The Hidden Jesus in Genesis! Jesus Revealed in the Hidden Patterns of Genesis!

(Ver 1.4)  Jesus makes a profound and awesome statement in the Gospels while He was speaking to the people of the natural nation of Israel.  These are such tremendously important words that we (Christians) need to grasp and fully understand what they say and what they mean.  Read with me this statement spoken by the Almighty God personally:

Joh 5:39  Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

A witness in a court of law is someone who comes in and testifies about what they know, what they have seen or for something as an expert that is relevant and pertains to the case in question.   An expert witness in a court case is someone who can speak with a certain level of authority on the specific related subject about the case.   So God’s word seems to indicate that the Bible is an expert witness for God’s case that He is presenting to us about the existence of Jesus Christ and His true identity.   We should be able to clearly see what God is saying about the Bible.  God claims that the Old Testament contained hidden information about who Jesus was and what He is going to accomplish before it was done.  Jesus also clearly told us to search the scriptures for this information.  If we are required to become a Sherlock Holmes type of Christian doing a search in order to find these facts, that would mean that this information is not always clearly presented on the initial surface reading.   This would also indicate that the information about Jesus was purposely hidden either from someone or for someone like us to find.  For example, why do parents hide Easter eggs for their children?  Is it to protect the candy from being discovered?   No actually it is more for the fun of seeing their children search for them with eager expectations.    The purpose of hiding eggs is not to keep the children from ever finding the candy but it does simply create a challenge for them that provides the parents the pleasure of seeing the excitement derived from their discovery.  This is the key concept that is needed to fully grasp about the words found in the Old Testament.  The Bible contains literally man hidden secrets about Jesus and these concealed clues were placed there by our Heavenly Father for us to search and discover.

The Law of Moses was given to Israel on Mt Sinai and they carried these words for many hundreds of years and they preserved them and cared for them and then when the author appeared before them they killed him.  Why is this, I asked myself?  I can see Jesus in the Old Testament, why couldn’t they see Jesus in the same way?  That of course is a really good question to consider.  I would guess that it is extremely more difficult to see what you do not know personally exists.  For Christians who know Jesus personally, they have a great advantage over the people in Jesus’ days on the earth.  They did not know Him like we can know Him so it is much easier for us to discover Jesus in the hidden verses in O.T. books like Genesis.  The rest of this lesson will be about something that I have blogged on before, but maybe not in this direct context and under this specific title.   This lesson will focus on the hidden Jesus in Genesis and I will give you at least three really good examples of Him that maybe you have not seen before.   I will focus only on the first two chapters of Genesis and you will certainly be amazed if you can see it.  Before, we start, I pray that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened to see God’s truth.

Genesis 1:1

alpha_omega3_6Let’s start with Genesis 1:1, where it says “In the beginning God created, the heaven and the earth”.  Did you know Jesus was Hidden in this verse in Genesis by the Author?  Unless you read it in the original Hebrew you probably did not specifically know this.  The 4th word of the original Hebrew text is a word that has been omitted from the English translation and this word reveals Jesus in this verse in a very profound way.  The Hebrew word omitted in this verse is actually not a real word at all and thus the reason for the omission of translation to the English language.  The translators simply did not understand what to do with it, so they omitted it.    This omitted word consists of only two Hebrew letters.  These letters are the “alef” and the “tav”.   These two Hebrew letters just so happen to be the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  Does that help you see Jesus better now?   What I am saying is that Genesis 1:1 should have read “In the beginning the A-Z God created the heavens and the earth”.  The translators did not understand the significance and they ignore the word being connected to the name of God.   This new information should start to illuminate many spiritual light bulbs inside you.   You see , in the book of Revelation chapter one and verse 8 Jesus calls Himself the “Alpha and the Omega”.  It just so happens that these are also the first and last letters, but of the Greek Alphabet.   If the translators would have converted these to English properly Jesus would have said “I am the A and the Z”.  Now do you see the connection more clearly?  What God is doing is revealing who created the world that we live in.  Jesus Christ was the Word of God and He created ALL things that we can see and observe.  Without Him was nothing that was made, made (John 1:3).  So Jesus is clearly identified as the creator God, the “A-Z God” who created everything that was created.  This is a very profound conformation of the identity of the Messiah, the man Jesus Christ.  In the Beginning the A-Z God created the heavens and the earth.  That is how this verse should read, now let’s go find Jesus in some other verses in Genesis.

