My Blog Post Version Control System!

(ver 1.0)  One thing I learned as a computer programmer is the usefulness of an organized control system for determining the version of what we are releasing, using, writing, reading or whatever.   So I have decided to implement a version control system for my postings.  Since I am constantly attempting to make them better and eliminate mistakes, I will post a document version at the very beginning of every document posted.  The first posting will be (ver 1.0) and this one usually has a lot of typing mistakes in it.   As I continue to update the document I will increment each posted document with a new version number (ver 1.1, ver 1.2… etc.)  Since software has for a long time done this, I believe it is only fair to tell readers that I am not perfect and I make mistakes.  I then go back and reread the posts a few days later or even weeks later and try to improve them.  Sometimes I put in new things God has taught me about the subject.  So each version may have enhancements as well as fixes.  Feedback also helps when I get questions about specific things that I may have omitted or not fully explained.  This is why I have implemented the version system for my posts.  It would be really nice if the WordPress people would implement some automatic version control system that would keep track of your revisions.  However, until they do, I will try to take on this task manually.  God Bless!

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