personal responsibility. The United States of America is the lone nation in the world that is withholding the anti-Christ system. If this nation falls, your freedoms to own a home, drive a car, vote, go to church, witness to people, buy groceries are gone unless you take their mark. By Christians not resisting their enemy called the devil and evil, we cooperate with them and permit it to grow.
      The USA was the only nation in the world that was intentionally formed to freely worship the God that wrote the scriptures in the Bible. Israel was chosen by God; Israel did not choose God. The USA founding fathers were the opposite, they chose God and joined their new nation to be in covenant with God. These men of God created a constitution that was based upon Biblical principles. These men were led by the Spirit of God to make this nation unique. In this nation the people rule, and if they choose not to exercise their rulership rights, they allow tyranny to rule. When God’s people do not vote a demonic controlled government comes into power by default. It is exactly the same in salvation. God gave Jesus to die on a cross to save the whole world, but only those that choose to participate will be saved. Only by making good God choices exercised through our God given freedoms to choose, will spiritually save us into the kingdom of God. Likewise, these same good choices are able to save our nation by choosing to exercise these same freedoms to vote wisely for Godly people. Our spiritual address is in heaven, and we need to be a good participant in His spiritual kingdom. Our physical address is here on the earth. Therefore, be a good steward in both of the places where you live physically and spiritually.
      Please answer this question, if there was a true Christian President of the United States, one that prayed, read their Bible and followed God’s ways would it make a difference? If we believe a true Christian would be good for the USA, then why would we not go and vote for them? Look at the examples of the nation of Israel in the O.T. When they had a godly king, they were blessed, when they were under evil rule, the nation fell as was carried away by other nations into captivity and slavery. What is different about now and our nation? We all have to participate in unity to overcome the tyranny.
      God bless you and we will be praying for everyone’s eyes to be opened and to hear the voice of the living God to be ready. I am 100% convinced that Jesus is coming SOONER than we think!


  2. Amen!

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  3. Paul & Rita Morris

    My husband voted for the Republican party. Here in New York state our Governor is such a liberal.
    We have been praying for months now for justice, righteousness and truth to be restored in our state and also at the federal level as well.

    Thank you brother Ron and may you be blessed abundantly!

    In Him,

    Paul & Rita Morris

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    • Thank you, sister. God bless you and we agree with you for your victory. All things are possible to those that believe. When any two of you on earth shall agree, in touching anything they shall ask, it shall be come by my Father in heaven (Mat 18:19).
      It is a very amazing fact that there was a red blood moon this morning at around 4am. This rarely occurs and has never occurred on an election day before in the U.S. The next time it will occur on an election day is in over 300 years. That sounds like a message from the LORD encouraging us all to believe in His great power to deliver.


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