Understanding Seeds in the Bible! The Kingdom of God is Like a Man that Sowed Good Seed! Part 5

(Ver 1.2)  This is now part 5 of a series of lessons on seeds in the Bible.  Hopefully if you have been reading this series you have started to understand the importance of knowing and fully understanding this subject.  Jesus seemed to indicate that this subject was the key to understanding every other subject in the Bible.  God has designed and implemented a wide variety of natural objects and laws as views into the spiritual realm that we do not know very much about.  The natural laws concerning “seeds” are just one prime example of this revelation.  God believes that you can plant just a single seed and expect a vast harvest.  God planted the man Jesus Christ as a seed and He has been waiting for all of the fruit of this sown seed for the last 2000 years.  Since I can not fully explain everything or repeat everything that is said in every blog, I would strongly suggest that you go back and and start reading with “Part 1” if you have not read from the start. 

In the last lesson we discussed that Jesus was a seed.   As you may also recall I also implied in a previous lesson that Adam was a seed.  However, Adam was a natural seed and Jesus the Last Adam was a spiritual seed.  In Genesis 1, God spoke to Adam and told him to be “fruitful” and to “multiply”.  These are seed concepts that we have already discussed in some level of detail.  Fruit comes from seeds and the fruit has the seeds to produce more fruit.  This is the natural law of multiplication.  Most seeds that you plant in the ground always produce multiple or multiplied new seeds.  If you plant a seed of corn in the ground it will grow a new plant that can have anywhere from one to eight new ears of corn on it.  Each ear of corn can contain anywhere from 200 to 400 new seeds.  So doing simple math, we can say one kernel of corn seed is potentially multiplied into as many as (8 x 400=3200) new seeds.   If you take these 3200 new seeds and plant them; potentially you get 3200 x 3200 new seeds that is more than multiplied growth, it is now becoming exponential growth.  This represents the power of a single seed in the Bible.  It only takes one seed to have potential explosive growth.   God started with just one man named Jesus and this has resulted in a very large number of believers today.  This is exactly why Jesus could say the Kingdom of God is like a man that plants a seed.

Today I want to explore some new concepts of seeds in the Bible using another parable that Jesus taught us.  In this parable the Kingdom of Heaven is again being spoken of and a man is again planting seeds into the ground.   It seems that Jesus used this seed analogy repeatedly to try to teach us new spiritual things.  So let’s see what Jesus is saying now:

Mat 13:24  Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field:

So while Jesus is declaring another parable about a very similar subject, He is at the same time giving us additional information about the spiritual laws of seeds.  In the last parable, Jesus qualified the noun seed with the adjective “mustard” meaning he limited the scope to a specific type of seed.  In Matthew 13:24 Jesus does the exact same thing, but this time says this is “good” seed.   With the addition of a simple adjective of “good” Jesus teaches us that there are also “bad” or “evil” seeds in the world.   In my front yard I sometimes call these weeds, because these can be thorns and thistles and they are never anything that I planted.  What we immediately conclude is that not every seed is “good”.  Remember what God said was the “good” seed.  Jesus taught us in the parable of the Sower that the seed was the “Word of God”.  Obviously the Word of God is the Good Seed that potentially produced the Good Fruit.  So what is “bad” or “evil” seed?   I think we are about to find out:

Mat 13:25  But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

It is important to note that God’s good seed is planted to produce “wheat”.  Wheat is a very specific crop with a very specific purpose.  It is critical for you to see if God would have wanted corn, He would have planted corn, if God would have wanted potatoes, God would have planted potatoes.  What we learn is that God’s seed is specifically designed to produce a very specific crop for a very specific purpose.  Wheat is normally ground up and we create flour with it and this is the key component to making bread.  It is interesting Jesus talked about He was the bread of life.  We can clearly see an association between Jesus the grain of wheat seed being sown to produce the future bread.  After Jesus arose, the explosion of the Word of God grew very significantly.  This growth was in both the new written words of the New Testament and the increased understanding of the Old Testament.

