Understanding How To Make Jesus Your Spiritual Legal Advocate Right Now!

(Ver 1.1)  I have been teaching about the Bible revelation of the antichrist in the past couple of weeks.  However, it would appear that when you write things that Satan does not want revealed, the devils in the world come out in force against you.  I have been recently verbally attacked in the last week or two by several religious minded and evil spirited men who want to criticize me, call me a liar, a fool, a deceiver and names that prove they are no Christians.  It really does not surprise me in the least bit, since Jesus told me personally if they called the Master of the House Satan, they will call his servants this also (Mat 10:25).  There are so many men in the earth who know about God, but who do not know God.  These are the types of men who like to criticize and teach you about their religion because they have no relationship with God.  I call them Pharisee Christians and there is certainly no shortage of them in the world.   Of course the term Pharisee Christian is an oxymoronic name for neither a Pharisee nor a real Christian.   I have found that these types of men are almost always dominated and controlled by many scriptures found in the Old Testament.  It is like they choose to ignore the New Testament verses that teach differently or help to explain the true meanings of the O.T. verses and rather choose to ignore these completely.  They embrace the Old Covenant as a direct picture of how God operates in the New Covenant but this is just not the true case in the Bible at all for correct understanding.

For example, God is never strongly revealed as a God of Love in the Old Testament.  However, in the New Testament it clearly states that “God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son…” (John 3:16) and “God is Love…” (1 John 4:8).  These both were something new and different for God to directly reveal about Himself and He did this to implement a brand new covenant that was never done before.  Let me ask you a simple question, if the Old Covenant was so great, why did God implement a new one?   Please quit living in the Law of God and move forward into the Grace of God found and revealed to us in the New.  Those who want to live in the Old Testament Law are just deceived men who need to come to know the truth and more importantly, to know the Spirit of the God who is the Truth.  So, for those who have spiritual eyes to see the truth I will continue these lessons on the antichrist later, but for today I want to give Jesus some equal time.  Since I do what I do for Him and not for anyone else I feel like it is only right to be balanced with my Bible lessons.  So instead of teaching you only about an evil spiritual enemy I want to discuss my Lord, my Savior and my Friend Jesus Christ today.  He is the one that I know personally and I have such a great rapport with Him that it must baffle the minds of my critics when I call Him my Friend and He calls me His friend.  So based upon a suggestion from one of my spiritual friends on the internet I am going to write a lesson on Jesus our Advocate.

This is a lesson on Understanding how to make Jesus your spiritual Legal Advocate from the Bible today.   We will discuss why we as Christians need a spiritual Advocate; we will then discuss what a spiritual Legal Advocate is and what He does for us.  Let’s start by defining the word “advocate”.  An advocate is usually always someone who holds superior knowledge on the subject of the law.  In our world you usually have to go to school for many years of study, graduate and then you must pass an extensive legal bar exam to become a licensed legal advocate.  Some people call these individuals lawyers or attorneys and others call them counselors.  A counselor is someone who uses their wisdom and knowledge of the law to give you advice or counsel on what you should do in the given situation that you are in.  A lawyer is of course someone who practices the profession of defending, prosecuting, administrating or judging the laws passed by the legal bodies in power.  Today in our complex legal court systems, if you try to show up without a highly skilled attorney you are in some serious legal jeopardy.  In the recent past years I recall a very famous court trial for the very serious offense and charge of murder.  I will not name names, but I will tell you that this one trial that I am using today as an example was for the gruesome set of murders of two people and you will probably know who I am talking about as I go.  This individual was charged with the crime, but he had hired a “dream team” of legal counselors because he was a rich man and could afford the best that money could buy.  While the prosecution seemed to present a good case, they were no match for the highly paid legal minds of the “dream team” lawyers who clearly made them look foolish.  To me the evidence presented in the trial was very compelling, but to the jury this man was found not guilty and thus got away with murder because of his lawyer’s abilities.  You see in our legal system all you have to do is to present reasonable doubt to someone and they must acquit.  This was the approach of the “dream team” lawyers.  They discredited the truth with as many doubts as they could invent.  They introduced unrelated distractions that had nothing to do with the evidence presented.  They manipulated the jury to believe what they wanted them to see and they won.   I learned a lot right then and there that the truth didn’t matter, justice didn’t matter, proof and evidence didn’t even matter, but what mattered was if you had a good advocate on your side to help you plead your case.  This man accused never got up to testify and never opened his mouth to defend himself one time.  The only people that spoke for him were his masterful attorneys and they prevailed.  You can obviously disagree with what I just said, but that would clearly be your opinion vs. mine.  So let’s drop our opinions and see what God and the Bible says to us on the subject.

