Speak To Your Rock! Why Moses Didn’t Enter into the Promise Land!

(Ver 2.4)  If you have ever read my blogs you know that I can be controversial.  I say things that are new and different.  But, I can only say what God teaches me to say and I have learned that God is different than anyone else I’ve ever met.  So if I say what God says to me, it will probably be different than what most men say and teach.  Today I want to explore some scriptures that God taught me many years ago.  Why didn’t Moses get to enter into the promise land?  What kept Moses out from the promised end of God’s plan?  The examples written in the Old Testament are there so that we can learn not to repeat the same mistakes that they made.  If we can learn these lessons from Moses, I think we can apply them to our situations today.  We have a better covenant, established upon better promises, yet we do not possess them automatically.  Even though God had already given the children of Israel the Promised Land, they were required to do something to possess it.  This is an extremely valuable natural typology of a pattern that is repeated in the spiritual realm for the church.  So let’s examine what kept Moses out of possessing God’s Promised Land.

I want to examine verses in the book of Numbers.  In chapter 20 of Numbers, Moses has a big problem again.  He is attempting to lead the people of Israel through a desert, there is little to no water to drink and the people and the animals are all very thirsty.  Moses goes to God and asks for help and God responds with a set of specific instructions, so let’s now start reading with what God says to Moses in the desert.

Num 20:8  Take the rod, and gather thou the assembly together, thou, and Aaron thy brother, and speak ye unto the rock before their eyes; and it shall give forth his water, and thou shalt bring forth to them water out of the rock: so thou shalt give the congregation and their beasts drink.

God gives Moses a very specific set of instructions with a limited number of steps.  These are not complicated steps, but yet people sometimes hear what they want to hear, instead of what God says and that get’s them into trouble in a very big way.  As we read through the rest of this chapter we find that Moses did not do what God said to do.  Let’s examine carefully the specific set of instructions that God gave:

  1. Take Your Rod.
  2. Get Your Brother Aaron.
  3. Gather the People before the Rock.
  4. Speak to the Rock.
  5. Give Everyone a Drink.

Five little things God told Moses to do.  There were five little specific steps of instructions from God.  Was this complicated?  No!  Was this different?  Yes!  God had never given these instructions to Moses before, so maybe Moses had a struggle with them or maybe Moses just assumed he knew what God had said.  Maybe he heard in his mind something different?  I do not know, I do know that it is interesting that Moses is the one that wrote this book of the Bible and if he made a mistake or didn’t understand it why did he write about his short comings?  Interesting question isn’t it?  What I learned from observing the instructions of God is that He rarely repeats exactly what He said for you to do before.  If God told you to strike the rock last time, then guess what you will probably be doing something different the next time.  I’ll talk more about that later.  Let’s read through Numbers and examine what Moses did, instead of following God’s instructions:

Num 20:9  And Moses took the rod from before the LORD, as he commanded him.

Num 20:10  And Moses and Aaron gathered the congregation together before the rock, and he said unto them, Hear now, ye rebels; must we fetch you water out of this rock?

Moses makes a great start to obeying God, but a really lousy ending.    Let’s examine what Moses did according to these two verses and list the steps that he took:

  1. Moses Took the Rod.
  2. Moses Met with His Brother Aaron.
  3. Moses and Aaron Gathered the People Together Before the Rock.
  4. Moses Then Said to the People.

The first 3 steps seem to be perfect matches to the instructions that God gave to Moses.  So when did God ever tell Moses to say anything to the people?  I know that you have to say something to them to gather them or assemble them before the rock, but when did God tell Moses to speak to the people after they were all gathered together?  Did God tell Moses to preach to the congregation?   Did God say to tell the congregation anything at all?  I do not think that He did.  This represents the beginning of the downfall of Moses.  As soon as you start deviating from the plan of God, you begin to miss it and you fall into disobedience and there is the root of his problem.  If we continue reading in the next verse we will see what Moses did next:

Num 20:11  And Moses lifted up his hand, and with his rod he smote the rock twice: and the water came out abundantly, and the congregation drank, and their beasts

Did you see what happened next?  Let’s continue our list of what Moses did and analyze them to see what they say to us.  We are now on step 5 of what Moses did.