Genesis 1:15-19  Day 4 of Creation

I want to skip down in chapter 1 of Genesis to Day 4 of creation, to one of the most important hidden references to Jesus in all of Genesis.  I do not profess to know every hidden reference to Jesus in Genesis, but I feel this one is one of the most important to see based upon my current understanding of the Bible.   You see in Day 4 of the creation account, God tells us of two great lights.  What God is doing is speaking symbolically and prophetically in these verses about Jesus Christ and what He will accomplish.   In studying the days of creation I learned that every day of creation represented a prophetic day of man’s history on the earth.  Since the beginning of Adam’s creation it has been approximately 6000 years.   6000 years can be divided evenly by 1000 giving us an answer of 6.   These 6 equal periods of 1000 years represent a day in the definition of God’s timetable for man.  In 2 Peter 3:8 God gives us a definition of a day that is a quote of a verse from Psalm 90:4.  God says that a day to him is exactly like 1000 years to us.  So the 6 days of creation turn out to be prophetic days of man’s history on the earth.   So what happens on the 4th day of creation?   God assigns a greater light to rule the day and a lesser light to rule the night.  The greater light is of course the Sun and the lesser light is the moon.  But, God is not talking about only natural things, God is prophesying about spiritual things to come.   Jesus was born on the earth some 4000 years after Adam and this can be easily translated as during the time of the 4th day of creation.   God is saying that Jesus will rule the day and be the light of the world, and Satan will rule the night and those that live in the darkness.  There are so many scriptures that can be found in the Bible that speak of this revelation.  I will not attempt to give you them all, but I will go through a few to get you started.  You can read other blogs that I have written to find more information on this subject.

In Malachi 4:2 Jesus Christ is prophesied about and He is called the “Sun of Righteousness”.    In this verse He is not spoken of as the Son of God, but more in the direct connection to being the “Sun of God”.  You can understand that God is speaking symbolically again about spiritual things.   In John 1:6-9, the Bible talks about John the Baptist and Jesus and calls Jesus the “True Light”.   You see if you think about this logically you can see that our sun in the sky is the true light and the moon represents a false light.  This is a direct comparison of the two great lights in the sky.   In John 8:12 Jesus is speaking and He calls himself the “Light of the World”.  He then says that those who follow him will not walk in darkness.   You can again see a spiritual reference to a truth that is revealed in Genesis on the 4th day of creation.  Night vs. Day, the Sun vs. the moon,  the Light vs. the darkness.   These are all symbolic representations of the hearts and spirits of men and women in the world today.  Two spiritual dimensions and conditions that are directly opposed to each other.   Again in John 12:46 Jesus says, “I am come as a light to the world, that those who believe in me should not abide in darkness”.  Jesus says those who do not follow Christ and His ways are those that walk in the darkness and who are ruled by the night and Satan.

2Pe 1:19  We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:

Here we have another great verse that declares Jesus to be the Sun that shines in our hearts to light our spirits so that we can see and understand the truth.  These are all profound confirmations to the 4th day of creation.  This verse in 2 Peter is talking about prophetic words so we have to look for these words and find them, could this be those we looked at in Genesis?  All you have to do is read it and see what it says about these two lights.   That is part of the difficulty in correct Bible interpretation.  The Sun is called by many different names in the Bible so you have to be smart enough to see the connections and find them all.   In Genesis the Sun is called the “Greater Light”.   In John the Spiritual Sun was called the “True Light”.  Here in 2 Peter the Sun is called the “Day Star”.   You do understand that our sun is our closest star to our planet and normally the only star you can see during daylight hours?  These are just some of the ways that God uses to hide information in the Bible.   In Revelation 22:16 you can see Jesus being called the “Bright and Morning Star”.  This again is a reference to the Sun that arises in the hearts of men.  These are all extremely important things to learn and to understand.  I hope that you at least got it enough to go learn more.

Genesis 2  Adam and Eve

Another way God uses stories in the Bible to hide information is through the use of typology.    These are stories of natural, people, places and things that have spiritual meanings attached to them to reveal to us hidden things that we cannot see.  Sometimes types and shadows can be hard to recognize and difficult to discover.  However, God has given to us some clues in the Bible to help us and point us to what to look for.   In the 2nd chapter of Genesis God gives us the account of the creation of woman, the law of marriage and the story of the beginning of the first human family on the planet.  Why is this important and how does this relate to the story of Jesus hidden in Genesis?  That is a really good question.  So here is the beginning of the primary reason why this is so important to know:

1Co 15:45  And so it is written, The first man Adam  was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.

Here is a direct clue from God showing a connection between two different men called Adam.   This verse compares the first man Adam to the man Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is called the Last Adam.   Why is that?   What you discover when you study Genesis 2,  is that the first natural man Adam was a pattern for the last spiritual man Adam that was to come.  So whatever God did to the first man Adam, is what happens to the Last Man Adam in the spiritual realm.  That of course is some totally new information to many Christians and may be hard to accept at first, but just keep studying and you will see that it is true.