1Jn 2:1  My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:

We can clearly see several things in this verse and learn a lot from it if we allow God to show us what it says.   The primary subject of this verse is “sin” and more specifically the sin of a man.  Sin can be defined as many different things, but for today’s discussion I will define it as committing a violation of the law of God.  There are certainly many other more complex aspects to the subject of what sin is, but I will not be discussing those today.  There are also many in churches who only look at the subject of sin as violating the laws of God, but that is not all that sins is defined to be.  So do not get hung up on the subject of sin by me reading just one verse on the subject.  I simply can’t teach everything in one lesson, so let’s move on with today’s subject of why you need an advocate.  The Bibles tells us pretty clearly that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Rom 3:23).  So it is not so much if we sin as to say when we sin as this verse seems to imply to me.  However, it is also clearly saying that the goal should be that we should never sin.  But, if we do sin, then this very clearly tells us we have a major advantage over many other unsaved people in the world because we have Jesus the righteous as our spiritual advocate who is now in the presence of the supreme judge who is God.  Jesus the righteous is said to be our personal spiritual advocate, if we are Christians.  If you are not a Christian, then you have serious legal issues when it comes to being judged by God and I would not wish to be in your shoes on that day.   So why is it such an advantage for Jesus to be our spiritual legal counsel?  To me that is a self-evident statement or question, but you may not understand it so I will talk more about it.  Let’s examine verses that reveal where the Law came from next:

Mal 4:4  Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.

Here we have scriptural evidence and proof to the fact that God gave the law to Moses and Moses wrote it down for the children of Israel.  This represents a scriptural witness of the testimony of God.  This is what occurs during a trial.  What I am demonstrating to you is that God invented laws, courts, judges, lawyers and judgments.  These are not man made ideas, but they originated from our creator.  Our courts in America are modeled after God’s courts in heaven, if you did not know that you should learn and study that fact until you accept it.

Neh 10:29  They clave to their brethren, their nobles, and entered into a curse, and into an oath, to walk in God’s law, which was given by Moses the servant of God, and to observe and do all the commandments of the LORD our Lord, and his judgments and his statutes;

God said to let every word be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses.  So here we have a second witness to the fact that the Old Testament books of the Bible were dictated by God to Moses His servant and these are the statutes and judgments of God.  A statute is just a written law, so this is not that complicated.  A judgment is a verdict issued by the judge, either of guilt or innocence towards those that are under the law.  We have clearly demonstrated from the Bible that God has a legal system in place now on the earth.  We can clearly see that God is the author of these laws.  So who is the most qualified to defend you against these laws if not for the creator of the laws Himself?  This is just basic logic to me and I hope and pray that you can see it also.  This is why when the Bible calls Jesus my advocate, I feel very confident I have the best legal advice possible because He is the one that wrote the laws that He is defending me from.

We have seen a couple of verses that states many legal terms concerning judgments and statutes.  Let’s examine the Bible for scriptures to see if we even need a spiritual legal advocate or not.

Rev 20:12  And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

According to the Word of God, the Bible clearly declares a day is coming when the books will be opened before the Judge of the Spiritual World.  This verse also clearly tells me that God keeps records of everything that has transpired on the earth.  So everyone who thinks that have gotten away with things on the earth will be severely disappointed to know they have actually gotten away with nothing.  This verse implies the need for a good advocate and spiritual legal counselor because God is going to judge you whether you want Him to or not.  This verse says that the “dead” were judged from what was recorded in the books according their works.  Works are of course either positive or negative things done in the body.  I don’t know about you but I have not been perfect and I have not done everything right that I should have done in my all of my life.  So I can clearly see the need for me to have a good legal counsel when it comes to God’s judgment day.  Maybe you are different and think that you can get by on your own merits and good things that you have accomplished in your life on the earth.  I’m sure you have never lied, or stolen anything in all of your days on the earth.  I’m sure you have never spoken an evil word about your neighbor.  You have been a perfect example of a man or a woman that we could all look up to.  This is of course a very self-righteous attitude that I think many of my recent readers and negative commenters have attained to.   Oh well, I guess when it comes to this day when these books are said to be opened, then we will see exactly what is said and read on everybody whose works are then revealed.  I think many will be very surprised on that day when the verdicts are read.

Act 13:39  And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses.

To be justified is a Greek word that means to be found innocent.  This is clearly a term for a positive judicial verdict from a judge or a jury.  To be justified by my faith in Jesus is what this is verse is speaking of.   We can read this in Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11 and Hebrews 10:38 for they all say that the just shall live by faith.  Again we see in these verses that those who are justified and found innocent are those that live by the faith of God and what was accomplished by Him in Jesus Christ.  Being found Innocent is the directly opposed position for the negative verdict of being found guilty.  Whenever you are found innocent there is no punishment phase of the trial necessary.  An innocent man or woman gets to walk out of the front door of the court house like everyone else.   However, a guilty man or woman is not so lucky or fortunate.