5.  Moses Lifted His Hand.

6.  Moses Smote the Rock.

7.  Moses Smote the Rock Again.

8.  Moses Gave Everyone a Drink.

You can see that Moses did eight things to God’s 5 step plan of instructions.  How many things is that, too many?  Of course that is 3 things too many.  God never told Moses to raise his hand.  God never told Moses to strike the Rock.  Why did Moses have to hit the rock twice?  I think it was simply because nothing happened the first time Moses hit the rock.  I believe that God realized that Moses wasn’t going to follow the plan so He was merciful and gave them water to drink anyway.  Moses had to hit the rock twice before anything came out and I bet you that Moses was a little concerned after nothing happened the first time that he struck the Rock.  What we must realize is that even though God still gave the people a drink, Moses’ actions taken had grave consequences attached to them.  So what was God’s response to Moses and Aaron’s actions taken?  Was God pleased?  Of course not, God says something that is very profound:

Num 20:12  And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron, Because ye believed me not, to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore ye shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them.

God reveals the reason Moses struck the rock instead of speaking to the rock, as being a case of his unbelief.  Moses apparently had a problem with speaking to an inanimate object and expecting anything to happen from just your spoken words.  I’ll bet you a lot of Christians are still like Moses today.  God was trying to teach His servant Moses a valuable lesson about the spiritual law of words.  Words have authority and power behind them and God was attempting to raise Moses’ expectation level and spiritual awareness.  We know that previously in the wilderness that God had told Moses to strike the rock to bring out water for the people, but this time God changed the plan.   If you did not realize it, God hardly ever does the same thing twice.  By God’s instructions, Moses was supposed to speak to the rock before the people.  So while the people were watching, the people would have learned a valuable spiritual lesson also.  But, Moses failed and as a result God told him that he would not enter into the Promised Land that he had already given to them.  That is a sad lesson, but that is not the entire story.  You see you have not gotten the symbolism in this story found in Numbers.  It is very important to see that this story is covered with types and shadows of spiritual things to come.  The children of Israel are a type of the church.  Moses and Aaron are types of the leaders in the church.  The Rock is a type of Jesus Christ.  The Promised Land is a type of the Word of God, the promises of the New Covenant.  The wilderness can represent the time of trials or tests in the life of believers.  The water is most often representative of the spiritual drink of God’s Word.

1Co 10:4  And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.

1Co 10:5  But with many of them God was not well pleased: for they were overthrown in the wilderness.

1Co 10:6  Now these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted.

So what are the lessons that we the church should learn from this one story in the Bible?

Let’s go back through the story again and this time look for the spiritual typology.   God tells Moses to take his rod.  The rod represents a symbol of power and authority.  It can also be a symbol of correction.  You can rule with a rod of iron and that would represent a strict control of intolerance or of a swift set of consequences for disobedience.  However, God never tells Moses to do anything with this power symbol.  God then tells Moses to get with Aaron his brother.  I feel like this represents church leadership talking together and working together for a common goal for the good of the people.  Then God tells these leaders to gather the people.  The people represent the church and they should be meeting together to witness the example of the leadership of God’s plan in order to learn what God is doing.  Now, here is the real lesson from the story.  I believe that we can see and learn a lot from the next instruction that God gives to Moses.  Step 4 God said for the leadership to “speak to the Rock”.  What did the Bible say was the Rock?  The Rock represents Jesus Christ.  So what is Jesus Christ?  Jesus Christ is the answer to your every problem.  What was Moses’ problem?  No water or angry upset rebellious people?  Obviously Moses’ problem was his own people.  You need to understand this, because it is very important to see.  People are the biggest problem in any church.  If it weren’t for people, church would be a great place to be.  People are the biggest challenge any minister faces.  People like to talk, gossip, complain, criticize and many other ungodly things.   People will start divisions, confrontations, internal fights, and just complain about anything they think that doesn’t fit with what they want to see happen.  People will start petitions, call for church meetings and votes to try to run the show and all along disregard God’s appointed leadership, his anointing, His plans and His purposes.  God has placed leadership in the church.  Pastors and teachers are called by God and appointed by God to do a specific job in a specific way.  Most of the time God deals with the leadership of the church and tells them exactly what to do and say to the people.  This is a significant learning point from the patterns found in the story of Moses and the children of Israel.  God never addressed the congregation or spoke to anyone in the congregation directly about how to run the the group or what to do.  God always went through His chosen leader recognizing spiriutal organization and sturcture.  This is how a church is supposed to operate today.  In the church it is a little bit different in that God is inside of every believer and He will speak personal direction to each individual believer.  However, God still recognizes spiritual order and He will not tell anyone in the church how to run the church other than the pastor.

