Understanding the Concepts of Deception Used by Satan!

(ver 1.9)  This is Part 2 of a series of Bible lessons on the subject of deception.  If you have not read “Part 1” I would suggest that you go there to begin your study.  Let’s read one of the series foundational Bible verses to get us started:

Rev 12:9  And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Today will be a different type of Bible lesson for me.  As you can see from our Key Bible verse above, Satan is called the deceiver that is trying to deceive the whole world.  That means, Christians and non-Christians alike.  Satan is an equal opportunity deceiver and he shows no favoritism.  He is interested in causing us to be deceived from believing and knowing the Truth of God by any means that he can.  So I’m going to introduce you to some new things to think about that God has taught me personally.  You will hopefully see that these few things that I present you to think about could be a very effective tool of our enemy Satan.  I do hope that you understand that God’s enemies are Christian enemies also.  If Satan is an enemy of God, then he is our enemy here and now on the earth.  Satan’s greatest weapon on the earth has always been the subtly of deception.  But, Jesus told us that if we continued in His word we would be His disciples and that we would know the truth and that the truth would set us free (John 8:31-32).  That sounds like our freedom is dependent upon us continuing in the word, recognizing the truth, knowing the truth and then using this knowledge of God’s truth to set us free.   If Satan can keep you from knowing the truth you will be forever bound by his deception.  That is why he is trying diligently to do everything in his power to distract you and to keep you from knowing more about the Bible.  In fact deception is one of his only weapons that he has to defeat you.  If he can get you to think and believe wrong, he has accomplished his plan of deception and you are now a party working in conjunction with him to deceive others in the world.  There are false prophets, false teachers and false apostles in the world everywhere we look.   The numbers of these false distributors of lies are so many today that it is becoming increasingly difficult for Christians to recognize all of the ways that Satan uses to deceive people.  I will discuss just a couple of the ways that God has taught me over the years that Satan uses and I pray that you can see them also.

I am going to start with one method of deception which I feel is critical for all Christians to understand.  This method of deception is to take a small but critical piece of the truth in the Bible and then to possess it or claim it is something that it is not.    False teachers take bits of information out of context and then teach it in a false religion with new imbedded lies attached to it.    For example, we can find the “Golden Rule” of the Bible found in almost every religion of the world in some alternative form.   Because all of these other religions have attached themselves to this verse in the Bible, they have in essence diluted the true meaning as having come from God and they change it to fit what they prefer it to say.  Most Christians just automatically discredit the teachings of Satanism and Cultic organizations.  But, where did these false religious organizations get their information and why is it so important for them to claim it all as their own original ideas?   Think about this a long time, where did all knowledge come from?  Was it not our Almighty God who holds all knowledge?  I think I should stop here and tell you that what I am saying I am saying to only mature Christians who have been in Christ for many years.  I do not want you to think that it is OK to explore Satanism, or to go and study other religions looking for the truth.  That would be very foolish to go to a source of predominately lies and try to determine which words are true and which ones are false.  That is exactly what Satan wants you to do.  What I am saying is study the Bible and ONLY the Bible and find the truth and then do not reject it because Satan has tried to pervert it.  Do the sayings of Jesus from John 8:31-32.  Continue in the Word was the first step of the command.   That means you do not search history books, you do not search text books, you do not search other religions and you only stay with the BIBLE for your total and complete source of the truth!

I am not convinced that Satan has ever had a completely original idea in anything that he does or says on the earth.  It would appear to me that Satan takes what God does and perverts into something useful for his purpose of deception.  You must realize that Satan is a highly intelligent being that can run spiritual circles around what you know right now.  Satan has been in the presence of God and seen what He does first hand, have you ever stood before the throne of God?  I doubt seriously if you have.  Satan has been deceiving man for the last 6000 years, how old are you?  Does your experiences match Satan’s experiences?  I say Satan has had a lot more practice at deceiving people than you have had at resisting him.  What Satan likes to do is take little key principles from the Word of God and to pervert them so that many Christians will automatically reject them because they are taught as a part of a cult lesson.  Do you understand how powerful this is?  By taking a truth and by discrediting it, he can now cause many people to more easily reject that truth and be deceived into believing a lie.  This is a common political tactic used in our political system.  A candidate for office simply discredits his opponent with some perverted mixture of truth with lies.  By discrediting them they make themselves to be a more positive answer for the people.  I usually do not like to name names but I will give you an example of this type of behavior of Satan.  I was told by a reader that a small part of what I teach is a concept that is embraced by the Mormons and used to promote evolution.  Since the Mormon religion is a false cultic teaching, does that make everything that they teach a lie?   If I do not teach evolution using this same concept does that make what I say a lie?  No, what I say is not a lie, but it has been discredited by a cult taking it and perverting into their lies.   Does what they teach discredit everything that I say using the Bible?  Again, I am not telling you to go read the Book of Mormon and try to figure out what is true and what is false.  That is clearly a ploy of the enemy.   The book of Mormon is promoted as ANOTHER Testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ given to a false prophet and written down so that you will not read the REAL Testimony of Jesus Christ.    Jesus actually warned us not to read things that people ADD to the bible.  Jesus clearly told us not to take away any words or to add any words to those that have been written in the Bible (Rev 22:19).   The enemy has produced this book of Mormon simply as a tool to get you to not read the TRUE Word of God and His Holy Book of Truth.  As long as Satan can distract you with the false you are never going to recognize the Truth.  But, if the Mormons try to teach something that is a part of the truth just to discredit the truth; that does not mean the truth is not present in the Bible.