1Co 11:32  But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world.

The word according to this verse will be condemned.  The term “condemned” means to be found guilty, a judgment against and a sentenced punishment for a crime.  If you are a Christian, this verse contrasts two different types of people; those of the world versus those Christians who are just here in the world.  We who are Christians can accept the chastening of the Lord now.  Here is where many fools thinks the Bible says God punishes Christians by making them sick or doing something else evil to them.  But, this word “chasten” means “to train up a child”.  How do you train a child?  If starts by you the parent being a perfect example of how you want your child to behave.  For example, if you smoke cigarettes and then tell your children not to do this, you are not living an example to them.  If you lie to them and then tell them not to lie you are just a hypocrite.   Sorry I guess I will not get off the subject any more of our advocate to try to teach you how to raise children in this lesson.  What you need to take away from this verse in 1 Corinthians is that it says there is a coming verdict and sentencing from God to those who are in the world.

So we clearly see the need for a spiritual advocate named Jesus Christ and our faith to be placed in Him.  In every trial the one that is being charged is always demanded to plead their guilt or innocence of the accusations being read before the trial begins.  I believe that this is the way judgment day with God will also be.  However, how we plead our case now in this life is how we will hear Jesus plead then.  You may not understand that it is totally dependent upon your faith confession now that will determine how you will be judged in the future, but this is exactly how the Bible declares to you that you will be judged.

Heb 4:14  Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession.

Heb 10:23  Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)

Why are Christians told to hold fast our professions now?   Why must we have a profession in the first place?   Then what is it that we should be professing right now?   A profession by the Greek definition of this word is a verbal confession.  This word also comes from a Greek root word that means to “promise” or “covenant”.  That begins to make more sense to me now.  When a husband and wife get married, they repeat marriage vows where they promise to be faithful to each other.  This is really what these verses are saying to us.   In our marriage to Jesus Christ, we exchange words of promise to covenant together with our God.  So our confession by definition is the spoken words that come out of our mouths in this world to covenant with Him.   These are the words that we are told to hold fast to.  In God’s court system in heaven it only matters what you say here in this world and you will not be allowed to speak and say something different up there.  I hope you understand this, for it is very important.

The Bible and Jesus said something that is highly relevant to the future judgment trial that will take place in the future.  Jesus said in Matthew 12:37, by your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned.    This is a very clear admission of our own innocence or quilt being a statement that comes from your own mouth today.  Did you know this?  Did you know that God said you will be judged and either convicted or found innocent based upon your own words?   Did you know that Jesus said that what you say right now is what determines your guilt or innocence on judgment day?   This is what God said and not what I said so either learn to accept it now or be judged by it later.  This is why it is important to learn to control what you say now and then to do what God said in this verse in Hebrews to hold fast to your good profession or confession of Christ as your Lord.    I guess I’m running a little long in this lesson so I will wrap it up by telling you what Jesus will say on your behalf on Judgment Day if you are a Christian right now.

Mat 10:32  Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

Here is a statement that confirms what I have been teaching you from the mouth of God Himself.  This verse clearly says that if you confess Jesus before men on the earth today, right now, He will confess you before God His Father in heaven later.  So again it matters what you say today to what He will say later in heaven.  Get it?   Here is another verse that declares this reality using different words and descriptive terms:

Rom 10:9  That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Here we can again see that it matters what you say in the world.  God tells us that if you believe in Jesus being raised from the dead and you then “confess” Him to be your Lord, that you would then be saved.  To be saved is the opposite of being condemned or sentenced to death.    These are simple legal terms and profound Bible truths.  To many of my ignorant critics who believe that God controls everything including your outcome in eternity, you are just deceived into believing what Satan wants you to believe.  By you not doing what Jesus and the Bible say to do, you seal your fate to a Godless eternity.   Jesus will not be there to defend you if you do not accept Him as your defender here in this life right now.  Learn the legal lessons given to us in the Bible and accept Him as your advocate today, you will be extremely happy that you did later, I promise.

Rev 3:5  He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels

God Bless, you all and please share these lessons with all of your friends and relatives.  If you would like to continue reading about God’s Heavenly Legal and Court System please click on “Part 1” now.

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  1. Thanks again for sharing.

    God Bless

  2. That was excellent. And I appreciate very much that 1 John 2:1 says “And IF any man sin…” That is a big IF, it is not a WHEN. Otherwise it could be mistaken to say we have a licence to sin, but we don’t have a licence. But IF we do sin, glory to God, we have an ADVOCATE. What an advantage we have!!
    Again thanks…

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