Where was Moses’ downfall?  What was the first thing that Moses did that was not on God’s instruction list of 5 specific steps?  If you recall the downfall came when he started talking to the people.  This is a critical lesson for preachers as well as for the congregation members to take note of.  Here is the principle that Moses failed in.  Moses had a problem with the people in that they were thirsty which caused them to be rebellious.  Why didn’t Moses just speak to the Rock and get the answer to his problem?  Instead of speaking to the Rock and getting the answer, Moses called the people “rebellious rebels”.  Here God is trying to teach Moses a lesson concerning a spiritual law of speaking the answer and Moses chooses to speak the problem instead.  Wow, did you just hear what I said?  That was more than worth your time reading this lesson if just you understood that one very important point.   This is a critical lesson to learn and apply to our situations today.  God never said to speak to the people, and speaking to the people who were the problem was not going to bring Moses the answer.  You know if you tell someone who is a thief that they are a thief, it will never cause them to come up higher and change?  If you speak to rebels and say they are rebels, they will never learn to change.  Speaking to your problem and saying they are your problem will cause them to continue as they are and they will remain your problem because of your words spoken over them.  The people of Israel never learned any lessons from this experience.  Moses never learned any lessons either.  God told Moses that he was not going to lead the people into the Promised Land because of his unbelief.  Moses was probably one of the greatest Old Testament prophets of God and he came far short of the destiny that God had intended for him.  Can’t you see how his example of failure applies to you and can it help you not to repeat his mistake?   If you can, it will radically change what you say to who and when.  Many times it would be better to keep your mouth shut and not say anything than to speak the problem and remain in unbelief and miss out on God’s answer to your problem.  God told Moses that if he would only speak to the rock, that the rock would obey his words.  That statement boggles most Christian’s religious minds.  God will do what I say?   If you would only study the Bible and what it says about the words that you speak, you would certainly change many of the things that you say.  The problem is that most Christians fall into the same unbelief category and continue to speakto and about their problems.  Earlier in the book of Numbers, God revealed two things to Moses and Israel that have a direct bearing on everything that I just said about Moses.  You see it would be unjust if God punished Moses for doing something that God had not already told him to do and explained to Moses how things will work.   If we go back and read we will discover that God had already given Moses two spiritual laws to learn and to follow.  Take a look at what God says in these verses:

Num 6:22  And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

Num 6:23  Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying, On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel, saying unto them,

Num 6:24  The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:

God taught Moses and Aaron, that they could bless Israel with the words that came out of their mouths.  By Moses speaking these positive good words over the people, God was able to bless them and cause them to prosper.  As you read down in this chapter, Moses and Aaron are supposed to say several other words of blessing and then in verse 26, God concludes that “I will bless them“.  Here is the principle given, you speak blessings and I will bless them!   Did you get that concept?  That is exactly the opposite of what Moses said and did.  Moses looked at the people and called them “Rebels”.  Can God bless these words?  What you find is that Moses ended up cursing his own people with his words and that is a major problem.  God cannot bless Israel because Moses did not follow the instructions of God and the spiriutal laws of God.  To emphasize the point even clearer to Moses in couple of chapters God tells him directly something that is very hard to misunderstand:

Num 14:28  Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the LORD, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you:

These words were spoken directly to Moses and Aaron, the leadership of the nation of Israel some 6 chapters earlier than the “speak to the rock” chapter in Numbers 20.  God reveals to Moses a spiritual law concerning his words that he speaks.  This spiritual law applies across the board to everyone in the congregation as well as the leadership.  God tells Moses that I will do whatever you say.  This verse tells me that God listens to the words that come out of your mouth.  Whatever you say, that is what God will do to you.  I know most Christians do not believe this.  That just doesn’t make any sense does it?  Why would God do that?  I do not know, but yet it is exactly what the Bible just said, isn’t it?   I guess Christians think these people in the wilderness were different than us today.  They were not really examples that we can learn anything from.  I guess people do not realize they are our examples and we better learn from their mistakes, or we will be doomed to repeat their failures.  There are many other Bible verses that I could go into right here to confirm what I have just said.  You can study them for your selves and see if they are there, or you can simply ignore them all and think they do not apply to you.  I’ll give you one confirmation to the words that I have just taught on and this is information found in the book of Psalms:

Psa 106:32  They angered him also at the waters of strife, so that it went ill with Moses for their sakes:

Psa 106:33  Because they provoked his spirit, so that he spake unadvisedly with his lips.

As you can read this is God’s commentary on the story of Moses that we just studied.  In these verses God tells us that the children of Israel made Moses angry.  God calls this the waters of strife.  By making Moses angry we are informed that his spirit was provoked to speak unadvisedly with his lips.  You can clearly see from this verse that it was what Moses said that was his problem and not his striking the rock.  You should learn that what you say is also potentially your greatest problem area and learn to control your tongue even when angry or being upset.  You can clearly see a connection of what you say coming from your spirit inside of you.  This is an extremely valuable lesson to see and to learn from.

One of the most important subjects in the Bible to study and to understand is that about your spoken words.  God tells us that He is listening to what we say and that He will do to us whatever we say.  If we speak evil, that is what we will get.  If we speak good things, that is also what we will get.  Your words only affect your outcome and what you get.  Because, the children of Israel, murmured and complained to God about their situation that is what they got.  The older generation did not enter into the promise land, except for Joshua and Caleb.    What made Joshua and Caleb different?  What caused Joshua and Caleb to enter in where the other people their age all died?  You should go back and read that story very closely and see what Joshua and Caleb said, when the others said the exact opposite.  God did to Joshua and Caleb what they said and the others also got what they said.  This is a prevalent reality found throughout the Bible, from cover to cover.  You can read practically any story in the Bible and you can observe very closely exactly what they say, then read ahead and see what they got in life.  It amazes me when I study the Bible like this and see what God’s response is to what people say.  I know there are other spiritual laws in the Bible also; this one is not the only spiritual law that affects what people get in life.   But, this one is certainly one of the ones’ that people do not have a clue about.  Elvis Presley said he would never live to be older than his mother and he did not.  My grandmother said that a crazy driver would be her end and two teenagers racing ran into the side of her car and killed her.  If you look at what you have today and analyze it with what you said in the past, it will almost always add up to the same results.  Learn to be careful what you say even in jokes.  I’ll try to do more lessons on words in other blogs, but I have gone long enough today.  God Bless!

If you would like to continue reading this series on words, you can go to “Part 2“.

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  1. Shirley Grant

    Thank you brother AgapeGeek, these are amazing revelations from our Heavenly Father to us, whose desire is to make us enjoy the abundant life while we wait for transition. See my full comment after Part 10.

  2. Shirley Grant

    I must testify of the greatness and goodness of our Lord and Saviour Jesus christ. Thank you Mr Agapegeek. I emailed you some time ago asking about this article that I had seen sometime ago and misplaced. You didn’t remember where it was. Since then I have been using other bits on other topics as needed from your studies. Just now about 15 minutes ago, 27th May 2019, the Holy spirit impressed me to put in the search bar, ‘When God Spoke, the Power of the Word,’ as I scanned for the right website guess whose name I saw? Yes ‘agapegeek.’ I say this because I prayed and asked the Lord a few days ago, that if He wanted me to teach on this could He help me to find your work because I love your work and know it is inspired. i say ‘to God be the glory’ for the amazing things He is doing. I am sooo excited! Thank you because your work will bless even more. May I use it for teaching please? God bless you and family as you remain obedient to help us who can in turn help others.