So let me give you another example of something that I may teach that is perverted by a satanic symbol.  A common satanic symbol is a five pointed star with a symbol of a male goat with horns on it.  Why did Satan choose this symbol to pervert it?  What is the significance of this symbol and the meaning of this symbol?   Why did Satan pick a goat to pervert it?  Now anything in the Bible that God uses for the symbol of the goat is tainted with this perverted image.  Because the goat and the 5 pointed star symbols are used for a direct reference to Satan, anything that the Bible now attempts to use them for are more easily rejected by Christians.  If someone suddenly came to you with a new revelation of what God said a “star” represents; you will more than likely retract from it.  Now, if anyone comes to you with a revelation of what a goat is a symbol of in the Bible, you will automatically throw it aside.  This is typical human nature to throw away even the good because someone used it for evil.  It is an automatic death sentence for any symbolic object that Satan has used to describe himself.   This death occurs by the simple association of any truth by associating with the lies or symbols for Satan.  All Satan has to do is to get someone in the world to take a Bible symbol and to pervert it into a symbol for Satan and every Christian will automatically run very fast away from it.

The Bible informs us that Satan presents himself as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14).  Why would Satan then try to present himself with strong demonic images of himself being a very evil being with a pitch fork, horns and a pointed tail?  It is because when he shows up looking like a glorious spectacular supernatural being or even as a normal looking person, he will be able to trick you into believing his lies.  After all you are looking for an evil ugly being and not a handsome good looking fellow.  It is the classic bait and switch approach to advertising; you present one image and then you switch out another new image that is completely different and try to get people to be a sucker for something they didn’t expect to get.  This is a very prominent ploy used in deception.  Make people think this is true and then present them with a set of lies that are believable.  Satan used people like David Koresh and Jim Jones to deceive people.  They looked normal, they sounded normal and presented some very subtle words of deception.  As a result many people died because these men decided it was time to die.   Understanding how your enemy Satan operates may save your life someday.

I’ll end this blog with one more example of deception.  If you did not know it, the Ram is a Bible symbol for God the Father.  However Satan uses this symbol for himself.  Satan is attempting to exalt his throne to the equivalency of that of God’s throne.  Satan is trying to deceive people into believing that he is god.   When the anti-Christ comes in Revelation he will be setting himself up to be this most high god.  So where is God a Ram in the Bible?  We can find this several places in the Bible but we will start with Genesis 22:

Gen 22:13  And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold behind him a ram caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son.

When Isaac asked his father Abraham “Where is the animal for the sacrifice?”  Abraham replied “God will provide Himself as the lamb”.  Jesus is repeatedly called the Lamb of God in the N.T.  This is a symbolic name for Jesus Christ our sacrifice Lamb.  Who is the father of a Lamb?   A Ram is the father of a Lamb!   As you can see in this verse in Genesis 22, instead of Abraham sacrificing Isaac God provided a Ram.  This Ram was a symbol of Himself being the sacrifice.   Abraham sacrifices the Ram a symbol of God coming to the earth in the flesh to pay the price for the sins of all mankind with His blood.  So God’s symbol is that of a Ram and Satan now produces this symbol to represent himself.   What is Satan trying to do?  He is trying to discredit the truth of the Bible.  He is taking a real symbol found in the Bible and trying to present you a false symbol.   This is a classic ploy of deception.  Take the real and pervert it.

So this blog was different, I know!  It was an attempt to challenge you to think.  Use your brain for something more than a place holder of useless information.  Take the real and reject the fakes, the false, and the lies of the enemy.  God Bless you to know the difference!

If you would like to continue reading about deception you can continue to “Part 3“.


If you want to know how to get saved and know that you are with confidence you can go to: How do I get saved?

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    Love this article!! Cannot wait to read the next one. I have learned to so much. Thank you!


  2. Trust Jesus in everything


  3. I think I understand what you’re meaning, but your comment about studying ONLY the Bible for truth is a little off. You mention not studying history or textbooks, etc. but only the Bible. Well, what if my textbook that I’m studying is teaching me how to read so that I can read the Bible? Clearly, you’ve studied much more than the Bible just in terms of what you put in your article (symbols of Satan, etc.). In addition, if you’ve ever been to a doctor who knows what they’re doing, your grateful that they studied their textbooks for truth on how the body works.

    Now, if anything contradicts Scripture, then it is clearly false. But if something does not contradict Scripture, it can be true without explicitly being stated in the Scriptures. Even Jesus and Paul had quotes that were not from the Scriptures. Clearly they had some other education as well.