Many will try to interpret this parable and say things that it does not say.  According to the Bible, God does not sleep or slumber, yet Jesus as a physical man certainly slept.    However, now we are not talking about just God anymore.   We must recall what the soil represented in the Parable of the Sower.  The soil represented people in the world.  Now that changes everything.  People do sleep both physically and spiritually.  Natural sleep is a pattern for spiritual sleep.  We all normally sleep at night and work during the day.  These are symbols and typology for the hearts of man also.  Those in the night are those in darkness and they are spiritually asleep.  God has given to us the “Good Seed”, the True Word, but yet God is not here personally to give it out and teach it to us in the flesh anymore.  So this is a parable about the good seed creating the new spiritual Kingdom of God.  Where exactly is the Kingdom of God located?  Many will try to say it is in heaven, but this is not what Jesus taught.  If you read in Luke 17:21, Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God is now “within us”.   We therefore know that this Kingdom of God is within our spirits, right here and right now.  So what do you call those that have the Kingdom of God in them right now?  You call them Christians, those that are in the light!  The opposite to those in the light are those who are in the darkness.  These are those who spiritually sleep and slumber.  These are the men who slept that Jesus is talking about in this parable.  God didn’t begin to give us the Bible (good seed) for over 2000 years of human history.  The Bible has grown over the next 2000 years from a few books into our current 66 books of the KJV Old and New Testaments.   This is another example of the multiplication of seed.  While men were in the darkness and spiritually asleep, Satan came and sowed tares.  We clearly see that the tares came from a false, bad, evil set of words being spoken. You can call them lies, falsehoods, deceptive words, deceits, fabrications and you can even call them “leaven” even though we have not really discussed what symbolic “leaven” is yet.  Leaven is something you mix with wheat and it changes the bread makeup.  This is a spiritual principle that Jesus taught us to beware the Leaven of the Pharisees.   The Pharisees would constantly take the word of God and add their own rules and words on top of the true words.  Thus they diluted the truth with lies.  I hope that you do understand who this enemy of God is?   It is certainly Satan who has sown the seeds of the tares.  Satan is a spiritual being created by God who was found to have sin in him.  As we have learned that field represents the hearts of man.  So we have seen that an enemy has come and planted “bad” seeds into the hearts of people in the world today.

Mat 13:26  But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

What we have clearly learned from what Jesus taught us is that God has enemies.  Spiritual forces that manipulate and deceive people into believing things that are not from God.  God has given to us the “Good Seed” and this implies that Satan has sown “Evil Seed”.  That means that not everything that comes along being taught is what God said.  We can clearly see that false religions in the world are a trick of the enemy to distract and deceive you.  We can also understand that false teachers will also come along and try to deceive you with enticing words. 

All of this is just the practice of people teaching right or wrong things.  The sowers are the teachers in the world today and the seeds are the words spoken.    It is very rare that any man on earth teaches the pure Bible concepts without tares.  Why is this?  It is primarily because no man knows the entire Bible and everything that is in it and everything that it means.   There is no man on the planet that is God who knows everything.  So therefore, we must all become tolerant of each other’s ignorance and strive to come up higher and learn the truth.  We are all on the paths of learning, or at least we should be on these paths.  If you are not still learning new things then you are stagnating in a cesspool of ignorance.   God tells us all to “Get more knowledge, but with all of your getting, get also understanding”.  Jesus taught us to “continue” in the Word.  To continue is an ongoing process, a never ending state of learning.  Only by continuing, Jesus said you could be called His disciples and only then would you actually know the truth and be set free.

This parable continues to discuss many things concerning the Kingdom of God.  God tells us that the seeds of the Kingdom will continue to grow with the tares of the enemy as long as it is not time to harvest.  God tells us, if he would have torn out the tares, he could have taken out some of the wheat because the roots can be entangled with each other.    However, there is coming a harvest time and I believe it is very near.  It would appear to me that those in the darkness are growing stronger in their evil ways.  The evil in the world is running rampant and unless God does something soon this will not be a good place to be.

Seed concepts are critical to understand for every Christian.  I believe that if you grow spiritually you will be able to know the times and the seasons and be able to recognize the times of the impending harvest.

If you would like to continue reading this series you can go to “Part 6“.

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  1. elaine mccarty

    i hope u dont mind if i gleam and share with others


  2. elaine mccarty

    thank u for this study my natual eyes are open as well as my spiriual eyes WOW


  3. Boy! That statement about the roots of wheat and tares getting entangled. That’s pretty sobering. I love gardening but I’ve never thought about that.


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