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    understand his word deeply, so deeply we can hide it in our hearts and
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    I came here from one of your other writings which the Lord led me to. The topic of how that we (those to whom the word of God has come) are gods. I want to offer my thanks for the excellent spirit with which you show forth the truth of God’s word. I gained from this topic several understandings. 1st Unbelief is a challenge even for leaders. (I was shocked when I found this out personally). 2nd. Your tongue charts the course of your life. You will have what you say; for God himself will perform unto you the contents of your words spoken in faith (Whether or not you are conscious that you are speaking faith filled words is irrelevant) 3rd God will honour detrimental words of faith only over your own life and not over the life of others (God still brought the children of the exodus from Egypt into the promised land even though the older generation said they would die in the wilderness.) What people say about you does not affect your destiny, your own words are the standard God uses on you. 4th You might still get results while operating in unbelief. Like a previous comment said “God honours leadership”. Moses still got the water although he had left following God’s plans, however you and those who should have learned from you learn nothing.

    There are more insights gained but I think the most important is to speak the answer and not the problem. This is the essence of being made in the likeness of God who called Abraham “father of many nations” when he was yet childless. I think this tops the lot because it takes care of unbelief. One other note I made is to control the tongue never to speak unadvisedly

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    You have a great revelation from God with the Power of Spoken Words

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    • Mat 10:8 …Freely you have received freely give. You are free to use anything I have received from the Lord under two conditions. First you must never charge for anything in any form. Second you must point every reader to Jesus Christ. Thank you and God Bless.

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    I am very blessed of your Articles Brother, not only this about the story of Moses but as well the one entitled “Understanding the Seed in the Bible”. I have read the whole series and it amazed me so much. I just came to know that everything started from a SEED.

    About the story of Moses I already heard so much about it from my Pastors, Elders, Sunday School Teachers since the late 80’s when I became a Christian. But just now I understand fully the story. Thanks be to God and to you “Agapegeek”. God bless you so much of His Wisdom.

    Could I share your lessons to our tiny church in Cebu, Philippines? Ours church is so small and have existed since early 1990’s and it never grows in quantity and in quality due to to some attributes like the Israelites in the wilderness. I want to speak to them BLESSINGS & POSITIVE THINGS, so that God would bless our congregation.

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  24. This is exactly what God had taught me recently “Moses spoke to the people instead of the rock. He did that out of anger”. Read this also alongside Numbers 12 where Miriam spoke against Moses when God had to punish her. There it was said of Moses that he was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth. So when Moses spoke in anger to the people. He did not honor God’s testimony about him.

  25. Okwuoma R. Efobi

    Every one must pray continually to God for grace to overcome the tempter always.There is always the unguarded hour which the enemy seeks to use against the saints.Moses was very humble but the people he lead, ,lead him into into what we try to analyse here.

  26. Fannie Jefferies

    Thank you so much for the spiritual explanation about Moses’ not going to the Promiseland. We must listen to God’s messages and receive His blessings . With God all things are possible if we only believe in the “Rock” He will hear us if we obey Him. It is so important to follow directions to receive positive resolutions to our problems. You cited the scriptures in Numbers 20:8-12 God told Moses to speak to the Rock and he disobeyed. You cited a confrimation in Psalms 106:32&33 where God remind us of Moses disobedience. Praise God for your spiritual clarifications to your sisters and brothers about this matter. Most of all, we must govern our tongue because what we profess will come to light, and listend to God’s word. God bless you.

  27. Bro Austine Oghedegbe

    I have received fresh insights into Moses issues with God. I thought God was too hard on him.He is indeed a merciful God – Bro Austine Oghedegbe, Lagos Nigeria

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  32. Speak to the Rock….. This lesson inspires us all. It is wisdom that we all seek..

    I remember my grandmother telling me about Moses and I remember her telling me that he couldn’t enter the promise land after doing all those great wonders and things, of course I was very young and didn’t ask why.. I just accepted my grandmothers viewpoint at the time.

    I talked to a pastor recently about this and he told me that why Moses didn’t enter the promises land and he said that that he hit the rock instead of talking to it and that it wasn’t a really major thing but a sort of minor infraction.

