Mine Eyes Have Seen the End to All Perfection!

The Bible says some really strange things.  Sometimes I read them and just scratch my head.  What do they all mean?  Today I am going to teach on one of these concepts that made me think a lot.   Often times I have heard many people claim that God is perfect and that when God created our world, God made it perfect originally in the beginning.  Both of these are very broad statements with potential conflicts.  In your mind, can you come up with a definition to what “perfect” is?  Is there anything in our world that qualifies as being perfect?  According to the laws of thermodynamics, everything in our world is in a state of decay.   Meaning you can build a brand new car today and just put it up on blocks and park it for 50 years and it will be in a complete state of disrepair and aging with yet still zero miles on the odometer.  You leave it parked long enough it will become rust and dust.  So can you think of anything in our current world that qualifies as perfect?    How would you define “perfect”?  To me something that is made perfect is something that is incapable of failing.

So if you have ever read my blogs, you know I’m not perfect.  If I could become better in any areas, it would be my typing and proof reading abilities.  I constantly go back and reread my blogs looking for typing mistakes and for places that I missed it.  The other day I wrote a blog about spiritual power and thought I said one thing.  But, since I left out one word “NOT” it changed it completely to say something that I didn’t want it say.  So if you ever read my posts, especially those that subscribe by email, sometimes the current version on the web has been updated, corrected, improved and hopefully made easier to understand.  Why is that?  Simply because, I’m not perfect!  However, at times it totally amazes me that God uses imperfect people to try to help others.  I would guess technically speaking that God has no other choices, we are all just imperfect people on this planet.

Psa 119:96  I have seen an end of all perfection: but thy commandment is exceeding broad.  

Did you know that if God is making a New Heaven and a New Earth, then there is at the very least some major flaws implied with the Old Heaven and the Old Earth?  Have you read in Revelation about these new spiritual and physical places?   Have you ever wondered why it was necessary for God to do this?  I certainly have.  This verse in Psalms 119:96 are the Words of God Almighty written to us.  God declares that He has seen the end to all “perfection”.  The Hebrew word “perfection” here means “completeness”.    Have you ever thought about the fact that if God creates a new heaven and a new earth, what is wrong with these old places?   Can’t God ever create anything perfect and incapable of failing?  God created Lucifer and he failed.  God created Adam and he failed.  What is the deal?  These are very difficult questions to come up with any good answers for.  But, it would seem to me that in order for God to give His creation choices and free will, it would require that they are not created originally to be perfect.  When God created our world in Genesis 1, I never see where God said anything was perfect.  God said it was good and then very good, but that is a far cry from “perfect”.

Perhaps you have some ideas on this subject and I would be very pleased if you would share them with me.  Today’s lesson is just a short thought provoking exercise into causing you to think about things in a new perspective.  If God is “Perfect” and this verse in Psalms says “ALL” perfection will end, does that include God Himself?  Now that is a very difficult question to answer also.  But, as I think about Jesus coming to the earth as God in the flesh, I think that the Bible tells us that He was tempted in every manner as we are, yet without sin.    The Bible tells us that God took on sinful flesh, to defeat sin and the consequences of sin.  So if God was here on earth in a perfect form of His deity power it would have been impossible to tempt Jesus and it would have been impossible  for Jesus to fail.  It would have also been impossible for you to kill Jesus on a cross.  I believe that Jesus in the form of flesh, was not perfect in the sense that God in heaven was perfect and incapable of failing.  But, that is just what I have read in the Bible and I don’t know everything.  Maybe you can come up with a better explanation of why God says “All” perfection will end.  God bless you as you abide in the Word of God.

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