  4. we truly have to thank God because he makes the kingdom of darkness to be exposed everyday.know this, the kingdom of darkness is becoming weak and weaker everyday as the coming of the lord is near.satan he is a deafeded enemy


  5. very, very insightful! i learned a lot from this. thank you and praise the Lord!


  6. Today, I came across your article “Understanding the concepts of Deception used by Satan!” Your statement about Satan is trying diligently to do everything in his power to distract us and keep us from knowing more about the Bible, is right on the money! Below is a Word that The Lord spoke to my Spirit in May of 2008, which I would like to share with the Body of Christ. Also, below is a one page document which I put together a couple of years ago “Deceiving Spirits know the Bible.” Blessings!

    In Christ,
    Alan Finch

    Saints Suffering From Malnutrition

    05/30/08 – “The Burden of The Lord. I, The Lord God, am Deeply Grieved at the Famine that I see MY people going through in the land. A Famine that has been caused by MY people not coming to MY Supper Table and Feasting on MY Word. It is a Grievous Famine. MY people are Suffering from Malnutrition to the point that their rib cages can be seen.Do not I say in MY Word, “Desire the sincere milk of the Word, that you may grow?” The Shepherds in the land have been leading MY people to Feast at their Supper Table, and not leading MY people to Feast at the Supper Table of The Lord. This has brought Great Famine to MY people.”

    Now to share with you the understanding that I believe The Lord has given me in my Spirit concerning this Word. The Lord in this Word is not speaking about the many False Teachers and the many False Prophets that we have today. The Lord is speaking about genuine Christian Leaders who are guilty of wanting to be the main source to whom God’s people come to for their feeding from God’s Written Word. This WIDESPREAD condition in the Church today has actually produced MALNUTRITION rather than GROWTH for many Saints, because too many Saints have depended upon receiving their feeding from Christian Leaders. This has led to many Saints NEGLECTING coming to The Lord’s Supper Table (Which The Lord has referred to in this Word, as HIS Written Word), and allowing The Holy Spirit to feed them through God’s Written Word.

    I feel that this Word is mainly directed at the Church in America, because of the religious freedom that we have here, and because of the great abundance of Bibles that we have access to in this country.

    06/13/08 – “I, The Lord God, would say to MY people, that there are many Leaders, but few Shepherds.”

    Deceiving Spirits Know The Bible

    Sadly, Deceiving Spirits have more knowledge of God’s Written Word than many Christians. Many years ago, I purchased a book in which a Pastor was visited a number of times by Angelic Spirits. This Pastor was convinced that these were Angelic visitations sent from The Lord. I have studied the book carefully and it is clear that these visitations were from Deceiving Spirits who had transformed themselves into Angels of Light. They gave much Biblical truth and insight into the Scriptures, but I found quite a number of instances in the book in which their actions and what they said was clearly in direct contradiction to the Written Word of God. These Deceiving Spirits stated much truth about God’s Written Word, but then at certain points in their conversation with this Pastor, they would mix in error, which can easily catch one of guard and seem to be truth. This is one of many reasons why that it is VITAL for Christians to SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES FAITHFULLY. What I found amazing is that one of the Angels said “some people have taken their eyes off Jesus and started looking to Teachers. Some of these Teachers dissect and categorize the Bible until it loses it’s LIFE.” This Angel of Darkness said “FEED ON THE WORD.” He repeated “FEED ON THE WORD!” Don’t settle for the Dissected Word torn into little bits and analyzed by sections. KEEP IT THE LIVING WORD!” Amazing! Even the Angels of Darkness understand how VITAL the LIFE GIVING SUBSTANCE of God’s Written Word is to the Believer in Christ. Last year, I read an article in which someone who claims to be an Apostle, had a vision. There is no question in my mind that this individual had a real vision, but it was not a vision from The Lord. It was a vision from a Deceiving Spirit posing as an Angel of Light. Upon careful examination, it becomes apparent that this was not a vision from The Lord, because some things in this vision did not line up with Scripture. Also, this individual who claims to be an Apostle has some false teaching which makes him a good candidate for receiving Deceptive Visions and Dreams from Deceiving Spirits. This individual saw in the vision that on the ground in from of him, lay a Large Bible. He was amazed that it seemed that none of the Saints of God seemed to notice it as THEY WALKED OVER IT. Other Saints even STEPPED ON IT. Every time that a Saint would start to look at the Bible, they would instead Be DISTRACTED. They were continually being DIVERTED to other things. We can see from this vision from a Deceptive Spirit that Deceptive Spirits take notice and are very aware of how many Christians NEGLECT reading and meditating upon God’s Written Word. This makes the task of Deceptive Spirits much easier. After all, the number 1 goal of the Kingdom of Darkness, IS TO DECEIVE!


  7. dear friend, nice article. but, what is that comparision of GOD with the RAM? see, jesus was crucified for us, and he is the LAMB, not a RAM. A Ram (GOD THE FATHER) was not crucified for us. :-)GMAW.


  8. dear friend, nice article. but, what is that comparision of GOD with the LAMB? see, jesus was crucified for us, and he is the LAMB. A Ram (GOD THE FATHER) was not crucified for us. :-)GMAW.


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