    Well coming from this lesson we just heard and read, its not a minor infraction…. while this to some might seem like a minor infraction it is a teaching lesson and that’s what the bible is all about to teach to edify us and to teach us and to know that thru Jesus we can be redeemed my his loving Grace… I want to thank Brother Ron for sharing this to us.

    Now the bible is a road map to our life if we study it and stay in the word. I guess one would say, if you get off the map than you get off the road that leads to heaven.

  33. Thanks for that confirmation that life and death really are in the power of the tongue, and those that love (whatever they love to speak whether good or bad) shall eat of its fruit. some months ago, I was discussing about Moses and we went on to say how he just hit the rock and since that Rock was Jesus, I wondered if Jesus got so angry of being hit that he decided away with Moses. thanks for the revelation that Moses was already declaring the children of Moses Rebels and so God could not bless them.

  34. phariseeinrecovery

    you did not mention that Moses represents the law and that the law could never lead us into the true promised land. Only Jesus / Joshua could. John 1:17 NIV
    For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

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    WHOA! Rocked my world!!!!!!! This is definitely being taught to my wife, children and friends!

    • Thank you for your blessed comments. I appreciate you being led by the Holy Spirit to find my website, read it and then leave a comment. You are a great blessing. Bro Ron

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    • Thank you for being led by the Spirit of God. It was no accident that you did this exact search to find this. This is just one way that God helps people find what they need to know. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to be a blessing. God Bless You!

  43. Brother, I enjoyed your blog and have been give good food to chew over and meditate on. Just one thing – and you may cover this elsewhere, Jesus said in Matthew 15 ‘[18] But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man ‘unclean.’

    So it seems that what Moses did and said was a symptom of the deeper problem which was his heart. Unbelief was in His heart so unbelief was expressed in word and deed. So it seems the need was a change of heart.

    Thank you again for your blog.

    • You are correct words spoken come from the heart. Jesus said “From the abundance of the heart the mouth leaks (speaks)” I teach on this in other lessons in this series. Please understand that it is virtually impossible to teach every part of every subject in every lesson. That is why I teach in a series of lessons that try to build upon each other to help us understand the complex topics that are revealed by God on every subject. Thank you for your questions and comments and continue studying the Word of God. God Bless!

      • Yeah I do understand – it would need to be a much longer blog to cover all that needs to be covered. GnP

  44. This is the teaching I needed!!!! It was a huge revelation and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m going to meditate on this for a while and continue in this study. Words, obedience, consequences… great study!!

  45. Thank you so much for all your information. it’s been helpful to learn, especiallly when I am feeling down.

  46. All my life I try to do good and all I ever see is the like he said the humble will suffer like he did and is so real everybody will make funn of me and use me why because God said love them but ,why, till now i dont ever have a real friend same age as me why I ask God when can I go with you and he give me a rock with his name I found it at the river and I show it to people but they look like dont care they said is just a rock ,we dont have real faith

  47. i ill keep on admiring your teaching and explanation as it’s a great inspiration and helping me in my spiritual life, but one more thing i want to add here is the mistake of Moses is almost the same mistake with Adam,and the same mistake with almost all of us today. disobedience. may He keep on strengthening you for us.

  48. What if I confess every day: ” I am lots of money, lots of money, lots of money!!” ?

  49. It was truly a blessing to read. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be careful with my words!

  50. I believe that is one of the so much important info for me.
    And i’m glad studying your article. But wanna statement on some common things, The web site taste is great, the articles is in point of fact nice : D. Good activity, cheers

  51. so much from your writeup, more inspiration, my prayer for you.

  52. This was incredibly helpful. I thought I was going to get an answer for one thing and then I ended up being reminded about a principle that God continues to show me. My words have been my downfall all my life. Today, as a believer for 11 years, I am still at it. Please pray for me. I needed this very much.

  53. The point I took from this which I was taught by KING CHRIST, which Moses spake but seemingly had forgotten is:

    Deu 8:3 And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every [word] that proceedeth out of the mouth of the LORD doth man live.