God created Adam’s wife and took her body from his body.   As a result of what God did, Adam says “She is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh”.  In other words, Eve was called the “body of Adam”.   According to the law of marriage given to us in Genesis 2, it says “The man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh”.   One flesh is just another way of saying “One Body”.   Many people know that the Church is called the Body of Christ in the N.T. and yet they do not know how we became the Body of Christ.   We can very easily see that by the law of marriage and the pattern of the first man Adam, the church has now become the Body of Jesus by a new covenant of marriage.  You can see this very clearly by reading verses in Ephesians 5 about husbands and wives and then God reveals that this is a mystery that concerns Christ and the church.   Jesus Christ is the spiritual Last Adam who marries a wife who becomes His Body.  Because Eve is a woman that births every natural and physical being on this planet she represents a natural type of another spiritual woman who births every spiritual person in God’s new covenant family.   I have many other blogs that talk about this in much more depth if you are interested.


These were just 3 of the examples of the hidden Jesus in Genesis chapters 1 and 2.  I hope that you learned something and can now begin to see how to search out other hidden references to Jesus in Genesis.  Many times they are not obvious, so you have to search for scriptures and find references, definitions, types and patterns revealed in other parts of the Bible.  Jesus told us to search the scriptures, for these are they that testify of Him!   The evidence for God can be found in His Word.  God Bless!

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  1. This is just revelational,pls how can I get more?

    • Thank you and God Bless you for your comment. You are free to read any post I have on this site for FREE. I believe these lessons were God inspired and anointed. I Give God all the Glory and Credit!

  2. Thank you for this deep revelation

  3. This is so clear and help me understand everything through about in Genesis chapter 1 about reveal Jesus Christ.

  4. Thanks you and praise God for your sharing of this important message. I am very interested. GOD BLESS

  5. I would like to say thank you .

  6. This really blessed me, thank you so much for sharing! The depth of God’s word never ceases to amaze me…

  7. Thank God for this revelation have truly found favour in the Lord’s eyes , that he might share this with you .. Hallelujah 🙂

  8. Alexio Chizarura

    Wow wow wow!!an opening listen..Love the revelation

  9. Good thoughts on Adam a type of Christ and Eve a type of Church. i preached recently on the birth of eve from the sleep of Adam, relating to the birth of the church from the death of Christ.
    and indeed the work of God on the rib of Adam in his absence because “only when complete” was Eve presented to Adam. So with the church, it is being formed around “something” that was taken from Christ during His sleep, namely HIS righteousness, and when complete will be presented to Him `without spot or stain`


  10. I ask you to consider your comment…… “You see if you think about this logically you can see that our sun in the sky is the true light and the moon represents a false light”

    Thinking about this logically, the moon is not a false light, it is reflecting the light of the sun, yes the light is of lesser intensity, yes the moon is not generating its own light source, but it is still the same substance of light from the Sun, thus making it a lesser light, but not a false light.

    In your description as Jesus as the Sun, clearly it is told that he is the source of light and radiates that light, the moon there fore would be some one or people or something who although are not the source of the light, never the less reflect this same light, the apostles perhaps ?

    Was this necessary cause when Jesus left, ie the sun is gone, and thus its light is gone, and we would all be left in darkness, but lucky for us, a lesser light reflecting the suns light is available to us, until of course the sun come back and the light given will be from the source its self, and thus of much greater intensity.

    Also consider your statment……… “Jesus says those who do not follow Christ and His ways are those that walk in the darkness and who are ruled by the night and Satan”

    IF it be the case that the moon and thus night is of the same light but of lesser intensity, its untrue to say that those who are ruled by the night are ruled by satan, at least those ruled by the night still get the light of the sun, albit in a reflective form from the moon and in less intensity, may i suggest that satan does not even have this lesser light, but rather all satan has is pure darkness, no sun, no moon, and even if it had a light, it would be of an artifical kind, a tourch pehaps, but certainly not the Sun/Jesus or a reflective less intense form of the suns light ie moon.

    In summary,
    Jesus is Sun

    Moon reflects the Suns light when the Sun goes away, eg night

    The moon does not generate its own light but rather reflects the light of the sun and as a consequence the light from the moon is of a lesser intensity

    Satan has no light and the consequence of darkness that goes with it, and even if it did it would be artifical, and not from the true source of light/Jesus, unlike the moon which at least has the Sun/Jesus as it source of light, that reflects it onto the world.

    • Being a computer programmer for nearly 30 years, I understand the importance of correct logic, at least a little bit. I understand your thought process and your reasoning. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and then to be brave enough to make a comment stating your beliefs is very commendable. So I appreciate your time most of all and I also value your thoughtfulness. If you would permit, I will finish my response to your comment by email, since I do not feel I can sufficiently cover the subject in a small comment reply. God Bless!

    • Blood, water, spirit,40!

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