    Mat 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

  54. this was such a great entry…i was reading numbers today and i was really curious to know why God was so hard on Moses…and i’ve come to understand that God is just in all that he does even if it seems unfair to us…He’s better than we could ever be…i love how you brought out the part of what Moses’ words did to his destiny….i praise GOd for His work through you…God bless you more….love,Sam

  55. Your are truly a blessing. I have the desire to learn more
    I want to.go higher in the Lord and has asked him to use me. Reading your blogs make it all sound so much clearer and understanding. Thank you for allowi our God to use you in such a special way.

  56. Listening to His voice and submitting to His obedience is what God wants you to do! We must learn to lean and believe in Him and the obtain the results He has for you. This is what I learn and above all control our tongue. God bless you for the truth you have brought out by His mighty hand on you.


    Great revelation that really taught me a lot.May God continue to uplift you as you teach us.

  58. Prays GOD,I Had an assignment 3 months back[why moses did not reach the land of promise] i found out that one reason is he broke the tablets of stones that was written the 10 commandements of God.please let us comment on this so that i can know is the correct thing

  59. Greetings in the Name of Jesus!

    I came across your site when looking for answers to help me in my calling. I want you to know that GOD has really used you to give a clear divine snapshot of Moses. I pray that you conitue hearing from GOD and teaching in a way that people understand and can apply it to their lives. Be Blessed!

    • It always blesses me to see that there are Christians that have the spiritual eyes to see and hear from God through somthing that I have written for Him. I am just an instrument and anything that I said that was a positive blessing to anyone definitely came from Him. Praise God and thank you for your kind words.

  60. Amazing, just amazing! It was really bothering me how I just could not understand why Moses could not enter the promise land, and then I found this site. Not only have you explained the significance of his actions, you have also given me many thoughts pertaining to the power of words and thoughts. May God bless you!

    • Wow, I am humbled to think that God could help me and use me to be such a blessing to you. Thank you for your time and your kind comments of blessings. I know you were led by the Spirit of God to read as I was to write. So God gets all of the glory for anything positive that occured. Continue to be Blessed in the Lord.

  61. I was having a great time this morning talking with the Lord and he revealed some great truths to me . When I arrived back home I was puzzled by this question and although I have read this scripture many times in my youth It remained a mystery. Your study has greatly improved my understanding of this part of Gods word thank you



  62. Praise the lord!
    Excellent revelation from jesus .i enjoyed n overwhelmed of god’s word . tks for sharing.god b wit u.

  63. This knowledge found by reading your understanding of these events with Moses,give me a joyous fdeling and answers. Thanks

  64. Did moses speak or spoke to the rock?

  65. Thank you so much for your ministry! I’m devouring your series right now on the spoken Word. I’m recommending your site to others too! God bless and make you prosper in all your ways!

    • Thank you for kind comment. I am blessed so much by you helping me to spread the Word of God to the world. People generally do not know what they do not know. Therefore when they suddenly discover there is more to life than what is present on the surface they suddenly allow the power of God to change them if they learn it and then do it. God Bless you.

  66. Gomez Iwobi C. Okpala

    Its amazing what I learn everytime I visit your blog. Through this site I have acquired so many deep secrets on God’s principles, started applying them, and SEE THEM MANIFESTING IN MY WORLD!. I cannot thank you enough. Where we cannot bless you enough for this precious gift to us your readers, MAY HEAVEN GIVE YOU ITS BEST IN JESUS NSME, AMEN!
    Gomez, NIGERIA

    • You are very kind and I thankyou for being a blessing to me and for the time that you have spent reading and studying God’s Word. Finally, I greately appreciate the positive comments that you have left. God Bless!

  67. Very well written and truly a great message. Ask of the Lord and he shall deliver!

  68. Excellent Post!! I kind of stumbled upon this while looking for the story of Moses for a short sermon I’m giving for class finals. This made the entire story so clear! It also convicted me on the way I use my mouth, especially in some trials from/through which I am currently being delivered. I will definitely be more careful in choosing the words I say concerning the trial and those involved. Just wanted to say thanks, and keep blogging. It’s a blessing.

    • You are a blessing. Thanks for your great comments. I know you were led by the Spirit of God to read this. I am blessed by God to be a blessing to people. God is with you!

  69. Please send me some blog posts of your study on the sabbath and sabbath keeping and whether you feel it is important to keep the sabbath (the 4th commandment). Thank you
    Seventh Day Adventist
    Imelda Leyva

  70. GOD not gave a promise to Moses to take him to promise land. GOD only asked Moses to bring HIS people out of the land of Egypt Exodus 3 : 9 -11.

  71. I read this and it was powerful and I want to thank you for being obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and in turn being a blessing to us (to me). This is a confirmation of what my pastor always teaches which is “speak” in fact my pastor says that just as God spoke the world into existence “Let there be light”, “Let there be waters” etc. so should we follow that example and speak the Word into our lives and shape our circumstance and environment that way. He teaches that this is the works that Paul talks about when he teaches that faith without works is dead…. The works is the speaking. Speak the truth and speak the blessing into your lives.
    Thanks again.

  72. It is so important to do what God says. If we do that then God is glorified. Nice one, we must talk to our rocks and our mountains…

  73. Wow, that was a great teaching. I love to discover and learn new things from the spoken word. God honours his leaders and the water had to come out lest Moses be disgraced. Bless you.

  74. Musa A. Ezekiel

    I now understand the reason Moses missed the promised land. I would want to say that moses thought in is mind that using his rod could be more effective than speaking to the Rock.he also flet that speaking his own mind to the people is speaking the mind of God. On the order hand one would not blame the real children of Isreal bcos the mixed multitude stired God’s children and been that Moses has that spirit of anger which lead to spiritual deafness

  75. When I was first starting to learn the Grace message, I read this story and wondered if one of Moses’ errors was that God gave him a message of grace and mercy and love but Moses MISREPRESENTED God in delivering an attack on them for their failure. Just as so many preachers I had known did – pounded on us for our sins instead of showing us God’s love. How can a preacher who preaches condemnation enter into the REST of the finished work of the cross?
    I was excited to find that you had covered this subject so well.
    I’d always heard that it was because he had lost his temper. He was from the Levi family so bad temper was in his DNA – according to Jacolb’s words over his sons.

  76. This article made me think of something. The Bible says when you judge someone of something, you are doing the same things. Moses was in essence rebellious for not following what the Lord had told him to do, but he also called the people rebels. Was he judging them of something he himself also did? Just a thought. Good article though. Makes you think of stuff you said that happened later in life or someone you know that said something.

  77. OH How bless I was in reading this Message, GOD is GOD all by himself. This message will bless the SOUL and clear up any misunderstanding on why Moses did not see the Promise Land, Keep up the Good work in the LORD


  79. I have lately been very fascinated with the power of words and i stumbled onto your article. I would love to know if you have since tested this in your personal life with statements that you personally seen Jehovah God bless and bring to fruition? Satan does not want the believer to know the power they have according to scripture and i have noticed many many patterns in my own life of words that i have said and things that have happened accordingly. Great article, hope to hear back from you.

  80. One of the reasons Moses did not enter into the promise land is that he didnt listen carefully to what God said. I also suspect that it had to do with what we call common sense.
    The bible says that common sense apart from the Holy spirit is an enemy of God. The lord gave my a vision 3 days ago in which he told me to be carefull of the worlds latest trend which is the worship of common sense.When Jesus told us to become like little children he was referring to their ability to suspend common sense.Moses did what the people expected to see not what he was told . God bless you alll Geoffrey

  81. I agree with a lot of what you said. I wonder though, if speaking to the rock is just the example we are to follow. Striking the rock is so our own works, talking to Jesus about the problem and depending and believing Him is faith, and without faith it is impossible to please Him. He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. He is our Abba. our Daddy. A good dad always wants his children to come to him with their problems. To speak to the Rock.

  82. Thank you for this article it is very true. If I could I make one comment. The people were about to die of thist .At least hundreds of thousands of Gods chosen. Not only does the rock represent Christ but also the salvation of their physical bodies. The water represents salvation and the rock is the source of this.Talking to Christ is a sure wat to work out your salvation. And would have shown the people that God was someone to have a relationship with and not just to revere.
    God bless you Geoffrey

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Also thanks for the great comment. God Bless

    • God is great all the time,God knows everything before it.even happens he mosses wasn’t gonna follow his instructions. This was just a guide line for future generations.

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